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How to use the MACD indicator in SWING TRADING

teacher avatar Carles S.T., Professional Trading Strategies

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

13 Lessons (1h)
    • 1. Intro & Definition of MACD

    • 2. MACD Application

    • 3. MACD Configuration

    • 4. How application MACD in Bearish trend

    • 5. How application MACD in Bullish trend

    • 6. Money Management

    • 7. Open swing trade on Aud/Usd

    • 8. 2 Follow trade Aud/Usd

    • 9. 3 Follow trade Aud/Usd

    • 10. 4 Follow an Closed partial position

    • 11. Open Swing Trade Usd/Cad

    • 12. Closed partial position Usd/Cad

    • 13. Adjust the Stop in the Morning

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About This Class

This course is designed for people who want to learn how to use the MACD indicator and include it is their operation, creating Swing Trading Strategies and as a main concept based on this indicator, an indicator both versatile and easy to use, and that will help us take buying or selling decisions in the markets.

If you don't know what a Swing is, you can watch the free video of Swing Trading Strategy "Blitzkrieg" for Forex, where I explain what it is.

In this course you will find:

  • Definition of MACD Oscillator "free video"
  • Money Management (Fundamental to operate in the markets)
  • MACD configuration and add parameters in 15 minutes.
  • Theoretical strategy to use the MACD Oscillator in Up and Down trends.
  • Swing Trading with the MACD with the AUD / USD pair in a 15-minute chart.
  • Swing Trading with the MACD With the USD / CAD Pair in a 15-minute chart.

The course is designed for all levels, but I put intermediate level, because it is better to have something basic.

My recommendation is that if you do not know how to look for resistance and supports, identify trends .... I recommend that you see the Basics concepts of trading course before.

** People who have taken the course "Blitzkrieg, Swing Trading Strategy for Forex" can apply the MACD indicator theory, in the strategy to have more specific entry or exit points.

** You can configure this strategy in any broker, you do not need any special configuration.

** This course is commented in Spanish with English subtitles

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Carles S.T.

Professional Trading Strategies



Hello friends!! my name is Carles, looking for an order or a logic in the financial markets, it is not an easy task I can assure you, but here, I will try to explain a little of what I have learned in the last 11 years.
In my courses you will find information and videos for people who start in the world of trading, even how my Scalping strategy works for the Dax,  for people with a high or professional level, and still going through my Swing Trading strategy for Forex.

I think that in these videos you can save a lot of time from looking for the holy grail of the markets, which finally does not exist.

Now these are the courses you can find: 

