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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

2 Lessons (15m)
    • 1. Why Cooperations are a useful Tool

    • 2. The Best Cooperation Strategies for your Business

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About This Class

In this Class you learn:

  • how to get into cooperations
  • how to use online as well as offline cooperations
  • why sponsoring an event could be an interesting thing

Meet Your Teacher

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Philip Hofmacher

Online Marketer, #1 Skillshare Instructor in AUT


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1. Why Cooperations are a useful Tool: in this video, it's all about corporations. Yeah, we're going to tell you why it's so important to get into corporations. We're going to show you some exact things that we have done that we've done with other people, things that you can do online as well as offline. Why also a sponsoring could be really important for you on all these things are leading to the point that you can extend your business. 2. The Best Cooperation Strategies for your Business: welcome in this video, we're going to talk about networking and communications and cooperation. So why is it so important that you work together with other people? Yeah, of course. One of the biggest benefits is that you help each other and that you're for example, when you're in social media that you and your partner combine your social media Yeah, possibilities and trying to create the higher ridge. Or let's say just in fact, in general, at the main aspect to do it is that you both have a benefit from it. Did you help each other and Yeah, yeah, I think you pretty well described what a corporation is a corporation is two people joining forces working together so that both can achieve more? It's like two people putting the stuff together to bake one big cake on that. Everyone gets half off this cake and the half off the cake is figure than that small cake that everyone could do. So there's a really nice metaphor for this. So imagine Clements and myself with both standing in front, off a tweet And on the street there are five apples, so we could say Okay, there are sweet apples for myself and two apples for claimants Always say 2.5 apples for everybody. Or in this case, that tree is so extremely high that no one of us could quipped the trees. So in this case, none of us would get the apples. So what? We could do it. We could work together. So claimants coat champ on my shoulders. I could lift him up and he could crap all the five apples. And then together we both would have collected this five apples. So therefore you see, working together can make the picture bigger. So let's say if you said with social media, so do you know off any? Can you explain anything? How we could cross promote our social media channels and what we could do? You know, of course. For example, Phillips started YouTube channel and I have YouTube channel as well, so we could make a video together. And then, for example, I interview Philip posted on my channel, and then he interviews me. So yeah, we can try to, of course, it against attention off the others platform. And the people watching from the other platform may go toe the other YouTube account. And so you can yeah, become larger and simply grow. And you think this box also on us Channels like Facebook? Instagram Asano. You think this is only working on YouTube? No. I think you can do it in many platforms. Of course, you have to see which ones work the best and which ones. Yeah, I important for you because you don't do it because it's so funny. You want to do it too? Yeah, To get a target audience toe, make more people to help people engage with your content. So of course you can do it with Facebook as well. You can. For example, ultra video on Facebook can make pictures together and share them on instagram other platforms so that different ways off how you can combine it and cooperate with the Juncker . So, for example, we could say I do you a twitter shallow to my 10,000 Twitter followers and you promote me in your YouTube video also on so we can kind off course promote all these different platforms there. Of course, I would say there's no blueprint for that. So, and there's no no certain rule. It has to be okay for for both people are you can also do it when you're more than two people. 34 people. Of course, the more you are, the better the more effects you get from it, and the bigger the reach will be. I think this is a nice concept that also conferences could use. So for example, say both of us, we would host and entrepreneurship conference. I host mind immunity host yours in Paris, for example. I could promote your event to my users, and you could promote your event to yours. They're you always have to look for sure. Some things like if they're on the same date, we kind off working more against each other, pulling for the people. But normally it shouldn't be the problem. And you should find creative ways to work together. Yeah, And of course, when it comes to corporations not stressed social media off course, you can do it with, for example, co branding. And if a product and your cooperation partner has another brand, you can try to put both prints together. Of course you have to think about and the effects of it. Because when one brand has, for example, negative image or Yeah, you have to think about it before because it can have as well, positive effects as negative ones. And you have to see if it makes sense in your case. Okay, so there are many other things you could do. For example, take a look. A podcast. Many off this famous podcasts work in a certain way. So let's say I am the interviewer and all I do in my parkas is I invite guests and I talked with guests and each guest. I asked the same questions. Andi. Yeah, I have. And then we get deeper into the stories and so on. So this is a really cool way from myself to cool an audience because, let's say, for example, I make the first interview with Clement. Okay, once the podcast is done and I lost it, I tell claimants, Hey, came into you on my show. You're getting exposure from myself Share to feel friends. Okay, Humans shares it with his thousands of followers on. Then only let's say 20 off them. Share it. So there this 20 people also promote Clements activity because defense of him, but they're also promoting my podcast. Then the next week. Dude is with the next famous person and the next on enter next. And if I do this, I kind off tap into all these fields. So this is a really great way for myself. Toe Onley. Build an audience by interviewing already famous people. And this is also something that levels me up because if you're only top of successful people, you also get seen as successful because otherwise you wouldn't get the access to the people . At least this is what people are thinking. Yeah, exactly. And of course, the doesn't just work with podcasts. It also works with books, for example, the new book Off Tim Ferriss. Tools of Titans. I think it's well, he interviewed a lot of guests, and most of the content of his book is from experiences off his guests off the people interviewed. So this as to energy, Philip told us. It's not just working for podcast, a swell as e books and other stuffs. Yeah, this brings me to a very good point. Probably it's for some of you. It's a little bit off topic, but I think it's very important because incorporations