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How to use the Reverb like a PRO - MIXING AUDIO

teacher avatar Marco Silvestri, Sound Engineer & Music Producer

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

12 Lessons (59m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. What is a Reverb

    • 3. Echo and Reverb

    • 4. Pre Delay

    • 5. Early Reflections

    • 6. The Importance of Early Reflections

    • 7. Tail and Depth

    • 8. Types of Reverb

    • 9. Mixing with Reverb

    • 10. Pre vs Post

    • 11. Mixing in Practice

    • 12. Assignments

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About This Class

Welcome to this episode of the Mixing Audio series!

This class is all about the Reverb.

The Reverb is the most used effect in this era and age. Learn how to use it like a pro, skyrocketing from basic to pro level and add a unique touch to your studio/live productions! By taking this class you will discover:

  • What's a Reverb and how to use it;
  • Difference between Reverb and Echo;
  • Pre-Delay, Early Reflections and Tail;
  • How to use musically use a Reverb;
  • Different types of Reverb;
  • Reverb and Critical Distance.

You can access the other lessons of the Mixing Audio series here:

  1. The Pre-Mix
  2. EQ and Equalization
  3. Compression
  4. The Reverb

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Marco Silvestri

Sound Engineer & Music Producer


Hello, my name is Marco. I am a Sound Engineer, Music Producer and Video Colourist, with more than a decade of international experience in the field. I started my journey in the audio world in Italy, and after working with several studios and production houses, I moved to Ireland and then to Kenya. I have worked with corporates, established and upcoming bands, theatres and live events.


Here my playlis!:

