How to use the Pinterest Trends Tool to Create a Content Calendar for your Blog or Online Business | Morgan McBride | Skillshare

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How to use the Pinterest Trends Tool to Create a Content Calendar for your Blog or Online Business

teacher avatar Morgan McBride, DIY + Home Decor Lover

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (16m)
    • 1. What is the Pinterest Trends Tool?

    • 2. Accessing & Understanding the Pinterest Trends Dashboard

    • 3. Example 1

    • 4. Example 2

    • 5. 100 Pinterest Trends

    • 6. How to use the worksheet

    • 7. Conclusion

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About This Class

Do you know about the Pinterest Trends tool? It is a FREE tool that can help you do research to determine what kind of content to create and when to create and promote it! 

In this course I will show you how to access the tool, what it can do, and how to use it to successfully create short term and long term content calendars for your business. 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Morgan McBride

DIY + Home Decor Lover


Hey y'all! I am Morgan McBride. Together with my husband, Sean, we blog about crafting our home into our dream home. We share DIY and home decor tips and advice. We can teach you anything from how to plan to decorate a room to how to build a coffee table. We are excited to help each and every one of you craft your dream homes! 

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1. What is the Pinterest Trends Tool?: Hey, all my name is Morgan. I'm a d i y and home decor blogger at Charleston crafted dot com And I love Pinterest. And today I'm going to show you one of my favorite new tools on Pinterest, which is the Pinterest Trends tool. Now, the Pinterest Trends tool lets you explore when people are searching for certain topics and things on Pinterest to help you better plan your content calendar. So let me tell you, how can you use this data? Pinterest tells us that it takes 45 to 90 days for something that you pen to really kind of get going on Pinterest. So we're gonna look at these different charts. I'm gonna show you in just a minute, Don't worry. And we're gonna identify when things hit their peak and you're going to want to schedule your block posts your pins if you're sharing things from the past. Those old pens if you're rounding up your old content and others contents of creating roundups when you should share those roundups when you should share your products, find that peak date and we're gonna look 2 to 3 months in advance from that. So let's look at this, let's see how we can figure out what to write, more topics and some topics to write about, and when we should schedule that, Let's get at it. 2. Accessing & Understanding the Pinterest Trends Dashboard: to get to the Pinterest trends tool. All you need to do is go to trends dot Pinterest dot com and I will remind you that this is only rolled out to the United States. As of the time of this recording, you're going to see all data from the United States. As this expands, you will see more countries and where you live. I'm sure they will be expanding it. Okay, so I'm gonna just talk about the different parts of the pensions trend school trends tool, and then we will dio some testing. So here the top PC Pinterest trends discover what people are looking for. You see a search bar which will come back, Teoh, and then they just have some examples for you. So they have six examples set up for me and then at the very bottom they have ah, 100 trends. Talking about what are the official 100 trends for the year. So let's look at a few of these different sections. Let's look at the section on recipes just the very 1st 1 Let's just click on it to see what's in here. She could see they're going ahead and comparing soup recipes and grilling recipes. I'll show you how to do your own custom search in just a minute. But right now, let's just look at their example. You can see soup recipes is blue. Grilling recipes is green and you can see soup really starts right around here. August 24th starts moving up. September. It's high October peaks around November 16th and then drops off right after Thanksgiving. Seems like people want a lot less soup. Pry the week of Thanksgiving a nobody cook him and then peaks back up. Comes back down, work its way down so you can kind of see this makes sense. If you're in the United States, where all this data is coming from, it gets cold. People make soup, it comes back down. Grilling is kind of the inverse of that, so you can see people grill in the summer. This comes up. We're going up in April, really peaking in June 1st coming down, peaking again right at the Fourth of July and then fading back down. So here you can really get a snapshot of that data, and below that you have related terms. So these air big terms that a lot of people are searching for, and they have him labeled blue or green, depending on if they are soup or grilling. So you can see and hear other sub topics. Cal collie flower soup, soups, lentil soup, cabbage soup, potato soup and then for grilling. They have summer grilling recipes, healthy grilling recipes, grilling, smoker recipes, grilled chicken recipes. Well, more thing they haven't here. That I really like is for each of these categories. They have some examples of pins that do really well. So once you decide you're going to come in here and make some of these pens for your content, you can really get inspired by what is already doing well. All right, so you guys have taken a look at this. Let's do an example of one that we do from scratch together. 