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How to write an email newsletter that gets attention

teacher avatar Kerry Needs, Freelance Creative

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (20m)
    • 1. How to write an email newsletter that gets attention

    • 2. Knowing your audience

    • 3. Crafting the subject line

    • 4. The email structure

    • 5. The call to action (CTA)

    • 6. Class Project

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About This Class

Would you like to know how to craft the perfect email newsletter and subject line, making sure your readers can’t help but click to open? Yes? This course is for you!

You’ll learn:

  • Why the subject line is the most important
  • How to use your tone of voice to engage your reader
  • How to build a relationship with your reader with an email newsletter
  • The best ways to sign off and encourage your reader to take further action

No prior knowledge is required -this class is aimed towards anyone who is promoting any brand, business, or service. Let’s have fun and create our email newsletter!


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Kerry Needs

Freelance Creative


Hello, I'm Kerry. I'm a freelance copywriter and creative, working remotely with clients all over the world.

I've published a workbook on remote work called Freedom Seekers and I am a featured writer on Medium. My clients include Biteable, Skillshare, Spaces Life Coliving and Cowork 7x24.

I'm mainly based in the UK but I love to travel.

I started off as a Top Rated Freelance Copywriter on Upwork in 2015 and have continued to expand my portfolio from there. I hold a Digital Marketing Qualification, am SEO trained and have a first class BA (Hons) in Communication Studies.

I love video - I used to work for a film company called Fat Free Media here in the UK, and I learned a lot about writing, scripting, presenting and editing. So I create every aspect of my clas... See full profile

