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How to use Rakuten Marketing Affiliate Network

Juri Fab, Digital Marketing Strategy

How to use Rakuten Marketing Affiliate Network

Juri Fab, Digital Marketing Strategy

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5 Lessons (36m)
    • 1. How to start affiliate marketing

    • 2. Rakuten Marketing Step by Step Guide to Publisher Signup or Registration

    • 3. Rakuten Marketing Reporting tool

    • 4. Rakuten Marketing work with Advertisers

    • 5. How to get coupons for affiliate marketing website

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About This Class

Rakuten Marketing is a global digital marketing company whose services encompass affiliate, search, attribution & display. It's one of the first affiliate networks where any person can register on their website and select companies what you are interested to promote

Rakuten Network listed 3500+ different companies. As an affiliate you can generate deep links (affiliate links) for listed products and include that in your marketing. As an affiliate you will receive commissions from every sale what will generate your deep link. They also provide other marketing materials like: banners, texts, inside info like trending products or hot topics..

In this course you will learn how to start your work with Rakuten Network! 

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Juri Fab

Digital Marketing Strategy


Working full time as an Affiliate Marketer. I'm creating niche websites and rank them in Google. I have created many successful projects already what bring passive online income. I have tested many marketing strategies and know what works best. Here on SkillShare I share my ideas and strategies in order to help other people become successful in digital marketing.

