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How to use Instagram to advertise to your shopify ecommerce store!

Rihab Seb, Digital Markter

How to use Instagram to advertise to your shopify ecommerce store!

Rihab Seb, Digital Markter

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14 Lessons (1h 37m)
    • 1. 1 Why you should be using Insta for your business

    • 2. 2 How to build your Instagram store profile

    • 3. 3 This you should know before starting your instagram marketing plan

    • 4. 4 The Instagram influencer marketing strategy

    • 5. 5 The different types of Instagram influencers

    • 6. Importance of Facebook Ads

    • 7. 6 How to find a good Instagram influencer

    • 8. 8 Instagram pricing for influencer posts

    • 9. 7 How to contact an influencer

    • 10. 9 The Advice you should never miss

    • 11. 10 Seven free things you should be doing to benefit most of Instagram

    • 12. 11 Insta Paid app

    • 13. Check out my facebook ads course Skillshare

    • 14. How to Drive Free Traffic to your store

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About This Class

With the huge increase in the number of Instagram users, advertising via this platform becomes more and more trendy. In this course, you will learn how to use Instagram to market to your store and to your products.

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Rihab Seb

Digital Markter


Hello, it's Rihab!

I am extremely happy you are here!

Since finishing college, I struggled with being imprisoned in my 9to5 job! So I dedicated my free time to focus on one goal: Starting My Own Successful Online business!

I walked along a path of failures before I was finally able to earn my living online and quit my 9to5. And ever since, it's been magical!

I tried several online businesses, failed in many, and succeeded in a few. Failures were and still are my biggest achievements because through them I learned how to improve myself and my skills.

Here, I plan to share with you everything I learned and am learning. I hope this will benefit you in building your own business and quitting your 9 to 5!

