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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (44m)
    • 1. How to use Watercolor Pencils?

    • 2. Supplies

    • 3. 3 Simple Techniques

    • 4. How to blend colors?

    • 5. Class Project

    • 6. Creative Tips

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About This Class


Watercolor pencils are a unique medium that allows us to create amazing art pieces. The magic happens when you add water to the mix!

These pencils are a great combination between normal colored pencils and watercolor paint, and as with regular pencils we’re able to layer, blend and create depth, dimension and also work on the details of our art. 

The pencil strokes allow us to show texture while still providing a watercolor paint effect, the end result is gorgeous. With so little effort we can cover a larger area of the paper more easily than typical colored pencils.

In a few lessons I will teach you 3 simple techniques, how to blend colors and some cool creative tips to master this medium.

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Emilia Desert

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1. How to use Watercolor Pencils?: Hello, I'm Amelia, and this is my grasp. How to use watercolor pencils whether color pencils are a unique medium that allow us to great amazing RBC's dispense heels are the perfect combination between normal color pencils and watercolor paint. In a future lessons, I will teach you three simple techniques. How to blend colors and some cool creative tips to master this medium at the end. As class project, we will create a whimsical flora later in our piece together. Now let's begin. 2. Supplies: to start. Let's talk about what to place you in it for these guests. Well, first off course, this weather color pencils, as you see here, I don't have a big collection that you don't need. Ah, really 36 or her 100 called different colors of this medium I but them by the unity and I could choose which colors were best for me. And I really recommend that you start with six colors and then you move on forward with your watercolor pen to practice, and you will see after how these 1,000,000 feels to you. So the paper that I use it's watercolor Benzia bear paper. Sorry. It's always gonna be the best paper for this medium. Because this paper is sick is gonna hold on to the water, and it's gonna make that thesis. Pigment runs release. Mostly it doesn't. I don't necessarily always use watercolor paper for these medium. I also paint with these fanciers on my bullet journal practice every day. My bullet journal notebook doesn't really have a thick paper, but really has a smooth paper. I really take care of the amount of water that I add. I don't add much really the minimum necessary to activate the pigment on these paper on my goal. A journal notebook is really smooth. So the pigment runs beautifully on it. But for these class and really recommend watercolor paper off course, really regular paper, office paper, never makers is really the integrity of that paper is not going to hold up to the water. So that's it for the paper. Now, let's continue on to the brushes. The brushes for these medium. I really prefer small brushes again for the same reason because we have more control over the amount of water that we add on another tool that I use that makes that these medium is super super portable and you can take it anywhere you go and you're not gonna need a many tools. Just the pencils at the brush. The underbrush, man, This print brush pens brush man, is the really, really cool too. If this is the first time that you see a brush, man, well is just a synthetic brush that has a water container attached to it. So it makes that when you push here waters come comes out off the tip on. You can gradually at as money, Water us you need on for This medium is always best toe start small and continued to add water not to have to take take out water out off your be our peace more than also a pencil sharpener And that's it. So right now let's continue to the next lesson so I can teach you a few and simple techniques for these mediums. 3. 3 Simple Techniques: The first technique that I'm going to show you is the most abuse one. He's dry paper. And Dr Benzie, I'm gonna troll. And the this medium gives the perfect combination between drawing and painting. As you see, I'm using them. Us normal. Ben Seals just created Miley. And I'm not taking really care off being really? And you told the fact of how I a I make my strokes now. The belief, sir. Ready with my brush back. Bush here on water. Just start getting out on. All right, apply the water and activate the pigment. You can see here kiss really watercolor feel Teoh who they are. Peace. And this is the easiest and most obvious way to use these. Now it's expanse heels. Okay. Know them. I leave east dry. I'm gonna show you. The second technique is weapons hell on dry paper. So have added some water here. And I'm gonna just keep that off my pins, your own water. And I'm just gonna start drawing. Create this details. Don't ask. Use heat to me. This technique gives the the look and feel off. Um, works crayons that gives use. Um, it's, uh, more quite back ticket on effect. Mr. Ning is perfect. Toe dictates to you our work. For example, if you have a human landscape and you want to add, um, some details, like the telephone cables or birds or water you can use watercolor pencils dry with the dry tp or what deep and you will give give you much more precision that hey, and it se brush nine or brush to me, it's more control This technique to two at somebody takes another thing with thes technique , for example, is if I'm gonna change color again to the color the base color off my leaf gonna wear it, you know, create another leave just on the side on you're going to see that can dry in Victorian you can thes works Great. You look and feel you've But one thing that you need to for is that it's gonna be harder if I add water to get read off the pencil strokes. As you can see, it makes that the Beekman gets ah states a permanent on the paper. So these watercolor look and feel It's harder to achieve If we went the the deep off the off the pencil before a drawing my ultimate favorite technique. It's always dry Pen seal owned dry paper. Unless you see, I can really get rid of the pensive strokes. So we really permanent on my drawing? Why did you read it? Come. Ah, with it and pressure Even if I pressure can not go read of defensive strokes. So you have a different between using and dry dry Basile and wet Benzia. Now I am going up. Just the last thing. Yes. What paper on Dr Ben Xia. Well, my two green paper A pencils are wept now. So I am gonna have just make purple leaf for the sake I'm showing you you can my paper e sweat among my Benzia least dry And I just adding the big men and you can see how it starts . Believe that Tom and I can show you. I'm gonna add another quarter. No, it's not what you know Well, but it's gonna give a loose watercolor look and feel to your artwork. Who? These are there. Three techniques toe. Apply this medium to paper. 