How to write a Supernatural Short Story | Laura Cabrera | Skillshare

How to write a Supernatural Short Story

Laura Cabrera, Author, Editor, Nerd

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About This Class

Learn how to send chills down your reader's spine!

In this course, you will learn how to find your topic, how to create a spooky atmosphere and how to set up and end your story.

As an editor for Sarturia, a publishing house and author academy, I can give you some tips that will help you bring your writing to the next level. I am specialized in Horror and Steampunk, and am a writer myself.






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Laura Cabrera

Author, Editor, Nerd

I have always been dedicating my time to stories and storytelling. Most of the times, I write supernatural stories.

Oh, and I am a mental health professional. What a combination.

I am an editor for Sarturia, a German publishing house and author academy. My first supernatural short story has been released in 08/2017, and there are more in press.

Also, I am a writer and interviewer for Psych2go, my articles are linked in somewhere on this page.

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