I like what I do, and I would love to be in t... See full profile

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1. 1 Why you should be using Insta for your business: hi there. If you are looking to make money from your store and I bet you are advertising via Social Media Platform should be your number one strategy. There are so many marketing channels that you can use to promote for your products and your store, and this diagram is one off them. With its high popularity and visual interaction, instagram should be one off the best channels you consider spending your time. Your effort and your money on instagram will benefit your story greatly. So stay tuned with me because through this course, I'm going to show you how to use Instagram in the most effective way to bring traffic to your store and start earning money with your drug chipping stores. So considering Instagram, remember the following first, the said Graham users are loyal users with a very high interaction rate. If you're not believing me, think about yourself. How many hours did you spend checking instagram, scrolling photos, commenting, liking and all this stuff Instagram users love and second to 70% off Instagram users report that they have used this platform to look up companies and 62% of them follow a company at least on Instagram, so this is very important. People search for companies on Instagram. That's why your store should have a good profile on Instagram. And not only that, Instagram users follow these companies. So having a good profile, a strong profile is very important to start building your ways of followers. Three. Instagram is very popular and highly visual. There is a court, a very famous one that please use a picture. It's work 1000 words, and when it comes to pictures, Instagram is the gross foot is the ground is very easy to be used. Instagram is one off the simplest social media platform. That's why working with it is very fun and it's very smooth. Five is the ground gives you great results for your eggs and you will see through this course how toe advertise to is the ground 6 29% off Women used instagram and 53 off People who use instagram are between the age off 18 and 29. So if you are targeting woman in the strange off age, this diagram holds a great target audience for you. Seven. Marketing on Instagram is still a newbie on Lee, a small percentage off companies started using this platform. Thus, the competition is still small and limited compared to the competition you face when you use Facebook, For example, fill in your own instagram page and your own followers. Ways is something that will take time and a huge amount off work together the soonest you should be using one off the following marketing strategies we are going to talk about now. First ads Marketing like the one who use on you Do on Facebook, where the badge sponsored appears at the left top corner off the post. The second method is influential marketing, and this is where the true power off Instagram shows and this is where is Sir Graham stands out between the other social media platforms. In this course, you are going to talk about both types, but the one who will be focusing on is the influential marketing. Through experience and research, the smitten is considered the most effective one and the more profitable one. In addition and this course, I will also show you how to build a good instagram profile for your store and help to benefit from this profile. To move your instagram business to the next level. Stay tuned and follow me through the lectures. Because in here I have put all that I know about using Instagram for extort you. 2. 2 How to build your Instagram store profile: hi there, and welcome to this video. First things campers before starting to know how to advertise to your store and to the products via instagram. Let's start by knowing how to build an instagram profile. Put your store. If you are planning to use instagram to market for your story and your product building an instagram professional business account with your store separating from your personal account is mandatory. You should look serious and professional in front off your viewers so you can convert them into customers. Always remember, marketing is not about you. It's about your customers, so sharing yourself is on your sore account. Can rally, be off any benefits and you start account. Nothing related to you personally should appear. People's trust professional brands. So unless you are taking professional photos off you while more than in your products, your face shall stay behind curtains. So how to build your instagram? Start provide. Stay with me and you will see together. The first step is a profile picture. The first thing to consider is your profile picture, and I highly recommend you to use your store logo as it provides picture and my other course where what I have showed you how to build a highly converting Shopify store. I have told you why having a logo for her store is very important and we have discussed this deeply. So if you have already been your store with me, I am president, that you have already a logo. So this step is already checked. The second step is your description and bio. It's the attacks that shows up on your profile and lets you explain who you are and what this profile is about. A good start is to include a quick outline off who you are and what you do. So how do I Goodbye. First, your name, your name on instagram should be simply your brand name. It's help. People will know you and remember you so keep it simple and professional. And although we want to keep a chart. But if you have specific niche and if you are known for something special, including this within your name is something good. Let's say you are a photograph for who sells his photos online. You can have your name as follows. Live and colors. Natural photography, your name and your user names are the only feels that Instagram considers in its search results. So if you want people to find you when they search for your knees, including it in your name or in your user name will grow your chances off being found. Second, tell your viewers what makes you unique. Your bio description. It's your chance to stand out to catch the reviewers attention and tell them why they have to click the follow button. Be funny and cheerful in your bio. Here is your chance. Instagram users are people who love colors, photos