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How to use Lumion Beginners guide

teacher avatar Khushal Panchariya, Create with KP

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

11 Lessons (1h 5m)
    • 1. Introduction What you'll learn in this class

    • 2. Chapter 1 Introduction to Lumion

    • 3. Chapter 2 Prerequisite to use Lumion

    • 4. Chapter 3 Detailed view on what can be achieved on Lumion

    • 5. Chapter 4 Navigation keys in Lumion

    • 6. Chapter 5 Tools and HUD

    • 7. Chapter 6 Detailed view on Lumion tools

    • 8. Chapter 7 Importing external objects models

    • 9. Chapter 8 Using Lumions camara mode

    • 10. Chapter 9 Using Lumions video mode

    • 11. Chapter 10 Congratulations and updates on future classes

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About This Class

Hi there, my name is Khushal. This is a lesson on how to use Lumion.

This course is for people new to Lumion and 3d rendering. The people who are and also are not familiar with any 3D rendering software or render engines.

Learn how to navigate through lumion, create scenes, using lumions material and object library, using the photo/camara mode to create renders of your model to achieve maximum photo realism.

  • Prerequisite knowledge is not required to learn this class
  • Ownership of Lumion software either student(free) or full version(paid)

I hope you find this class helpful, for any further doubts feel free to contact me in the discussion or comments section below the course.

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Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Khushal Panchariya

Create with KP


Hello, I'm Khushal. I have a wide range of creative interest in Art, Digital art and 3D visualization rendering in architecture.