**Learn Basics concepts of Trading I, II, III: 

** "Black Honey" Learn my Strategy ... See full profile

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1. Intro & Definition of MACD: Well, I know it's the video is like a 5% off, you understand? Economy based risk. Momus Com Aside and McDaniel SWIM TREATING Yes, the Radio Bama's are come and start looking crew year cool. So if they come under development dinners, when trading is the courts system, a souther and explica telephone finale in Don't like their economic are loaded. And in Arkalyk Constand years videos in the limo on Alexander algunas graphical operating. And if you get a possible opportunities, the stream trading honest in the car. Mother, um, life in descending bono is still okay. Last part is the course of the contract the police in the Boston Harbor. But day three DACA status and your posterior I stay contract Money management Ballet is Doesn't be the okay. Cocoa in others, law courses, Purgatory okays funding in Al Pereira. But I put it in it. Uh, no. Most medical owes comfortable within the Mac. Yeah, I know little of parameters in graphical against. When I stop in Africa's confirm you notice is generally better step. We'll get different qualities. Kalugin Porter. Yes, that they here they re coupled with little fear our mark, they internet here at the start of a history mallet Mahmassani was graphical was kind upon to Santa either. Sally, a bottle demo open at even swim training. Gonna Mac and God help our I'll see Zola and graphical They killed him in Just be the most . Come on, public our eyes The strategy here. But, um, we really thought Mark eat can benefit e the moment the boys know Thomas Yes, the it's been OK, so there was going to Well, I know in this day Premera video most of us is the Laugesen Mac now contrast between treating eyes rolling the car door post Cassie was We were saddled. Melissa Boyle didn't happen, which reminded us and it's there and it's like Also lebron's I implement are the Delanie that kissable out of the car and started here The swing three D data for ticks for retroactive financiero Bill. Um but I me lie for money. I don't believe that Law is is in forex. Molly. Ah, company. Thank you. Mr Said the trouble. Come on. Different Mac in l swing three in this temple. So memorable and they're coming from funeral in together. Mac, you see what I'm interpreter of those theaters I am, Or either Avelar, they'll get has no lovely can correct them in. There were no selling Come up into a pillow, huh? Being in Istanbul, soldiers were explicar Kalmadi literally correct up in sandals. And you know Bharatiya, they swim. Three. Tell Camilla's HR principio Israel in the color Covington. And we've been in a static as the battle for decks this win day UK being applicable. Sit with both carpenters, Boston professors and rather or the Salida They love America. Um beyond was Okay, well, it okay is the video is info Caribbean operated in for And Mark is robbing dealers in together this or still adore police fill India Well, do you have? Upon which our straightforwardly Marciano hit fans Mali It's more utility palace in the okay, So did without much. Codigo is during the cover came off the mooch up Opel Arida is so deal. It is a deal Italian Not for their you that much of the reference? Yeah, on it. See humans. Jackie is a significant lassie glass mark was love if you don't accept eyes moving Aberration, convergence and divergence en espanol Seilliere Cuomo Media Moving the combat against the Americans Sri mentor s jail A pill in America. He s thirsty. Leather said your Khanafeyeva finales. The lasagna said in my dominos sitting, dying way agenda Tell you, America, Molly, He said before oil deal with our mutual candy. Uh, Lo lo capito. Molly Parajuli Thurlow in through the static. That's another reason together. Must Impressive for the sake, Fassa. Mothers in the galleries massively travels in Lausanne. Only system 10 because the American off in interiors. So they moved and they were really fast in together. Come on. Their reverence, Theo. And the other is the referee. India. What sort of component is there, Mark? Well, it Yeah. Keep mammals and read a book. Oh, yeah. If they come up with incomparable la foto exposed that animals in graphic of the area that are a little older, sicker than average theater mass media's more Willis. Enough intro one. As far as where this indican Lysistrata, Ellie stardom while liberal media, isn't it? You know for Hamas and it's taken off. You go. Yes, Thomas and bar you go, um, in graphical the idea You come up with innovative here. Plus I want us with more with less Okay. Um said Krewson and traders even there. Ah ho ho, You go indica la foto la Full