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How to use the free software STORYBOARDER

teacher avatar Damien Barban

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (47m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. How to create a new project

    • 3. How to sue the tools of Storyboarder

    • 4. Travelling, zoom and selection options

    • 5. Transfering frames in Photoshop

    • 6. The options on the right

    • 7. The Shot Generator, how to use 3D objects

    • 8. How to publish your project

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About This Class

You want to create your own storyboards for movies, advertising, or any kind of projects? The free software STORYBOARDER is done for you. With this course, you will learn all the use of this powerful and simple software. In the end, you will be able to understand and to use all the tools proposed and be very efficient in your production of storyboards.

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1. Introduction: in this course on going to teach you how to use this software story. Boulder. The senator is free one. It means that we can generate and unsteady for free. Once this is done, it'll be able to create your own story book. You need to draw those terrible, but this software is offering you plenty of options that will make your store with creation very easy, be able to create frames to a texts and to create plenty of things that would make your creation much more easier than before. Once this is done, when Mr Bill discreet, it really able to print it, are to export it in a foreigner that is very good, as the frames will be already drove and the presentation is very professional. This software will be very helpful for any people. We needs to draw steerable very fast without taking putting your attention on stage ceilings. Everything is already set 2. How to create a new project: let's start with the first option. How do you create a new project? First, when you open your software, you are right This saying you have a teacher and you have a few options. You can say here the project already started. But here, working to start a new project, you have Balu getting started open and creating his toy. Brought instead, it is leading you to tutorials. Open is opening a new project and create a new story. Burb is creating a new project from zero to click on it. Then you're to choice safe. Its crypt are created blank. It's created something that is already created and created blank. You can start from zero and you have old explanation in English on the presentation. So both of these options are very useful when you have scripts already written, firstly, descript. And when you want to start from scratch, your create blank that he's trained you on white frames and where you want to draw directly in this frames. Then when you start the project, you can say the rush. You what will be the size of the frames in which you're going to work? You can see you have a different firm it and you can select the usual ones or nor incoming form that you can say this form and you're going to say one of them. And first this one. And then I will work on the frames. Twill use the form it and we just select here. And the software is asking you to create directory the fire where you are going to record a project. So you create it, you name it and you create it from there. The story, but really create will be saved in this place in this time. 3. How to sue the tools of Storyboarder: Now let's have a look how the options and tools works. You have a boo several tools that that represented by the graph is off pans a razor. And so so we can start with the 1st 1 on the left, and you can choose different game. It's of colors. All the codes presented here are very useful and using the gift in kind of transparency, you can see I'm using this one considering color, and I'm using it when I'm drinking bell. You have a cane of transparency that he's very common to zoos. Storyboard style. So this is very easy because he's tools are very simple. You can see here using this one, it's creating some kind off texture, so it could be to create some folk or some, uh, takes jury want to create, So these tools are not very advanced, like drain software, but this is enough to create the recently on frames of story Boy having the razor here, where you can raise the work, your drink and then it can try another tool. You can see easily that every tool your using is a very specific, but if I take this this one, each will be to create this catch and from there I will use the other tools to complete condition, especially some more. Think tools to create the shadows and you have to remind storyboard is not a perfect illustration but again of sketch that will just represent the main concept of the picture. You can see here you can change the side of the brush by clicking on the figure below the color and you have something like this. So it's not going very far into details of the brushes, but it just enough to create some interesting a thanks. They have my sketch here. Andi just started to get to face and I will now raise again. You don't have assistant off layer liking for shop, so you have to erase into Redrow what you want to change. So this time, using this tool, you can see the silicate 200 white, and you have more intense color. This is one used to create shots that are very close like faces are when you do a close it from the character I'm using. This one, this is you can see two felt pen. She's giving you very dark color contrary to the other tools that have real transparency, this