For any quarries, you can join my telegram by Click Here

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1. Introduction What you'll learn in this class: I'm going on in this class, advocating you hope to use union will be learning auto photo realistic renders as images and videos as well. So you'll be learning how to walk throughs. And I'll also be teaching you how to import mortals from different Softwares in toluene and then create for the realistic renders. And I'll also be guiding you through our, though, are all software has been. So if you find this interesting where he was full, you can continue watching my place. 2. Chapter 1 Introduction to Lumion: Welcome to Chapter one. In this chapter, I'll be treating you or Islam Ian, for whom this can be helpful, how easy or hard this software can be compared to other rendering Softwares. And what you can achieve after this class, so gloomy on is a rendering software. It is surrender engine, so you cannot. Baylor did your models in this, so you can only do that. You cannot edit your geometry of your mortal. This software can be useful to interior designers, architects or any person who is interested in creating environments or realistic renders any through the artist or a new digital creator who wants to create a renders for a specific scene. And also you can create the maps like, for example, game maps. But this would not have any physics honored, so you cannot use it or exporter to anything. You can just use it for a concept, art or something like that. So if any of these employees to you, then you can use the software. So how easy or hard this offers to other rendering software. So there are a couple of renderings outwards out there. There is emotional is on riel engine. There is the berry. And then there is looming on so luminous created towards a perspective. Someone wasa very limited knowledge about using rendering software so you don't need much previous knowledge from many three D renderings. Officers event start off as a beginner, and everything is already like a pre certain immune. So you can already have your models important with all the materials, and you can directly start rendering the rendering. Research will also be available so everything is already made for you, so you can create very good renders and have a nice outcome by putting very little effort. And by practicing, you can increase and start creating your own pre Certs as well, so you can do very good renders with having a minimum knowledge. So after this class, on the scale of 1 to 10 I can say that he will be at four or five, depending on how much off practice and the only way you can get more above the scale is by practicing and learning by trial and error. That's it for Chapter One. In the next, chapters will be learning for their about their union 3. Chapter 2 Prerequisite to use Lumion: This is Chapter two. We talking about the prerequisites required to use Lumi on so you would require the software itself either paid or free student version so you can goto Union's website. Depending on your requirement, you can go and check out no man's website on. Don't know the student was. And if you're a student, what, you're going to even pay for this off better. You do not require any previous knowledge from any other rendering software. Like I said before, you can start over having zero knowledge about rendering. And then I started long gone and great great results. You're so since Lumi on is a GPU based software, it is deep you insert inventive, you will need ah higher GPU in your computer. I need something which can take up the Lord that you're going to put on it on. Also, I suggest that you need a 16 TB ammonia BC, since union uses a lot of storage as your model gets heavy and heavy and if you have lord stories, you will not be able to save the file since it will crash due to lack of memory. So it is best suggested that you get 16 dp, but even more if you are going to use every other models, create larger size. Ordell's everything Community the Candace Run on your PC commune's website has the specifications written for the minimum requirements off the software. You can check them out as well. And if your PC can Brendon Phelan work, if it can't run the software and if it is closed, toe the minimum requirements, I have a way you can still use a low moan and still do, and there's honored. So after you install immune from London's website, you're you will get a benchmarking and progress screen like this on immune itself. I'm using Lumia nine. Whether you use a daughter seven or in an insulated wasn road right now. So either off those you will get a benchmarking so loony on will benchmark your computer and give you results like this. So if you are in the green section like I am, then you're really angered. And if you're not in the green area on different shows red or orange to you, you can also make it run better on your PC by following these steps. After you open Lou immune, you will find the settings icon on the right bottom. You can click on this gear icon, and once you do that, you will be taken to this space. The editor quantity and I needed a solution will be, uh, sect order de force. What you have to do is you have to reduce it by depending on how much over your PC can handle. So if you have a mid range BC, which requires only a little bit of a boost, you can just ready wizard by one star and reduce it from 100 to 66 legged radio. Or you can even go one start and 50% and then you have to click on this tick box. Once you do that, you will be. You will be having this bar on this file so I can hear it will be giving you a graph from to slow. Many moment recommended. You can click on this by career on the bench mark. Once you do, that will be taken to this graph again. And then you can click on this rerun benchmark and then click here. Okay? After you know that you should see that the order grafts have gone up. So if you are in the green area and if you are in the minimum, then your PC will work very much. Okay? With the water mortals you put in and you will be able to go rendering very easily on it. But that's it for this chapter toe. The chapter three will be going in tow. The navigation tools on. And how do begin with me on itself? 4. Chapter 3 Detailed view on what can be achieved on Lumion: but come to Chapter three. This is a do. Tell everyone what can be achieved in room you're in and what can be also. So what you can do is you can do photo realistic day or night rain, dirty majors, photo realistic day or night rendered videos or walk throughs for the realistic day or night rendered Panaro momentous. And also you can go for for the realistic day or night. 3 60 degree. We are ready images as well. So you goingto images videos. You can go. Ah, panorama short off. A complete image you have on you can do with 3 60 degree we already rendered as well. You can, ah, animate the gloomy on objects available in the low immune library. So there are some human objects. There are animals. There is plants so you can animate them. You can import external objects from different Softwares, import external animated objects from different software. So if for to say, you made a model of a car in three DS max and you animated the real story rotate, you can import that into low immune by selecting import animations on option in lieu, immune and important with the animation as well. You can create different scenes so you can clear rainy scenes snow. But summer scenes, autumn seems, depending on your requirements or how you want this rendered image to be. Finally, depending on that, you can create a various scenes. You can create environments using Loman's objects in the loamy in library as well we're gonna create. You're gonna use the plants or three years or grass for there is required to you. There is a bunch of objects that are available in the loamy on library will get into utilize in the further classes. You will also be having for the realistic materials in Romans library as well. So if you import a three D object from an external software, you can also use lumens materials and apply those for the realistic grand Nigerians to the object. What you can't do in lieu munis. You can't edit the geometry over the important objects or mortars, like I said before, and what you can do is you can't create animations for the important objects. So, like I said, you can import the cards mortal from three DS max, which is already animated in the loamy on but you can't animate the important mortar like if you import a car, you can't an image that important car to move for money. And another, you have to import that in the three D software and then imported into Lumen with the three D animations on That's it for Chapter three. 