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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

12 Lessons (1h)
    • 1. Course Introduction

    • 2. What is Project Proposal

    • 3. Why is Project Proposal important

    • 4. Advantages of a clear Project Proposal

    • 5. How to be prepared

    • 6. Steps to write Project Proposal

    • 7. Tips for writing effective Project Proposal

    • 8. Best Practices for Writing Project Proposal

    • 9. Project Proposal template

    • 10. My Expertise | Website Project Proposal

    • 11. Library System Project Proposal

    • 12. Final thoughts and Class Project

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About This Class

Project proposals are documents that define your project. They tell your customer how your project ideas should be executed.
In this class, I will explain in detail how you can write an effective project proposal.
You need to have Microsoft Office Word & Microsoft Excel installed because we will write many practical examples for project proposals.

Meet Your Teacher

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Ahmed Magdy

Advanced Web Developer & Instructor


I am Ahmed Magdy, Advanced Full Stack Web Developer with 10+ years of experience in Full Stack Web Development.

With a BSc degree in Computer Science, I have a full understanding of the full life cycle of a software development project. I also have experience in learning and excelling at new technologies as needed.

The key strengths that I possess for success in this career include: 

I have successfully designed, developed, and supported live use applications, I strive for continued excellence.

Thank you for taking the time to check out my profile!