Islamic media movie Linda L. A. Rauhala Maybe a movie yesto Media Yes, A list or, um but it about give this to grafico podemos a political as media's movie Leslie Coulson in a less you're still a there You have a whole year Rabies or in FEMA report they were for the left. More than the city Up in the note Ambien, CR Kamala Lena Raka Islam Arabia Yes. Like the masks equal sovereignty My poor that Marco Belinelli case Chlamydia Tendencia. Which arm I feel equal to another is in a few commas. Okay. Larocca Islam Media Robina, you can stick it Se krusa foreign female a full pedo is like and Morabito Oh, it must be said Kufa Cuando la food in a knot and then fia healthy sta if you can take your key for the Templo Ah kee I altering in delay the you're in the know Say they prefer a key said Krusa inaudible aqueous accrues I a normal Akitsugu. Fine Nouveau And come your Finton love food. Maybe a full case Moocher mass. Uh, larocca then I get rock hard. I'm being good. Uh uh. Ultra order will say, Ali, if you want them in the ulcer memorabilia. Sick Luther Mooch on disk. A fool. Fantastic. A very Kato parlamento is like It is not a single, but it is Diorama calls. Come in. Party telephone. A thorough yaki sangria. Those posse Fairness in luxury because K story elementary most in, say, a more simple Hamas. You know the thing Collison lost. Perama draws castle. The reason invest in the car What they picked up so believe that both women disease would be so let me most banana dress. But I locate Lo que staying together for career support a more difficult you desert parameters complete and definitive story ended up on Iraq. You're really famous stuff. The leather located skip off comes in the condo in, um in America. She was coming when I started here. I swing trading, but once abundant with Guitar Hero. Okay with us Zama Horace Rose. A lot of parameters. I get anything went back asleep with difficult. It is to Parliament vehicles. Tomorrow's mass owner on Mr Berra, TVA people is that they here hear by the way was not in the car. He called in dolphin being distaste. Move because looking most coming talented element. Yes, they start for so being in some parameters can be in. Ah, for the victor. This in the car, you get 100 loss, um, or drop tune This thing together is they want to agree on the can Fiesta Ambien Ballet, but it still is a throw them Stop. Um, can I try and swim training? You got You didn't If he got patroness para for their, uh would it is our destiny. Por que est in the Gaza from Fiona movie in NL Twin three See an actual Corso in the thinkable Economist Articulate swim training, But out for X you do a lot of athletes create marry kiss a lot, Rocco So getting awfully Carlos over there between trading with Iran Appalachia Can notary thought or still allergies? Miss Strategy system. But it's practical. In the last moment of the breath. You I think we should the bulk of the hidden able to do that. Yes, I know Maxim in the killers, I'll tell each other we consume momento after India tambien actually throws them on your correct is esta manera Ebola. Fernando Minister mooned over three. Ah, family was practically no one but the coming to know the lethal in the coverage. And another sister Yes, better sick. It would be anything more choice. Daniels is Mark, etc. In the old Ross Kate. And we need a public Ando. Pero he that lost came is getting your Majoras will tell off with Mac Molly E. Este Video on mystical shoppers Carcamo Low Ah, Candy Ramos Mark is one in the other case, easy applique. A correct an interpreter that every one of the hotels seeing, pretending Dan cuenta total loss over the fact Eric and free in a mood and trading Cuomo control emotional Last in the areas goes with the Polina Molly Mr Sun Factories Externals Que goes video. They promise you now, not it explicable Clarendon Take a Yeah, I, um video including. And it's like also on the explica coma. Christina, Molly they controlling the emotional released photos. Um, Diego is thinking of pulling you that there wasn't a lot less healthy than America does kick it has seen it then it was experiencing in Los Mercados and Martin of Pretty Factory that Mutola's causes out there. And Mr here the swim training did create. Do we throw in? The color is gonna kiss us again. Put Acosta poco the, uh, up in there Come often feel now what kind of stuff? 