you always have to make sure who owns the content and what is allowed to do with it. For example, if you take a look at what Caymans mentioned Tim Ferriss, he has his Tim Ferriss show its podcast, where he interviewed the people cemented before he kind off asked similar questions toe all off them. And now, a couple of years later, he brought out his book This Tools Off the Titans, where he kind off transcribed the main takeaways from all these interviews. So this book is kind off a collection off all his podcasts off the key things of this podcast. And so therefore, it was really important for him to make sure in the beginning that he's allowed to use this context also in a book or in any other ways he wants toe commercialize it. I think this is really important. This gets for getting a lot of times because if you say after the 100 interview, we want to write a book and you have to follow up with all the people. Andi, probably now they're saying, No, I don't want you to do this than it's a little bit. Twiki. Yeah, another thing you have to think office. When you have the same content, you can make a profit from it or have positive advantages of it Many times. For example, when Philip interviews me on this podcast in the beginning, he could make a picture. We can make a picture together. He shares the picture on social media, for example, Facebook, instagram, whatever. And then he hosts a podcast on. And then in the end, when he had some more interviews, he makes a book about it like Tim Ferriss did. So you have the same content. But you can make a profit from it many, many times. So think about also using this content more times and not just making a podcast insane. Okay, that's it. But think off how you can make more of it. Yeah, that's also I think it's very important. For example, right now we're sitting next to each other with both making this reader together. We could both take our phone, take a selfie like this on do we could both posted, but I think the important figures that want once we do it, we kind off take a little bit off a different content, because if we share the same content and tag each other. Every one of us has the same posting on his or her page. So therefore, I could take yourself in something like Are so nice to be back in the studio with this awesome Clements and he could take a victim. Teoh Hustle Time again, Philip and so on. So it's like different, big, just different content, so you can really get a lot out off corporations. So now we're talking a lot about online. So I would say, Let's talk about offline corporations and have to Yeah, So, for example, let's start, um, let's say you're a small business owner, your bakery, and you want to get some, um, network experience. You want toe sponsor some event. How do you find the right events? How would you connect with people that could be interested in to your business? What would you do? First of all, for example, when I'm a bakery, I would look at different events, other bakeries, maybe competitors off myself or the other bakery sponsored and then think about wide response of these events and because they also did it that if the fall about before it didn't just do it because it's fun. I thought about what's the return on? Invest for them. Why? Response of these events and then see if I can sponsor a similar events stated. Yeah, but I was doing I would I feel I bake away and I'm also and you're my competition and you're very sponsoring events. I would simply give you a call. I have a friend call and say, Hey, I have this event. Would you like to sponsor it? What are you willing to give? What are your conditions and so on? So I would try to do everything to kind of get a sneaky little inside off the out of a person. For example, if you're at university, you can simply pick up the phone, call someone say, Hey, I'm from university. I want to write a thesis about it. I'm thinking about interviewing you. Heavier time. And if you try to do this a lot off, people will talk to you. They will give you all the information. Please be careful here. I'm no legal expert. I can only tell you it's possible to do this. You will get information if it's always on the safe side. I'm not sure. I don't want you to quote mint this, but think about be creative if you create, if you can get a lot out off a couple of issues. Yeah, I'm the Samos Phillips. So I'm also expressed. If something happens, don't blame me. Another thing I would like to talk to you about is in the sponsoring an event, for example, bakery or you having soft drinks or something. Think about it that sponsoring doesn't I only mean experiencing it with money. You could only sponsor it when you giving the audience or the speakers or whatever God drinks or your products from a bakery. It's also a way of sponsoring, so sponsoring doesn't always mean sponsored by money. It's one possibility, but it can also do it with your products. It's very important. Want to give away product toe? Also show up there to really collect the feedback because sponsoring a large event of 1000 people trying your cake or whatever, It's a very good way for you to simply ask him. Did you like it? Don't you like it? What's wrong? And also to make sure your friend is represented in the right way so that their flyers will give away our business card so that people really know. But this cake is from because. Imagine how, said, would it be an event? 1000 people tasting your delicious cookies? And no one knows that the cookies are from you. These people want to buy it, but they don't know to get it from you. So therefore, you can also put their some yellow. It's start a little game of saying around the Post photo with eating our suites and social media can win. Um, yeah, let's say $200 coupon for the next party or whatever. So there a lot of things in corporations that you can really, really leverage. And last but not least, I would also like to talk about. You can also combine the only offline corporations, for example, union at an event sponsoring it. It's offline. You can present a Facebook page Snapchat, instagram, whatever you took. Channel. If you have form and trying to bring the audience to a social media as well the other way around, when you on social media and want to have offline event, you can make, for example, a Facebook group or posted you have an event where you invite your guests and give them some free information. Some free products may be some new products, which they can taste if you stay with the example of the bakery and get feedback. So it's important also to know that it's just not online and offline corporations. But also you can combine this to exactly so to sum up all off this corporations are both good for you and for your partners. If the affair If both off you get out, get something out off it for sure. You can also make a corporation unfair that only one is going to win. But believe me, there won't be a second chance to do a corporation with this person's. We also told you how to do social media exchanges, how to feature someone in YouTube videos. And last but not least, we talked about these offering corporations, sponsoring events, collaborating with other people. So, yeah, as a project would like to know from you. Um, have you ever seen in any corporation I'm pretty sure you have bean. So just tell me about your craziest corporation off. What works well for you, what doesn't work well for you be creative study project. Leave us a review on CNN next video