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How to use iPhone & iPad Shortcuts for Beginners [Guide]

teacher avatar Daniel Kovacs, Filmmaker & Travel Blogger

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (16m)
    • 1. Introduction: What you will learn in this Class

    • 2. What is Siri Shortcuts and Why should you use it?

    • 3. Overview Shortcuts App + some great shortcut examples

    • 4. Create your first simple Shortcut

    • 5. Shortcut: Start your favorite Playlist

    • 6. Bonus: 6 useful Shortcut

    • 7. Where to get more great Shortcuts

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About This Class

This online iPhone & iPad Shortcuts course will teach you everything you need to know about the Siri Shortcuts App on your iPhone. You'll learn the basics of Shortcuts and why you should use them to save more time. We will create your first Shortcuts together and i will also show you where you can find amazing shortcuts that can make you more productive.

This course is designed for:

  • Beginners¬†that have little to no experience and¬†want¬†to start using Siri Shortcuts.
  • Anyone¬†that wants to¬†have a better understanding of the Shortcuts App.
  • Anyone that wants to be more productive and get more out of their iPhone and iPad.

Here's some of what you will learn:

  • What is Siri Shortcuts and why should you use them.
  • You will create your first couple of Shortcuts that are actually helpful.
  • I walk you through the process of creating Shortcuts.
  • I'll show you some great examples of Shortcuts and where you can find them.
  • You will get some amazing resources that will help you improve your shortcuts knowledge.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Daniel Kovacs

Filmmaker & Travel Blogger


Hey! I'm Daniel. I'm a Filmmaker, YouTuber and Travel Blogger. I'm the Author of the German Book "Work & Travel in Kanada". Since 2015 I'm travelling around the world and i run different online business. I utilized my iPhone as one of my best tool, for everything. I love to share my experience and help you to reach your goals and dreams.


In my 6 years travelling around the world, I lived 3 years the so called Van Life. Say Hi to "Betty", my Camper Van from Canada. :-)


