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How to use bribes to get more Email Subscribers

teacher avatar Jestoni Esteban, Graphic Designer • Online Instructor

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

4 Lessons (23m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. 1 Domain name and web hosting

    • 3. 2 Opt ins and bribes

    • 4. 3 How to create a best landing page

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About This Class

Crucial Things To do to build your email list

How to build interest with Autoresponder messeges

Opt-in is what you call the form that comes up and that invites people to sign up. This is the gateway where you will be collecting your e-mail addresses and so you want it to look professional and inviting. The good news is that these are easy to create seeing as Aweber, MailChimp and GetResponse all have the tools built right in. 

Another easy way to drastically increase your conversions is through some form of bribe or incentive. This is a 'free giveaway' that will hopefully offer value to your readers and that will encourage them to want to sign up. Either the free giveaway will give them that added incentive when they were already considering signing up (which is the best scenario) or it might even be that they sign up purely to get what you're offering.

In this class, we're going to talk about everything about bribes to get email subscribers.

Meet Your Teacher

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Jestoni Esteban

Graphic Designer • Online Instructor


Hi. My name is Jestoni. I'm a graphic designer and online instructor. I've been in the designing industry for seven years.

I make a living by doing graphic designs on the internet and love to communicate with different clients around the globe. I also love to teach and share my knowledge and experience to everybody. Here in Skillshare, I make project-based design classes, meaning you will learn a lot in a single class and able to create your own design after taking it.

With great knowledge and a wide range of experience, I am now equipped with talent and unique style in design that I love to share with my students and aspiring designers.