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1. How to start affiliate marketing: Hello, everyone. So if you want to start in a feeling indicating probably you should use a trusted Philip Networks And in this series of videos, I will show you how to start ways. Rakuten Networks, Orkut Network It's one of the first affiliate networks, so they're being on time. They go at least it more than free 1000 different merchants. And I will show you how to join this network, how to use their reporting tools so you will understand how to use their dashboard and and we'll share some tips on how to Promodes's affiliate links. So, uh, if do you have any questions about how to use their dashboard? How to use analytics there, You can simply contact me, and I will answer all your questions. So let's move to the first lecture and hope you like it. 2. Rakuten Marketing Step by Step Guide to Publisher Signup or Registration: so everyone. So a lot of my students asked me about recruited Marketing Network Affiliate Network. And this is why we should thats why I should great another Siri's and updates for my twitter course. Um so, uh, in order to first of all, we need to register in this network, so go to record and marketing. Here you can see such button looking bottom. So we need to select a plates and he says, a sexually you can give. But if you are new to these, you should register if yours. So I'll put link also in the scores. Or maybe if you are watching, is is he doing in another blood form? Please check link under this video. So here we should select the infinite. Here is a publisher solution. You should click on join our network, and here we can see registration Age. What the what information required the let's, uh, completely sport together. So select your country. Here is should select, uh, go entry type. So it's mean if you are a company or individual conflict perfect as well. Most of you I think it's individual, so make sure to selected. This is what I d It's not required, but the optional or you can skip that would hear your dress hope boots. Random address, but should But I required to feel a lot of details correctly. So, uh, here is counting. It's lit. Phone number required. Um, this one not required there. Think? Yes. These, uh, usual are poor people who are based in the USA or any relationships with this country. So then you should feel this tax form. But when I was a registering, registering in record him, it was not required. Let's view or named sword name email, security questions. Um, I know random user name last worked. Yes, it it should contains at least two late versus. Make sure you put secure parts work as the device or are coming for. Beat your risk. Okay, So primary website ing for well in order to start in thes separate the marketing business, you should have at least block or website. If you do not have any website year, you can use small creek and food. You can find any popular if let not popular, but you can find any if let website and you can put it here. You can You could hear any website then you can when you kept for your old upside created or blocks change. So for example, website name its website name will be displayed just for you. But here in the week you should put a current so, uh, date off. Establish man. You get equally approved if your website is a few years built but new websites are also approved Boots. So here is primary business model. This is important part because a lot off cos what we'll see you over when you will send them. Our request to approve your website for promoting their product or service is this firstly , they will check your business model so make sure to select right business model here. Most popular are Groupon deals, reality rewards, price compression and content. Aneesh websites. So you feel if you plan to compare different provide different prices for same product, you should select price compression and I if you have block or something that you should click on content niche or each social shopping call. So good one. I think this category social shopping will be most popular business model for everyone where if ah known off the bus and you should select other get it. So, for example, social shopping Unique users month select some every while you're here legs these one, even if you do not have traffic, so at least you should show something. That is where you will not be getting approved from competences Stable sees it. Do not have any traffic until problem of them. Uh, so it's but idea, so make sure to select something here. Okay, Page. Few months. So if it's a unique visitors per month, this valley page, you months should be same or even more so let's I seem It means you get unique visitors only. Sure description. Make sure to provide some information about your website for example, by bears there I you brothers services for customers and Renquist throw my websites dropping. No. Also, I read reviews something like this. If you have a breast compare website and you should put other information like our website provides the price compression compression service, you use different channels kind different websites doom my brother in the provide Bryce least for war. Same brother, I don't know something like this. So this information with you, so not super um Well, uh, companies will check this information, but usually they see or usually chip business more than unique visitors. And after that day reads short description. So so make sure to put some here primary category um, most important thing. So we should select the here block social network. In my case. Maybe if you if you care for business website, have to make money online, something you should select. Business opportunities. Black Social Network as well should provide the status for company. Then you should be in Syria. Sees something about really dated computers. Internet technologies here Finance Grayton Car, Real state. So in our case is block social network and here we should select the I commit this leg boat . Otherwise you cut off, for example, all males brothers and become for females products. So certain boat age. Uh, in this case, uh, recommend to select. Ah, usually it's ah. Usually it's the streak. Integris business or located worries if you like. Under a team's minutes, you'll be companies who provide who sell toys products for kids. Usually it's a this category, so I'm not doing this single moment. Oh, I'm promoting business. Heralded brothers. Sincerity is so I like this agents. So here we should sell a threshold. I would hear minimum amount if the box it's OK. Language preference, yes. English preference. Their board, Most English that you could say they compared it. That language is when I was a registered. There was only few like English. 