2. MACD Application: Well, uh um, there's little Which brother stay. Is that also it's been Agassi are They was doing this e went Oh, Comores. I commented on those videos. The only people put Zaki ur we, uh, explicar can often few nine mark did. Um but, um, travel between training money is one in the movie in Togo, in forex in backgammon tolars was active financier off. I mean Canada. Well, they come from funeral home for six. Ah, bounce explicable Otago. But there's the Principia Minister. Primitive easy Obama's explicar combo in total. In the color palette, Kobe system was a non graphical The king family photos and leaving Allah Israel together Me trabajando But our actual Mindy, you know, burrito procurement in the galleries Fico's alone and breath your Pero sigalert moocher stand even gonna bust under here. But it will be in um but I I killing the other. You can always put sake if he was ok. He for the victims being a minister's parameters. Those have been disease money. He always Molly equals police. Ficarra post coma is please government video Many primitive video the common dello cases mark put call ways I those leading us in a full year. Larrocha. I'll ask Wallace. Um key. Komaki. Yucky. Then I waas que nos indica locus restore least the store Ambalat story. Go Keano's When the condo poise laugh Wolf Acadiana in model When you sell it in the other , uh, Kobe's in Las Cruces particles. The controversy tambien Tuscaloosa the Areva before before key key, key key. But it women the moment of the Hamas ist e and better come a beautifui car and stay in the camp, but it moment. 3. MACD Configuration: Well, I know when I rest in Ontario every year, explica must come all comfortable. That is Mac his family well and graphical, they continue noodles. They're liberal ballet in 46. Kobe's for the victim has been a comfortable other yellow him in tunnels and those having disease were, well, it was interesting because I think Come on, I think we were going away. Some dough favorite These days, it's told Police Computer Inc will get broken. Total support, consumer. He was poor being, you know, lapping happy, though I think what they think he but it always lost. There's no murders on numerous. There s a quintet of humanity Your gram party. The minister has shown, um, completed their mark LeBron emos windows by the Yankees. But there, if one of us have you got e yellow them all comfy with other, uh, was that money movie four kilobytes comfortable and Mark They knew about it. Go always. I feel no means more valid practical in their hockey just for Areva. Like he No, they have poor Areva like you see, but it's better off Ricardo's key last Maybe as this time moved to mass will be fellas what a lucky lucky proof is A proof that is a little sun. Then level Bali money. This mutual must worry, fellow. You know, that s and ls moved Thomas planners instead. But it, um did, um, assist them. But before that big, do you know, thinking they think or what? In an approximate video bobbles. Explicar cuomo. Uh, Fiona a Mark DeCarlo in last letter here this winter. 4. How application MACD in Bearish trend: Well, I know Wen on Ellen three or busy over in the most camo come from What are you about? The moneda. But a host our law. I stopped perimeters do nothing when they think. Or Utah money. Yankee mamas. Um, most of the mass. Um, I get it. Boom gift, then lewd videos. This partner, you'll see they welcome this. Point it Kick it ice comes with those photos. Finger You did it. Our moocher note of If you want a cheap in a remote area Means started here The stomach Some almost totally thought it was, Um I think you know the most. Well, okay with it in the I think they think so. They nearly born in school. It was okay, the other animals. So now Mark and Talia the food una there must have been quinta. Keep one dola media They think what I think. Thomas Clemente Bautista, Angola Media Uh huh. Pasa foreign FEMA *** Rafa and dramas kidnapped and then fear al system. OK, but he's down like it's a cruise. On what? Houston, Milwaukee and Sister. But like all other customers in graphical, the continuing on it really come on their most public are ill mark and calculus today here I just managed as the American Mac Balibo every aspect armies that I hear from, you know, often movie in one go no deal is so in the galleries practical and was under the belief here is that still take care from the field. And then there it is, uh, go bays and nothing that you have a history second juntos myself way because Mark said Barton does. It wasn't You get animals. No party wants a party when the markets tell about the under. A lot of Obama's intend Erica Mac, is that in some very complex When is that those? Maybe assistant party LDA history. Almost been sort of compliment. Lucky Mali s already accomplished The quantum Mac is there and stuff, but it so the company is over the mental. Well, we will come up with embed Mark C m. Very sorry the way if we lived in there, so don't most Okay, they do not tendencia Batista. There's Mark knows that will heat up in so dicamba