3. Example 1: do an example of using the pinchers trends dashboard tool from scratch. So I am at trend stop interest dot com. Same place. I'm gonna go into the search bar and I'm gonna type a word in. I like to start really broad. And since I do d i y home decor projects, I'm gonna pick something in my knee. She you pick whatever you like, so I'm gonna go with patio. It's springtime here in Charleston and I'm getting ready for spring. So let me go back and show you when you type in patio There you see all of these different sub topic set pop up patio ideas, outdoor patio ideas, patio ideas on a budget patio furniture. It's actually pretty funny if you look at the graphs going down the page. They're all pretty similar, cause they all follow the same idea. So we're just gonna go with patio for now. And then let's look at what this graph is and what this means and what I would use this four for my content so we can see patio piques April 13th. So this is when people are probably planning to get their patios ready for spring kind of drops down a little bit up and down. This normal puff back up in April pops up again in June and they're really falls falls down in August. It's too hot. Nobody cares. August 17th maybe people are getting ready for Labor Day. Want to clean up their patio and it just goes down from there. So I'm looking at this chart, and I'm seeing that the peak is in April. Pinterest has told us that you want to have your content out 45 to 90 days before this date . So my rule of thumb is 2 to 3 months before it's gonna peak. You want to be putting your pins out there so they have time to sort of gain that steam. So I'm gonna write this down, and I'm gonna say patio peaks in April, so I'm gonna want to be pending patio content in January and February. Now I can come down here and see related terms so related to patio. We have backyards, outdoor spaces, fire pits, porches and decks. You can see they all have pretty much similar charts as far speaking in the beginning and then dropping down. But let's say I want to add fire pits because maybe I'm planning to build a fire pit for my patio. So put that in here. You'll see its way lower so you can't see all of the peaks and valleys as much you conover over it and watch those numbers and you can see Yeah, if I'm gonna do in my patio, that's gonna really peak here from April to May. So I want to get this content out in January and February so you could write that under patio, you could write fire pit as a subcategory for content, and that also wants to be January and February. And remember, when you're planning your pins, you can come in here and see these are the kind of pins that do well for patio so we can click over. And you can see this isn't actually all tall images, people tell you, you know you want that 2 to 3 image, and that's true. But Pinterest is identifying a lot of square images and a lot of smaller well, that once promoted. So maybe not so much, but some smaller. This is a collage, you know, this is just to give you ideas. These don't really have a lot of text overlay, a lot of natural colors, things to keep in mind when you're creating your pins. You can, of course, do the same for fire pits. So that's how I would use the tool to look up patios. Let's do one more example. 4. Example 2: Oh, and I'm once again at trends, not pinchers dot com. And this time I'm gonna look up Christmas tricking and you can see a typing Christmas. And it's telling me Cookies, desserts, dinner, appetizer, crafts, Christmas Eve and look at those charts. You all look at that peak. Guess when people care about Christmas Christmas, but we're gonna try Christmas tree because mystery ideas, Christmas tree decor ribbon on Christmas tree decorations. I'm just gonna hate Christmas Tree, and I'm gonna go ahead down to this related terms and I'm gonna hit. Let's see Christmas tree decorations and ribbon on Christmas tree. That one's interesting to me. Wow, this is surprising. More people search for ribbon on Christmas tree, then search for Christmas tree decorations right at Christmas. So that's if I'm planning content. That's something I just discovered, thanks to this related terms right here. So definitely click on those. You might be surprised at what you find out. I mean, as you predict this peaks the beginning of December, it really starts going up right at Halloween. That's when the stores take down all their Halloween stuff, put up their Christmas stuff that's inspiring others. So remember you wanna have your content out there 45 to 90 days in advance. So if you want to be ready, let's say november 1st. Then you need to have your Christmas content going on September 1st. So I'd write that down on my worksheet. I would write down Christmas tree Christmas tree decorations ribbon on Christmas tree ideas , and I would write that down to have it ready. Um, 45 to 90 days in advance. Okay? Once again, you can come down and see some examples of those pens. I want to see the ribbon on Christmas Tree ideas, pen. So what? I'm thinking this would be good. If you're trying to create this kind of content, you could, of course, share a Christmas tree. Were you show how to put ribbon on a Christmas tree? That would be great. Another thing that you could share that would probably do very well with his topic is round up. So anything that has the word ideas and it is sort of like just begging for a round up if you could create a pen. The had a few different pictures like this and said 15 different ways to put ribbon on your Christmas tree. Great ideas, Easy, D I wise. I mean, that would crush it and look up here. Here's some keywords it's giving you to go ahead and feed into those pins. So this is just a great way to discover new content ideas. See when you want to schedule it. So remember, 45 to 90 days before you see this peak. And to really flesh out those ideas, the more content that you create. If you write just one post on Christmas tree, you're not going to do as well as if you do post for each or at least pens with each of these different sub topics. 