14 bills range Dutch. So email subscription check here. If you'd like to receive email subscription, select here, uh, that you are 18 years old or older. Skip here and this agreement, but will be activated in click on sign ups. And if everything will be correctly provide here, you'll be able to register. Oh, After registration, you will see putting marketing. They report this. I'll show next video. 3. Rakuten Marketing Reporting tool: Okay, So when you will begin to recruit in marketing, they will see their bird. Like this one. You get well, C 00 numbers, and now I will show you how to use reporting to. So let's reached my another account, this account, but some sales already, And this will be easier to understand. So, uh, here you can see payment in for its left payment. What you received gives you quick on what we want here. It will load page where you can accept the special. So clicking my account payment in full and you will see page legs east. So this is for the first month. If I were the consortium voices this year, we computing, or you will see payment what you will get, uh, next month. So I wasn't getting right. So days. Also, uh, these, uh, human or February will get in April. So this is how it works. Like here. You can see advertiser authorization date. So this means that disease being this hepatitis, there is the second time promoting mostly you did me and another one company so introduce eyes their authorization date. It's a date when company, in my case, you didn't bake money or traffic. What I have provides them to work in marketing and its advertising weight. I think they usually these things is abating. Usually you will see its first insisting, and after a few days you get you'll see existed. So that means date when you will get weight or traffic. What you generate it is this month. So in here concedes this commission. It's still not received, and payments started being advertising approved. So they are checking you. There are many refunds or it come. So it was a check. But usually these usually that someone's done changing and they are deducting a payments from your core men. Bombs is it's usually you hit the commissioner or or you're participating in their competition. Sometimes advertisers do this. You'll see med buns. So let's move to Z Reporting here is, uh, medication, and if you go on reports reporting here, we can see our performance here. It's here. This so here it should select choosing poor, usually money door all daily, attracted by clicking on signature imitated port. You're very conservative date range for global today to go a blight quickly. Yuri Board. Didn't you ever conceive home. How much sales? You know, how many weeks and little commission with this cable for you, Do you? Here, You could see drinking idea. So usually provide the night promote if, like, products. I include a drinking plenty in order to trick my performance. So, for example, this one got me from this bitch. Get the prescription promotion post I have created this post generates me 20 bucks today. Here. Uh, this is, uh, course page. It's a suit conceits over enemy forces. So have created course page for for a while. Do instructor. And it generates me. Your sales. What in total great me 20 bucks. But if you want to see report for 11 deep inside of here could apply to report it will not report for the score quantity, emergency number of weeks, number of sales and took a commission from very good traffic. So if you want to see what exactly was told, many should quicken product successive board a strange quick you report, and here you can see exactly what product was so on Your website, the biggest one. Nice impedes disease one. And it's, uh that's bidding metres. So it's you. It's product number so easily can be tracked. He sees them. So these, uh, in the report to this two options signature activity import and perfect Since this report, its most important also, you can click on manage report and shadow report what will be delivered to your email So also production. If you do not want to looking redound to your orto you can shoot your reports to email. For example, When you wake up, you'll get I m always from recruitment These detailed description What was So how much money you get and go? One more thing. What you should know if you go come profile in my account Pizza What? Your profile. Here You should have black all your websites and what you will use here is a complete for what we have provided you to registration. I brought this here is a tinkle. We're getting generals websites what are connected with our or couldn't work Here we connect more users, even preferences. What you like to receive would not receive. Okay, guys. So, uh, next bto show out war Cleese affiliate programs How to select them fearsome puree strength where concede daily graphs How much commission generate every day. The scout was like, OK, the next video, we'll show you Workways Advertisers there could not getting party general drinks, outages companies. 4. Rakuten Marketing work with Advertisers: So let's talk about good marketing advertisers. So first of all, thinks what you should check is the Here are expiring. Cooper's. If you're already promoting any advertiser from recruited marketing, then you can. You should check this section always, because here are special or sprawled. Your advertisers is Where is Well, here. You can see you messages from your advertisers. My basic provide you coupon coats or some special this console first for, uh, special for your fill it website. So in order to start, go to programs here is getting worse. So program what you can promote. You should decide what program you would like to problem. For example, for them, we would like to promote the bones. Let's click on gloves, and here you can see all programs what they would take up a moment. So, for example, this program self lender, as they provide here, is you can see return days means that they thesis got trekking 10 days. So if anyone will quick on your link on your floating and read or the next day in next 10 days, you'll still get commission here. You can see how much commission could get, so usually these programs plays 10 bucks from Oh, good, this one race 40% And you can see it was your diaries. 