one doing half much transparency that is good to present. For instance, the old lines off a current, of course, the short cuts on the same and then the other software can you control. Z two can sell the crew's actions. And if you can go back further, you used a razor to complete AirAsia of you over your working space so you can see all of these tools are very simple, and you have to learn how to play with it on read. Every one of them, in the end of this course, is going to show you a new example of terrible creation that will give you more seasonals about their use so you can also use. For instance, this one on when you use it give you some very soft, uh, texture. And you can always create king of effects, playing in the shadows to create these his face and is when I want to create something really suffering, not very strong, like with the black that is very dark. Quincy and planes can't detain you if you have a graphic template. Wishes recommended off course to draw you can play with. Do with the pressure of your pen to to create some black lines, some very soft lines. Of course it works now. It's not taking as much pressure as this graphic software Life for the shop or Creteil clips. You pick that eat. You can play somehow with it where it's pretty Well, as you can see here. Didn't change much, decides with brush just a little bit. I didn't change the tool, and you can see a difference. Values, ingredients even. It's it's very little difference each words, and you can really play on it to create your different shadows and states of your characters and this injuries. So I'm the last one, and this one's perfect to finance the outlines. This is again kind of felt pen that is more accurate than the other tool tools to to make if you want to create a style coming books time with very pure black to do, the helplines can really use this one, and between make it you can see I'm trying to finish this rough drawing, which could be one of the frames of nice storyboard with focus on the hero and then after will be able to draw again off the landscape with something like this. But nevertheless, you can really see. It's if you like to draw with the graphic damage will not be disappointed. Now the software is asking resources, and if your computer is not powerful enough, we'll have some leg. And while using these tools, it's a bit weird. But the software since the reasonable but it required some resource is to computer, so make sure you have some power in it case, and then I'm drained. Some colors you can use any every tool. You can use them with the color, just playing with some values that this using these colors to represent the shadows. So he will with the first frame and clicking on the plus in the bottom of the working space . It creates a new blank frame. Any crew, you can create another. No drawing. We're going to do here and in between you, the tools. So here mean to draw the refund. Cities City with this tool doesn't white. A bull is the one amusing and the perfect. If you want to create some the real rough sketches with some kind of transparency consumed doing the CD. They use another color trying to play with different capacity. You're here just near the size of the brush who have the capacity option, and you can even more create some different capacities and create these so storyboard and creates kind off him. Dream and Drawing City and the buildings into backgrounds on just suggest ins with very fast line with a very self capacity, you can see appearing on the right song like framed with White text gave some kind of advice is sometimes funny. Currents don't pay attention to. This is if you it's cool. It's not necessary. Important but sometimes can rent this comments. It could be fun connects. So can Rough City. This is a very rough doing, something very details, but this software doesn't offer the opportunity to draw very fine arts. You can just and I'm recommend you to use it just to draw the re simple story. But if you try to do very powerful illustration, he could be painful because you don't have all the tools. Usual software is like for shops, so don't try to find ah and Vince's tools. You will find him this after it on the way I'm using it. It's for instance, I'm, um on the stage off. Often advertising shooting is going on into. For instance, film directors needs a national story ball. I can very easily use this software as you will see later and then later another radio you can very easily faster. Create and generate is toy increasing Kane of Atmosphere consensually to play with different tools to create some can of FX. So busy killing you can play with different F. 1234566 tools and their razor. And then you can play with the size of the brushes of these tools and the color and the opacity that since you don't have much more effects, you can create within, and I can create 1/3 frame. Still, by clicking on the plus, you can see a bill. You have a cane off time nine. With the first frame single framed and sent from, and you can create as much as much frames wants. I'm using this Pen Creek Mary that claims, and on drawing combined is the hat is the eyes he knows, and just doing you taken very regularly draws on characters and again and between uses, difference tools. Once this, the kinds will be completed and ready to at some should it was so the video is train you. The way you have to use this stuff toward this is really for rough sketches. And the difference then would be a Europe Drawings killed. Little difference. Even this is a very simple secretary. Nevertheless, drove on readjusting things