5. 100 Pinterest Trends: 100 Pinterest trends at the bottom. This is something they put out every year. Let's visit it. It's gonna open a new tab on your browser, and these are the top 100 Pinterest trends for the year. And it's a whole little hole little bit that you go through and see if any of these things sort of follow your niche or your interests. I will click on the conscious consumption. It's cute, it's interactive. They give you a lot of information and they show you pins that are up over last year and keywords you might want to target. The one thing that I will warn you about this is that this is pushed out all year along to everyone. So a lot of these things get super super saturated because everyone seems like solar like crafts. Okay, that's trending. Let's make a bunch of those not to say you shouldn't do it, but just keep that in mind that maybe solar like craft is gonna be really competitive now. But if you pop in here, you can see some of these sub categories, and maybe you could build something for these sub category specifically, maybe, and come up with a shepherd took solar light craft. That would probably do pretty well. You just want to remember that anything that you go for really big, that is gonna be really popular like these 100 trends is going to be competitive in your pen. Might show for a little while, but might quickly get replaced by other pen, since so many people are putting out this type of content. So I just want to give you that it's a little heads up. 6. How to use the worksheet: a project. So here I have the pdf pulled up. You could print this out, or you could do whatever you like to do with P. D efs. Really easy. You're gonna identifying an initial keyword. And they were just going to pull some other data on it to help you make a plan. I'm gonna go. Just hear a trends Pinterest dot com I'm gonna go with just pool party idea since it's sitting here, and that interests me. Okay. So you can see the chart for your pool party ideas. And so, under initial keyword, you would write pool party ideas for the peak date would come in here and say june 2nd 2019 And so your post state is going to be 2 to 3 months prior, so I would go ahead and write march 2nd through April 2nd of the year. Now we're gonna pull are related keywords. We have pool party ideas for kids, ideas for adults, pool party, food ideas. So you can go through here, click any that you like. You could also type in some related terms up here. If you wanted to do, um forth of July party, maybe that's kind of what you're thinking. Pool party, Fourth of July party. Then you would add that as a related keyword, with your peak date being July 7th into your post state would be 2 to 3 months prior to that. So go ahead and repeat that and try and come up with a few different related keywords. I would say at least five different ones now. How you're going to use this is to create content, whether it is new block posts, products that you already have just pens or promotion of old products or old blawg post that you've created. This is going to create a schedule and give you some incentive to go and get this stuff going early. You could do this for 12 different trends, 12 different keywords and kind of calendar out your whole year. Looking forward, the final section that I have is on similar pens. This is a really important step. I think that people will skip over sets under these popular pens when you click. You want to come in here and just take some notes on these so anything this is promoted. Ignore that you want to look for trends and in this pool party. We're seeing a lot of blue. Ah, lot of pink. We're seeing ah lot of zoomed in pictures of food. You know, look at the different patterns that you're seeing and just take notes in this note section . Also, take notes of these keywords that are gonna pop up across the top and you're going to use these to create content to create roundups of content. Put them in your pin titles. Your pin descriptions your hashtags. This is free keyword research from Pinterest. Then you'll have filled out this whole worksheet and you can use it. Fill out a bunch of these, stack them up, put them in order, and use it to create your content calendar going forward. 7. Conclusion: guys. I hope that these little tutorials help to you to get some ideas of how you could use the new trends tool on Pinterest to plan content. Better come up with ideas for new content to make you a thorough expert covering all aspects of a topic and to help you figure out how to time different projects that you're putting out. Or maybe if you are promoting old pens from prior years how to better schedule that to maximize your success on Pinterest. I hope that this really helped you. If I can help you in any way, you can feel free to message me. Send me an email. I'm just a blogger who loves Pinterest. But I love to help you out, but