Mixing Audio

The Premix: in this class you'll learn how to move to first steps in starting your mix right; The EQ: Equalization, Equalizers and Filters. Learn how to change the frequency content of your tracks! Compression: playing with dynamics is easier said than done. In this class, you will learn everything you need to learn about Audio Compres... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hi, everyone. My name is Marco Silvestri and I'm a music producer and the Sun engineer based boat in between Europe and Africa. Welcome to my news, Keisha Class about mixing rodeo. Today we have a double topic. The focus will be a reverb and delay. These tools, if used correctly, will be invaluable allies for your perfect sounds quest. I will show you how to use these time based effects at their best skater getting from basic to pro level. Also, it doesn't matter which digital audio workstation you're using. This class is for everyone. So let's all no to your hearts and let's get started The world of reverb and delay. It always fascinated me, especially because of the implication in the human perception of sound, so to speak. A reverb is a dense Syria's of echoes Sudan's that they can confuse the listener as they are perceived like a unique whole sound which is more like our tail a continuation. By controlling the generation of each and every reflection, the engineer or the music producer can control the future off that table in this way on artificially generated or are recorded sound can be put in for more complex and devices sonic context as you can imagine this as implication over the cognitive and emotive elements of a salmon. With exception of purely orchestral acoustic recording, Artificial revolver can be found in nearly every modern production as the model approach to recording involved close miking with a consequent dry sound. 2. What is a Reverb: technically reverb or reverberation time. It represents the time that a sound steak Toby 60 db lower from the end of its original emission. 60. Bizarre a lot it literally means 1000 times lower than the end of its original emission. These as also another name. RT 60 30 60 found it's best usage in acoustic and architectural disciplines, where precise calculations are needed there. T 60 is measured and calculated based on the property that each and every material has to absorb or reject sound. These can be translated into our coefficient of absorption, hence the possibility of precise calculations for mixing engineer. This is important not for the mat itself, but to know and understand how to recreate. And Pekka Given. Acoustic environment at theater stage will sound completely different from a cave. However, reverb is not only measured by its land, there are also other features that contributes to its university. Let's have a look. Shall we 3. Echo and Reverb: earlier on, I say that a river is a dance serious of echoes. On Echo is a sonic reflection they took us every time a sound wave hits a surface, depending on the type. How reflective or absorb into this office is the amount of sound reflected will be different and also filtered in a different way. Fatima. When more than one reflection takes place, the face of every echo should also be taken into consideration as they interact with each other constructively and destructively, creating additional filtering. Wider name echo in Greek mythology, Echo was an Orient unnamed living in Monsey Theron in Greece. She was condemned to not being able to use our voice to speak, but only to repeat what she was hearing. Be easily upset in our Caesar's. And so they made continues. But don't worry. I am living Greek mythology for another class. The heartbreaking meat of a co in Caesar's can suggest to us where this phenomena was first observed and had. In fact, we can distinguish some reflections on Lee when the distance between the A meter and the reflective surface is greater than 17 meters. So the echo it's usually associate it with huge spaces such as mountains, caves, cathedrals where houses Exeter, etcetera, etcetera. What happened when that distance is less than 17 meters below that distance, we start to perceive the reverb. It is known that there is a special of perception in the human hearing regarding the auditory transience. Those sudden variation of levels which describes the start of a new sound when similar transcends, are happening close to each other in a timespan lowered and 1/10 of a second. Our hearing system tends to perceive it as one sound. We already know that some travels approximately at 340 meters per second. With these information, it's easy to understand that in order for a sound wave to eat, US Office plays the 17 meters away from it semi Tampa and then be reflected back. Today, a meter for total distance off 34 meters will take 1/10 of a second. So if the first reflective surfaces placed at a distance lower done 17 meters, the least honor will perceive the direct sound plus the reflection as one entity. As the short time distance between every transient. Less than 1/10 of a second is enough to trick the human brain. I will play you a drums and guitar pattern fast. We know effect, innit? Den, with a delay. Plug in to simulate different takers. Increasing step by step. - Do you have a clear idea now? 4. Pre Delay: as they said, Alibaba can be classified also considering other perimeters rather than just its land. In fact, we can, in our mind's eye, picture a room with different reflective surfaces. All these offices won't necessarily be placed at the same