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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (26m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. What is a Mind Map?

    • 3. Why we should use Mind Maps?

    • 4. Do Mind Maps really work?

    • 5. When to use a Mind Map?

    • 6. How to start creating a productive Mind Map?

    • 7. Mind Map Project

    • 8. Book example

    • 9. Course example

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About This Class

Our mind ability is amazing, but it also has its limits, and sometimes we just need help to make out the best of our abilities. For our mind, that means to let it focus on its best qualities, like idea-creation and problem-solving.

If our mind is flooded with ideas or information it will not be able to keep up the same level of productivity at organizing, testing, thinking, creating, and so on. There are great visual tools for that, and one of the best tools available is mind mapping.

The idea with this course is not only about giving you some tips on mind map creation, but rather to have a bigger perspective on what you could be doing with mind maps since they can have multiple applications for different purposes.

The tool itself is pretty simple to use, but the application can change for each project. We'll cover several of those applications, with some tips for each.

I'm going to share one of the best platforms for mind map creation, so you can start right away on the best option available, which also has additional benefits that we'll discuss on the course.

Mind maps have shown to be quite useful for personal organization, branding structure, studying aid, dynamic presentation, a book outlining, brainstorming, course creation, and much more. We'll review several of these appliances with some recommendations for each.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Jordy MadueƱo

Escritor Best-seller


Jordy Madueño ha desarrollado una vasta biblioteca de contenidos multiformato que se pueden organizar en las categorías de Espíritu, Mente y Cuerpo. La idea principal detrás de todo el contenido consiste en considerar el valor del tiempo. Después de todo, solo viviremos una vez y el tiempo no lo podremos detener.

Está en nosotros aprovechar al máximo lo que tenemos a nuestra disposición.

En este caso, su trabajo se encuentra disponible en una plétora de libros, audiolibros, cursos, artículos, podcasts, y demás. Solamente la historia sabrá la verdadera dimensión de su legado, el cual, sigue creciendo hoy en día.