parquet. Forget animal splitting in human history, we can say Okay, do that. There was a kid Nike yucky. Some food. Well it does in terms like Ekotto's. But if you if you can take a look, you determined it was acaba Tendo. People scandal won't in my sister. You know that was knows that in the hold us we've been keep a cycle mostly remained basic truth in Alaska. The Rockies Camels hockey No, in dramas, Mother tend envious. But he Stas solo scandals. Wasif Eunice by history Chicken Turkey accusing deal with Yukie OTA with sickness Esto No, no almost are Okay, No! Okay, lets start foreign. FEMA there are sort of compliment. See everybody but and your stuff okay via Afanah Jackie Living done. Okay. Were there she can turkey, then rubble AKI. And yes, I will first say in Poco Florentino called last may be yes, money Cuando mazon Texas then must work for Vinnell at Adelphia Hockey Self Defense Way I see it if you intimate the esto so they have a hot gun and management there is a heaven of video Bali. Okay, well, it Mikey, if it was not playing, okay. You okay, base, but tacky stuff. I was in trouble, Porky Fast. The U. S. Ballet spare. Okay. Stoking a clam in Philadelphia Bautista commodity go a key. You keep known dramas and sort of simple The Riva From before the Areva We've been in a personal video bombers explicar go full sienna Jonathan ntl sista like a low base. 5. How application MACD in Bullish trend: in And your video of Randy Moss combo and folk are ill Mark and Jonathan India Batista Iniesta medium almost happened. They're coming for Carlo and do nothing Then fear southeast on it. Ah practicamente Islam is more Pero Alan Verza last time was a new graphic Colic Intimate tours dead leaving Afghan Casals not it we've been to keep I'm grew. There was maybe Yes, he and Thomas Nothing things here. Well, sister, when does media So we must be careful. Be the interior you keep almost any time does the Cambra But it coming home when I was got what? Come with you, Miles and and Nike has kept most they about it. Okay, Ben Brianna's head course for him. Go away, little sister aqui America. Corey Que pasa will mark the area before about a move it. How do you in a step? Until everyone was Canada More lot more mental system, but it okay, money keep. Okay. Jackie said Canada Or drop into the camera. Money? Yeah, Syria Ultra party. That compra Okay, Nike. But they cover suggests viviendo Yeah, like you. Then we'll But they there Well, it three stop backward in temporary the Reba Reba year. They last. Those media's okay. Parker Oneto they want with favelas Media's? Yes, there in the other day in tried in America. Well, I can. No way, Mr Mackey. You want it? Okay. Even a couple Que pasa? She can't drama sake complete, does he? American cities. But last I step on the Iraqi. But I was determined a mark with our affiliate. It will been trapped in sort of in hockey compra okay. Differently behind it. Being it, I start formal, but it mackey water swing. Mackey author C I keep between must begin. You buy that, then we will. America aqui No Indra Rios. I like you know it was common ego. The area okay? No, He Okay, Well, it you can say Okay, Minister, Part of the key. Frickin tickles. Media sickos in Alibaba alot photos Hockey Keith has was always say they want. Then clamp it off. You can say they last Maybe s casing even approach them or rotund twist on your nose In Teresa, that was forget. He has lot in India. Say love with a key. Yes. Yeah, You know my service Monday. Okay. Bent us. Okay. Okay. Yucky is to say the apples? Uh, okay. Yes, there from Iraqi. And it never will not know where. A lot Bente wallet No, stop Money are key. Not if you can take the Areva. Yeah. Uh oh, Mother, No Routine blood is deadlocked. D'Auria but it sort of didn't get picked up later in India. I don't know. You sees a vista of history. People got Mr Tose and brother. Yes, and southeast us understand trouble or somebody Sisters in Ah is, uh it's just that the hearsay probably guarding while here is Kaledin portal, your Rocky Coast Republican and kids having a hospital still seeing a kid and Africa. And what role? That's perfect when I keep saving from everybody stall But it now Iraqi levels they didn't demented in newness Kaledin my your friend block was graphical. They lived at Franco's with what our orders knows brother which are minnows Analysis Mollie E Laws Martinez So much on my or is it didn't end there, Jackie, for the simple Come on, don't owe the company in this stuff in anarchy, not it. If you can say okay stuff on Iraqi, you can take your key. He was I quote Trafindo think went a season three peeps. It was intimately Riesco Is Masato Valley Fido e The key A deep was I most want ideas, intimate