and beauty Use and Matic UN's Put energy and positivity and your bio three. Don't use keywords. Keywords on instagram are different from the keywords on other social media. Search engine instagram uses hashtags, and since hashtags and bio are not applicable, you don't have to use them within your bio. You can always include your keywords and niche within your bio, but make it natural. Including your keywords will not affect instagram search results. It will only help your viewers toe identify what your profile is about. Step three you're violating. Unlike other social media, platform, Instagram doesn't allow links in posts. In fact, Instagram allows only one link, and it shows in your bio section. It's very common on Instagram to change the slink frequently. Basically, this thing should be your store may link, but sometimes it's better to change it. Let's say you have put a product on some kind off exclusive sale and are planning to post several times about the sale toe. Encourage your followers to buy. The smartest way would be to tell your followers that the product link is showing on the value in the same way. If you are doing a massive sale on several items, you should include the link off this category on your bio. The link off this day on your bike way. - Now we are going to see to instagram profile pages, and you are going to see how they use our cry teasers to build their profile pages. The first profile is called the Ah Knitters. It's a profile litigated for a on knitting, a store that sells yards and the crucial magnetic batters. Bester is called your senators. That's why that is the ground page. It's also called the Are Knitters. This store don't use any logo, and they only use their names so If we go, for example to this website, if we click on any off the package available, we can notice that they don't have a specific logo. They used their main brand name. So in here, for example, we have the package to knit this a shirt in here If we click on click on my arms, we cannot is that they use their own name. They don't have a local. So in their profile picture, they have put their names in here. They have in the bio the link in the bio description. They have told us why we have to pick them, that they have told us that they saw luxury arms for knitting and crocheting, and they have given us the link off the store in their bio. So in this page they have used the brand name as the Instagram preferred name. They have used their brand name and that provide picture to make the people remember them more to make the viewers more familiar with this brand and that the bio section they have told us what they make them suppression and they have given us their store link. Now let's go to the second page. It's called Dick Radioactive. This page is dedicated to sold to a store that sold that says, a World Yoga activewear. So the professor picture they have used the brand logo in the Instagram name for a fine name. They have used their store name and in their bio section, they have told us what makes them for a special. They have told us that they saw a bold yoga activewear to support our daily life. They have limited edition prints and they are made and raised Brazil and there are shipping toe all the countries and they have added the store a link. So this is also this page I have respected also all our criterias. They have used the brand name as the Instagram profile name. They have used their logo in that if I pictured and in their bio section they have put what makes them special plus darling for their shock. So this is exactly what you have to do while designing your own Instagram provide for your store. You have tow respect all these criterias. In addition, I recommend you to add some keywords in your by your section. I have told you before, you can also have your special hashtag added to this section on. So if you want 3. 3 This you should know before starting your instagram marketing plan: hi there and welcome to the structure Using Instagram to market to restore order products can be done toe two different ways. The 1st 1 is using instagram paid ads to bring traffic to restore. The 2nd 1 is to use instagram influencers, toe market for your products and your store Although both techniques will benefit your store The 2nd 1 the influential marketing is the method that proved to be the highest that the one with the biggest effect Through this course we're going to see how to use these two methods to market to your products and they will be deeply focusing on the influential marketing. But before we start with this to marketing procedure, we have to make sure that we are working our way correctly on Instagram. And to do that, we have to take good care off these two things. First we have to set up our business instagram account. We have discussed this deeply in the previous lecture. Second, we have to know how to create Instagram posts and what works best. Instagram is very different from Facebook and with it and the world off. Instagram visual effect is the big boss. So why on Facebook and Twitter course with images get twice as many comments and likes as supposed without images. Instagram is the platform that cherish photos the most and lots lots off analytics. Consider that INSTAGRAM popularity is due to its image based posts. So to know how toe create good instagram posts, we have to take good care off two things. The Post photos and the Post descriptions. Let's start with the photos. I don't know what kind of photos you should be using in your instagram posts is something very critical for any INSTAGRAM profile. Now I'm going to give you some tips and tricks about how to choose good photos. For years. The grandpas first take detailed photos off your product 60% off. People prefer to look at the day's on photos instead, off reading them within the description. So take the take photos off your products and make it easier for your viewers to interact with you. Two. Don't use photos with wide background. They are not catchy, and they are not attractive. Third, remember that instagram uses square sizes off photos. So why designing your product photos? Take this into consideration. An awkward crop will make your photo look unprofessional foot. Create a brand style by reserving a consistent theme or style for your photos. Instagram offers a wide variety off filters for photos. Pick one of them and stick to it so your posts will all look similar and to create a sense off family unity with your customers Assigned not. Researchers showed that Mayfair filter no filter and the inquiry filter ended up with more lives and comments that other fritters five offer promotions and exclusive announcements. Toe followers if you followers Bonuses Special offers Insider announcement. 