5. Chapter 4 Navigation keys in Lumion: this is a Chapter four. I'll be explaining the navigation keys and Lumi on. So just like any game, if you have played any game before, WSB is to move front and back or left and right, say main Union Wst is used to move front and back or up and down or left and right. Que Wendy is used to move up and down. And if you hold on shift and it was your ws, Nikki's arguing Kiki's. It'll moves faster so you can move a bit faster than your usual movement. And if you hold on space and use the movement kids, you'll move a bit slower. If you hold on, shift in space together while using your movement key, you will move two times faster than the regular spirit falling down the right. Most click will help you look around the model and holding. Clicking the left mosque E will help you select. The important models are objects in Rumyana. Using the scroll wheel can help you zoom in or zoom or tinto the model and holding the right musky and using your movement tools together will help you center the object and look around or move around the model. So let's hope into Lumi on and let's try out this key Bynes. So when she launched your low me on for the first time, this will be the home screen you will be having empty templates off a plane crash with sky will be having since certain night mountain range and mountain grains in spring, and you'll also be having a plain white seeing as well. So these are empty templates. You. Can you click on anyone off these and based on what is your requirement? You can click on any one of these and you can start creating your scene, and you can also go to the example files. Solomon has already created few example files for beginners to use and start doing trial and error. The next one is Lord seen, if you, for, say, you have already created a blank template and you have already started importing or mortals and you want Oh Lord. In another scene, you can go to your previous lorded scenes here, and you can click on them and open your eyes will. And then the last one is the safe seen. You can save your Loman file from here. Let's go back toe Example files will be using living room interior as our project today, depending on your lumia inversion, you may or may not have the specifics seen. So if in case you don't have this one and you're using a different version, you can open any other example file. It will work just fine for this class, and Sloman has ordered the model. We can go by using the navigation keys so W A S D is toe. Move around the model on cue and used to move up and down or loan shift on the movement keys to move. Ah, a bit faster on hold on space and the movement keys to move slow. You can also hold on shift and space together and click on the movement keys to move two times faster. This this is a regular spirit. You can hold on the right mouse button toe look around like this, and he was the left mouse button to click and select objects holding down the right. Most button can use their ws Dickie's Onda look around, so keep an object center like If I want to keep this green chair center, I will. It was my right most button. I'll hold it down and I lose. My movement is to move around while looking at that object itself. You have to keep your cross there on the chair so you'll have to move your mouse around like this while moving the movement key and holding down the most button like this. I hope you get the idea. And I took for the moment ALS in getting gloomy on. 6. Chapter 5 Tools and HUD: chapter fight, I'll be explaining their doors and a jury off gloomy on itself. So on the top right corner you'll find a small box that is this. It will indicate your frames and specifications of your model like show the size and how many FPs you're getting. And below that you will find a specifications for the selected object so you're you'll find settings and specifications off objector you selected within your model. So for Sarah, if I select this rug, it will show me the settings for this rug on on the bottom. Right that is this you'll find. First, you'll find instructions so it will show you it will help your guide you through the key binds that are all research. So that is one and then below that, you will find all of your exporting rules settings saving file, build more camera more All that, except about things. Here on the bottom left corner, you will find the tools to help build your model and create your scenes and also hard materials, etcetera. On under top left, that is, this party will find the layers option. So here it is, showing one you will have 2345 and you can add on any amount of layers you want. So the use of layers this if you are your furniture in layer two, and if you want to turn it off, you can click on this. I I can, and it will. Invisible lob Jackson layer toe. So if you're for example, if you have ceiling lights and you are doing a day rendering your toe warned the lights to be seen in the data under, you can put them on Layer two and turn it off and then go our day render, and then when you want to ruin night render, you can turn on the light second and then the one I trained arrest. So that is the use of layers. You can hurt many more. That's it for Chapter five. In Chapter six, I'll be giving her. Do you tell a review on all the tools that we need to create our scenes 7. Chapter 6 Detailed view on Lumion tools: they come to chapter six and this will be seeing about the Lumen tools in detail. Oh, yes, it does. Now, once you have lorded in your example file from low me on itself, you'll see that on the left bottom you have these tools that Romeo and provides you. So let's get started with the 1st 1 from the right. This is a better story. This allows you to change the clothes and the sun's brightness and the number of clothes and also the height of the sun and the direction of this. And so, if I move this direction off the sun on the campus, you see the shadows are being affected by the movement life. Understand that this is not your final render. You have toe rendered further on in the fordo mode, which will be learning in the future class as well. We're getting back to the same direction. If you move this along, the compose the direction of the sun moves along with it and everything happens. Life. So once that is done, you can see that you're gonna grease the height. If I increase the height, the shadows are much deeper in our room. And if I reduce the height, you see that the charter the sunlight comes much more into our rooms to see the clouds began Go sort of the mortar. So you conceived this. If I increase the number of clothes, it see that it gets more glory. So that is that it's get back into our modern Okay, so the next one is landscape. A landscape helps us create various kinds off landscape within low immune. So say that this is your plane