I'm the Founder of the Filmmaker Blog -

I'm the Author of the German Book "Work & Travel Kanada" -

I'm the founder of the German Canada Blog -




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1. Introduction: What you will learn in this Class: Hey, and more common in this class, I will teach you how you can use the iPhone and iPad shortcuts, also known as the 0 shortcuts. I'm Daniel, I'm a travel blogger and a YouTuber and for the last six years I was traveling around the world and building my business. I was using a lot of productivity apps and hacks on my iPhone and my iPad. And so I created a lot of shortcuts and use shortcuts. So in this class, I will give you an example of amazing shortcuts that you can use straight from just downloading and also create your own shortcuts so that you get the understanding of shortcuts to use them in the future to become more productive so that your phone is a better tool to help you in your daily tasks. I'm looking forward to see you in the class. 2. What is Siri Shortcuts and Why should you use it?: What are Siri Shortcuts and why should you use them? You have to think about it like this. If you have something that you do on your phone repeatedly, that takes you a couple of steps. You have to go in and click, click, click, click, click, and imagine you have to just click one button, one icon, one rigid, or just tells you, Hey Siri to this and this and this, and then it does it for you and it's automated and the job gets done and you saved a lot of time. Already mentioned a couple of ways how you can activate those shortcuts, but it's simply, there is now a shortcuts app and I will tell you more about what's inside the app next video. But when you have a shortcut, you can start the shortcut instead of the shortcut app, you can create an icon and put it on your home screen. You can create widgets and start your functions in your shortcuts from the widget, you can say the name of the shortcut to Siri, and then Sarah will do the shortcut. You can put it on your Apple watch. I know I don't have an Apple Watch, but if, imagine that isn't Apple Watch, You can start it from your Apple Watch. And then a functional is super amazing. You can even start shortcuts by sharing stuff. So for example, you go into Chrome and you're browsing the web and then there is something like, let's say you want to create a PDF out of what you're reading right now, you can create a shortcut for create PDF and then go to share create PDF, and it's MPD. And this also brings me to a couple of examples because they are so many that you can do and use. And the limitations is basically your brain, what you wanna do with your phone you can create. But to just give you some examples, I've already talked about that you can create PDFs. You can also just launch your favorite podcasts or your favorite playlist with one pit not going into the app searching for your flight is one hit one button and your played a start. Or if you have home devices like for example, I have lights from Philips here that I can start with one button. I don't have to go into the app and select the different ones. So you can make your life easier by creating shortcuts. 3. Overview Shortcuts App + some great shortcut examples: I will give you now an overview of the shortcuts after you start the shortcuts app, and it looks like this one, then you get three different columns. The first one is my shortcuts. You see all the shortcuts that you already have created or whatever installed, whatever, you will have, limited shortcuts if you haven't used them yet. A couple of them are really there as suggestions and examples from Apple, you can even create folders like for example here my test, the second column is automation. We are not going into deep on this course and automation, but you have to think about this. Imagine even combining different actions. That's when this happens, when this happens, or if you go to a location, it triggers something that will happen or you connect your phones and then something happens like this is what you can do with automation. And then you have the gallery. And in the gallery you find a whole catalog of different shortcuts. So you can straight start and just searching for different shortcuts here on the gallery and try them out and see if they actually work for you. If this is something that you can use or not, there's all kinds of different things like year, for example, morning routine, when do I need to leave by or remind me at work, there are different things that you can use like the coffee, stop them, don't make sense. I'm honest with you, this is why in this course I will also give you the ones that I think are the most effective. But it's also sometimes like I said, it depends on how you use it. Maybe you want that. Like for example, I found the shortcut that it's about making tea. It will give you the different times of t, depending on what t you wanna do. Two minutes, three minutes, four minutes, five minutes, already prepared. You don't have to create it. You can just use it straight from the App Store here. But besides the gallery inside of that app, you also have platforms like for example, shortcut directory is a website and also routine hat. This is websites where you can find different types of shortcuts made by other people that you can just download and you don't have to create them yourself. Especially routine hub is a very amazing place where you find lots of shortcuts about all different types, productivity, gaming, music, everything is there where you can maybe improve the functionality of your phone. 