Actualmente, él se encuentra presente en la ... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hi, I'm Jordi my Bueno and I am a vet selling author. On this course, I will sure, key ideas about the mindmaps, which I consider one of the best tools for professional and personal projects. I will share how I use them to write books, to create courses and much more digital content. I will also share it as Shao way to organize your company, your brand, and even your own life. So I'm sure it will be one of the best courses for your passionate, unprofessional benefit. Especially becomes is something that has pragmatic results. What I mean with that is that it's something that you will do and right away you will get several benefits from it. Having said so, I don't lie West in time, so I'm not going to waste your time. So let us start this course. 2. What is a Mind Map?: A mind map is a visual tool that can be helpful, a separate activity tool, or as a creative tool. The boy main is that it's a very useful tool for clarity. It's coming for all of us to be clutter or with thoughts, ideas, concepts, projects, desires, dreams and so on. All those moments we just want to take our thoughts out of our mind into the air so we can see them organize them better. Well, maybe it's not possible to take them out as Tony Stark does, at least not yet. Well, we can use mind maps for that purpose. We can't use my mops for what cells or to improve team work. What I mean with improving teaching worry is that you can showcase your vision in this way for your team to follow it. Also, you can set the project and invite your team to what their old ideas and opinions about it. Kind of creative brainstorming. You can create mindmaps with pen and paper and wishes to come away enough doing it. But since we are in the digital era, it's a good time too, sorry, using digital options or digital tools, you can search for mind-map Apps and you will find out a lot. I've heard of them, but I'm just going to talk about just one that I use becomes is the one that I have enjoy using. The reason for that is that it has a ton of other tools. Aside from mindmaps, he has great aesthetics. Wish us a desired it, I appreciate it a lot, really, a lot. After always have Vishal tool and the app dot I'm talking about is mirror. I use it for my courses like this one. I also use it for my books. Just organizing my books, my Brandon, and every single project that I have in my mind, but I struggled to make sense out of it. In simple words, my map is a visual tool for mental, mental clarity. 3. Why we should use Mind Maps?: I think the previous video portray a good reason to, sorry, using mind maps and we say is that it provides mental clarity a Jets. I'm going to take these video to expand under reasons that makes it a great tool for most of us. I know that if you are here is because you'll find these useful, but I want to portray several of its benefits so you can take advantage of this whole fullness, rational number 1, saturation. My maps allow us to keep creating new ideas and boost our brainstorming because we are no longer limited by our brains. We can boot old ETS in one place and keep them common. No reason number 2, problem definition. But having your brain out, you can assure Xin the issues and problems that may occur between thoughts, for example, which you may have a great idea, but realize that it goes against another idea. So you will have to pick one of those or find a way to make them work together. This is normal because jurors tend to be compatibility issues with all of our ideas. But the good thing is that by having them out, we can recognize those issues so we can solve them or make the best option. Recent number 3, self understanding. Sometimes it is hard, really hard to express ourselves even to ourselves. Hence, my maps can work as a way of self-expression and self-understanding. You can use mind maps for soul and your personal ve Shalom version or branding or as a self-discovery journal where you soon the amber for minimalism. I mean, the beauty of my maps is that we must express our ideas with Delhi's quantity of warts that provides another level of clarity through the whole process. Return number five, colors. As I said, my mumps are a visual tool, so it's quite important to be visually attractive and cohesive. You can set coolers to set patterns, types, authorities, and so on. Recent numbers six, heirarchy. One of the most important qualities of organizing is hierarchy die we set within. Using colors, styles, or positions. We can say priorities within the project, and that will help us a lot with the execution of our projects. Raise some numbers, haven't perspective when the mind map is finish, where we'll be able to see the whole structure of the project from beginning to end, from the macro-structure to descend pool detail. Sometimes we'd get a shot with the details. So this is a great solution for that. I hope other these solutions or all of these reasons are compelling enough to inspire you to keep using this tool. I'll also that you can visualize what's the best use for your own case. 4. Do Mind Maps really work?: Well, in my personal experience, it totally dash. I'm going to tell you how I use them so you can see for yourself if those work or not. Example number 1, business structure, I want so now meet on a middle of that transitioning into my personal brand phone, my business that had been running for like seven years or so. Hence, I had tons of ideas, but I didn't have a lot of time for it. So I needed a way to structure everything into most productive way possible. Using pen and paper is nice, but it is also limited. I preferred a Miro up on wish I started with my vision division of island of my brand. Then the products that I wanted to offer, that monetization, research, acumen, communication platforms, and so on. Everything about my brand. A very important power was to structure my work in progress with my personal brand. As I said, had some limitations, for example, time. So I needed to find a creation process that allow me to create a product that I wanted. Here's where the ideas came on. I started organizing all of those ideas and discovered that some ideas will just not work, but some others will. So I need to focus on those as well. Then the next fame idea was something like a to-do list within the mind map as a pragmatic approach to achieve my vision. Example number 2, writing a book, I have fright him several books, or sorry, Anna at Cheryl, which means that I knew nothing about tools or anything to write a book. Over the years. I have learned to shard the outline of that book, and that's my job for my maps. I bribed my whole ideas for topics and the Berg into mind-map. And then I add some sources of information for further research. I try to organize the topics so it makes more sense for her to read it out to other. That's not always the case, but That's the general idea. Example number 3. Creating courses. I tend to consume a lot of content like articles, books, podcasts, videos, and so on. When I find a topic that I already know, because I have joined already, then I decide to create a content about it. I do a little bit of research to find everything related to that topic and start adding dose-related topics in a mindmap. So I kind of have a giraffe, the structure for the course. Then I start moving around topics. I'd in subtopics and editing it all as I feel more comfortable with the content of the course. It will never be perfect actually, for a t-score is a half shame. Several things that are on my mind map becomes a mind-map is just a guideline that you can change on the go if you want. I wanted to share with you my passion and experiments so you can see that they work because I already have published several books, courses and XOM. So there's a proof of concept. There is a proof that eat that speed that's work. In the next video, we are going to review other uses for my maps that goes beyond of my personal experience and can help you choose, see what you can do with mindmaps. 