grown, which you have, and you want to create our depression in this to create upon. So you will go to your height adjustment tools and you'll click on the lower one. Andi will decrease the brush size depending on how much you wanted to go on a brush spread spirit. So this will help you create a depression in the ground like this. So all you after Lewis click on your most left key and it will create this depression all your after Lewis painted like this and to bring it back up. You can click on this race stool on and paint back on it so it will raise and you can also raise a condor like this by clicking on the race toward or also you can smooth and it like this. So it is that it is back to being flat. So let me show you how toe in the water. If you create this and if you go to your water bottle, you'll see that you have a place object the lead on move so you can click on this thumbnail and you will get a very is different water options. So they just say, Well, select born and we'll click and drag ground upon you and we can click on the move tool on. We're for that on like this and stretch it on our counter and put it in this as you see you , we've created upon by availing the contours by creating a depression and adding a water layer here. So you can also change this water later on after you have added are you after the recess, click on this terminal and select anything you like. And after this we have more options like ocean. You can even turn on or turn off ocean based on your landscape. Oh, well, just turn it off. So there are other options. If you go to this pain tools, you'll see different options like stone siren learned out here. Let's item stone. It is the same way as how we are depression in the landscape or raise contours so we'll let us select stone. You can also select different kinds of stone here by clicking on the X Tornado. Here is just select this one on Duh, it's decree increase, suppress, speared on decrease the breast face and it's a start painting here. So you see that way we're starting to get some stones that owned over landscape every so mean we're going to hear much cured. You know, we have stones here, so it is so easy Toe paint, stone or grass. But even out toward the road corridors in lieu immune. We can add grass back by clicking this grass thumbnail and painting it back on this. So you see that we are covering the strong back to grass. 30. So easy. That is what I'm trying to show you. So moving further there is landscape grass that is one option called less open street map. So I would not be explaining this as this is not quite necessary in this beginner's guide. So this is landscape grass, the line which we already have. It will Jane settings to there so we can increase the height off the grass. Uh, like this on we couldn't decrease the size can includes the awareness or degrees awareness . So you can even add in your own type off materials that you want between the class. So if you want rocks, Toby Ah, but our number place don't know landscape you're gonna like this on. You can have something like you're gonna have some flowers, things like that. So, as you see, no rocks have been added to our landscape and increase the dynamite say's every different rock will be different size and also increase the size like this. So the flowers have just creased and also increase the spread so it will be spread more wild widely across the landscape. Or you can decrease it so it will be spread no sleep to each other like this. Undersander Changing these settings in this landscape will affect the complete landscape. So or say if I go anywhere here, I will still find a disgrace here. If you want to specifically apply that to a certain area, you will have to argue grass material to the limit object on and then you can drive them. They are these on the low millions object library as well. So let's just, uh, they move this. You know, we have cleared all that. Let's move on toe the next turtles. That is the material option. Go back to our modern to add some materials. So as you see that the example file orderly has all the material cider. I can still show you by adding various different materials. So So this concrete paving say, I don't like this and I want to add a different material all and after always go back and you can see that we have different tabs here. So nature, this will show you all of our natural materials like grass, stone, rock, soil, water for and things like that. So let's say we want something or outdoors. So there is indoors as well. There are different materials like a break glass, leather, steal, anything you want to bet. Just click on this and you see that you have so many different options. You like this one would you will see that we are so many word materials here, and all of these materials are very high quality. So you're rendering will look very good with these. So let's go to the out birthing on. Let's add something which has a stone texture to it and say I want to add this all after we select that and you see wherever this materialists in lieu immune the way material walk is wherever you have this material, it'll change it through or the model. So say this is glass. And if I want to change this glass here separately, and this glass separately here, that will not happen since. All off these glasses, Same material. So if you want to are different material to this class and this class, you the mortal which you import from our different software likes ketchup or three DS max. They have to a play different materials to each class, so you can add the glass one through this and glass. Toto this and then separately, add materials to each of them. I guess it might be a little confusing to understand this way, but it is very simple resting tool. So if you click on weathering and if you look at this, say if you select, you can select different materials like wood or leather, stone aluminium, any any material that is available here. So stone seems good. Since this is similar to stone, it starts some weathering. What this does is it creates of some kind off moisture and fungus on the material create, giving it a more natural look. Since everything in real life is not so polished and it will also help smooth on the edges so it will round off the edges instead of having them sharp as this. So, as you see, here it is is like a 90 degree stone. So in real life, the stone will not be so sharply cut. You can also increase the weathering. So now you see, it makes it rough, so it will create more realistic kind of an effect on the material. Also create this, uh, oils and fungus sent things like that after the settings, you can also hard for a ledger toe. Give it a more natural look if you're going for that so you can increase the spread on this so you will see that slowly starts coming in on a stone so say there is a very old place or a monument where, uh, it is not much maintained and there is more moisture, so the surface catches fungus and there are leaves growing on it. So you can use this this setting in that kind of a scenario. So this is how that for allegedly O'Connor. So just portrait zero since we're doing one that Okay, so that is you can is this big box toe, save your changes. And then there are so many different materials that you're gonna go through. Say, we want toe change the glass and go back to this class, and you can hurt turned toe. Say you want a bound where you want it to be flustered. But there are so many material options that are available in blue immune. There's so many different letter so many different fabrics plastics, stone, or there are so many options that you can use for your model to give it a realistic look so gloomy and has created so many different presets that are already available, which you can use in your model. So