distance and angle. No. Will they be made off the same material? These opens are completely new and complex a scenario. Ideally, it's possible to find the three main components in a rib differently. The early reflection and detail people delay is a simple concept, yet can heavily influence the perception off the reverb. This component identifies the amount of time that passes between the emission of the original dry sound in the audible on set off early reflections and late reflections. Why is this for important? Is the first indicator that concerned the architectural feature over space. The more differently the biggest piece is simply because the reflected sound we love to travel father to rich palestina. The prettily also contributes to what could be considered intimacy of a sound, since the reverb is one of those factor that establishes or help to establish how much a sound is close to the least on a little Baranek, one of the most important acoustician of the past century, explicitly defined initial delay time or the fast reflection T. I, as the property equals intimacy. Ah, correct usage of Deputy Lee contributes to the clarity of a mix. Keep it distant from the dry and direct sound, or create a nice interaction with it by thinking it with a beats per minute bpm off a song . How do we do this? If the reverb you're using as an option toe sink the pretty lay using temple intervals, you're covered. Otherwise you will have to manually calculate deplete delay in milliseconds, knowing the tempo interval you would like to use. Don't worry. The formula is very simple. Milliseconds in a minute, divided by BPM, all of these multiplied by the but all of these divided by the value. Let's fill in all the information, assuming I'd like to know the delay value of a semi quiver. Also known as 16th Note off a session with a BPM off 182 with a temple off 44 I already know that they merely seconds in a mini attire 60,000 60 times 1000. The BPM value is 182 they lent off. My measure is for the SIMA Quiver is corresponding to 16. So the new Formula 60,000 divided by 182. The result multiplied by four in the result divided by 16 we'll give you the result of 82 every digit after the coma could be ignored. Pretty. If you want a daughter note, you just have to multiply the result by 1.5 for three plate, you multiplied by 0.6667 before moving on to early reflections. Let's have a listen to the prettily with three examples. Nobody delay short relay and long really see the It's, uh around Feel the express heading up Star lay down Heaven is smiling down. See the it's, uh around Feel the express heading up. Star lay down Heaven is smiling down. See the it's, uh around Feel the express heading out. Star a lady Heaven is smiling. Hide the differences. Let's move on 5. Early Reflections: the knowledge about early reflection goes back to history. When many centuries ago, The truth. Yes, Roman architect who lived approximately 2000 years ago extolled the value off what the Greeks called consulate sound or sound, that is supported and strengthened by reflection coming from the stage or order nearby surfaces between 18 and in 19 hundreds. The father off the modern architectural acoustic Wallace Clements have been referred to retrieve IUs when designing is crafts. Many other people spoke about Charlie Reflection and is still a central topic in many sound engineering discussion. The importance of Ali reflection, together with their perceptual effect, is a very complex topic. So we will just be scratching the surface here. How do they work? What a day shortly after the directed sound bounced, reflection starts to impact us as the least honor our brain identifies and perceived them as individually separated and distinct sound that have a mutual relationship correlation to the original signal. Gradually, the number of reflection arriving at the listener increases together with their density until they cannot be distinguished as discrete. Echoes, depending on different room properties are the reflections might be within the fast 100 milliseconds following the direct sound, it is worth mentioning that e. R. Within the fast 14 milliseconds full into the house zone and sour brain. Descend them in a slightly different manner, as they has effect is used to create a sense of direction. Tow. Avoid drifting too much from the E. R. You'll find more about the heart zone and the house effect in Appendix one meeting the Premix class. 6. The Importance of Early Reflections: Ali. Reflections are extremely important because direction in distance, every er it's our es with a different phase and frequency response. This information is processed by the brain, which establishes the direction that sound is coming from together with the distance between the sound and ill Istana working in synergy with the prettily studio image. The relationship between the reflection to the direct sound in term of level and time delay changes the way we perceive the image off the reverb. Lower levels in the e. R are generally perceived as improvement in turmoil. Spaciousness off the studio image. Think about a small room they are would hit our ears enforces with a high energy level due to express symmetry with us. Basically, it wouldn't lose a lot of energy surface material. The spectral content of the ER carries important information regarding the materials that compose a space virtual Auriol. The more sharply are meaning. They are reaching high frequencies, the more reflective this offices in a room are. For example, a room with a lot of carpet