dinners, Kaledin border. Uh, the mascot of the Blasco knows about that Mortars machine can No. In less Kaledin around the quad Roda's or they all India on there, Um, ist strategy with paprika and told us that is callused importance. Quarter in a proximal video is by far the most tragic combo from Fiona. We come up with the most on here, then I need ah, kid Cindy and ammonia. Where, though? Then you start Proxima B. Yes. 6. Money Management: Well, uh, on this DVD, Obama's opening day Don't local of yours. And mine is when the last part is most important, This or past and important trading. Bali is seen on a hospital monitor area. Correct up was practical. And then nunc ELISA in Mali. Um, well cremated, ready and four ticks in through here. One of the last buses during a credit is like system or daddy on money management. Serena System Monetary a correct and new Calamos honoring both Esther is we both. And so in this video, Christina Element Mom was his best. The character is in Lahore. Not a moment they know. But I feel as they've also going for six this woman recommend our own benefit. You pelita No, no Or they will all of us. It's talking significa We'll have him blow with a simple lesson if you can get comparable to get active. He was coming from benefits Everything. When the windows Mr Perry a maximum Know what they said? Superior? I think one documentos It's the Syria Mr Syria. Rather there You know completely on Korcula Baratheon whose camels it is more benefits. You can use my idea, but it doesn't brother there. Another, ahem blow is a data there. Another's second promotion act people. It was come over. No, Katie, about this. The benefit here I think one does that better than a maximum number of breast surgery or peeps Historical in the few minutes within severe biography is the street trading or trading in drugeon its basic amend their lobbies. Mo que este was condo in Dublin benefit here, Molly, what is the Syria and radio OIOS is my ahora si pero tambien is mass local, probably to get with us about it. Well, yeah, Sopon Gama's when this came up my nose, then it when the well, the Buchanan toes the thing, Camille, that the meal, the theme meal or the media honest but an affair between dating you're going on a solo, but I feel that it must be for Central and Western Lanka. But it's not regular, depending other up persona. You know, quantum patina fists. Yeah, we had come poking about in Quintas Maskin, and this says, Well, 800 nothinto call Maxine. There is still a big, difficult climb, Molly Toronto Centre, making Inter stolen. This is gonna be Gothia. And you know Baratheon trunk in for them. It is maximally better here. It's don't depict, but it or K or keep our accomplice in Kenema happened then mean millions of dollars, you know, parathion. But then there the most pristine does the running. And what happened after his master knows him or from another like winter? No Tinian looking. I stopped you. I don't know a new birth in tow. See better the skin Technologies said. I'm with math. Facile regularity. That's just consider lettuce. OK, do not international, but I guess it Amazon brought Theo. They benefit Theo. Barely interest in Taos, isn't I think a pretender. They probably that is that other female. But I got an indoor. But if but I don't really important in a scalping, either. Portable Frank Fiona is like and did up there in a sweep. Trading is Mahar is interested in, you know, Molly European clientele. West is everyone there and call myself a stop. Was was England millions of generous in La Quinta Barkindo? The period some keen federal is the area Maxima. A little bit of we're kind of in a position to stop the barrier. No, with a sort of limited the piece of all of this sympathetically mosquito who stand alone. But I got here. No Gondo together over half in maximum rebuilding American policy. There isn't any was in attendance there. Put a compliment for the history while sister week Lana Well, there was a whole start. Muscle is top people. There was agreement on a lotta It's sort of bigger in the partners with years concept import Sunday you can never get out of class or less PICO in a proxy war post. Well, it Yes, Dr Unbeatable the Wallabies Morgan Love Osama Important is no bear Their mass they would you know both in talk and cartography in Mali, it's top secret image has got on those Bali when I was a federal Bali Beato journal of on going solo. Hold on top. I must feed a maximum years ago Miranda for the Rio Grande. Um what about the highest that this day will Ah, when Thomas pay Kenya mooch? Um I don't know. Number thin. This said is laconic Chaveleh capital Getting opinion money when lacking in a system No Got a master number three and we got