that's it for the materials Expo onto objects and objects, you will see that we can. Loman allows your toe import trees, transports, human figures or animals outdoor objects. Indoor objects also add effects like fire or light, or leave falling off sound. You can also add sounds, so if you're creating a video walk through when also it sounds like human sounds or animal zones. There are also light, so you can I'd like you to Selene, your light school lights or spotlights etcetera. And this this file icon gives you an option to import any mortal from an external 35. So that is that. So let's get into some off the exact union provides. You can click on the nature off. I can hear and click on this place. Object. So once you do that, you will get this options off different trees so you can see that we have broad leave Corning for respond. We have many different options here. If you go to Coney for us, you can see that we have a human celebrate showing the height off the tree that will be placed in the model. So this you see that the human celebrities so small, so that is going to be very high. And for something like this. There is going to be short so you can just click on this and then you can come into low immune, and you can see that you have an option to place territory like this. So it is so simple. All you after Lewis, click on this place Electra Tree and the script in the model like this, so you'll be able to place it. And then, if you want to make specifics, changes to these are your after Lewis. Click on this car, Sarai Khan, And then you will get these small balls, which you can click here. If you click on this ball, you will get an option. Tow chain settings for this specific. So say I want O change the green in the street. I want a different color on there, so you see it's more prone or red, depending on whatever you want, so just make it a little bit own. Just a green selection areas very how you decide to return in selection range and Ingres, or decrease transparency so you can do that. And then you have different options, like rotation scale, and these are your moment options. So if you go to rotate. You can rotate this like this so you can randomize your rotation of your trees. Give it a more natural look like this since all the trees won't be facing and orienting the same way you can do this in an organization can also click on this scale like unearned scale 13 big and 13 smaller than each other toe. Give it a more random look and then you have the moment options like if say, you want to move this tree away from your you can select this and you can move your tree on the surface like this anywhere you like. You can also increase move it up and owned by selecting these So this will only restrict it from moving up and down. And you will not be about the word left or right. And this will only restricted for morning left or right not upend on. So that is the different movement options and different placement options. But these the same goes for any other object in Lamu In Say you want to add ah, human figure. You can just go to your people I can and go this place and select anyone from this. Say you want to our discount. You can just click on him and you can place it here, this click and then the same course. By all of this, you can rotate them in a new direction. You can also move them our own like this, and you can also increase or decrease their hired by depending on. If you have someone on the ground floor and someone on the floor first floor, you can also move them up and down like this, so those are your options to place. There's so many different ones, like cards of boards, buses. You'll have construction vehicles, cars, so many different options. So no man has provided so many so many mortars that are readily available. And you don't have to important everything from a different three D software. These murders are very high quality. You can select them and you can change their color like this. So those are your objects and all tired affects like this. So se boto FX and place, and you want to add something like a fire and you can anything you're on, you can hurt us that So I say you have a new indoor object, and you want to add a fireplace or something like that, or even if you have a gashed off, these are the orders are different effects available in Loman. You cannot smoke like this. Aren't some smoke effects that are something like Read this and it's place a great smoke. So you see that Greer's that realistic look here, like something is burning there. In less options, you can use lumens objects to create your desired Lochore, a senior one specifically in Rumyana, So you see that Loman's models are already animated, so these will also work in your really a walk through and give it that realistic wipe. You just have to go through all of these. You'll see so many different things here. The stir. Click on the delete key on, and you have to be in that specific panel toe elite a certain objects. So if you want to delete affect you afterward, FX panel on you want to delete this? If if you are in the effects and if you are trying to delete the car, it won't work. You have to go to your transfer tool, and then you'll find an option for the future. Same goes with every other thing, like people as well on trees. Something like this. Take for Chapter six. Those are your main goals in low immune In the next chapter will be seeing how to import mortals into low immune from different three D software is. 8. Chapter 7 Importing external objects models: come to Chapter seven in this chapter, I'll be teaching you how to import external objects or models from difference office, like three DS max or sketch up or a new, different three D modeling software you guys use now. So you want to import your own models in total immune. You. Let's click on this, and I'll import something from the previous class, which I've made in sketch up. So I just click on this click on this on Click on Import and select your Sketch of Fight and said like this. You can also select different file formats from D A. Files are to be expired. Sketch up fires, auto card files three ds max fires opened a file So you have so many options here toe important alone. You select this class project are not open this. So once you click on that, you will see that there is giving this more than Lombardi. For category, you can select a Kartik recreate categories, depending on. If you want to arrange them in folders, import it just in sketch up. You'll have a Jesus your lanes. You can import those ages into low immune, or you can turn them off. Generally, everyone's everyone's preferences off. I prefer off as well, since it gives a realistic wife. So let's just click on this and let me on Reload your mortal into it. So once Romeo on dessert, you can just click to play, sir, And go back to your car, sir. And you will see that you have your mortal important aluminum like this. So you're going to the same as well as how you can entertain scale your objects with the lumens existing library. Say, I want to rotate this. I can do this again. Rotated on. I can also give it some height by going to this on giving it. Some might take this. So now you see, we have our sketch of mortal important. But how? The models materials are from sketch ups important, and they are not quite good for low me on. So what you want to do is you want to go back to your materials option and click on this material. So, like I said, with the glass material, wherever the last materially supplied, same material will be applied to every other glass material that is in the same category from the important object. So now this is my exterior pain on my exterior. Paint his throughout my building. So you see, it highlights that green area. So even if I select