4. Create your first simple Shortcut: Let's create our first shortcut together. Let's say we want to start our favorite podcasts by just one click on an icon. So you go to the my shortcut page and then here on the top you can hit plus. And now we create a new shortcut by hitting an action because I know I want to start podcast. I will now look for the podcast app and you see I get a couple of different suggestions that I can use the podcast app. So for example, in this case, we make a very simple start of the podcast. I will give you a second 12 later. The very first one is just my podcast. And now you can select here which podcasts you wanna play. For example, I'm listening to Pat Flynn, the Smart Passive Income. By the way, I think this is one of the best business podcasts that you can listen to. These like the godfather of podcasts anyway. So I just click here Smart Passive Income. And now I will give this a name. Let's say start BI server the icon, because it's a podcast. I will do education. Let's do this. This is about business, and I can change the color, but I would keep it with this purple color because podcast player is purple, so I choose that done. And now what I will do is I go in here to the settings and say add to home screen. So now I get this icon, my home screen, boom, it's here. So let's see if it actually works. For today's episode is indeed between funding, marketing operations and product being a founder that actually worked. So what I will also teach you now is at the moment it just starts an episode random for the one that I was listening to the last time. Now we create a second one and that is maybe more interesting for you, where we can select which of the episodes we want to use. So we go back in to the shortcuts app. And by the way, if you'd done with the shortcut, you just say done. And then say here, Close. And now you see here in my shortcuts list that I have the start SPI as a shortcut every time when you go in there and the dots, you can go back and change it makes settings, whatever. Let's start with the second one, hit Plus, we go and search for the podcast app, but this time we say get episodes of podcasts and now I will select a podcast. And this time this is the second podcast that I'm listening to, and this is all about health and your body. This guy is amazing in taking the complicated stuff about medicine and your health and making it like bite-size. And he's speaking like butter. Anyway, the model helps show from John Stevens, maybe you already know. So I click this one. But what I want now is I want to choose from that list. So I hit choose from lists automatically takes me from the episodes, and now I want to play the one that I select. So I go back to podcasts and say play podcasts. And here it ultimately even says the chosen item That sounds are interesting. So the app is also helping me. Sometimes those suggestions are wrong, very wrong, but sometimes like in this case, it already helped me. And that's basically the code. When you are in a shortcut, you can always test if this what you're doing is actually working by hitting the play button here on the bottom. So now it goes through, it shows me a list with all the episode. Now I click one. And it was actually working perfect. So in this case I do the same. Now here play model health. You already know the drill. I'm going in and changing my icon, this one here, because it looks like a brain, because it's a podcast. I will do it with this color for this one, I want to actually create a widget so I can go into a new page to the widgets and I look for shortcuts. I'm choosing this one here, add widget. And now you see the last shortcuts that I created are visible here. If I want to change that, you can do the following. So you can go back over time. You will have a lot of shortcuts. So in that case, it makes sense to create different folders because on the widgets, you can also select what kind of folders of shortcuts you want to see. I gave you an example. If we go back here to shortcuts the overview, we can create folder and I will now call this audio. I can give it an icon like this. So now I can go to all shortcuts and I can say select, and I can go to the shortcuts that I want to select like for example, the model helps show and SPI and also created a playlist to start for my morning routine. And we'll take all three and go down to Audio. Boom, done. If I go back to my widget, I can now change the widget editor widget, and I can say folder, not all shortcuts. I can now go into audio. And now in this widget, it will only show me the audio things. So this is very, very handy if you have a lot of shortcuts that you can change that. So now let's see if the widget is actually working. Play model helps show. And yes, I can select the different shows value in the type of nutrients that you have available. Perfect. Now I also told you that you can start those shortcuts with Siri, hey Siri, play model help show your nervous system's assessment of your nutritional status. So percept, so as you can see when you use Siri, all of the control will be via voice. You don't click anything anymore. You tell me how to use your shortcuts. 5. Shortcut: Start your favorite Playlist: This is another very simple shortcut that we will do together. And this is starting your favorite playlist with one hit of an icon. So go back to the shortcuts app and now hit plus, and we will create an action, and this is the music's action. And then we select play music. And now here we can type on the music one and we get our music library. And I can now go in and browse the library. This is one of my favorite playlist is the pure motivation playlist here from Apple. So I clicked up one and I select the plus icon here for everything done, boom, play mood featuring indoor. Let's say this is a playlist that I always put on when I worked. And then I can change my icon and the color I would do it red because of the music app is red you to play button. So if I want to create an ICANN, another widget, I go in here into the settings and say add to home screen. Yes, that's the one that I want. And now let's see if it actually works. Okay, this could be because I'm recording my screen right now. So let's see what happens if I stop the screen. Yes, that's very interesting because podcasts were playing at the same time when I was recording the screen, but music not. So it's also good to know for you if you record your screen and you want to show music, it doesn't work. 