5. When to use a Mind Map?: I have shared with you some examples of how mindmaps have worked for me. But here I will share it with the other ways you can use my image so you can analyze dose example and see if it fails, it fits forward your differing goals. Example number one, study eight. This means that you can organize confusing concepts and help you make sense out of all of those concepts. After all, it's easier to learn something or to learn a topic if you can understand that topic. You can also create cases, scenarios on waste. You can analyze conditionals like what will happen if a or B occurs and repair this as many times you need to understand the possibilities for each concept that you need to learn. This can be useful for programming Madison or any other area of knowledge. Example number 2, research. This is great on something I used for my books. I take time to do my research, but it's impossible for me to get old a information just in my brain because I cannot organize, every can always are, and every information and pick the important parts or the important topic of that information, just immigrants. So I need a mindmap for DAT. Besides, it's useful to all show out the references in case you are going to write up a report, article, book or whatever. The beauty of adding references in a mind-map is that it's all organized. And you can see that picture whole mixture at once. I'm in such a white perspective, it's important to know where you are coming from and also where do you want to go with all that information? Example number 3, brainstorm have used pen and paper, whiteboards, digital whiteboards. But it's not a being close to how clean, organized and visually appealing it is as a mindmap. So either you are on that company meeting, team meeting family meaning, or in your time of meeting, the best way to record and organize old ideas is through a mindmap, which you can compare ideas. She will have no layman's normal pen and paper or in your mind, you can analyze the viability of those ideas and show on, I definitely recommend giving it a try because it's so much better this way. Example number 4, presentation that month dish with a mind map as a presentation is that you consuming for that details of the content on zoom out for the whole picture of what you're trying to share with other people. Which can be helpful to maintain focus on the main goal as you all should get to individual contexts. For topic, you can have a time-like structure, timeline structure for your mind map to show the progress of your accompany or to progress of your products already been to show this step for each project. It can be a presentation. We'd get benefit of contexts and a wider perspective. Example number 5, workflow. And use my maps to set goals and tax for you a whole team with a clear vision in mind in case you are starting your work for your own. You can set our workflow for yourself to be more productive and to set priorities. That's why I did when I started my personal brand, I started to thinking, well, I want to write Berg scrape courses, grew it out a bit. Gray articles, record videos, podcasts, and all of that. So I sort of thinking which content I shall start with and how to continue. For example, I can start writing an article and then make a video about that article, and then extract the audio of that video to make a podcast. Wait, I'm creating all that content, which is way easier than writing an article named writing a script for a video of him writing a script for a pod. Guess. It's just way easier in this way. And it was easier to see that process by creating a mind map of warfare. By organizing my worthwhile, I was able to save time, said priorities unorganized, organized my life after old life is not just about working, right? Anyway, there are a lot of users for my mumps and I hope you can find yours. 6. How to start creating a productive Mind Map?: Shortly, Let's see how we kind of structural our mind mud through the app of mirror. So when I opened the app of Miro, this is what I get. I gave the option to create a mind map, but since I already have my all my maps, I'm going to use this one which is a draft. So we can have an idea of how to use it first. The first step that we must follow is to start where to focus. So what do I mean with that? Well, I'm going to do here, I'm going to create a mind map. And four down my math, a neat idea, for example, let's say I'm going to write a book about auto know English, how to learn English, learning English laicite does debug, don't want to write, which is kind of true. But that's not the point here. So we have a focus and my idea is to teach other people how to learn English. Then danza Mayo days, that's my focus. Then I count as sharp weight subgroups. For example, a one level. Or I can talk about falls friends when a languages or things like that, those are going to be sub-groups. But the important thing to consider with super groups is that I need to think about key ideas. Associate a1 is a key idea because there's even more content within a one. Which can be, for example, gradings. Something that I need to do, which is gradings in A1. That's something basic that I need to teach all the people or the vase. If that other people need to learn about English, then a half those key ideas by also have Grb ideas. For example, I have 4s, Friends, Mommy, be full friends, shoe, go under 801. Show. I need to organize it this way. Maybe moving this here and maybe moving folds friends down here. So now I have, these are the years as I grew up within a one step. The third step is to debit oh Father, which means to add more details, slight formality or casual gradings and things like that. So I count feel dent details on each one of those topics or dose IDS. Now, the final step for me is to analyze and think, maybe I shall move these over here. Maybe I should move these up here. Maybe I shouldn't change the order. Maybe I should do days, maybe I should do. This sounds better in this way. Or maybe I should add something right here, like be a one and this one. Or maybe I should change the color so it can be more clear for me and maybe I should make the stakes are there'll be bolder show. I can remember that it's something important to talk about or something