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1. How to write an email newsletter that gets attention : No Carrie Ann, I'm your teacher for the sculpture class. How to write an email newsletter that gets attention now. Country to popular belief. E mails are not dead. In fact, the stolen best ways to build a relationship with you, Christopher. When I e mails that overflowing with lots of lots of different people trying to get their message across tours how we really get our message to stand out from the crowd in the scale share class, I'll be walking you through writing a great subject heading that really sounds out and pulls your readers in. Secondly, I'll teach you how to craft your body copy so that each paragraph is important and purposeful and keeps a reader intrigued. I'm wanting to know more. Finally, I'll teach you how to sign off on email and motivate the reader into taking the next step that all important action, no experience is needed for this class so literally anybody can do it. Maybe a business or service that you want. So maybe you preventing a hobby that you're doing. Or maybe you've got charity event that you want people to come to, literally anything at all. We've also got a class project. So in the class project will be right in your own persuasive email, using the tools, tips and techniques that I'm gonna be teaching in this class a little bit about me. So I'm a freelance copywriter. I've been free anything for about three years, but I've been in marketing positions for about eight years. I'm a top rated copywriter on one of the world's largest remote work sites. I've published a book on the network called Freedom Seekers on I Was so Right on productivity and well being on Medium. By the end of this class, you'll be able to not only learn how to get your email t to stand out from the crowd, but you'll also learn the tools, tips and techniques to engage and motivate your reader. And finally, you learn how to craft a great court action to get them clicking to the next step. That's all for me. 2. Knowing your audience : so email newsletters is still one of the best ways that you can connect with a customer. These days, we're all bombarded with a sea of promotional emails. Every time we open our email mailbox hockey stand out from the crowd. Well, before you even get typing, you need to do some background thinking and data gathering. Need to think about who you're targeting. So before you even put pen to paper or fingers to your keyboard, you need to think, What does my audience want? You need to know them and as much detail as possible for your email to have the best chance of persuading them. So, firstly, know your audience what's important to them. What do they care about and how does your product or service solve their problem? Every business should be solving a customer's pain point, so helping them to get something that they haven't currently got. So you think about the purpose of the function off your business? Does your business help your customers save money, improve their health, look more stylish, enjoy about the standard of living whatever is just write it down. So in this class, we're going to use an example that I've made up its example off a vegan brownie company he sell online on. They have a pop up shop every weekend. So using this example, we can say, OK, well, what we know about our audience, we can say that our product office, our audience, something healthy, something plant based on delicious at a low price and something that they can't get anywhere else in the area. Next, you need to think about the feeling that your product or service offers your customer. Is it fun, delight feeling of trust? Is it feeling of being cared for being helped of being safe for being motivated? So going back to this vegan brownie example, you can say that we're gonna be offering our customers like trust, right? They're gonna know exactly what's in this brownie on. They're also gonna be delighted by the range that we have on offer something that they're not gonna be able to get anywhere else. It's gonna be the element of surprise and delight. So next you also need to understand your tone of voice. So this is all about communicating with those customers and then language that feels natural to them, not necessarily to you, right? So in order for your email to stand out from the crowd, simple and friendly language works best. So we're moving away from the days off sales emails. You know, you probably get a ton of them already in your in box where you're just looking through when you're like, everybody's trying to sell me something right on. This isn't the relationship. You want a form with your customers, you want to fall that trusted bond and the way that they will be able to buy from you even if it's just going to an event or anything like that is just about establishing a good relationship with them. Speaking to them like they're your friend, Essentially. So think about how you currently speak to your audience, and this will give you an insight as how to how you should be speaking to them with your email newsletter. So if you wanna shop, think about how you communicate with people in the shop. If you go to networking events and explain your business, think about just how you generally explain your business to somebody that you just met. This is how you should be speaking to them on the email newsletter on It's All About writing as you speak on being friendly and fun essentially in today's world. So getting back to our vegan bony example, we would be targeting young people aged 18 24 as our research shows that they want to buy from us on their interested in near this week. Unhealthy lifestyle on the popular shop that I made Open is also based close to a student residential area. So great. So we know exactly who we're talking to. You know a bit about Turner voice, and we know the feelings that we want to give them by communicating through this email newsletter. Great. So if they're not thinking now about who was speaking to and how we're going to speak to them, let's move on to the purpose of our email. 3. Crafting the subject line : Okay, so now let's take a look at that all important subject line. It's a Firstly, you need to think about the purpose on the function of your email. What you getting the uses to do by reading it. So if you know anything about marketing funnels, you know that getting attention is at the top of your funnel. You just kind of making people aware of who you are and what you're about. So you've already got this user to subscribe to your email list, so you know that they're definitely at least a tiny bit interested in your brand and what you have to offer. So now with this email, you won't engage with them a little bit more. You want to build that relationship with them. So think of it basically like dating like you're not gonna go in with a full on hard sell marriage proposal right from the first interaction. You want to nurture the relationship, right? Gonna build over time and you want Teoh incursion to trust you to know you turn like you on encourage them to purchase from you. Let's get back to my made up example. So this imaginary shop has just launched a new vegan brownie. It's really good is called the Caramel match. Her surprise sounds really weird, but trust me, it's a really good combo, very healthy. So now we just launched this new vegan brownie on. We want to let all of our customers now about a new product that we just launched. What subject line we're gonna use. So, firstly, we need to keep it short and snappy. This goes for any business. You want to keep it a short as possible. Andi, if you're doing split test so you're basically going to test your subject lines and see which one performs better. You wanna make two variations. So I wrote a couple of options here. So sweet tooth, but being good, delicious healthy tree breaks your love and then about it in major or new caramel matches. Surprise. Introducing a healthiest vegan tray. Bake. Um, so here, just looking at those two different options. You'll notice that have use words like delicious and surprise. You know those words? There's a motive words. They communicate feeling to that customer. They communicate that element of fun like all surprise or delicious or Andi healthy and healthiest to communicate a healthy life right on. That's really important to our customer. We know that already from our market research. So we've incorporated those feeling words with what's important to that customer. So we want to use emotive words to hook the reader in on. Don't