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1. Intro: Hello and welcome. Thank you for taking off this glass. This is the third part of our series on how to grow your human subscribers. This class will focus on how to build an effective landing page, and Yusof breaks to get eager subscribers. Also, we'll talk about how to use a proper name for your website so easily Ramp up on Google. So sign up now when they get started. 2. 1 Domain name and web hosting: Hello and welcome toe. Another Internet marketing Bless last week. If you remember, we look at how auto responder works out to build interest from our emails. If you are not enrolled yet, I'm going to put a link from the local assess we had. Now it's time to look at other things we need, like a website and bribes to get more email subscribers. We start with the website the Great A website. We need those things domain name and web hosting. A domain name is the name of your website with that come like a facebook that come or you would that go something like that? We by that name, I mostly by my dominates from yeah name. Keep that come Just a name for your website as your urine inside may not be the same or at least related When choosing your Domine name, you should try to pick something unique, memorable and descriptive. If you have a company in a band already that this may be a This may be easy, otherwise you will have to come up with the something that speaks to what your site is about and that helps you to run drunk on Google on your Domine name, then it's literally the address people search to find, you know, not paying for any finds to be hosted. Hear them and you're not getting any tools with it. Shouldn't expect to pay too much for most often, about $20 for a year or less. The funny scenario where you pay a lot more is when you're trying to get on in demand, dominate something really popular, something that is highly mandible will cost more. I mean, anything that is very short and easy to remember. Forgot dr dot Means are expensive, for example. And, uh, next up is where boasting this is a little different from your dominate. This is where your friends are actually distorted way Don't need to get into. Details regarding how a website actually works say that the browser all displayed images, texts and other elements, depending on the rate defined layout instructions in the team HTML and CSS Pilots first page you see when you load up a website will be the index that HTM html beach in the majority off cases, and this file needs to be get on a constantly connected server in order to ensure that it's accessible 24 7 from anywhere in the world. So when you have your dummy name and you're hosting account, typing in the domain name will tell the browser to local defiance on The Associated Server , and we'll bring up your index that it's Damon Beach Images takes and links Web space. Then it's really just a server service space and that and what the server is a giant computer that's connected to the Internet at all times and get it in a huge warehouse somewhere. There are various different types of cerebral, which include cloud servers. Okay, so for my Web server, I use Host gate or there are other hosting company that you can use like Go Daddy and Blue close this deal. The This is the host gator, And then this is the go daddy right here and then a blows. And then I buy my domain names, usually from named Chip that so if you if you use the method recommendation here, then your website is going to be self hosted. This means that you paid for service server space and stored all the files there yourself. This extends in contrast toe three hosting, which basically means that your site appears on a server somewhere. A sport free hosting is also very limiting in himself storage space in bond with toppers and that it will often require you to show adverts that you don't get paid for. That's how the company makes its money. From all of these reasons. This really isn't the suitable option for zeros. Seniors marketers When you use the pre hosting, you would not be able to just any dominate other. You need toe topics your domine domain. With the brand off the provider you're using what the doctor offers free hosting what he spends. And if you use them, then you're say, couldn't be like, for example, GPS website marketing. That news. It wouldn't have to be wordpress that go slash marketing, marketing yours. That's what going to happen if you use a the WordPress port. The person, Maybe you want to try this. The one prisoner, they have a pre here. Like I said, the pre hosting but your name will end up something like this. I'm gonna like it here and say you have a name marketing. Well, this is what we're goingto happen like that market. Nike. Daniels Perhaps. I think that instead off marketing that come are getting used at home. The that Domingo first and then your don't be name your free name from the world press. Okay, so that's all for this video. I hope you'll check out these websites. The name cheaper, usually named ships A very like its name. Name Ship is named very reasonable phrasing for the domain name. And then I use so skate, or I didn't know. I don't have any problems with the instigator. You can try the GoDaddy, or you can actually buy names here and then the server for the hosting as well. Together with Go, Daddy blows the same thing. Okay, so in the next video, we'll talk about the bribes to get more image subscribers and up in storm for your landing beach. 3. 2 Opt ins and bribes: Hello and welcome to the second video off this class. No, you have your auto responder in your website. You have the room tools you need to start creating your strategy. At the moment, though, it's all empty, of course. So there's a long way to go. Yet in this video, we're going to look at out. We start creating your opens and using bribes and products in products to get people to sign up. The captain is what you call the form that comes up in that invites people to sign up. This is a This is the gateway where you will be big collecting email addresses, so you wanted to look professional and inviting. The good news is that this are easy to great seeing a say as a bear mill gym and get response on. Have the tools built right in the sign into your account, and somewhere you should find a designer that lets you create or opt importance. You're up informs. This will let you pick your color scheme the techs in the layout and it will also let you arrange the u R L. But your vistors will be saying sent once they signed up and after you've grated on often form. And if you're happy with it, you can then just grab the code and place it on your website. And the other good news is that you can create us mean often as you want. That means that you can have been different forms, you know, different sites, different states to sit on different biggest off your website. And I'm gonna show you how I how I create mine. This is my own website. I'm going to show you how to create your own form using a Belgian. This is actually a plug in that you can start your work best First Lady Neil form And then you have different types of forms here. But over. If you're starting, you can do sweet the pop over. We just need pretty common. And then you have the different themes. The other ones aren't the premium. I'm gonna just the postman. Then we can put a name here for our form. Just maybe yes, general. And then treat for me and here on the settings we can change takes the colors like right the year and then can I get there? And it's a it's put a free free e book here. And then we can add some, uh, some image here, here, the image of your a book you can put here, take over and then the appearance. You can change the color background and then the fields. You only need the email. Of course, that's the most important. And behavior how long this pop over really show? I'm gonna put one. Then they integrate the, uh, auto responder company, our email company. I'm going to you going to just the mention you need first to set up on your Emmy subscriber company now provider, I mean then began quickly double