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8 Videos (46m)
    • Finding 10%

    • Finding 20%

    • Finding 5%

    • Finding 1%

    • Finding 2%

    • Finding 50% and 25%

    • Finding any %

    • Finding % on a calculator


About This Class

This lesson shows you, in basic steps, how to find percentages of any number.

We'll go through how to find 10%, 20%, 5%, 1%, 2%, 50% and 25%, and then we'll learn how we can use this information to find any percentage, even those containing decimals.

You'll also learn how to do percentages quickly on a calculator.

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Its a great way to learn about percents. Anyone reading this, you should go check it out.
Quick! Easy! With plenty of practice. Can't believe how confident I am at figuring out percentages in my head, whereas before I was doubtful doing them on a calculator.
Billman Warren

VFX and Graphic Design

awesome - its one of the easiest way to find the percentage. initially, I could never do it but after seeing this video its really made my life simple





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