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1. Course Introduction: Hello, welcome to this class. I am so excited to give you this clause about outright reject the proposal. I will give you a coastal introduction by showing you the outline of the course. What is projectable Basel? Why do you need to write projectable Bowser? Advantages of a clear project proposals. Have to be weird beard before writing a project proposal. Steps to write your project proposal. Tips for an effective Rejected Proposal. Best practices for writing project proposal. Template and the examples, final words and class projects. So our colors in brief, what is project proposal and why you need it? Advantages of equilibrium doesn't have to be prepared. And the steps for writing tips and best practices, templates and examples for inner thoughts and close brush. Or you will write a complete project proposal template that contains the main points that should exist. And we will write music to a boson examples that will help you to write your own logic to boson. Personal website project ribose and labelling system, project proposal. 2. What is Project Proposal: Hello. In this lesson, we will discuss what is projectable Bowser. Roses are documents that define your project, including stroke and indeed its objectives and goals. With customer ideas should be executed. In other words, it defines what the project is, what you want to achieve and your blend. The project proposal is a working document between agency and client. Before the start of the project. Reject the proposal, must contain all the key information needed to get approved or funded. The project proposal defines your budget. So it will have the following elements. The core problem, so productive team will solve available resources. So just the timeline, budget, budget, scope. And finally, the key deliverables. 3. Why is Project Proposal important: Hello. In this lesson, we will explain why you need to write verbosely. There are many reasons like secure funding when new clients, or to convince your manager to allocate resources to a project. A projectable results helps you to get up by. It creates a clarity about the project goals and the requirements. It forces the root initiator to think about the British did before starting after musical proposal approval, it becomes a foundation for growth. So why it is important? Number 1, no Barbosa, know Bruce, you cannot start working on our project until it gets approved by a higher authority. Number 2, it acts as productive blueprint. By having a predictable wasn't, you can get all the details you need, the goals, the objectives, the risks, and challenges. Number 3, the first step towards a long relationship with boson is the first of contact between you and stakeholders. And the beginning of a longer-term relationship between you and them. 4. Advantages of a clear Project Proposal: Hello. In this lesson we will talk about the advantages of a clear project proposal. Cleaver wasn't the roof. The variability of Aboriginal increase clarity regarding requirements and roadmap. Reduce the chance for incorrect direction. Lead to approve the budget and financial support. Believe in organizational will help you to get a new client. Reaching out to stakeholders increases credibility. Having details about brutal methods and tools. Useful burning documents for implementation is also the marketing the document and the beginning of a relationship between organizations and stakeholders. 5. How to be prepared: Hello. In this lesson, we will discuss how to be a little bit before writing Aboriginal proposal. Why it is worth knowing? Successful, which means that you will have an opportunity to realize your project ideas. You'll have to extend the quantity and quality of your organization, external relations. It has to be the result of in-depth analysis of current situation. Number one, save our balance. A diagnosis of your professional environment will help you to know your needs and to have expectations for future. You'll have to answer the following questions. What do you have? What is missing? What can make a problem? And what you need to enhance. Number two, you need to establish a good partnership, which makes your logic stable and efficient. So what do you consider before selecting about profile, previous exhibitions and current activities? Size, infrastructure, financial situation, stuff, knowledge, quality of actions. Also have to think about the culture of the work management style. First of all, notice and flexibility. Number 3, in-depth analysis and organize meetings and conversations. Share the same values. Anthology, involvement in ribose or drafting and regulates the tasks and duties. 6. Steps to write Project Proposal: Hello. In this lesson, we'll discuss the steps to write a proposal. Step 1, define the problem. Executive summary, writer and reduction section goals the executive summary. To summarize your project. Just like an introduction of NEC, this section should catch the reader's attention. Your executive summary should include sub-problem. Your budget to install. It is a problem. And why it has to be solved with how we will solve the problem. Make your audience see the problem the way you see it. Depth before defining the problem. Start strong. Decision-makers usually don't have much time to look over a proposal. Use facts, not opinions. Use the data from your research. Include the project. Background. Includes a section where you go into more detail about the problem you are solving. Move to your readers. Why they should care about this project? I was the project will be more successful based on the lessons of the bus. This section should include a history of the problem, a concise summary of your project requirements. Some details about the biologic. You meet, focus on how and why you came to think about the project. Step 2, that is into solution. How will you solve the problem? Why is your solution the better option? Tips afford, but it's emptying your solution. Defend your solution from all angles. For example, explain why you are more expensive solution is better then Alice expensive one. But isn't a solution and stakeholders get more excited about projects with high-impact. Use facts. Use data from your research and give examples as much as you can. Step city, define your deliverables and success criteria. Once your project will deliver, you would expect the timeline. I have to know the project is successful. Tips for defining deliverables. Define what your project will deliver and what users can exhibit the form it includes a delivery date for each deliverable. Give you solution. The smart, specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time bound food. Stay tuned approach. This is the most critical section of the verbose and XY planes have to achieve the project objectives. It starts with an explanation of the approach and why it is relevant and effective. Depth for defining good approach. Introduce the project strategy. Will you use the traditional waterfall approach or avoid approach? And why? Explain how problems will be added. This explains your blend to minimize. Step five, I would like you to schedule and budget. Be realistic and detailed when you estimate your budget. The budget and requirements includes the supplies, tools, ad spend, and whatever else would be required to be able to deliver the depth of defining a schedule and budget and detailed financial breakdown. We prove to stake holders that you don't want to waste their money. Be certain and don't tell us. This will give an impression that you are taking everything seriously. Step 6, tie it all together. Ended up with a conclusion that briefly summarizes the problem. Solution and benefits. Make your proposal stand out by restating ideas or facts. You want your audience to remember. Tying everything together. You have good boson. So tell a story. Be careful and not To introduce anything that will not follow the overall objectives of the project. Ensure all necessary elements have been addressed. Step 7, edit, proofread your proposal. Ask for feedback and ensure that proposal is organized. Clear and helpful. Tips for editing. Check the tone and language. Nowadays there are automated tools such as Grammarly. 