that, limited by the options of these tools I'm taking this tour sees proposing some transparency is choosing color Greenland and adding some kind off shadows. This thickening machine you hear most coming use and during the I'm using the software rough, black and white sketch and just adding some great values and that's it. And with this technique, you can create plenty of frames. You can really generate a storyboard very easily and in no time. So okay, this was a presentation of this of the tool this after a then we're going to see how to use freely. Options have to print your story bold and some other interest in corruption. That would make you work Mitch more faster 4. Travelling, zoom and selection options: in this video, I'm going to show you how words the selection, traveling and zoom options you have above this option. And this one's for 17. This one is to move the frame Seems like to do. King of Trauma Lee. I can see you can move a frame from one point to another. It means that if you Compean passed a two or three times the same frame, you can create an effect off troubling. So you can see I'm doing control secret V and moving the frame a little bit like this. You will have an option off reading. Use terrible frame, my friend. And this option would be very useful, especially if you're trying to create a kind off on admission like this off course room. No. Do 60 image pair Cygan that you will do a kind of animated, which means that you create two or tree different images, several positions to suggest that there will be a camera movement so you can works like this, and you can then use this tool is called Scanlon. This counseled would be youthful to create some effects of zooming in, zooming out, for instance, in this frame can resume like this, Compean. Best this frame, zoom in a little bit more and a little bit more and you can in the end, have three or four different frames. This is the same drain with a different zoom and again on the story bone. When you will Regis troubled, you will have all the frames with the same drawing, that deep ism that is different. So it will be very clear for do film director reading your street ball that he has to zoom on the face off your character. You can see Compean past and I'm zooming like this. Dan, you have to do chairs against the difference between these two frames. And this is very simple to create a Compean passed into applies options. So make sure that you can also see the selection tool between that weakens like one part of the drawing and you can This is selected here, give a hand and you can move this part of the drink. He could be usefully region. We just want to change one part of the dream for understand the reason movement just off the eyes are you want to move on element in the background you can just select it and move it in another place off consultants. This is very good. Also in history, able to show very simple movement. For instance, if you have a crowd moving behind the character, the character in the story, but could probably be fixed that, but not being movement. But you can change few islands in the backgrounds, so these three options were selection, traveling and zooming options. 5. Transfering frames in Photoshop: in this video, I'm going to show you how you can transfer your story full frame in photo shop. So we have the frame with different frames here, and we can see in the first place how to good fish. You ever no option on the right side? Here, you can click on it and put the champagne is happening. You see, that is very useful when you can transfer to fish. Because first is probably more used software off image creation in the world and to create length to the software. Really good idea. So we just wait that foolish himself, Inning. Yeah, well, and then the frame is appearing in foolish su. Here's the frame. Then you can change those engines and you can see in the layers different elements. You have a drink and many other elements that belong to this. Drink the lines of the great values, and you have other layers. But if you didn't use all the tools proposed by story about software, we don't not have old layer field, so you can see that every Leah re present an aspect of the drain and a tool that is used so you can see here tones. And if I insulate all of these layers, the drain is disappearing. But is something that is very come to food a ship. There is no surprising it and which is interesting in that it takes the drink. Deng Unders story, border and you breakdown. It's into many New Year's info to ship. 6. The options on the right: Now we're going to see how works the options you can find on the right of your project. You have civil frames, and you can decide how much time you will remain on one frame. It means that you will build build to read your story board like a video which can decide How much time will you remain in one friend? Start here. You can start from the second for the first frame, and it reads one frame after the other, so you can see that for this frame. If I select it, I can decide duration. It will be in a sit boards and you have milliseconds. So it explained how much, once again is in minutes again. But you have to write in milliseconds, so you can decide that this frame 1st 1 is, um, 1000 minutes against the 2nd 1 2200 being shoulder from square 1000 and you can on some medicine for every frames. If you don't have a specific minutes ago, it will have stander. A late of time that is, probably weren't are two seconds, something like this. But once this is done, you can click and play and you have automatically the frames