How to use MockUps to Sell MORE Products | Kamal S. | Skillshare

How to use MockUps to Sell MORE Products

Kamal S., Designer/Internet Marketer

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3 Videos (20m)
    • 1 - Introduction to the course

    • 2 - How to use MockUps

    • 3 - Facebook Ads Banner Design


About This Class

Hey guys and welcome to this class: 

We all know that selling Mugs , Tshirts , Pillows can be very difficult to promote if you don't make a your work look attractive ,so for that I made this tutorial to show you : 

- How to use Mockups to beautiffuly present your product on your store

- How to apply a logo on the mockup using some design concepts

- How to make an attractive concept of a Facebook Ads Display banner

So all of that is to engage more people and make more sales.






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Kamal S.

Designer/Internet Marketer

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