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How to write good Headlines that converts

teacher avatar Partha Gupta, Set your goal and work hard for it

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

4 Lessons (17m)
    • 1. How to Design yourHeadlines

    • 2. Structure your Headlines

    • 3. Check your Headline Score with Free softwares

    • 4. Tips to Increase Headline Score

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About This Class

In this class I have shown various techniques to write good Headlines for your posts. Let it be for your blogs or videos or your e-mails etc. I have also given two free software's one adding variations to your keyword which you can put on the other software to see the score. The total class duration is little over 16 minutes. We have over 



 per day.

The two software's are : ( testing headline score) ( to get different variation of your keyword)

Try to get a score of 70 and above for your headlines.

I have also shared various words and it's uses for improving the headline score.

In the project section I have I have given some sample headline with the score. I would request you all to test headline score by using different adjectives, how to etc. and post your results here. This would help all of us to test various ways to improve upon our headline writing skills.

Best wishes.


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Partha Gupta

Set your goal and work hard for it


I am Internet Marketer who tries to use new techniques for his marketing. I love  producing videos both for my personal use as well as for my clients. I also try to rank my video's doing some basic SEO.

I am very passionate about teaching and like to share my knowledge  with the like minded community

Best wishes.


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1. How to Design yourHeadlines: Helen will come from a class today. We were just discussing about how to write good lines for your block posts, your videos, you're the militants and any other platforms. Social media platforms which want to your customers. Aria visitors to view it when you increase your click through rate so that you can you can convey your thoughts to your customers are through your visitors. No very important point is that every day we have around two million block boots, 294 billion emails, 864,000 hours or so. To stand out among all these things, you have to write excellent headlights so that your headlines are the fast Abia, where your customers really dizzy. No statistics Sousa differently. It shows that eight out of 10 people will video headline fast and out off that only two out off with Go and have it click to to your posts. So you know it is very important to write a catty, very useful headline. Not like any headline that doesn't have a click. Last week I received it made from one of the marketers in the headline Here stated that my wife had met with an accident in the drive. So I was very curious. I just opened the me, but in the email, it was a total different studio. He wanted to promote one of his products. So can you understand that you opened the email with a different perspective? But at the end you are recieving something other. Nobody will buy the staple. This type of products from busy means No, you have to write a headline says that the headlines depicts what is inside You'll me what is inside? Of course, what they will get when you go through your pictures. Thank you and let us proceed to the next class. 2. Structure your Headlines: Helen will come to my class at the start. I just want O. But the key word worked are getting what happens, have you? What do I mean by such a bill value that people so such that cure in the Internet, you can watch it, but you can see using Google pure planet or any other cure tool according to your choice. So let us go inside. Include a number in your headlights. I don't mean by numbers means 56 Well, 15 50 exceptions. That means, for example, let me show you next ways to lose with We don't existence yet. The the headline is quite generate. But you to point out that 10 15 years or 56 ways And before when they look at your headlines they will know that they are going to read a block post where they come across five or 10 ways to lose their way. So they are more specific and their mindset is ready to get that 10 or 15 or five or six weeks and ejected. Why? Let us go dipping. Where's going? Prove you're right. Well, you see, this is also very generate type of title here. You can point out by putting some activity a simple way to improve your writing. Here. The simple way is the objective insecure, pinpointing that you are giving them a tip which is very simple enough so that they can improve their like another very important point he had actionable woods such as We're still improve your right he had also the headline is bad generally here in contingent tips To improve your right means you are giving them some keeps, not ways. You know, that you were giving them something means your readers will know that you will. They get some deeps being proof they're writing and how they can write better that Locke Bouza their videos, no livers discussed some of the completes for right. You see, in places like that number plus objective now lets you work much promise. So 10 is the number objective is the simple ways now simple addictive is the simple West Who is the now and lose weight is your keyword and the promise you have made me this they can lose may within one if they follow these rules. What you have stated in your post No, that is a imminent next next elation. I'll give it to tools Fritos where you can shape your headline in a much effective yet I will show you how to use the word How so? Let us see How is the how do plus action You work on a promise help Action is the good headline was good You were easier Headline means you were trying to write good headlines and promise I mean in your field another way Is that definition plus guide to plus action plus keyword Blessed wrongs? Yes. What do you do in the definition, he's in the definition, which means a powerful right action for billions. You're ban presents and promise online means if you follow, this will get If you follow the block post will get a powerful guide to build a brand presence. Thank you. And let us go to