like that. Yeah, right. So I analyze or maybe it's a little bit messy this way because I'm moving things around. That here is something amazing that I love that is available in the app of mirror wishes to automatically align everything so it kinda look better so he can look nicer. And that's the way of doing it. My friends, I don't want to talk more about Miro. Maybe I can create a course if you want. I can create a course to talk more about mirror, the mirror. But the idea here is, so you can understand how to start with your own mind map. As I said, simple, it should be visually attractive. Don't complicate your life. Issue will be very rarely shameful. Use simple words. Make it very minimalistic because they DO is so you can understand that and you can have a clear understanding of why Guan to say, Well, why do you want to express or how you wanted to organize your thoughts? So, as I said, is pretty simple and that says you just have to create your own all my map for the wing is one of the steps which are simple to use and you should be doing right now. 7. Mind Map Project: It's your time to start grading your own mindmaps. I'm sure you will have several ideas from how to apply it. Maybe you will use it. So stunning jaw, a business tool or original tool or any older appliances we have seen. Whatever the project you might have in mind. I'm very curious to hate to see how you structure it so they can screenshot and share it with me or with the community on our discord community, because it's the only place I shake daily. And you see on the place we can share and communicate and learn together. We might share ideas and even learn more about each other because that's the beauty of being in a community of people like minded. Having said so, I will be waiting for you on these court. And I wish you and I wish you a nice time, a pretty nice time creating your next mind-map. 8. Book example: Show us about news as a bonus, I wanted to share with you my, my math for my book. This is the big deal I'm writing on. The big-time preparing to polish is just a work in progress. So bear with me. The book is going to be cold. Panko, which means health in Japanese because he's going to be a Buddha. We'll talk about health a half a structure in this way. Chapter one, chapter two, chapter three. As I have told you, you should write your whole ideas. But the point here is that I'm structuring this book from information that I read every single day. So I cannot pull all the ideas just as you want. What I do is I'm creating, for example here, chapter choose microbiome. I create this topic. The idea is, I'm going to talk about but microbiome till here it's like a main idea for this chapter. And then I have a reference on which I will analyze, make my own research, my own investigations and allies, older topics that are important or relevant for this idea, which is microbiome. What we can learn about microbiome, how we can use that knowledge for our benefit. And that will be Chapter two. Old should have shut up to three wishes to mythopoetic effects of intermittent fasting. I also have a reference for that. So that's dy, way. I'm structuring this book, which is having a general idea on, I will be adding more chapters, chapter, chapter after chapter to have idea of topics on I wanted to talk about in these first book because my ideation make a serious about this topic of health topics. And here into Chapter 1, I already have a better structure of what I want to talk about because I already did the job. So we I don't have all the details here because I erased them. I deleted them. But here's the structured I have on my book when I shop I wanted is about public health, Milligan trust, knowledge, humility of policies WE Erasmus and different nato scientific arch area. Although now there's going to be in the first chapter and introduction. And as you can see, it's already a structured this way because D was at mass. Dios, what I wanted to talk, I change it. A made a lot of Corrections about this. And you can have any idea how hard it is to write a book. When I'm telling you that I have made a lot of changes on this. I actually have a couple of moles working charts and the first chapter shoot, you can have an idea how hard it is sometimes to write a book. But that's life. That's the word, that idea does. The life of a writer and answer what I do. But this helps me a lot to make those fixes to know what I want, to know what I wanted to do. Do you know my starting point? Where do I want you to go and how each one of these subtopics, for example, how medical and costs or knowledge humility is connected to, for example, microbiome. And you may say, this has nothing to do. Those are not related at all, but maybe it is because I have these ideas of how to connect this concept or have to mention some things that we are wrong about microbiome and kinetic Jew knowledge humility because we need humility in our knowledge, in everything that we learn. So we count as some better some topics. And maybe I reference that in the chapter of microbiome. So everything is connected. And thus why I do in my map where I can connect everything, I have more clarity about the topics that I wanted to share. And this is just an example of a book, a book that I'm writing and hopefully I won't publish soon. 9. Course example: Now in dislocation, let's see how discourse looks like in a mindmap. So here I have this course, which is how I use or how to use My Maps, half the structure or what is on my map. I have the stretcher of one of the lessons. I maybe have. The pun is here is the bad news, here's the bonus and I are ready to recall it and I published. So as you can see, here's everything. You here you have the key IDS, which are the lessons. Then you also have the structure of those ideas and even some details that I want to talk about. Structures. Everything I have fault ever is just here. I organized it already. And what I do is I use these a structure. From the substructure. I started writing the script for the courses and also the way I do it. So here you have, I think, I think there are other examples. For example, a book, a book can get really, really long in a structure, really messy, so it helps allowed to use on my map. In this case, this is a mini-course, is not such a big course. I have created really, really long courses. And he can read really complicated and use triangle out a law to understand where to begin the word twine, where to put each topic. What are my map can help you at all, as you can see, it is prepare for you to do that is prepare it. It's a tool that has that purpose. And so we shall use in it because it's a tool for that purpose. Anyway, here's my mind map for this tool, as you can see, here's everything we have seen. So as I mentioned in another video, in another lesson, It's not exactly as we have seen the chorus because this is just a guideline and free to change it as I believe so because you just a guideline guideline to help you be more organized. And half my structure, I have a goal in mind from where you're coming from, on where you are going to with all this information. So this actually a great example of that.