41% off Instagram users stayed that they follow or what were a brand to take advantage off sales and giveaways. So when you create this within your profile, you are encouraging followers and people who are encouraging people to follow your instagram profile. You can include your promotion as attacks overlay on the photos, which is stylish, and it has a big buzz, will effect and will attract your viewers. You followers attention post description. This diagram. Users are not on instagram to buy products. They are there to enjoy their time, so you have to be very cautious and avoid being pushy in anyway. So in your post description, just tell them how to get what they want. Don't write to control your viewers. Decision to buy or not to buy. Don't use post description like you should buy this yar because it's protect for knitting a scarf. Say something more smooth like our customers love this young and find that perfect for a scarf knitting. So if you're planning to net a nice scarf gift for your beloved one, this yard is worth considering. In the first post description you wear trying to control your word, your viewers decision and the 2nd 1 you gave your viewer that choice. The ability to truth. Finally, don't forget to post a big times knowing which time is better. It's something related to your audience and your experience. One off. The most key points on instagram are the hashtag, so not using them on your posts is a ways off a valuable assets, and using too much of them might risk your engagement rate, especially that lots off analytics say that engagement go down when I post is with more than five hashtag X. So include Hashtags and your post wisely brain stone for keywords Levin for your brand and nish US popular and trendy hashtag x and don't and don't go with board General keywords use more detailed ones because with those, competition is lower. So it's easier for your posts to reach people, and you can always create a hashtag for your brand. This is very recommended, and this way people can reach all your posts by simply clicking on this hashtag, and this will also enforce your branding Lee. 4. 4 The Instagram influencer marketing strategy: the influential marketing strategy is quiet. Easy instead, off putting your money on random ads. You pick instagram infra ventures on your store niche or seven years. You contact them and you pay them to market products. So who are instagram influencers? They are lose personalities on instagram who have already a great number off followers and a large community off people who are interested on their main activity and nish. Let's say you have a store that sells fitness accessories. You went to some kind over fitness distance diagram of adventure, and they posted your products. The followers off this influential are 100% interested in your product. They are basically the best target audience you can ever get. And not only that these people trust and other this influential. Think yourself. If you are following someone who you trust and has like minded content that you ago and this someone gives a recommendation for certain kind off products, wouldn't you likely go with the influential recommendations? Absolutely, yes. This is what happens with lots off followers and what makes this marketing strategy very effective and powerful. I study made by Tappan Influence, conclude that this marketing procedure has 11 times high return on investment race with any other tradition and marketing Middle. So to understand better what is that? The branches I'm going to show you two profiles off to instagram influencers in two different kinds of hobbies. Ornish is the 1st 1 is Kino Yoga? She's a yoga instructor and she's very famous. She has 1.1 million followers, and she is a very well known on on Facebook. She has too many posts, and she's very, very famous. So this, for example, this woman, for example, is a esta graham influential in the A knish off yoga or fitness feature her from her post. We can see that they are all related to yoga. She has her own her own website for sure, and she gives or so private sessions thesis that kind off. If your instagram in prevention I was talking about the audience off this profile, this 1.1 million pullovers are interested in the target and vanish off yoga, and they are very reported target audience to any store that says yoga on maybe 50 stuffs. So if you have a star about fitness, are about yoga dealing with this in prevention might be very imp ready. Good for your business. Maybe it's a little bit difficult work with this intervention because she has so many followers. So um, probably she's very expensive, but it's She's a very, very, very strong, influential in the nation off yoga. Or now let's go to the second amplified This not this provided scald. Not bad. And it's all always related to this man. He's a a crush. A, um, artist is a Christian artist, is very famous, also in the world of Russia. He has a 48 k 48,000 followers and is very good and finish off Russia anything because this a smaller nish tag it looked like fitness or yoga. This man also has an INSTAGRAM influential. He has too many posts. They are only like to the same music, which is crush a on the arms. For example, use that you have a sore that says Christiane, Stories may mean the actually is maybe a store that says a owns, uh, doing some show child out with this influential. It would be very important for you because the audience off this question the forward are very interested in the word of Christianity and yard. So the point is, you have to search for Mr Graham in prevention, who has intelligence at who has whatever's who are interested on your store. Main mission is very important because in this way, when you do a shout out, you can make sure that the people who are receiving these ads your ads are already very interested on good um, unless you are setting on your stuff. Many factors are behind the good results. The influential marketing drives and flew in should have a follower base off people who are 100% interested on their ish. Their followers adored and trust them. A kind off personal relation exists between an influential and his or her audience, especially because influentials share bits off their personal lives with personal photos and stories off them. The rates off influentials till this moment are considered as affordable when compared to the great results they get. Lots of them are unaware off their true power, so in many cases you might be surprised off the low prices they ask for. Working with influential will make your products exposed to new interested people, and some of them will start to become part off your own followers days. That's why warding with Instagram influential marketing is not really a choice. It's something that you should be doing if you are really thinking off taking your drop shipping store business to the next level, so ST John and meet Me in the next lecture. 