4. How to blend colors?: in this lesson, we're gonna talk about blending color. This is my favorite power's great ingredients and blending corner cities Really super fun to me. And okay, this begin wheat one color. So just one color misko with these purple. So it's create ingredient. This is that they need to wash water corner, flood wash. In fact, it's there is the technical name. So here I apply, um, my pigment to the paper and I just I'm just gonna begin toe activate it. You can see it. Gonna just come here and make the speak meant move to the areas Lewit I have placed mortar and just that it's really easy. It's just like away toe blend and create that and the men Sean to our our love And you can take it toe to be only the transparent us you need it to be. This is Niecy One, uh, is really a views to make. And the second is blend to Hughes together. So I'm gonna use the same colors that use for with the lives in the last lesson. So I'm not come here. And, um uh, on the portion off this water, I mean what green onion and here this consequence stressed the green. I'm gonna try to get them us grills together. I say can. Okay, so you see this really off yesterday and, well, you know, grab a piece of paper and I'm gonna teen my brush ban or not to get rid of the big men that I used in the in the rest planned on again. I'm gonna just hopes, have some of the balls there. I'm gonna start activity in the pigment. And this is because I pressure hot my blood pressure on my on that. OK, that's it. You can so activate one side. I'm gonna start activity in the other side to and I leave to the last depart when I makes together them the two cues I start always but the light throw one. This is a technique that I used to make radiance on a continuing thes. I don't get to the less because I don't want to compromise the first you So we can really see the girl how it began and finish it. Okay, Mom, this is how I planned to colors. Unless you see, this is really easy to, um, for example, I'm gonna grab here again, These two colors here that I have it here on my eye. The first leaf that I used on the first. Listen, eso I'm gonna create beetles there thes to be asleep she see activated on brushing. Yeah, and making Pickman moved through the paper. And again, look that he mentioned that I'm great ideas. All the Southern My leave. It's a more alive to me. Looks like that year. Nixon the good 10 you were with her color pens, pencils. It's the department can come back and rework it as many times as you knead. Knead until you're happy with the result that you're getting again Really concentrated colors here. I need to really be careful because I'm gonna lose hair the lighter color here if I continue. So the light is coming from the side. So the site is gonna be lighter than this one, so yeah, but stealing. There are some shadows there. Oh, okay. Unless you see Come. This is how I will plan to colors. Okay, that's nice. I want I see. No, let's talk a bit about how to blend more colors. I have here a piece of artwork that I created and DC's painted with a watercolor pencils As you can see, I have it Rainbow Remove snowflakes But I started ah, with a primary color and I moved through ALS There primary the colors off the color wheel, so to blend, um, three or more colors. I'm gonna really be careful about not using complementary colors because I'm going to get browned, asked. You know, I'm gonna show you Marco, my color wheel Physical aware that I created if you're not, um, used, you're not familiar with the color theory. I'm gonna try to be really short about this. Eso primary colors are yellow, red and blue. If we makes the tree the three of them together, I'm gonna get around. But it's always best to work with two primary colors. For example, the blanked blame that I'm gonna create right now with three colors is gonna be this. Yellow and red are two primary colors and orange is a east from the middle color here, and it's a secondary color that I achieved by mixing Uh huh, yellow and red. So I'm gonna try toe. Always look that the colors that I get next to each other are not complimentary. I mean, purpose net here, opposite on the color away on I am not gonna makes, um, yellow and violet because there are complementary colors and that's gonna give me brown. And I don't really like that much brown on my our work. So again, let's try Armanious coolers arm ammonia scholars against our color there next to each other on the color wheel. So again, this time with the light one, you know, So I start for anything. Continue. They did orange read again before you seen my, um, brush man. I'm gonna get rid off all the exceed the other paint off the last spent in the net men that I made So again, we have water to activate the pigment and here as their complementary Sorry. I hate that Orman Use me for money to each other. I have no problem with them mixing together right away. So you see. And I can't really make them blend e c. But again, this is easy because I chose an harmonious combination. So this is it for blending now. The next lesson we are going to create it in our piece together 5. Class Project: on this video, I'm gonna show you how to create These are peace with all the techniques that I have shown you in these tests. This littering project it's really fun and easy to do. But first, let's practice how to create these little star flowers. I called them Star Flowers because they I'm gonna show you. Now we're going to start with a really easy basic shape that everyone can can do. Your you don't really need to know how to draw. To make them is an easy start. Foreign Asterix! Asterix! You see, It's very daisy. Now we the clean brush man, I'm going to create a five petal flower who placing five little circles all around the center