a panacea. We general, we present their mother the moment a plus esto severe portent today 7. Open swing trade on Aud/Usd: Well, I wanna bes. Oh, yes, Thomas. Those go to anything? You're Russell as a Joe. The officiated minutos de la manana. Uh, come up with them. Made a key. Your were told. No. Baratheon, the uinta. Uh And then I will see dollar americano graphical the contributors. Telecom lettuce picking last day here on your mark, if you can take it. Animals last most media's. I get that a lot, huh? My lips, Yes. Done. And not done if you have a he stuff. Yes, Maxwell. Nothing Lucio Ratto Molly say is they are for real. But in the candles case that and will not. So the company. But it it was a sentiment that your content rather invest a graphical You just like he, you know, paid off your purse. But I read Batista, uh, within them in there. You do have a couple other mean money management. It he stylist up. Yeah. Keep. Is that a located? What? The benefit limits. Keep with the most minute aqui. Tenemos nothing. I support understanding both, um, with the knowable Bless your big lucky break Comfort. Is that what you mean pulls out this time of 40? Oh, is that a supporter. E continue. You know, Cecilia, they had stuff on Iraqi. You're lonely. Going away. Outfit ISS fee Army Denmark Well, whoever told Sofia in this stuff on Iraqi mr for my G Joe boy a speeder killed Mark progress. I hope it's not out of it. My Nana into anything could be notice. No se, do you think? OK, they can get Mia strata here. That's what brought this. Never see Iraqi Dio is a well back with our parents salad that America was full of people that benefit you One of the the momento media You married a k a. Abu Fernandopulle see the most window in progress. So the aesthetic come back in a moment Photography s 8. 2 Follow trade Aud/Usd: well as honorable Thomas being delayed the last day here, Um, graphical the Kim family c money while in a lousy dollars. Your honor is more sown last. The FBI and I think manana come over most was last Qaida's needle evolution and yoga mat bnp Central in a key lo and in light of the fact is the most. But it see you concede. Ah, the incident una killed breath, Theo, You know where they are are driving tango? Uh, the remotest que pasa moment to go over and was like, Yeah, so level Vienna. This is applicable. But it would have been in Trammell's commodity. Mr. Fiona, Most label within a popular Bheki Khumalo things for him. Blow yes, position etc. Consider better there. Estefano the support, but he see Get Ebola Fernando off. 9. 3 Follow trade Aud/Usd: one of Well, I know. Go order, son. Last month E de la Molina, you can move in. Was one Uh huh. Got it. A few Ebola Philando. Almost laughable. He knows Guantanamo's in practical Intel's mini malls. The year money Keep it in the continuing The moment. The back seat of your toe. Marie, Your lonely. OK, iss. Ah, Cathy. Elise. But yeah, you start. Ls stop on the farm money. Uh, we have a system of benefit. Yes, but when is made for a parent, they will not feel about it. Number people feel the ah, stop it! But neither killed Mercado by agree Endo the the most. Rondo 40 Theoneste, Yakima, Stop! Katie Bowman remembers pogs head Ah, or drop fumes is it's better like a mack leg. You sick a comical Sando k stoners, Diarrhea lab Saluda Never see that they have total opposite. Mother Uh, let's stop by Mr of Trouble Marquee Second, you don't terrible day. It's in. Yeah, I'm gonna absorb where the hospital let see, See, able to handle the pressure 10. 4 Follow an Closed partial position: when I, um Well, I know R s Thomas Yas on the current, I think Oh, you go in with a key. Evil from the US has opened a few nous Ah, Corbyn A key. The support key. But I think it breaks your state and underwater. You're lucky. Yes, a rather practicamente anything with double off into this. Top it off here, mallet toe. See? I see breath your rebel tidy guys stuff on Saturday. Stop! I just I wasn't benefit by there. May they want you. Look a boy affair Owner is the one that stopped with your pocket. Oman's Molly. I will see CIA Caliendo Mother in the my grandma is located. Stop He eat after standalone are made either. Okay, a brief. You by a guy Money If principio push Akita Correa Mr. Estrada here. But yeah, Like I said, I like e una anybody for the more Better. Like a Mack said Cruz. But they still have been there. You know how important this case and Linda lost Bulldoze the comparable in India in the castle Cacia, they cut out a few. Ah, your body. That keep was one of the lucky We Kamasi gable Fernando was in the stop or O. C Kym Lomas zero. One thing went apartment overlooking together. 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