that that read one of the others. Then you're able to publish your project into a movie. Angela. Half the movie with the frames to read it, one by one, different 19 times, then you are down. This is where it can inter text that will be sent by the actors you will see later. When we will put it is the project that the general will be automatically re presented inside the storyboards or it will be beautiful, are and decide a frame. So I'm writing in text. It's a hello, it's beautiful today, character number two says Yes. This is really in your beautiful day and so on so you can write all the general here and be then print and directly the site of the storyboard frames. Then you have action. Action is going to be the place where you are going to explain the actions going on. If you have a fighting scene, you will be able to write what is happening. Notes. This is also a place where you can attach notes, but when we speak about notes, it's more that information dedicated to do Teoh stuff on the working on the project to on for instance. Come right. Don't forget to bring this camera. Don't forget to place the light at this position. And so it could be more for technical informations for good, for a stage and for the shooting soon all this information will be directly linked to the frame. And ah, you can really have very fast, productive flow Get also noodle Fine because you can and be free sound on adding to it And you could be the musical I could be your voice We come to add information and you can see here you have a Nikon with the sound explaining that's in this frame sound file. So again, this is in the case you exports to work as a video you exposed your storyboards, that video you will be able to on the sand in the frame you are creating Su in these fringe is writing the rough things just gruesome cantons and you can see me that quicken play. We have every frame that I read and if you had the sound here, you will have the same playing while we arrive on this frame. So this is very useful. This is why the sector, even if you don't have much options to draw this is more powerful to res very efficient page sitting options off course. In the friendly where you have music, you have to get the duration of the frame equality into the region to the duration of your sound. Find other way. Otherwise, you will have enough time to listen to the final. So you have here different options, and you can also have a kind of no stone emerges when you have several the layer on your frame. It's not really years. How can a very powerful layer assistant making foolish? But when you draw with different tools, it create layers. So is what the calling its frame rate. You have 24 image per second disease. The normal friend knights who have any movie you can change it with more can put cerci of 60 frames their seconds. It would be very fast, and you will need to create more frames in stabled two of a kind of animation. Of course, we're not trying to quit in mission. You cool, but it would be very hard to do it. But can anyone choose the number off frame. Their seconds actually can shows in the when you hear. And then these were the options on the rights and you're also before the rail. Everything is talked. 7. The Shot Generator, how to use 3D objects: I'm going to show you now. The ocean that is called the charge in a raid. Deception is going to propose you a three D view off your frame, and this is quite powerful. First, you have to place your camera. You are the camera, and you can data camera decide. The angle of the camera means the position in the space of the X, Y and Z to position the camera. So this is very simple. You have to take the happy to understand that you can errors in the three D environment. So we have the original position and the position where you put the camera. When you click on on the options here, moves. Then when you keep clicking and moving the mouse, you are turning the head of the camera because you are the camera. So this is how it works. Then you can rotate with the option rotation Here, here, that options to orient eat like this. And then again, you can really the mouse directly and us here position if this is in this getting close to the ground. So it was option of the camera. So in first place you plays your camera then you can click on object. Your first object selected is a cube. These human can remain clicking on it and moving with miles is going to move it like this and you can see on the left corner you have in real time the movement of the position of the objects. So this is just for a storyboard. You can imagine that this will be the table, our character or something like this, that you are also option for objects and characters. So we'll see how you can implement all these objects in your century. So we have the cube. You can really like a normal freely object and you will have here different guide. We can create a new objects here. You can move it, you can. Also, when the object selected used the these options to move forward, move backwards upwards and so so you can earn large objects. You can modify to hate the death and create some freaky objects. For instance, if you could create table, we re create five objects and you can a table so you can hear like the the object every objects created are kind off layers and you can he raised layer are you can also change. Different kind of object would create here I have created a tree. The tree's one of the objects already probably to software on going to change it a little bit by using options orientated and changing to size. Can see here changing size, and