How to use Visual Studio Code in Python?

Arkadiusz Włodarczyk, Professional teacher

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14 Lessons (1h 21m)
    • 1. VSC - downloading and installing

    • 2. Setting up the workspace in VSC and installing basic extensions

    • 3. Linter - what is linting - how to use it, settings in .vscode

    • 4. Code Runner | Custom Shortcuts | Shortcuts from other editors, Interactive shell

    • 5. Auto Save - making sure your file is saved after each change

    • 6. Snippets and pass keyword

    • 7. Automatic code formatting

    • 8. Debugging mode - how to professionally debug your code?

    • 9. Ligatures - custom font created especially for programmers - Fira Code

    • 10. Icons theme

    • 11. Bracket Pair Colorizer - improving readability of your code

    • 12. Python Preview - watching the code execution while writing it

    • 13. Python Quick Print

    • 14. Code Spell Checker


About This Class

This course was created to make sure you understand how to work fast and easy with Python using popular Visual Studio Code

You will learn:

  • How to set up a workspace.
  • How to work with Visual Studio Code?
  • Installing plugins (plugins):
  • python
  • What is linter? How to use it? How to change linter in VSC? How to ignore messages you don't want to see?
  • Settings in visual studio code.
  • How to create a shortcut for the command you are interested in?
  • How to run a program in an interactive terminal / shell?
  • About extensions that will allow you to import shortcuts from other editors that you know, e.g. Sublime / Netbeans / Atom etc.
  • Extension that  will let you fire part of the code?
  • About the pandas package for viewing data in the form of a table
  • How to make sure your file is saved after each change?
  • How to write your code faster using predefined templates of code called snippets?
  • How does pass keyword work?
  • How to automatically format the code according to the standards?
  • What is debugging?
  • How to debug your code?
  • How to add breakpoints?
  • How to edit breakpoints?
  • How to make breakpoints with condition?
  • How to use breakpoints to log?
  • How to add elements to watchlist?
  • What is callstack?
  • What is ligature?
  • How to turn them on/off?
  • How do you enable custom fonts?
  • Why use Fira Code or Cascadia Code?
  • How to change your icons theme?
  • How to make sure you don't make any more mistakes when opening and closing curly brackets?
  • I will show you an extension that will help you understand how your computer works when it analyzes your code.
  • How to quickly print the value of variable using print?
  • Making sure that your code is spelled properly is very important, this extension will do it for you!