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How to use Krita - Free Digital Software

Jennifer Lervik, Gaming and Animator Connoisseur

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4 Lessons (10m)
    • 1. Krita - Installation

    • 2. Krita - Basics

    • 3. Krita - Layers and Filters

    • 4. Krita - Outro


About This Class

Krita is a fairly recent painting software that's free to use. Perfect for beginners or anyone that doesn't want to spend hundreds of dollars for Photoshop (or risk their computer with hacked versions). The thing that makes Krita stand out is that despite being freeware, it still contains most (if not all) the features that paid programs have.

In the course I am going to just be going over the bare basics of Krita's interface and a few very simple steps if this is someone's first time wanting to draw with a paint program, or first time ever using an art tablet. In later classes I would like to move on to actual/advanced drawing methods.





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Jennifer Lervik

Gaming and Animator Connoisseur

I've had a thing for art and design for as long as I can remember. Which has somehow lead me to having games, cartoons/anime, animation, and about all things fantasy as a hobby. I never taken any professional drawing classes, instead I learned it all by watching others and picking up on their techniques. And in the end I've created a style all of my own.

Aside from that I have also a fair share of web designing and marketing experience to share too, and learning how to develop them. As...

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