5. 5 The different types of Instagram influencers: hi there, and welcome to this lecture before proceeding with picking our instagram Hi there. And welcome to this lecture before proceeding with picking the instagram of launchers we are going toe work with. Let's start by knowing that different taxes off instagram influences and see what that time that most recommended INSTAGRAM profiles are divided into two categories. Personal profiles and general accounts. The personal prefer ice. This are the one person based provide ice. This kind of profiles is based on the identity off the influential or and his or her person . In this profile, you find related posters to the influential life and bits off his or her daily activities. You also find so many personal stuff, memories and stories. This kind off profile is very powerful. The photo words off an influential off this kind adore him or her and feel very related to the influential that they trust him at consider their relation as familiar and personal. At the end, we are more likely going to trust someone who trusts us with his family photos, for example, or his person memories. Let's check this profile, for example, and see how an instagram personal profile look like high. So now we're going to check this instagram profile. It's a person instagram provide for a yoga teacher. The Instagram profile. It's got beat, Sugar Girl, that this is the nickname off this yoga teacher. And here there is a photo of her and in the bayou off this cliff, I we have the name of the yoga teacher. We have the Hashtags, and we have the ring for her. What Personal website. So this is a person instagram profile. It's up profile. It stays on the personality off The Your God teacher. It's a very famous provide with one million followers, and it's a very active for five more than 5000 us too much. If you check the person here, we can easily notice that this yoga teacher shares many yoga post, and there's something very natural. And she also shares too many personal and, uh, at emotional post about herself, about her life, about her family and about what happened. And this is what makes a personal profile different from a general poor. For a person shot profile is provided based on the, uh, one shirt personality, something there is too many personal stuff within a personal instagram profile. So if he's got in here, for example, we can notice that she has too many yoga post. That's what there is here. For example, this is a personal post in this post. This yoga teacher shows that the difference between Hurt heard life before your God in their life after you go. And then here she shares a personal story about this thesis improvement. She me. So this is a person and post this kind off post is very important because it makes the followers feel more familiar with the with the influential. And not only that, they build a familiar are friendly relations between the followers and the If we scrubbed out in year were fined for so many and many personal posts, for example, this is a post off the yoga, a teacher with her Children. If we click in here, we will find seven photos off her Children in different ages, and you can also share See that she has at a huge discussion off the post. This is very important because she's sharing bits off her life with her for hours. And not only that, I've been following this new gratitude for years, and I notice that she always tries to reply to the comments even if she has a huge amount off comments. She tries to fight the comments from time to time. For example, I want to show you this person here initially applied to several several comments, and this is very, very important because when the followers see that the influential is replying, tow them is taking care off the comments. Also, the relationship between the forwards and everyone should becomes stronger and more Some idiot. But, Monsieur, if she had backed any comment in here Yeah, and he, for example, she has replied with a modicum, but she did the effort off replying to her followers toe check that Interaction Day and the comments to like slates off this Provide, for example, we are going to use an Excel sheet. You will find this excess shit within the reference off. This, of course, you have just after downloaded. And to use it to get the interaction rates and the comments to, like rates off instagram profile, I usually take into consideration at least 20 posts. You can choose truth that that you can choose to work with the latest many posts or you can choose any random 20 post to get your numbers. I usually work with the latest post, so let's begin with this one. For example, this is the exception I'm going to use. You just have to fill the blue says. And here I have put the instagram page name the number off four overs and that I read that I can keep or the information within the same. So in here you add the number off lives and the number of comments off the first post. Okay, so you just after the number off likes and the number off comments and you felt this information for all the posts you want to fill, you can also add me as many posts as you. So after putting this information, you will get your INSTAGRAM Interaction restaurant here and your comments right session. You can easily notice that the actual a show off this profile is look, and this is do it with a huge amount of followers. This this diagram Refin has remembered with the number of followers off that instagram profile goes up, the interaction issued goes down. This is very normal and just something