this wallet will affect every single area off this building which is in this material that is named as default material. If I over over this glass, it is showing translucent glass. So it is going toe, Uh, are the material to this So this and also this so you can see which material will be affected by it. So that's at the glass. Let's click on this on goto pure glass under tires up your glass layer There. We can also are different class by going back outdoor, selecting glass and selecting any glass reserve like this. So you see, we have hour glass. Important, though sketch up smarter in London. So you have some materiality of already importance ketchup, and you don't have it in lieu immune and you feel like you like that material better you can go to standard like, say, I want this paving store Toby as how it is important. So let's select this material and click on standard. We see I'll get options to customize this material. Is that so? I reduce the close and reduce the reflectivity. Increase the relief. I can also move the bump map up or don't So you see the stone is being bumped up? No. And if I n word this the crevice in between the stones will be bombed down. So I would like it being up. So you see you get a bump effect on there. So if I want to our grass material toe this grass, it will affect all of this grass material here in the planter box. And this is little so I can select this. Go to my nature's options and select really grass on our clean cut grass or any grass. Your desire. So I see it gives a realistic grass effect honored. You can double click on this material and also added this So I, the greaser, increase the grass size increase the length off the crash. You see, you cannot that grass so easily in union, I want to add a would medical toe this door. All I do is click on it Photo Indoor selector would and selective Would you decide. That's it. You're tired a bit off saturation. Just nobody flick on this material on and you can go to this. Settings on increases saturation here, and you're gonna also so many different things by adding color. Say you wanted to be a dark, their own color. You can just do that so everything is so simple in Lumia. It's so realistic and easy to learn. So are the pain material to this click on this icon color and increase destroyed. It's hard, some little toe this electorate outdoor. Later on, you're gonna this little painter, the ballistic. I would like it to be more dark color, riser that person and already is a color to this. I can also increase the map scale if I don't like this so I can increase the map scale like this and really create that still seamless material there. But I can reduce her toe. Give it a very fine detail like that. I can also add in nearly Jack Martus and save changes. No, I would like to add a car here, so I wrote back to my objects or transferred Goto place on elect any car in the Space City . Now we'll rotate this Scott book and next doctor to this Got like this forward towards the garage and undo If you did something by mistake off, we took out of here. So you see, we have created a very nice seen already. So that's for your importing options within. No, me on. So that's it for your chapter seven. This is how to import your models from different really Softwares in the next chapter will be learning how to do for the realistic renders and also for the realistic walk throughs and how you can use the camera and really totals. 9. Chapter 8 Using Lumions camara mode: welcome to Chapter eight, and this will be learning how to use the communes camera more so you'll be learning how to do a photo realistic renders and how to set up different scenes on different camera angles within Rumyana, the one Children, adding, All your materials creating your Syrians are in your environment and all your furniture or whatever you wanted to add. You're completely done with that, and you're happy with your model. You want to create a renders, so all you want to do is go to this photo more here, seeing the right bottom, just click on there will be taken to this photo more here. Once you have launched the photo, Morty will see different options here, Since this is that, the more file there are already photos that are pretty captured by Lumi on If you are creating your own project, you can also add in a new frame by clicking on an empty frame here and moving around and say, You want this view. You can just go to that time to that and click on this camera click partner. It will take this picture and this will be your view. So then you can go back to any different view, and you can come back here as well. So let's just delete this and work with the views that we have already heard. The same movement Tools work in the camera more just how your users and low immune So you're W is due to go back in front and most right button to look around like this. So let's just click back toe the camera frame, so I will go back to the restore point. Once you do that, you will see that you have options here. Toe Secretary I level that is 1.6 party fold answered horizontal eye view. So if I click on this, it will Portrait earned 1.6 meters from the floor below. And if you click on this, say you're looking down. If you click on this horizontal, I view, it will create a straight eye level. You like that. So let's go back to how it was before. And that's Gordo's are different scene, say for daylight and just captured a fresh image here. So I've added this same image from the daylight style to this empty template, and if you click on this custom style, you'll see that you have different presets that are already made by union. You can click on the realistic template or interior night daytime or any different effects . Also, uh, depending on your desire. So if you want a color sketch, you can have a sketch effect on your render or, if you want water color watercolor. So it's all up to you know it's saving select interior. So if I click on this, relied all these kinds off effects on this so you this can be enough. If you want to go a quick render or you don't want to spend their time doing all the settings, you can just aren't our template from this and change different templates just by clicking on that going tonight. And it is so simple. Say you want to act. We get a little bit. All you're going to is double click say you want go turn off sharpness and you don't want the sharpness effectiveness. You can just click on the iron, disable it, or you can just double click on this settings, and you can increase the intensity here. So again, slated, I don't Oh, I don't this off. Let's go to color correction. Say I don't want the render Toby this warm. I wanted to be a little cool unless track launder temperatures later here. So every single effect depends on your sliders. So it is very easy to understand. You can slight them front or back, depending on however you want your result, Toby. So it is all trial and error. You just move your sliders up and down, depending on whatever you like. So you have to keep on doing test renders and then changing the settings to achieve what you finally want. Toe rest. Everything looks good. I just wanted to change the temperature. I can add reflection by clicking on this kicking on this subject and click on this. Plus, I can't go out Reflection. Say I want reflections on this glass. I'll just click on this and allowed this surface story on Did say, I want reflections on the floor of this cake on their on our reflections on the floor Ezzell and we'll click on the stick box and allowed that reflections effect on it and you can increase the threshold here. So if you have a higher NPC, you can select high 100 will show you all time reflections here on if you want. So, Secretary normal you consider to that as well. If you want to