opt in to make sure that they really wanted toe be one hour email, least OK, and then click on publish form and 90 year just done. Right now, you can copy this link here to put on one of your website. If you want to pop toe, show up those over up. I mean, it's got me here and then after a cupping that you cannot I just couldn't finish okay here , Spainish and we're done. And you can see here. No, of course, we don't have driver's. We can preview this preview and it will show up here. That's our new Slater. Okay, so that's how you create a farm using. Next, we have the types of bribes at an opt in form toe Long Beach and send 1000 people there, and you might get a couple of people signing up if you have the text on the page. If you have a good website behind it, then you'll get a lot more. But another easy way to drastically increase your conversions is through some form of bribe or incentive. This is the free giveaway that will hopefully offer value your readers and that will encourage them to sign up. Either the free giveaway will give them that added incentive. When they were already considering signing up, we'll take a look at a few of the most popular choices. The 1st 1 of course, is the able Many people are willing to pay for a books which right away makes these fantastic joints off. Avery A. Books are completely free for you to produce, and there are no delivery cost. If you give away a snippet off unable or one in a series, then this can be a good Easter. The with their appetite. Remember that the first hit is always free. If you're not going to be sailing enable later, then this is not so much often issue. Then we have the pre reports. A free report is an alternative, don't able, which sidesteps some of the potential issues associated with them. Three reports tends to be much shorter than a books, but possible a few pages, but they have a big advantage of containing something that is highly valuable. Toe the reader. We have the free membership. Sometimes just offering membership can be enough incentive. People love your site or business. Then you can offer them the opportunity to sign up for an exclusive inside their scrap or your V I. P. Even if you don't have anything clear to offer, you can still be a great strategy that's highly effective simply because people love being members of things, especially when it's inclusive and makes them feel important we have. The process is, well, another certificate. To run a competition, enter all your subscribers into a price size for a battle every month and announce the winners by Amy's this group. This a good strategy because it costs you nothing and because it ensures your readers will be looking out for your messages in case him one in case one on the downside, that's again encourage the the kind of subscriber hope, perhaps wouldn't be interested in actually paying for anything. This and offers another option that is still for the for. The above type of situation is to provide information about big poppers in this this again , a good strategy if that's the kind of things they're going to be sailing in future for commission, and it also doesn't cost anything. It's not so good, though, if you're hoping to sell your own information paradox, take a look at Groupon as an example. They provide daily bills straight to your inbox. So that's all for this lesson. In the next video, we're going to create a beautiful landing page that high conversion rates 4. 3 How to create a best landing page: hello and welcome toe. Find a lesson of this class in this video. Let's talk about how great in landing page. But first, we need to know what a landing beach when you can. When you can add on up, inform toe any beach on a website. The best way to use them is to create a landing pitch for a scree speech. This can be added to an existing existing beach. This is going to be your single most important tool for getting people to sign up for your mailing list. Basically, a landing page is a any patient that is designed specifically to drive conversions of some kind. In other words, this isn't a standard page on your website. It exists purely to get people to perform a certain action. The most common to actions that these pages are in that is buying brother for signing up. At least let's see some learning pitch in real action. I'm gonna show you some examples right here. We start with the vista that this is there. Nothing. Beach. Great seaport. Yes. Uh, signed that form in there. Another one from, uh, in fact, Randi, good to see you here. The beach again. Very clean. Organized another organized speech. So with them here you get But you're name here. You information. You can download the guy. So this is Sarah Landing Beach. Very organized. Very neat. Some testimony. Now let's go. Video for month ng landing pinch The main and most noticeable thing about landing Vegas This landing pages They tend to be very simple at the same time, this landing pages tend to have no other things adverts or buttons anywhere else. Most websites have a maneuver along the top on the left hand side for navigation. In the case of a landing pitch that isn't the standard because they don't want you toe navigate anywhere else. They should should should. There should be only one purpose to get you to take action and a good landing patient, then use they want. And we have lots of headings, a lot of capitalizations and nights of colored words. All this is designed to ensure that you can actually grasp the majority of the narrative simply by glancing at the end Legs. Landing page also has a lot of contraction. For example, get your happy here or get instant access. The one that we saw and when the layout will go along with the way to getting your landing page towards the most important factor for this by the takes, the text what will make your paddock sounding sounds amazing. It's what we'll persuade your against that they can't live without it and that they have simply about you and that you can use the persuasive writing. But they are very it's idea, and I die stands for awareness, interest, desire in action. In other words, you need to take your audience generally from that knowing who you are or what's what you're saving, being fully aware and badly wanting. Whatever it is, this is a slowdown incision in your job to lead them through the process. So we have a horse for building or this. So now you know the basics off creating landing pages. We should be starting to put something together, have a play around with it, and you should find this process is actually quite fun. Now, to get the most from it, you can use a few tours to take your landing page to the next level on the BDS have already made landing page templates that you can be juice and customized to your liking. However, the only downside is it does cost money. Got sent investment. Look at it as an investment. It's a good It's a tool for building your business up to my express. It's a good, great tool for building landing pages that makes the pass is important and easy. It also has stand off, built in features like members Partners, seminar apartments, Webinar Registration, Beach Region. But I don't lunch finance and more. This gives you more options and walk us through a ton of strategies for growing your least on both. On Bounce is a similar tool, which is a particular emphasis on more by responsive designs. It's called and bounced because it promises to help you reduce your bounce rate, meaning that people come to your site and then stay there rather than leaving immediately get responses. It's going built in landing beach create or which is particularly useful for users. You want a great landing beach. Any word on using get response? They're auto responder, and finally, if you want a plugging straight from your WordPress site, you can you can use insta builder. It's one time feet and it's easy to create a leading. Okay, so I hope in there something that's all for this video. And I will learn something from this lesson. All the things that we talked about the place apply it to your website and the CEO in the next class off Internet marketing.