and wood will produce darker ER, while a marble temple will result in a sharper and brighter er level off realism. A faithful loyal and accurate er pattern is mandatory If our natural simulation is required and by altering this perimeter we can greatly increase or decrease the level of realism. It could either be announcement or a damage according to what we want to achieve. In fact, not all the type of reverb of distinct ER due to their reduced size Therefore, they're not the best choice for delivering information regarding the space I would really like for you to listen to something See the love It's around Feel the magic spreading out Stars above a lay down Heaven is smiling down I see your eyes thou whispering in my heart this tangling Strip it down whole the mystery heaven iss smiling down See the it's, uh around Feel the express heading out Star lay down Heaven is smiling I see your eyes now is spring in my heart This tingling straight good down the mystery Haven't ISS smiling? See, - I see IHS see the love It's, uh, sound Feel the extra away Now Heaven is smiling See How is it a in my heart This tingling string down the mystery iss My only see it's see miss mind I see in my this mystery IHS see, it's Miss smiling. I see this mystery IHS 7. Tail and Depth: succeeding the ER pattern. The reflections start to become more dense and perceived as one bark off sound as they bounced from many surfaces many times after every reflection, some off the sound is absorb, losing part of its intensity after every bounds. These results in a tale with a decaying amplitude decay, which is not linear as high frequencies decay faster than low frequencies simply because they have less energy. While prettily and early reflection carry information about distance, space and intimacy, detail mainly carries information about the depth, actually giving Atar dimension to the list of features. How can they give us an idea about adept? Now imagine the listener in a room one meet away from an emitter. The listener will perceive the direct sound at a certain level, while the river but at a lower level almost as a background, the more the listener moves away from the speaker, the modern Erikson will be deemed following the Investors Square law. At some point there will acquire a distance where the direct sound will be as loud as the reverberation that is called critical distance. The critical distance indicated that point of equilibrium between the direct sound and the reverberation. If the listener keeps moving farther away, going beyond the critical distance, the intelligibility of a sound will become extremely damaged. A recording engineers have used and still used the director of Oberon, Tricia to deter mined the passive depth off the sound source captured to fine. Tune these distance in a mixing scenario, as many reverb do not off a separate controls for the tail alone. So we compromised by adjusting the ratio between the dry and the wet signal, which contain both er entail. Careful, just like in nature. If the reverberation is louder than the dry signal, its intelligibility might be compromised. Let's have a listen to a moving sample I'll visually allow to you when it reaches the critical distance. - Detail does not only have an intensity but also land. This land is called a time, and it identifies the rt 60. The time that ive up takes to decay by 60 db Mentioned at the start of this class dedicate , I might give us a hint in the term mining the size of a room. The bigger the room, the longer the decay time off the tail will be to give you numbers a small absorbent room. We'll have a decay time of around 200 millisecond, while a very large arena can take up to four seconds. But in a musical context, it is easy to overuse the reverb and start to mask instruments to avoid it. It's advisable to use it in moderation to avoid unwanted masking off course. There is a particular to it to set up the tail of the river, but using tempo intervals in the same way that was done for the prettily doing. So. For example, considering as now and the kick will avoid the tail of the reverb off Disney to mask and swallow the attack off the kick drum. In addition to all of these reverb, without early reflection and prettily, only with a very short tail can be used to smoot up some off the abrupt cuts done in editing 8. Types of Reverb: the story of reverb is probably as long as the history of the human being, since we started to aggregate in communities and use sound as a mean to communicate and project out our fantasies. The reverb represented that element used to want mysticism, abstract ism and transport to our Bible and nonverbal communication with caves, amphitheaters and potatoes, then and complex algorithm now revolves have hard and impressive evolution, with different and numerous disciplines contributing to it. In this short least of repubs, I am going to analyze and summarize the type of reverb invented endures from the start of the audio recording. It's possible to classify revives in three main categories acoustic, mechanical and digital with acoustic reverb. We refer to all those river abs that are generated by the organic reflection off a sound in an include space. Amongst them, we have miking. The reverb, also known as track the room, the earliest and simplest way to incorporate reverb in a song wants to record it as the reverb was happening. What did this entail seem? Sleep tojust mike the reverb on a lot. A couple of Syria tracks by placing the mikes accordingly at the very beginning off duty