Secretary Little and you have a lord and specie. You can do that. I just want to do that. That will not affect your final render quality. It is only preview quality, so you don't have to worry about that. I want you to know that there are different options with the pre Certain. You can also add your own or customization is to it. So you see this FX panel here and click on this and you will see that you have different options here like this. So let's see what we have begun. Our son. We're gonna add share those in our reflections. If the material if the research is already a plate, you will see this already in use watermark. So there is no water. Not for this son watermark for this volumetric light. So you can add this on if you want them. But let's say we want a one perspective effect on it. So this is not in use Can click on this. It will are disinfect you can just turn it all not off by this and go back. You'll see that you have your effect here in Ardmore effects as well. Or let's add some legal skies. Effect solar. Just click on this to that, regardless, option toe change. The Skype will click on the stump mail on, and it's hard mornings and late. So let's elect this and let's elect this ordering three. So it relied this kind off our template. We can also change the heading off the sun toe our desired orientation like this. I want the Santo and that our oil a big toe congenial a bit more. So this looks good to me and also increase the brightness like this or degrees, depending on how everyone you can also flip the sky. So the flip sky will only matter if you are outside toe. If you are doing an external rendered like this and your I want to flip this guy, it will flip the sky based on your scene. But that is what flip described as natural backdoor camera view, and you have done like you can you get the point. You can add any effect that you want with including the precinct who will save your time. So there is page one page toe. Depending on how many affects you are, the pages will increase. So once you've done that, so you have already created your seen all the materials are applied. You have set your preset toe, your final render outcomes. So I want to increase the brightness a bit. So I just click on it exposure and I'll increase exposure Arabic like this. So my I guess my scene is ready on door to door. Render all you after Lewis click on this. Render photos. So once you do that, you will get the option of your current short. So depending on the camera view, you select and click. Render. Your current short will be served so you can go died. Or if you want to render multiple images at one time, you can go 10 at a time so you can select or de select whichever you want. And it's just a current chart for no. So you, depending on your test render or final render, you can select your output resolution so I just select energy pee on my loo, certain rest rendered astern better one. I'm safe. It will start rendering your image as you see it is creating a very nice, beautiful and realistic renders. The final render will be done. You'll get a notification here. So once this is done in short and during complete, you see that you can open in folder and open the emails like this. This is a very beautiful render of a very realistic view. You see that this unless it is affecting over images with so the possibilities with immune are endless. You're depending on your creativity and how you want it. Or come Toby. You can do settings and you can use the mortars that we already given by Libyan. Now this is a new interior render Let's tray on exterior render off important model. It's click OK and let's go to build goto our modern. So I want to select this view as my render like this that said this year or two for tomorrow and click on this empty frame and you can take a picture and then later on we can also adjust our photo our angle. So I guess this is good. I'm using the Wstn Cuban you to move up and down and move around the scene. We can also start focal and this way it sector toe level horizontal view increase. I live like this and the photo If you do not retake your photo, it will restore it to before. When you click on this, so you want to are the same effects as your date For this image all you have to always go to this menu option. Click on edit and copy affects on pseudo There. Go back to your camera, view the con this edited and paced effects. You can also export these settings so that you're safe. Time on your next renders and you can directly import them. Clicking on this and clicking on file and lord effort or save effect if you want to save this or export this effect So the sun look started is too much bright. Just click on exposure on my allergies exposure here about there and say I wonder difference guy affect here. So I don't go to this and go to sunset and select this. They can move the sky like this, and I understand Toby in front of my building this way like this. So you see the shadows from the three years affecting everything here and also increase the greatness. Or you can also change the sky door Different skating with everyone. Don't even stay this. I guess this. Yeah. So this looks better. Just like how eyes who have through different skies. You can do that in a moment. So what I want to show it is it is very easy toe changin and Lord and different effects. So once we do that, say, I want to flip this guy, I can do this. This is better and increase overall brightness a bit and go back. Okay, so I want to turn off chromatic attributions are done that off. And I guess all my settings are finding, you know, I can just click on Trend it. That's our two point perspective. Okay, we have already done that since we have imported from our previous view. So you can click on this and render best and better so you can see that Loman has rendered our view and it looks very nice. Looks soft and realistic if your arm or environmental people. And if you are lying the height here, So if you do all that small tweaking, you can create a very nice and realistic rendering. Well, I just click, OK, and if you want to go back to your building more you already after us, click on this building, we'll take you back to your building options here, and then you can go and are the trees who are trees or multiple objects, and you don't want to place them on people times. All you have to do is or to the specific category of dog and just hold on old and click and drag with your musky so it will create copies bigness. And if you want to add something, you're going to go there. And when I heard something like parents, they want to. Art is pushes here alone. Always click on dirt on I can go mass placement. Let's click on this. You'll cluster placement sort of randomly place these bushes around the place. And if you click on must you can do this, let me show you. I can click here on drag this line over here so it will create all these bushes in this room. Can increase or decrease the number of objects you can are different variations here outside this green one and replace it with this. So are deciding that. And you can change their direction like this Randomize direction Random, my spacing animals from absurd to give it a more realistic look. And you can hold on control toe. Extend this. Oh, I guess this looks good and go back to this because this one is a big toe. Big I introduce to say, here this Oh, you have entered these bushes. No, let's go back to for tomorrow and you see over to you then which has have been abducted us you. That's it. For the 14 more. In the next class, we'll be learning or to use the video or movie toe I will be learning or to make war truce . 