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How to watercolor a character

Four seasons Fox

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5 Lessons (23m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Materials that I use

    • 3. Sketch

    • 4. 1st wash of the painting

    • 5. timelapse of the video process


About This Class

I will share with you the process that I use to realize a watercolor painting. 

I will give you some tips that make watercolor painting easier to me! 

This class is suitable for beginners or intermediates who desire to improve their watercolors.


1. Introduction: Hello, everyone on Sandra. I'm the first seasons Fox creator on I have a degree in animation, but I work from home as a full time illustrator. I'm I'm going to show you a class off our dough. Who wanted color character? Andi, I hope you enjoy it. Thank you. 2. Materials that I use: So now we're gonna talk about the supplies that you need to do. A watercolor painting. I always use my sketchbook toe, make a pre draw. For instance. I'm gonna show you what we will fainting today. This is a sketch. Did I've made, um, some time ago? Um, I painted digitally, and now we're gonna try to do the same, but with weather colors I like to use it's water color blocks there grew. So the paper want want bend? Um, this one is Teoh brand store name, but it's really good. The the most important to me is, uh, it must be heavy paper. Andi, I like, um when the texture after paper is, they say met. Yeah. So we will use these paper, too. What do we need more? Something to put the water. A powered brushes. I have a lot of bridges, brushes, but I always ended using um with the same brush is and then, like small brushes for the details. And, of course, the Wonder colors. I have a bunch off mixed brand brands. I really love a Schmick, but they are kind extensive. So I bihsh maker for my favorite color ballots and then Sometimes I used a brand store to my thinking kind of good. So yeah, uh, this one. I don't remember the name, but it's a passed off ballot and it's really, really pretty, but it's more. I feel like it's more wash. So it's not transparent, like the watercolor, another kind of cover Instead of news, it's me. Quit whether card I like Equalling and and they really good when you need to cover a big a big a big amount off, paging on and and do you really big meant ID and really, really, Yeah, they're really pigmented. You can cover really good with them, but they keep the transparency that I like in watercolors, So yeah, let's get started. 3. Sketch: So when a sketchy I have to use this pre Prisma core drawing pencil because especially the red one, because it makes so while with water colors that I almost don't need toe. Raise the lines after after I painted, but it's up to you can use a normal pencil. We can use whatever you want. Just keep in mind that probably you will need to be raised a lives after wants to base big spending. So I don't think that I will need messing fluid for these one. But you can if you have some small details like we're delight, will hear door make it brighter. You can can you can use it the most, like maybe you could use it in the nose. Yes, that's good. 4. 1st wash of the painting: so the first thing to know when you start to paint is to know where your life comes from. For instance, in the spending, I wonder why that comes from the left. And so I will put more planting a new side than you can do. And it took used a papal power. Take off a detective color, and then here you have so like dirt. Another very important thing to know when to fold your color is to be picture well, a paint on something that this wet you need to to wait that its full dry to go main and make another wash. For me, that's the hardest part for watercolor painting because I'm not patient, so I want to make ever all the pending. - Make sure toe. Try your brush really clean when you Bruce another color. Another important thing when you paint with watercolors is do not do outlines. You need to pick a side and go debts go from that side from the other side, for instance, I find with my right hand, so I tend to start with the left side and go to the right side. But I try to never do applies because once you do find, they will be really hard to rape to erase and your painting will. - And here we have the first well wash painting. - Another interesting thing is that when you're in a rush for me and you don't love to wait, you can always use hell trying to try the painting. 5. timelapse of the video process: - okay ? No, - it's long of its just. - I loathe. I just Mary.