recording. The technology did not really offer multi track solution. In that case, it was important that the mic placement talking toe consideration also the quantity of the reverb. Despite the availability of numerous ree Bob's plug ins or outboards, this technique is still used, especially but not totally withdrawn. Recordings to create an ambience and a sense of depth is the most accurate and natural river. The only problem is that this river is immovable, and if it does not sit well in the mix, their limited things that could be done reverb chamber reverb chamber is that includes piece in which a number of microphone a strategically placed in order to capture the sound emitted from a number off my qualities because the sound capture will be a riverboat version off. The original sound, which bounce after bounce, will have inherited the acoustic feature over the room in the fast, pretty much every room was used, staircases and bathroom included. I don't know if it could be considered a chamber, but once I used a fireplace, such reverb is considered realistic and off superior quality. But it is important that you find a suitable room or structure to exclusively invest for this purpose. Living alone, the high grade speakers and microphones toe playback and capture the sound alone. The electromechanical revives developed from the forties. Employees different technologists who produced the live up phenomena because of the artificial nature they let for mechanical revolves are not very representative in time or space. Despite days, they are part of the signature of sound off different music. Generous. They might not evoke the sense of a cathedral or an opera house, but they certainly have a peculiar residence, which is used to adapt to the timber of the instrument or to create an ambience. Spring reverb. As I said earlier, reverb could also be conceptualized as a collection off delayed sound clones too close to be perceived a separate echoes. It should not be much of a surprise, then, that the faster to official river was invented, used the spring to reproduce the bounces off a sound way. The development of these technologies is credited to the engineers off the Hammond, who tried to put some life into the dry sound off their famous organ. From the sixties, it became the standard choice to simulate reverb in guitars, amplifiers, ass spring vibrates in a fairly simple way. Give it a shake and the vibration zip back and forth along the length of the spring. If you drive this spring with a trust user on one end and pick the result on vibration on the other end, you can hear the result of this vibration. One can combine different springs with different lengths and masses to create a unique effect. But as much as we can experiment, the result and reverb will suffer from lack of defamation often were far to the spring reverb as mono dimensional, as if he told us one day mation like a rope, would only delay and without height in dept. Plate reverb on obvious evolution of the spring, reverb is the plate instead of a mono dimensional spring. What my braids here is a shot of mental a plate. Ah plate is suspended within a box of sustained by springs to let it vibrate mounted on it . There are several transducers want to make the plate vibrate and the other trust users, which are contact microphones to pick the vibrations, much as is bigger and has more possibility compared to the spring reverb, the whole plate. Adware is Baalke, big and expensive. So is very hard to find or to transport. It is motor Nestle. Richness in the mid part of the spectrum makes it the perfect choice toe add on ambience and tone off tones and character to nearly everything. Despite the fact the digital invasion in audio started in the eighties, one of the first application off the digital technology, Nordea, was with the reverb at the end of the seventies. Digitally, we have to macro groups, algorithmic and convolution. The accuracy and the flexibility off the digital revolves together with their ease of use. Make them and a few choice in every studio. Don't let yourself be deceived by the syntactic nature. Nowadays, digital reverb has reached the state of ICT, and the accuracy is impressive. Algorithmic reverb. One of the advantages of digital technology is the ability, or better than necessity to transform everything in numbers and in formulas. That's the core off their good pick reverb. Every perimeter is quantified in a new medical form, becoming part of a wider and more comprehensive algorithm. On the start, the restraints were obvious. The quality, the complexity and more over the power of it was bonded to the microchip used for the making off that specific reverb. Those chips where and are still called DSP digital signal processors. Let me have a word on the programs. Despite the numerous variation on the type of allegory, there was a mutual agreement, a standard dies, naming forever programs or our greatness in a reverb emulator, we could find things like holes. They represent large and life spaces with a natural sound. Chambers. This group of algorithms simulates the behavior of reverb chambers with less natural sounding, a less defined animation and volumes. Rims different size normal rooms, Gambians ambience Day A. Mostly used to set the mood or richer sound, they are less concerned with placing the sound in a bachelor space plate. A simulation off the plate reverb studio difference simulation off the live room of a recording studio. It could be a really existing studio for a virtual one charge or