then I can move it to make sure it touched the ground moving like this. And then I'm using the c R. In addition point to getting touching ground so you can create a couple of objects here, and you can even select a file and green to search for with freely farm on. And you have to take you to check. If it's now every kind of free objective to find for the right former. Then you can include characters. The characters is human characters you can position in your frame to You can see above. You have now the characters created in your working space. You can select several models or presets. Models begin create here. We can recall the pre sense and here I'm going. Teoh, move it. Think character is going to be fat needs to be going to be thin. You can change by the attitude of your current, so it's quite powerful for so simple software, so don't rate. Also to shows a different phones is here. Here we are. He's sending again and canned or inundate the current in that direction. So you have a very interesting tool, and this is why the software can be used even if you are not good. Drawing then is fine using pretty options and place your engines and creature on story because, as this is just normal frame off story bull, you can do anything you want so you can creates the frame. And you have different appearing in your friend here so you can have the frame working it and click Insert new board or saving the border. Saving the border sitting in board you are creating right now and sitting in your board is to create a new frame. Su. You can see that then you can draw birds and basically these options very simple and useful for your creation of frames 8. How to publish your project: to complete this course, I'm going to show you how you can publish your projects. Then you are done with the creation of your frames. Going file friends, our export to pdf. You can click on it and you have several options. A marine have a beautiful interface and you have the former by default. It's called a for any of the project. And you have. It's very interesting because the frame appear on the paper. So we have the name that project you can select a few months later from a four from it in landscape format. Portray if you see like landscape is going to be prisons like this. Then you can shoes and portrait, which will be better. If you're only three frames, you can select how much Cullen by pages and anedge rose. This rose are going to be the homage lines you have in your story board. If I sell it four inch right have four lines. We she school rose here So you can decide about spacing between the renewed frames and you will have yeah, some. You have only one page. Okay, Then you can also see by the frames conceptions Prince is storyboard as the work shifts. This working is generating cure card and the names tore a bold and you have the different informations that hearing here this work it is, is a blank, and you can print into two off nor ready sets off. Nor a genius struggled with Paige singing. So you're printing any work on it, Jim. Clear with your own pen. So this is also very interesting because you can ask for all this terrible the same pain sitting, which is quite confortable for your awful people. Funny room so you can import the work shit, or soon you can import in majors in new board. It means that you can take a picture from outside of the software, and you can important into your frames. You're in pain import image and replace if you have a frame already existing congest. Replace the frame with an image you can import. Then you can export in videos, and you can also exports. Onda Azul made it a gift. You can have the gift here. You can open it and you have an animation. The nation will be very simple. It would be the frames playing the one after the others it detects We wrote previously, and that's it. You've been any meeting. So you hold have some oceans here in file exports seen for final kids, pro or premier if you're raising other being Softwares. So this is interesting because it will open this horrible inside your, uh, movie software. And if you're using them is very interesting. You can export saying and image mean that every frame will exported as single images. So we have the frames here. We also have now expelled as a video and it will be an MP four firm it where all the video , anything to be read old. Sorry. All the frames are going to be read one of them, the others. So it could be interesting to have one single and before firm you give it to you. Put it on your website. I give it to your clients to the 50 right wherever you needs to exchange your work, that equals interesting. When you have a video for models, your story board on to a video to put on your nobody, you can also exposed on the web and you would have to to have accounts to use the accounts to publish it on the server off the eighties. Then you have some space and it will publish. Some asked html five former. Then you can zip your project and then I go back on the printing option as a PdF. So I mean to to design form and a number of columns of pro spacing. And then if I open my project, my PF, he's here, then I have other be acrobat reader opening and we can see we have then the board number of shot duration to ask the ratio of the frames and the date and number to every frame. We have Dele Uggs here and notes on 10 minutes to actions. So this is very powerful tool and you can see that with all these tools, you can be very fast in their efficient of the creation of a story. I hope this cause was very helpful for you. And you were really enjoy using storyboard