you were not this more and more when you work with instagram. So if you have a story about that size fitness swears, for example, medicaments you to check many yoga. Many fitness of launchers toe do the calculation off the interaction ratio and the comments to like a show for these. If lunchers, check the best. Actually, racial was the best process and decide with whom you are going toe pork. The general accounts. It's a page with professional identity that represents several people or maybe a hobby. Ornish. This kind of profiles have a lower engagement rate than the personal profile, and I'm not saying they are bad. But when you make an advertising these with a general page, you can't wait to get the same results you get when you deal with personal provides, interaction rate is evaluated as following interaction. Rate is equal toe interaction over number off followers with interaction, the number off likes and comments per post. Let's check this profile, for example, so now we're going to see an example of a dinner and preferred this preferred. It's called yoga. It has 1.2 million followers and 786 posts in this pro fine way find the photos off many yoga teachers at many yoga poses. It's something up. If I skated for someone, especially that sacrifice, a general fine with different people and different effort was the only thing that I think all these photos is the main issue. And it is you have passed more exercise to create that the actual issue and the comments to like racial what this pro fine and for the person find me obscene before. So for the first profiled, the yoga bitch provide, I have put the numbers off. The last many posts is I have been the same for the general Refine called Yoga, and I have ended up with my different numbers. Hope stole. For the person profiled I have as interaction issue initial dutiful 7% and as common Khristich traditional 0.28 for the yoga. The fight. I have zero point for survivors in the actual issue and currents. The right station is 1.9%. We can easily notice that the number off the personal profile is very higher, and then I'm But then, if you go with a person filed with a number of hours lower than this one. Like lower than 500,000. We would get better results than this one because I, as I told you before, the interaction issue and the comments to rightly should go down when the number of followers go up. So if you work with ranchers with less than 500,004 overs or maybe 300,000 followers, they would get better, better results than these ones. And even though in our case with one million followers, we have noticed that the inter acceleration on the Commons right issue for a person per fi is way better than the acceleration and the comments to rights issue, I won't remind you again that this excess she will be added to the reference off This car's so please download it and you, everyone should with personal provides can also be divided into two types. The micro influencers. Those are the influential who have a number off for hours between 5000 and 100 thousands. They have usually ah, high interaction rate on their posts. The these influencers are not aware yet off their importance on instagram, so you can easily negotiate with them and ask them to lower their prices. Usually, I would consider an interaction rate higher than six or seven as a very good interaction. The second type is the macro intra ventures, with a number off pullovers exceeding the 100,000 followers. They normally have a lower interaction rate than the micro influencers. The greater the number of followers is, the more likely the interaction rate will go down. Macro influencers are usually more expensive, especially that they are aware off their through advertising power. Choosing to work with micro or macro influentials is really up to you. There is no formula that say's, which is better. Many people prefer to work with influentials above 100,000 followers and the row through 300,000 followers. They think they have a good number off followers. While keeping a good interaction rate, I recommend you to try and do your own. Ellis is sometimes five. Micro influentials will help your sales more than one macro influential, and they might cost Youlus. Do your own plan. Contact influentials with different followers number, try them and see what benefits you more. So I have done this small exercise for you I have picked for different yoga influential pages with different number off for hours, and I have calculated the interaction issue and the comments to likes ratios for these four different pages and I have compared between the four of them. The 1st 1 is the one we have started with the Beach Yoga page with one million followers. The 2nd 1 is this one with 405 405,000 followers, and the 3rd 1 this one was 128,000 followers as a force one is this one with 5 54,000 followers. So in the Excel sheet you would find in this lecture reference I have calculated the interaction s ratio and the lie a common sarai expression for each page. And I have did a graph to compare between the four pages so on the first page have paid with them highest number of followers. The enter actually ratio was the lowest, but also the comment selects ratio was the lowest. When the number off full over decrease, the inter actually issue increased and this but what I was telling you about but then on the interaction ratio is increases each time the number of followers decreases, and this is very important. That's why I told you that working with five micro influencers might be more profitable for you than working with one macro. Everyone shits. The comments selects ratio is also changing with the number of followers. It's also increasing with the number of followers. But in here, for example, the comments toe likes ratio. It was greater than this one. Even though the number of four overs in here is lower, there's not really a big sign, because sometimes if we did, if we do this is assassin different page. We will get the same results. The number of comments like special will also increase each time the number off pullovers decreases. But this page might be a little bit especially, for example, or maybe the last 20 post West waas were special. You can bend your conclusion upon only the space age, so you have to do your own research and you know comparison. But I did the small exercise to show you the actual issue always always increases once the number