cathedral. Big, huge humanness. These spaces produce an impressive reverb, but be careful as they generally result in poor intelligibility. Spring, A simulation of the spring Re Webb's gated. This category includes reverb where the decay is altered and it does not follow. A linear pattern generally is used as an effect as its lack of natural features reversed. Well, take whatever I say from the start era, Masset here detail is going the other way around. Instead of the king it raises for two decades, since his Don't in 1976 day algorithmic reverb served almost all the needs of the industry , and it also created a signature sound that devolved and shape the musical scene till the end of the nineties by Dane In 1999 Sony developed and distributed a totally new type of reverb, convolution, dady, FBI and the convolution is simple. On audio sample is played in a reality who stick space, which is miked accordingly. The recorded sound, which is called impulse Response I are, is later processed by the convolution device. After that, Father calculations will treat any sound fed to the convolution reverb to simulate the acoustic space sampled. Generally, they ir can be off two types. Signs whip a long sine wave tone sweeps all different quinces. This method is meant to generate reverberation for all the frequencies, creating high quality simulation off the space, short temples instead of alongside wave. Example. Plead is a very short sound, like a gunshot, a club, a balloon bust, etcetera quicker to put in place but less accurate. In case you're interested in recording the I R. Yourself, remember that. Generally it's more rewarding Togo for something that sounds good, rather something that is just correct. Experiment even with the wrong placement, that's the fun of it. 9. Mixing with Reverb: due to technological variety. The reverb is maybe the most flexible effect toe work, with both in term of possibility and in setups when analog gears where the only option available reverb was used with parsimony. Contributing to the creation of a typical signature sound is in total opposition to what happened in the eighties, when it was possible with the diffusion of the digital revolves to overcome the limited use of this effect. These reverb galore is well recognized in the majority of the production off that time when the revived was the thing and it was used pretty much on every instrument. So how do we mix with it? Usually reverb is used as an effect, so it should be put in a parallel configuration instead of us. An insert in this way with a single reverb unit we can serve does an and dozens off tracks . This is a heritage of the past. Since each and every reverb unit had a certain cost, it was necessary to maximize on it, even if nowadays, our sippy use allow us to use a huge amount of clients at the same time, comfort and workflow must be seriously considered. Imagine a session of 100 tracks. If we use the river being a sale fashion, we have to set 100 river herbs. If we change idea about their set up, even if it's just a small detail, we have to change 100 river herbs, a big waste of time and mental health. The parallel configuration also makes logical sense with the river, but we're correlating different sounds together with each other, applying space to them or, better yet, placing them in a space by following his approach. This pace used us to have the same features. It would not make any sense in the domain off the pure logic to his completely different spaces at the same time, well, not only that, having separate reverb lines will open up a car czar of possibilities regarding the use of additional effective processes pre and post re Bob Doing so will make it possible to apply accused dynamic processors, distortions, modulation, etcetera to make a reverb sound unique and more in tune with the needs of a song by putting the reverb off the river abs in parallel. It's also possible toe compartmentalized components like ER and tail handless options, but let's see some of them in action 10. Pre vs Post: Finally, here we are. Let's apply the parallel setting. As you can see here we have a vocal track already acute and compressed to clean it up, give it more presence and more punch to it, as shown in the class about the Q and in the one about compression. Despite my vocal track being a model track, I still send it toe Osteria bus in this case, bus one in tow. And I said it at zero db, which in this case means 100% off the signal. I open an auxiliary track and I said, the bus want to as the input I name this newly created track the way prefer, in this case, a Rev one as they usually use more than one river Pasang, and they assigned the river by, like as an insert to it. These is very important, as it basically means that any sound passing by this track will be processed in its integrity. Toby, some back later on with the whole mix, for a normal use is advisable to put this ending post fader. So whatever is in the send will follow the level and the mute off the track in short descent will diminish as the main track will get softer. The mute will also follow the same behavior. To give you an example, let me play in post fader mood. Old Joe had first received it in 1950 Lime Lord in Remember, Brothers hadn't easy so far. What if the Senate's put in pre fader mode basically the senior will be sent to the reverb independent off the tracks, Fate Upon and mute button days would be useful if we're making a P o. V. Point of view on effect, where the sound source is moved. Closed off farther away