6. Bonus: 6 useful Shortcut: This is the bonus part of this course where I give you six useful shortcuts that you can implement into your workflow. First one is from switcher. So for example, if you want to change the font of any texts and use it, for example, in Instagram and your profile inside of the app, you can just simply use the shortcut. When you type on this shortcut, you can type any text that you want. So in this case it's this one. You are awesome. Then you hit done. And then you can say, Okay, I want to have this text in squares, which you'd like to copy this to your clipboard. Yes. If you go out to Instagram, go to your profile and you want to change this in your profile bio paste. And now I have, You are awesome in my Instagram. Boom, You are awesome. The second one is actually a way how you can play YouTube videos in a small window even if you want to go into another app. Because when you go outside of the YouTube app, all the videos will always close. So I show you how this one works. You go to YouTube, you go to your favorite YouTuber, and then you click the video that you want to play. So for example, in this case, this video here and then I go on Share here on the side you can click more. And when you click More, you get this window here where you can also have your shortcuts that have the share function. In this case, YouTube HIM background will open this one here. Now I can play it here, make it full, and I can go out of this. Uhm, and now I have the window here. So I can, for example, go into Notion. On the iPad you have split screen, but this is very handy feature when you are on your iPhone and you want a new music and another lab, you want to browse something, whatever this is, the way you can do it. So the next shortcut is make a PDF. Let's say you're browsing the web and there's any texts or anything interests at, say, for example, in an instruction that you want to copy, you can highlight that uhm, and then you go on Share. You can say Make PDF, and now it will create a PDF out of what you just selected and you can save it, you can share whatever you wanna do. The next shortcut is a very interesting one. It's called a break. You can set an alarm for like 25 minutes, but then at the same time without that, you have to change it. It will also make your phone on Not Disturb. And after the timers over, then it will go back to the normal mode. So this is perfectly if you want to go into deep work and you will do like Pomodoro Technique where it's like 25 minutes of work and then you stop. This is a perfect timer. So for example, it starts like this. You click on it, you can set the time, you can also do more. Let's, for example, let's say 25, boom, greater than alarm for 2140. If we check it, yes, I'm not disturb. So this is one, for example, where you can also change focus mode if you don't know about focus modes. By the way, here on Skillshare, I have another course where it gives you 7 hex, how to be more productive using an iPhone, iPad. And I'm also talking about different focus modes and explain you how you can use them. So the next shortcut is Instagram tags. So for example, if I post pictures to my profile on Instagram because it's a Travel Channel that I have many texts that I'm using all the time so I can set up those texts either in my notes or whatever. But if you just want to have them in one simple action, you can have them here on Instagram tag. And the way that I set it up is that it will copy my most used ones. So for example, if you go in here, you can change the text here to whatever hash texts that you always use. And now let's say if we go into Instagram and I want to somewhere place my hashtags, let's say here for example, I can actually now say, hey Siri, Instagram tags. And Siri already copied everything to the clipboard. I don't have to leave the app. I say paste, boom, I have the hashtags as a comment in this post, the last shortcut is unpaid wall. So for example, if you go to websites like New York Times or Wall Street Journal and there are articles you can't read because you have to pay. This will make the article readable. I give you an example. Let's say you want to read something on the New York Times when, when you go to an article, you get this one, please continue. Bla bla bla, bla bla bla. What you can do is you can now share and search for the shortcut unpaid wall. And now you can read the whole article. So there are many, many more great shortcuts. And like I said at the beginning, it depends also on how you want to use your iPhone or your iPad to be more productive, definitely check out the website shortcuts directory and also the routine hop because you find a lot of shortcuts there. And you can just go to the gallery of the shortcuts app and also browse there because they also update shortcuts there. Or you just create your own ones specifically just for your use case. 7. Where to get more great Shortcuts: All the shortcuts that I mentioned today in the video so that you can just download them straight to your phone and you don't have to search for them. I would copy into one document and I will also keep this document updated. So that means if I find out new shortcuts, cool shortcuts in the future, even after this course is already released, I will put them into the document as well. And you can have this document for free as you just go to extrema dotnet slash shortcuts and you will get the document for free. I'm happy that you made it to the end of this class. If you want to get more information about iPhone hacks, filmmaking intact, you can also definitely check out my YouTube channel. Those videos are for free, but it also created another Skillshare class, which is about seven useful hacks, productivity hacks for your iPhone and iPad. So definitely watch that video as well to become more productive to build your business or whatever you want to use it for. And we see us maybe in the next class, maybe in the next course, or maybe on Instagram, or maybe on YouTube. I wish amazing time and see you soon. Bye.