of followers decreases. That's why you don't have to always go with macro influences. Sometimes it's better to work with micro influences. You have always to consider the Inter actual issue when you want to consider what influential are or what page you are going to work with. 6. Importance of Facebook Ads: Hi there. Building a highly converting Shopify store and the picking suitable winner products are not enough to succeed. If you fade at putting your products in front off people who are interested in buying them , it would be extremely difficult to succeed. And the best and the most effective way to advertise to products and to make them reach the right people and customers is to use place with heads. Facebook ads allow you to target exactly your potential customers. If you are selling drugs accessories, for example, you can tune your ads. Target dog owners If you are selling hiking tools, you can soon your ads to target hikers. If you are selling a high ticket item that only amazed between 25 37 years old and I live in Georgia might be interested in you Can Jr ads to target exactly them. In addition, using Facebook ads, you can retarget people who visited your store or both from you or performs any action on your story. So if someone visited your store and edit a certain product this card and left without buying, you can retarget him with an actual ing the same product and you can offer him at this count called in order to push him and to buying or if someone both a certain product from your store, you can retarget him. Advertising for a related products, for example, And not only that basis, adds, allow you to target people who are similar to the people who both from you. Facebook collects that about everyone. Facebook knows your age, your sex, your hobbies, the things you love. Celebrities. You follow that TV series you watch. So when you asked Facebook to search for people who are similar to customers Facebook search on his database for people who are similar to your clients and show your ad in front of them. People who are similar to customers, either people who will most probably buy from you. Master Facebook ads will help you boost your business and your revenue. And only people who mastered Facebook ads succeed in e commerce. If you want to match Facebook ads, I highly recommend you to check my Facebook at scores available here in my skin share channel. This course sums up everything related to Facebook. It's starting from the basics up to the most advanced techniques each day. The competition is getting higher and higher, and succeeding in e commerce is becoming harder and harder. So if you want to succeed, your only way is to really master Facebook ads. My course is your way to do so. The quantity of information and the quality of the lectures you will find in this course will astonish You don't waste any time now. Finish the scores and go directly to my face with ex course. Watch it carefully and launch Miss any minute. See you that. 7. 6 How to find a good Instagram influencer: hi there and welcome to the structure. The structure is one of the most important lectures off this course. So please take good care, take notes and be focused because we're going to discuss some very, very important things. So let's start finding a good instagram influential. It's critical for your drop shipping business in this structure. I'm going to show you how to find Wooden. Sir Graham influencers without using any pay toward searching for influential is very easy . The first middle is you go for Instagram search by and you put the hashtag liberated turn ish. If, for example, you have a store that says knitting and crocheting accessories the obvious Hashtags to think about our knitting and crocheting, and I advise you to be more creative and try some relative hashtags like knitters, crash letters we love to Net Jahr's missing and the crush shutting and everything that really crosses your mind. You can also ask explore more hashtag. We can also explore more hashtags by simply checking the hashtags you find in knitting and the crush editing pages. It's really very easy, and anyone can do it. The second middle is to use the arrow need a follow bottom on after a fight, Let's say you search for um, let's say your search led you to this page. You simply click here and that lists off relate profiles will show. You have to explore it and see what it's you. The third middle is to use Google Search. Now let's see. How do we know that this influential or that the influencers we found are the right ones for us? Number one, the influential you pick should have contact info and you may address or a kick account would be enough. Second, for lovers number, there is no right or wrong number off pullovers to stick with. But as I told you before, I recommend you to go with micro influentials, or at least with influentials, between 30,000 followers and 512 hours maximum studies showed. But the engagement rate go down when the number off followers go up. Let's see this graph together. When the number of followers were where it was fewer than 1000 the engagement rate was 15 15% and this is a huge when the number off followers, where was between 1000 and 10,000 that no engagement rate was 7.4% and this also good. When the number off followers worth was between 10,000 and 100,000 the engagement rate went down to 3.3%. And when the number off followers exceeds then 100,000 followers, the engagement rate reached 2.4%. So we can easily notice that the number off for hours is very important, because when the number off for lovers increases the engagement rate, the case and you want to work with a page with a high engagement rate, the third point is make sure that the influential for hours are really your target audience . If you are selling stuffs on USA, for example, and the influential followers are from UK, for example, even if these Fullers are truly interested on your products, they are not really what you want, who you want to target for engagement rates. As I told you before, Interaction Day is the number off likes at comments over the number of followers. This is how we see how often people like and common on someone posts on interaction ratio exceeding 4% is OK usually, although I prefer to go with ratios above 6%. Likes to comment. Ratio is the number off comments over the number off likes per post at issue between 1 to 5% is usually okay. To calculate