from the list on to simulate the movement off the sound source within a space. Let's give it a shot. Oh, Joe had first received it. Remember himself? The wall Two brothers hadn't made it, but the contents up has. This technique is not used a loading music. It find its expression in some for film, as the sound sources are also visually in motion and there is a need to create an accurate here toe I relationship. But let's not forget the parallel set up. We still have the advantage of having the freedom to set more revolves each and every one with a different task assigned, for example, you might need to smarten up a voice and at the same time put it in a room. How do you do it? Simple. Used to revive ABS is not rocket science. I just open a new send her out, a new auxiliary and Slattery Bob, since the previous reverb was about the space here, I'm choosing something with a unique timber like a plate reverb, I said. He told what, like the previous Let's listen to this reverb together with a tracker. Oh, Joe Bedford's received it in 1954 prison from the landlord in Remember the war? Two brothers hadn't made it. Joe could not forget. But the contents off the glass remained his best hope yet. Passed the glass last on Spill a drop the history hell win. It can never be this. Move the way they want. Let's other space to it. Joe had first received it in 1954 prison from the landlord in remembrance off the war. Two brothers hadn't made it on. Joe could not forget, but the contents are the glass remained his best hope yet has the glove last time spill a drop. The history How women it can never be report has passed he twice like a charm. 11. Mixing in Practice: we've covered the basic off the reverb so far enough for you to replicate it and are your pass our flavor to it. So let's go back to patrols and apply everything I've taught you so far. I will be using the song The Glass by the band Pre Markova note that here I have already premixed did it as well as equalizing and compressing it. Don't forget to check my previous classes about Premix a Que and Compression to understand how he did it in 1994 fold on up to the last degree and then back down the hole. Built to the length and breadth of Britain on ground floor again way years ago. The last way passed around as usual with comedy and graced his picture still hangs probably above the fireplace on the wall on the back behind the way. Never wear in 1990 left angry and then back down. Built to lengthen booth. Never two years ago, the glass was that his weight passed around as usual with comedy and graced. His picture still hangs probably above the fireplace on the wall on the back, behind the way. Wait, wait. All right. In 1990 hold on a tick, a left angry and then back down the hole, built to the length and breadth of Britain around one more again, three minutes two years ago. The glass that is way past around as usual with comedy and graced his picture still hangs proudly above the fireplace on the wall on the back behind the way. Never wear in 1990. Hold on a tick left angry and then back down, Soul built to the length and breadth of Britain around one more again way. Never. Two years ago, the glass was that his weight passed around as usual with comedy and graced. His picture still hangs proudly above the fireplace on the wall on the back, behind the way. - Well , I think that that was quite something. Let's have a comparative Listen here there is the Premix with compression and equalization . Joe had received it in 1954 present from the landlord in remembrance of War Brothers hadn't made it on. Joe could not forget, but the contents off gloves remains his best hope yet. History can never be his son. He passed it in 1973. Unconvinced Odeon off future trusted deputy danced around the country to Reggae's Ghar in On many times it's staged I, but still the drink got drunk history within it and never session in 1994 fold on Uptick, elastin, Brie and then back down the hole, built to lengthen Booth. Never two years ago, The Glass was at his week, passed around as usual with comedy and graced. His picture still hangs proudly above the fireplace on the wall on the back behind. Wait, Wait! - And there is the song with reverb on it. Joe received it in 1950 present from the landlord in Remembrance of War Brothers. Hadn't made it on Joe Could not against, but the contents off Gloves remains his best hope yet. History can never be to his son. He passed it in 1973 UN custodian off future trusted deputy around the country to reggae's on many times in Staged I but still drink got drunk history within it and never session in 1994. Hold on a tick, left angry and then back down the hall, filter on it, trying to stop the length and breadth of Britain one more again, never two years ago the last way passed around as usual with comedy and graced. His picture still hangs proudly above the fireplace. On the wall, on the back behind Wait, Wait, - quite another song have the song acquired a tad dimension. There is also adept that helps things to be kept in perspective within the mix. Remember, there are no recipes. The best thing is always to experiment and think out of the box. 12. Assignments: So why don't you try to Tom the low decision file from the link in the project up Lord Day waas into your digital audio accession and applied two distinct reverb using the parallel technique. That's everything so far. Don't forget to follow me here and leave me a feedback. Also, check out my social. Don't be left behind. See you soon and in the meantime, that's wrong.