140 bucks. So not, but and here concedes that some programs got 45 days and even more. Here is a year when program start cooperation We didn marketing. Okay, let's go to three moment Where Kaiser's he would conceive advertisers, companies, big companies. What are in cooperation? We've circled in marketing. If you, uh, if you decided to promote company, you should click on applied by and here you can see started. So, uh, doctors, for example, sees worm declined. For some reason, uh, this one approved me. Unions is from the grind temporarily. So if I do change my website for the include Maria play, maybe they will approve me again. So this is called Works like what's looked. For example, go green, for example, a company. What I'm promoting. Okay, let's search for First of all. First of all, let's go Compute agrees. If you would like to use this strategy, what I'm sure you should join as many companies. Uh, it's possible. So, for example, that's great. Business is gone. It's a little thes you can see more than or pages a look now. Oh, program. So here you can see not a lot of companies. And we should click on the blood blight Rick opening and the companies who will approve your friends. You should start war Cui's. Then you will be able to decide right to focus on. So if you want to start the Sabbath services, just what you need to do is complete. Simply click on, apply the proof, okay? And tried to join his money as possible. The company will approve you. You will be able to select better one. What you would like to promote? Were you gonna It's great to work for every company and see what what company will generate you profit First, focus on this company jurisdiction, land advertisers. Okay, So, for example, you have selected company into you would like to, and you would like to get some were getting materials. You can see thes sites. So it means a country where company focus on from all of this company Onley in idiocies. But you can click on the company and here you can see hotel description. So what company do? How much they're going or different. So rich order. You could see more than 650 bucks type of corruption. Conceive a blend it one sales and, most important, one year of cookies. So this is very powerful. So if customers are your website ones for threatening and to endure directly to their website next, So the next one here with this case you will still get commission. So it's really both advertiser in four. So hearing music website categories or brother's brother get indoors with their from their website. Let's recall overs here continue possible offer. So this is standard for public And when you get a police want sale, you little speech you. But you're over. So I start for police one cookies returned in return days 30 days And, uh, when I get my first sale, they increase return days. So mostly all programs What you can see burner couldn't forgetting they will provide you but are over. Soon they will see police one sale or when you will start sending attracting them. Okay, so let's Grieco links type. So here, conceive that the's program Good images for your promotion provide 60 miles brother so simple. When they were quick I consume you products would be providing. So for example, if you get me, I will be able to generate when there exist one for the description. Come Corp Aziz or simply, I can generate deeply. People think it's the most powerful thing in recorded more giving. So for example, you would like to from for example So here's website hearing comport any link for website Let me show you for example this is my course. Open it copies exclaimed link to my course included Here here is signature. So from number I would like to promote these people. So here from somebody can put here to their user name here Or if I got only one accounting did a great thing. So if somebody real if I oppose these Tweeter unsure So for example, come treat post link here and, uh, somebody will week on it and by healthy in my reporting toe that somebody gored in signature signature to the airport So this will be displayed in this member I d section So here. So this is how it works like But before doing such direct marketing, make sure if company gallows post direct links you did not do himself 5. How to get coupons for affiliate marketing website: Okay, So if you want to get coupon courts for your let Web side, for example, we got coupon court website like this gun and you want to provide a coupon court on Quique , for example, if you visitors will frequency so far, we will see coupon code like these and be right directed to F that program. So where to get so in Rakuten marketing when you join a pilot, programs go to programs my advertisers and here you will see all least of your advertisers . So, for example, we would like to receive Cooper Court for these programs. Let's click on program name can go to links usually all group of courts you can find when you were three. Context in that story comes this week and here we conceive that, uh, here's a provide from a quote Ex extra pan. So users forget extra 10% of their order. Uh, some of their offers get from the policeman 50% off. So it started and thes overcomes without group, you can great Sidebottom your website. So, for when visitors quickly for me uh here you can instant off are displaying court hearing right? That's like a go to website is over. It will be redirected automatically if you use such poor person. Okay, so let's go back to programs. My entered either's. And let's get open court for them for this one, Gilly. Bad source. First of the received, like, quick program, close links. And here are next here we can see that percent percent off any segment. Trees with scooper for the theory scooper. Here you can see that different offers and the other coupons this upside provide many coupons from them. 100 keep the all will use these Cooper. So this is how it works. Like, first of all, we should go to Katie. Glorious future programs. So the kids category would you like to promote joining the programme? And when they go to my sympathizers And here we can see all the advertisers, but they look a woman. That was proof. And you can get coupon put by these criminals there or website Well, your rep as well. If website if the program do not have any proof imports, um, for example, this one right 5% off, but he didn't provide the instant off creating group in court. We can't go to a gun show you is Example What can use instant off coupon corpse? Great deals on your right side. So, for example, Price Waas country. Now it's only them bucks simple and then click. You deal There will be right directed to affiliate program So you could call the wing everything from here Time here. 5% off, Neil and redirect you. Who is this is Scott? Works like how courts website makes money by using different programs and make sure he shared my other videos, don't they?