or so far start The interesting thing with the's watercolor print sales is that the big man stayed there in the middle. I didn't touch the middle that much. Mr. Dickens and E. C star Anyone draw and again. Five. Lille Ciric ALS around this erectus leg thes before a few times so you can get come comfortable with this technique. It's really simple. A little star, um, with the brush man or with brush, five little circles Night that you're gonna found in this class. Don't notable find. With the outlined off these ward spring, you can choose any word you want or even a phrase. If you're feeling confident, I chose spring because it's, um it goes with the theme, but in truth, love or your name, you can't even really make a cute our peace for a nursery like these with the kids with the baby's name. So let's begin to start. Let's draw the guidelines off the war you have chosen for this project to achieve the best possible result makes make one side of the letter speaker than others. In the case of the N I have you seen as you can see here I have make the two sides speaker so the little flow birth will be placed there no this year. How I have also decided to make some little speakers bigger than others. I find that really interested. Any gifts? Really a good look to it to draw the skylines I have chosen Ah, this gray silver pencil. It's also them concealed their, um, to draw this guy lines. I have chosen these gray silver pencil. You can't use any colors to draw the out there to drop Trudeau to draw the guy lines. I have chosen this gray, silver and steel You gonna use anything you have in hand? So let's begin. The second step is to create a little stars I show you before, So they will become little flowers. Really? See, I am gonna, um, alternate between colors. I have this purple. Let me think Beware to leave space so we can see behind these flowers we can do you see some of the letters and that he will He will leave the letters legible. And this is really important. We don't want to saturated with many flowers because it's gonna be impossible to recognize the little behind it more thing that, um have you with, um how I placed all their flowers. I'm now this make the magic happens. So with my brush Been as I showed you before. Let's start. Let's see. Was it dirty? Forget to clean it behind. So with my brush, Ben, clean brush Been this begin by making five little circles all around this little stars, right? Created with my watercolor pencils. And there we have our flowers. These ah, as everything with art. He's muscle memory. The more you practice, the better these flowers. Welcome, Willa will be well , now that I finish making all the little petals Well, I really like home how they fill up the space. So no, I'm gonna just make a few leaves now with the same corner. So very useful them for the lives in the lesson one I'm gonna just make I feel a bit this space with few leaks which is gonna draw these tear shave These here remember always to leave some space for the literal toe Appear to be a steer to still be literal Not make it to be more interesting on Ah, no. And now to make it to be more interesting and created a bit more off dimension of these lives, I'm gonna just combine it with another contrasting green color. This pain with this contrasting being on one of the size, all they need now with the clean pin brush, Can I just really blend the two greens? Well, now that I have, um, just blend all the leaves. Thanks for that one. I'm just gonna look on dsi where I can some more. Here is a bit empty. Next bit of color. As you can see, you can still read the the war. This is what reading matters on this project is that to make it palatable now with my grey , um, cooler. Just go. Now come your unjust paint. Oh, thes. Yeah, sure. If behind Up until here we have used it. Dr. Bennett, seal on dry paper technique. Bet to create Ah, shadows on this letter. Metres. I'm gonna Just what? The pigment with my Do you brush, Ben? Yeah. On before it dries, I'm gonna add the shadow to the letter with a black ben seal. So the shadow on this letter is gonna come from the bottom. Right? So you're going on What? Little there bit my the deep of my pencil night. Gonna come here. Okay. Come again. This with all the little spaces. We're leave off this letter and again before he tries with the black pencil. This he small flea, 19 people. Well, I'm gonna come back here, Glenn, These scores asked with whether color pain, if you find that you use a lot of pain, tends, you just want toe read off of it of the paint. You just add water on. Did you take it out with dry pens? Hell. Sorry. With a dry brush or with a dry tissue. My blend. Yeah. Unless you see, I started by waiting in the darker pigment. But after that, I just come back. Fry and brush from light. Too dark with With With weather colors is always better toe. Add more pigment than to get Get it out of the page. Okay, this is the end of the project. I hope you enjoy it. And please don't forget to upload your project to the project section of this class. I'm really looking forward to see what you create. 6. Creative Tips: on this little bonus. Listen, I'm gonna show you cool ways to use your weather gallop entails. As I mentioned before this, watercolor pencils are really portable, so you can take them anywhere with you. Um um, just with a few tools, you can make a really great art pieces. So with the paper cutter, you will scratch the deep all the best deal onto the palette. No, these come out. I'm gonna at some water, you can see the magic happens again. Breathe, Raj, we are going out. You loot all the little pieces off the pigment. Uh, there you have it. Instant water cooler. You didn't even makes some colors. This pigment is not a some strong as I would like it to be. So let's try another color. You guys, you know, I have dropped a few. Is this off? That on the blue pigment on the purple? Missing makes it on. Is this how we create different goals? And now this Bloom. Thank you again. From there you have it, Houston. Watercolor. There's a really cool future off this medium. Another way to a play. That pigment? No, we depend skills. Yes, with a wet Ben seal. Gonna just apply? I'm pained. Wounded on the brush. Come again. You have it now. Buy rent, Watercolor. That's it. I hope you You enjoy this class and we'll leave me a comment. Ah, I really am looking for one to read all home. What you think about all the lessons that I have thought today.