10. Chapter 9 Using Lumions video mode: Welcome to Chapter nine. Be using lumens video more or the movie more creative OC Truce. Let's get into London like previously we have career created this image as a render and say You want to create a walk through No less Click on this movie tool on you see that we already have, Ah, movie that is prepared by gloomy on itself. It's just selecting them to template and click on record will be taken to this screen where we can start our recording. So what we want to do is say, I want a render toe go from altered. Let's elect something would say I want a toe can from this part a little Lewis said. My scene like this Take a photo. And so I took the photo. I learned over to the next scene like this and take a photo. So then we wanted to rotate a bit so you would go to the next frame and take the picture. Then you can go here and take another. So no, you see, we have started here about their different frames like this. So depending on how you want your movement, Toby should start take a start frame, end frame and then continued to wherever he wanted to be. We're gonna play this NC Howard is looking. So this is how it is going to pan from right to left. And then it is going to rotate along the camera the way I said my scene. So this is the This is a small clip which we just made. You can also select this click and your large a separate one like this. You want to add another scene? All you do is select this empty template. Click on record and then we'll somebody say you want of you off Are I love you off by inserting like this. So from their dining room you want their doors fired inside. Oh, you're just set your camera beside like this. Here's a picture and move inward like this for the living This picture. So now we have created this scene like this. You can also attain stuff spirit By clicking on this a pen down arrow keys toe reduce their time. Say I sent her to one second like this, it would be very quick by sector toe 10 seconds. It'll be very slow. So something like this it's going to be slow and are realistic like this. If you do that, you when setting toe already folded, will show you the number off times. It is increasing the spirit. So we were generally like Toki Protector one, but it's going to put it back at one at the one times 0.99 indemnity setting through 0.1 So that's OK, but this is the regular speaking. Oh no, If you are happy with this on me, Lewis, click OK and you can. That's just a dude, this one, which they give on back door, move it and click. If you're select the specific frame and select render, it will only render this specific claim. If you click on this, it alone again rendered the specific frame. If you click on this render movie, it is going to render the complete the movie from Slide Oneto, whichever slide you have your movie sector. So that's the reason I deleted the 1st 1 Let's move this back to the first place, so if you click on play, it will show your complete movie. So oh, yet if you click on entire movie, it will show your entire timeline. So this is the first man you can also go and reduce their time in. This is very long. Just make it, uh, a four seconds. Okay. It's true fast. It's OK. Yes, for the sake. Off the glass, it's click on entire movie and quickly or expanding and doing that. And now we have our interior scene. So you don't even have to use an external editing video editing software. You can do everything right itself here. So you want the India clip? Toby reported All your enough to go is dragged before this. Now we have our indirectly click on and I still be on the inside on. Then we would be on the old sick so you can do your complete radio editing here itself. You don't need to learn another video editing software. The union has made it so easy for us to creates such nice that scientifics and you have done that and say you want to add your effects from your photo more all your do is go back to her for the more like this or any desire. Therefore, don't worry. Want just like this Click on this off the effects. Same thing. Go back to movie and take on this edit and based effects. So it based heard effects on this slayer. And now we have to base it on this. Basically, Lipsyte based FX. I don't have fixed to both of our states entered base to fix but no vote of our scenes. Have this effects would like toa reduce the exposure on this and I know and this is okay. No one should have done this like tore down off reflections in both off then since that will reduce our rendering time, don't ease off. Once this is done, you can click on entire movie on and then it could render movie. And then you can circular settings, depending on however you want it. So just those safe time I'm going to separate our draft and 25 frames earned 7 20 p You consider go anywhere upto four care depending on your PC speed and you can certify stars and 60 FPs. I just put one start gratify, uh, frames and like this and this trend radio Are you going to start rendering your frames? You see, we have 200 well frames to render in the video, it will show how long over clip ist that is, eight seconds and ensure the remaining time. So it showing 48 seconds for no. Let's just wait until the end that is complete. So you see that the quality is very bad since I've started so such a low quality and also said to door higher quality and more FPs to give it a very nice outward. Is he over? Render is complete. Now we have our walk through ready the slide back and let's just play the off through in Tikrit ordinance. So here we have our walk through and it looks very smooth. Looks really good. Even though it was 25 years, it's put your garden compute what you want. Chicken. We're seeing a lot of nice really stick pictures and effects you can create any kind of seen in this. You can create a night scene or off an autumn scene or some other winter's snowy rainy. Any kind of seeing in Miami on the possibility is that unless one second So I guess that's it. Further Chapter nine as well 11. Chapter 10 Congratulations and updates on future classes: this is Ah, Chapter 10. This is a final chapter and not be teaching anything in this, But I would like to say that you guys are readyto start using low immune and creating very nice and beautiful renders and walk throughs and low me on. So I would like to see your renders. I would like you guys to practice something on your own or create the renders on your own and put them in the discussions or reviews panel below, and I will check them out and give you a few back. You can also go through my profile on my and you can see my renders, which I have applauded. Oh, I hope I was helpful in some or the other way. I hope you guys learned something from this. I'd like to say that I'm very happy teaching your base, and I do enjoy teaching your ways. I would also like to say that I will be uploading more classes on whom you know will be applauding classes on how to import your models from sketch up. Since there is a specific rare toe, a Plourde import to your models from sketch up or three DS Max or any different 30 software . Also be making more in depth surrendering kites where I'll be explaining every single rendering effect, like hyper light in detail, what it does and our defects are image. So if you're interested in any off these future long gone through classes, you can consider following my class, or I will also be sending over two meals every time my classes uploaded on my channel. You can also check out your made to get notifications or stay updated on my future classes . If you guys would like to see any specific guides or any specific classes, please do mention in the comments. And don't forget to review my class. Since that helps it reached more people in union also helps me as a teacher. It also more debates me to make more glasses. Eso This is me crucial, and I'm signing off here and see you guys in the next less thanks for watching