our next class 3. Check your Headline Score with Free softwares: in this lesson, I will introduce you toe to soft rest One is the Pretender Compal Stichel meeting. You can put you can interview subject here. Anything supposed late people. Weight loss on If you think the adult saying it will give you It's Henry idea. Denree ID Like the 19 biggest weight loss blunders. No, you can test it. School it another soft. Let me copied and I'll show you the dictates. This copy on If you goto this software, which is known as course she knew that Come oblique have lain in our lives This go down on you. Write it here. 19 Biggest weight loss. Paul London's no need to analyze the total Had life I need has given you a school off 60 now you should always win. But you try to get a school off 70 minimum and 70 and ever so why it has both school Because, you see, the ongoing word is the common word is the done common words that these emotional worst power words loss. This headline type is the least actor county start. If I work on the six no, again, we go toe that content ideas generated and let me, right? Another topic headline would headline Just click Datil The Insider's Guide to Good Headlights. Let me just copy And again Let me go to the course She does that. Come on. Put this based here at analyze the school has increased to 64. You see, It has given you a details. Analysis this had like is that I visit Enric type of headlines. No liquors work in our way. Suppose let me ride in the previous Listen, I have showed you the the strength of help Let me know. Oh, right, good Had lying for your blobs. European allies. You see, the score has increased to certify white because the common words are for how emotional word is there help. In fact, how do is a very strong emotional I'm comin. Word is good. Our bodies So this type of headline is known is how Yeah, the word Congress eight So this is a very important, very good had like No, let me change it. Inviting a mother How do rules were you in this? Let me see. What is this school? This chorus come to 67 by common was emotional word How toe power words it is no borrowers . Number of words is another thing. I want one toe. Try to keep your headline within six words So it is big difficult, But try to keep it so like this You can just related state so words I will also give you lots of active tips announce so that you can try it out and test with different types of headlights. But the content idea generator It is just a general guideline you can see and you can get seven points which may be helpful or may not be, but you can use it. Sybase site. We that question Don't go. Thank you. 4. Tips to Increase Headline Score: in this lesson, I will show you What are the different types of headlights bust such as? Direct headlines Get 50% off in your selective get 10% off in this person are in directed lines. Thus, issue give you more custom us if you book because he will get more customers a game. That is a very strong word. Help I have already shown in my last lecture on how to use this down. I'm Hunt will get very good headlights so you can use the word how to in your headlights. There are other types of headlines such as question headlights. Do you really use You are to or dialing business business widely, such as 10 reasons to use make us up testimonial headlines. Testimonial headlines are normally at the end off. Any productive service which has been used by the customers will give your testicles there that I've used this productive these it up important functions and it has met all my requirements on like that I every times newspaper every morning. No, there is always a controversy. Okay, right. Make it laying first or smelling it. Frightening Headlines lost. No. You see what happens when we write a block post or any important messages or any important post after finishing writing, we know what is included inside the post, so it is always better to write headlines last again to some person. If we write the headline fast, we can concentrate on what important key word we have targeting inner headline on We Will, right accordingly our ports So it depends on it varies also from men again. You can use different types of activities in your headlights, such as effortless, painstaking fun. It is a lot of punch to your headlines, and people get attracted by this panties and they come to your side or visit your ports. Fun, free, Incredible, essential. Absolute strange, actually. What happens? Blind writing is a pickney, which should be practiced. It doesn't come overnight. By practicing, you will get referred types off Atlantic. Comical is different types of headlights if they re good pools. But why you are affected by the headline When you see that life, what makes what makes you click that posts when you see the headline? What makes you go away from the post after just reading the headlights? These are some of the questions. You should always come in your mind and so that you can also practice in your right. Another thing. You can do that. If we're making a list post. What is the least post that is this post that stands out in your suppose that video you have me it stands out among all living. So here you can directly used the words like visions, principles, tax. What are the important facts why we're using this person? What are the important facts by your customers who use it? But what lessons you have learned by using this partner or what listeners you have undergone when you went to this point, These are some of the facts listens ideas with again. There are also very important some of the very important whose age off what, how when, why accept? So try to limit your headline within six words, but I know it is difficult, but you can practice it. Secondly, I have already given you too good Softwares, but you can use it on to get the maximum benefit out of it, and you can no use it and to skyrocket your conversion. Always aim at the school off 70 or ever, just keep on trying to do a lot of permutation combination in my project section. I will also give you some projects using some good words at some examples which will help You were attaining school off 70 an ever so that you can also try it by using different off using different keywords. Retain ISS crew off 70 Thank you. Thank you for being with me in my classes Best reaches.