7. Tips for writing effective Project Proposal: Hello. In this lesson, we will discuss the tips for writing an effective logical Barbosa. Considers the following tips when writing your budget proposal to achieve the best result. Number one, right for your audience. Keep your audience in mind and use theorems and tone and details that would make them understand. Number to be persuasive. Proposal aims to convince its recipients to act in some way. So being persuasive is important. Use persuasive tools such as including historical data, survey results, marketing with addiction, and case studies to encourage you for action. Highlights your own experience and qualifications. Number 3, connected to the recipient. Makes the connection between your recipient to goals and the project carried enough to increase your chance of success. Number four, Keep it simple. Assembly proposal is easy to read and understand. Use easily understood terms, symbols, sentences, and then easier to follow format to make it a proposal clear. Number 5, be creative. Be creative with Uber wasn't a structure to help it, to stand out. Make sure that you are not confusing your reader and not for getting essential information. Number 6, proofread and revise. Your group. Leader wasn't to make sure it is clear and free of spelling and grammar mistakes. Presenting a clear and mistake free ribosome helps you to demonstrate your ideas, which can help you to increase our chance of approval. 8. Best Practices for Writing Project Proposal: Hello. In this lesson, we will discuss listed practices for writing project proposal. Number one. Don't rush. Don't want to be in a hurry to write a projectile. Rosa. Allow plenty of time to meet, discuss, and brainstorm ideas for the project. Number to be realistic. Make sure that you can answer the following questions. Is your project really variable? Can it be accomplished with the proposed budget anti 3M? Number 3, BBB. Study, your proposal, make Odysseus and include every issue or challenge that your group to meet face in the future. Number 4, use a tablet. Use a template to write your project proposal will not only save time, but it will also help you to stay focused on the content. Number five, make a team effort. Gather your team around and start the planning. Gerber wasn't wearing your whole project team together. In one word, complete. The Zanzibar adjectival wasn't together. Teamwork is very important. 9. Project Proposal template : Hello, hello. Some details about that. Specific. We will add a table Module. Then we add the timeline Gantt chart. We will insert shots. You choose bar chart, and then click on Okay. It will open Excel file, which contains the data you will visualize in the chart. And instead of category one, we would write this one. And instead of two, we write Fe2. We can extend the table from downright corner like this. And instead of category three. And instead of critically for, we write fees for then we add five. So our projected phases starting from 1 to phase five. And instead of Series1, we will write started it. And instead of CS2, we will write in the date. And instead of CDC, we will write duties in this. So it does resize the columns. To be more clear. Here's one, started it is 1st of January, 2022. And indeed it is the endogeneity 2000, 22. These two started. It is the first of February 2022. And the entity it is the end of May 2020 to this restarted it is the first of June, 2022. And the intermediate is the end of August 2000 20 to this force dotted it is the first of September 2022. And in the date is the end of October 2020. 2 is 5, started, it is 2022. And indeed it is the end of December 2022. These are the dates and end dates. As an example. Then we have to calculate the duration. And the Excel can do this for us. So the duration in phase 1 equals to two the value in column C, row 2. Using dollar sign c2 minus the value in column B, row two. Using dollar sign B2. Then we click on Enter. Then let us drag this simple equation of duration to the rest of rules. By dragging from downright corner like this. Then it calculates a duration or all the phases. Now. Now, let us close the Excel for now and get back to our shores. Phases are in descending order. So let us fix my drawing guide. Click Format Axis, and check categories in reverse order. Then click on Close. Now the phases are in descending order. We don't need to show the intermediate in our forum tools. Then we choose selected data. And then select the intermediate and click on Remove, then click on OK. The DDS on the chart. Look bad now. So we can format Zim by doing a right-click Format Axis and choose another date format. Choose this one. Now, look, we need our chart to begin from the starting phase 1 and 2. Achieve this, we have to get back to excel. And to get the number formatting of our phase one. We will do that by doing a right-click on the sale of the date of phase 1. And click Format Cells. Choose general and write down the number. In my case it is 44562. Okay. Then we move on the axis again and do right-click and choose format axis. And x is the minimum value will be the number we got, 4, 4, 5, 6, two. Now our shot is beginning from the 30 days or phase one. And the distorted, distorted it back to its normal format and close the blue bars. In our chart. We can just click on a blue bar. And we can also use this formula, legend, legend and choose Fill and select no fill. The last thing we need is the full diligent at the bottom. By doing a right-click for my collision. And collision the position you choose bottom. So there isn't this showing that the bottom now. And you can review the steps that we make in our Excel add-in our shot to make your Gantt chart in Microsoft Word. So that is our budget timeline. And finally we write the conclusion you have already discussed. So that is our book. The executive summary is a blue boost solution. Requirements. Expected impact on success metrics, timeline. And finally, the conclusion. 10. My Expertise | Website Project Proposal: Hello. In this lesson, I will show you how we start by writing an executive summary. Without outside, beyond its area. Now in developing, our company would love for you. That can help you provide them easily. We've international currency on vision and other features. We have a long history. And this uses success. With our functional sites. We believe that add value to an existing business. Our solutions on the existing user friendly for the old existing customer. And easily content management system. We'll have the following components. An about us. Some envision an online store. Automatic conversion. This conductor form will be directly. Since e-mail address. We will provide three support for the first three months. After we exhibit. To live. Three months is acceptance of Zinn. We add financial section. We will charge 3000 know not to build this website. This course includes the following. Hosting on our syllabus. Twenty-five dollar and a new one. Design, integration of online payments, troubleshooting assistance. Then we write down the conclusion. In somebody can eat it by 0 with development team. The end. Rich to the international market. When we provide and easily determine with international currency conversion. And the other features. Our experience. We believe this website, when I was an executive, summary, ground solutions and uproot. And finally, the conclusion. 11. Library System Project Proposal: In this lesson, I will show you how to write a liability system system. We start by writing the executive summary. The automation system management are provided through an online which is visible on the local Internet. Liability. To be useful for both. And the xin, we mentioned our solution made Medusa membership management system, book Management, to manage digital content management, to manage CDs of the box. And available. The books. The books, under the various reporting. Simple reports with different formats and submitted. To. Just pick the users will be able to find out transaction management. To manage. Is it ending and returning more than the techniques are used to minimize. Then we define the timeline. You can either add, again, we'll use normal table for the timeline. I will add a table or the timeline. And technical design for the system. And system functions. Distinct. This tool system functions and delivery system in the labor. Then we define the financial section. I will add another table for total budget. Don't tools and equipment, system design and development and support. And finally, we write a conclusion. Management system is a software that is designed to manage old functions of this system. Completely automate activities. So that is our graduate of anabolism. Executive summary, ground solution, timeline, financial section. And finally, the conclusion. 12. Final thoughts and Class Project: Hello. In this lesson, I will give you the final thoughts and close project description. The goal of proposal is to get approval for Aborigine from stakeholders. The following tips will help you to write a project proposal. Understand what is collide looking for. Know your costs. Ok, and urine formation. Persuaded client by giving a proof. Include your contact information. So let us talk about the project. Using what you have learned in our class. You have to reduce a written proposal document about any surface you can provide to your client. After finishing good budget proposal. Share your document in the project and resources section. Congratulations on finishing this class, and good luck.