be afraid of using emojis, you know love. Businesses use emojis Now it's all about the conversational language. It's all about making it fun, making it relatable, making it personal. Speaking to them like you'd speak to a friend's but not being overly friendly right on your subject line, I would go as far to say it's the probably the most important thing about your entire newsletter on. It has to be the most compelling as well. So spend time crafting it, you know, right, and maybe even rewrite it until you feel that it fits your target audience. And, you know, it might take a few times to kind of get the hang of this on. But take a look through our own email inbox and see this subject lines that really jump out at you and then have a look at some of the email newsletters that you've clicked on in the past and think, Or why did I click on those? There was something about that subject line that was tantalizing. You know, the offered. That's intrigue, perhaps something that made people think all I want to know more about this. I think of your subject line is almost like the rapper, right on a present. You want to make enticing. You want to make it look good. Do you want to make it so people are intrigued to know what's inside kind. So yeah, don't be afraid, Teoh. Use conversational language. Ask questions. Is a really good one getting them to reflect or getting them to answer in their minds? Yes, you know, So that's the subject line on Next will go into the actual structure off the email itself. 4. The email structure: So now we're going to the structure of the email with hope. The men with a great subject line, they've opened the email. And here's how we make every section counts. Firstly, you want to greet them in a friendly way. So you wanna be positive. You want to be be You want to be enthusiastic, right? Imagine. You know, you You've just met a friend, you know? Think about how you greet your friends or how you greet maybe even customers. If you've got a shot, think about that kind of feeling that you wanna bring across in your introduction. So the first paragraph is really important because that's gonna hawk them in email newsletters. They don't need to be long at all. In fact, the best length is about 500 words or less. So e mails are really about getting the user to know you understand? You, Andi, finally take some action, right? So we don't want them to read pages and pages of copy wanting to read just a little short description about something that will pique their interest enough to go taken action, right to go sign up to a webinar to go book onto an event to go. Use this discount money off voucher Teoh by a vegan brownie, for example. So the first paragraph is really about hawking them in. So in this example, I've said gooey, tasty sweets and absolutely kind to your body and animals, right? So what we're doing here is getting the customer to imagine that experience off, having your product for having your service. What would the end result being? Well, they're having this lovely experience of tasting this new brownie on. They'll be feeling good about themselves because it's that being kind to themselves on the planet. The next line. Really? Yes. No refined sugar was harmed during the making off our new caramel match a surprise. Plus, there's no animal products to. So here we're being a little bit jovial and saying no refined sugar was harmed because a lot of people that are interested in vegan brownies or interested in animals and harm to the planet. But we're also saying here there's no refined sugar in our vegan brownies, so we're making it ultra healthy. So we're answering a question here, So you've also got to think the audience as their reading through their email they have not got much time, right? They're investing their precious time in you. So at every stage in your email, there gonna be thinking, Yeah, but why is that important to me? What's in it for me? Okay, so the next lines say you could call it clean. So again, we're getting them to think about not only the experience of eating the brownie, but the feeling that they'll have our right. Well, I'm being clean and that I'm just feeling good. So what you want to do here is we're building that relationship with the customer. Andi, you could have another paragraph there. You could go on to talk a little bit more about how you came up with the idea for the recipe. Um, but I wouldn't go more than two or three paragraphs in the email newsletter unless you've got a lot to say. And you're only doing one perhaps once a month or something like that. But if you're sending email newsletters on a more regular basis, a short on suite is the best way to go. So email newsletters that no, actually about sales are actually about building a relationship. Se bear that in mind on, Think about each paragraph. Is this building a relationship with my customers? Are my getting them to envision what it will feel like to be at my vegan Bernie shop or at my event, or am I getting them to envisage how it would feel when they come on my training course on ? They have all this confidence or whatever that might be. So make every section count. Think about what's in it for the audience. Andi, build that friendly Joe your relationship with them, make them look forward to your emails and think, Ah, you know, and getting email from that person again, just like you would do if you got an email from a friend. 5. The call to action (CTA): Okay, so now it's time to sign off your email. The last part of your email needs to be the call to action or C T A. For sure. So this is really about getting the user to do something. There's no good them just reading your email thinking. Oh, well, that's nice on, then. Just, you know, going about their day and not thinking about you again, right? You want them to interact with you in some way, whether that's clicking on a link torture video, whether it is signing up to a webinar, whatever that might be. So how are you going to sign off on leave the reader wanting to take the next step? So really think about Mom, what's gonna get them to motivate them to take action? So in our vegan brownie example, I've written the quarter action is every one of our customers gets 20% off. But hurry, we're only offering this for the next seven days. Click here to get your discount tight so that person who is more than likely passes the pop up shop on maybe on the way home from work or from University that maybe interest in trying new flavors there really invested in our brand on 20% off is really good for them because they've got a friend's birthday coming up or it's the weekend. Andi. It's really a great time for them to sample one of our kind of caramel much of surprises. So 20% off sounds good is a good deal on their motivated by were saying it's hurry, only offering this for the next seven day. So it's a time limit on your C T. A. Is the button and the link that you used to motivate them onto the next step. So that would be Click here for your discount, Okay, And then you can also say, Speak to you soon and sign off. There's lots of different ways to sign off on. You could say I will be back in touch next month. However you like to sign off. In general with people would be how you sign off your email but close it in a friendly way . You can also add links to your social media sites below just for additional extra things. So perhaps that person is not really that bothered about trying your new brownie boat. You might say, Head on over to Eire Instagram, where we share daily tips on how to make your own vegan brownies, for example. Right, that might be at the bottom as almost like a subtler called traction. So maybe they don't want to take that step to purchase. They're not quite ready. But it's another way to get them kind of invested more into the relationship with you, okay? 6. Class Project: So now we've gone through the whole email. You know how to write a great compelling subject line. You know how to light body copy that hooks the reader in and keeps them reading. And thirdly, you know how to write a great call to action that really motivates that user to taking action. So now it's time for your class project point all of these tools and tips into action. So in the class Project section, there is a template with guidelines and instructions of everything I've just covered on the course. And now it's down to you. You can use anything is your class project hobby and event something you want to promote a business or service on. Once you finish pop your class project in the relevant section on, I'll take a look.