the rates off our profile of our certain proof INSTAGRAM profile, you have to consider at least the latest 20 posts. You have to get the number off likes and the number off comments off the latest money posts at least, and calculate their issue. And the reference off this lecture you will find an Excel shit where you put the number off the latest 20 posts and the under. She gives you the engagement rate and the likes to come in racial. Five. Both description. Check the posts off the influential. Read them carefully. Do they look authentic? Do they fit the profile knish and a post content? If yes, this is awesome, it's mean that the influential is true, and it means that the influential is taking good care off his own page. If the descriptions don't let the influential page or if they look Stamey, you have tow. Reconsider working with this influential six check of the influential reply to the comment on his or her posts. And this is something very important because the fan influential replies to this comment. This is a great sign that he is highly engaged with his audience and that he's his relation with the former's, is very well respected and it's very familiar and it's very built on trust and on a kind of friendly relations. Seven Read the followers comments and this is very critical. We need real four overs to benefit from the short house we are going to pay for If the Commons are just words like nice, beautiful, cool. Oh, I like it. These comments are most probably fake comments. We want to make sure that the followers are through people, not rowboat. Make sure the comments are authentic. If they are, This is a very important social proof ever. Comments look Spammy. If all the comments are like nice and beautiful and cool and all these stuffs, you have to avoid working with this influential ache. Check the people who like the photos are very people. Do they have a profile picture? Click on some of the names, check them and their interests don't check each fall over. Do a simple spot check for followers. Check their number off followers in a comparison with the number off following. If the number off followers is very small compared to the number off following this means that this profile is probably a rowboat. Nine. Check the influential stories. Make sure they are authentic. Afford adventures where there's a void influentials with stories like Follow Me So I Follow You back. Because these kinds off adventures are No. Three, they are using the photo for full O method, and this method is not really a valuable because it gives a high number of followers but, ah, high number off uninterested followers who are not really your thought, your target audience. Then check. If the influential has a history off marketing check tags on photos, they give you an idea. If the influential usually markets for products or brands, if the same influential markets many posts for the same thing or the same company, this means that they are getting these companies, and these stores are getting results from their promotion on this influential profile. And that's a good sign that the bays, the phone over based off this influential the followers days off this influential is a good target audience for these stores and these companies. Evan Fast Growth. We check post history to be sure that the number off pullovers off this influential grow in a gradual way. We do that to make sure that the followers off this influential are not fake, that they are real. How we do that. It's very simple. We check the posts and we check the number off like and comments off these posts. If the number off likes and comments grow in a gradual way, this means that the number off followers off this influential increase in a gradual weight . If there is a huge spikes, for example, between one post and another post, let's say one post with 10 lights and the other one with 100 likes. This means that something unusual happened that not that these followers, that this huge number off new followers are most probably fake. Ah, very smart strategy is to keep track off the influential you are very interested in, For example, if the same brand advertise on the same profile many times as we said before, this needs that this intervention is bringing safe for the spent and This is a good signs, but most off the Instagram ads are not permanent. That's why you have to stay online, and you have to follow up with your influentials to check their paid posts because they will not last forever. This need if you are interested on some on some influential you have tow, visit his, uh, instagram profile many times per day. Check his posts. Make sure that a make sure if the same brand of the same company is advertising with him. Remember, the posts are not permanent. That's why you have to keep track off that your influentials all the time. Hi there. So now we are going to check and instagram influential page, and we're going to cite together. If this is a good influential or not that allow instagram profile I have picked. It's called the Hook. Look. It's in the news off Crash A. It's a personal instagram profile based around the identity off Jessica Carrie. That's the Crush. A fashion designer, it has 109 9000 followers. It's a good number of followers and a small niche like Christian, and it has 1000 posts. It's also an active profile the first thing to check is the contact information in the bio section off this Provide. There is no contact information, but there is the link for the block off the influential. So we're going to the block. The check if there is any contact information in there. So in here we can notice that they have contact. I'm going to click on it and check what kind off contact information we can't we have. Ok, perfect. We have ah contact form if you want, and you have also an option. If you won't work with Jessica the hook. Look, we can a access tha the contact information from you. So this perfect, you have the contact information, the first criteria is checked and we have a good number of followers. And this is also another criterias. Good idea. That's check. Now let's check the post off this influential. The first thing to check are the interaction issue and the comments to like, special. I have done the exercise before and I have felt all the a number off the last numbers off the last 20 posts off this influential and I have get get as instagram in the actual issue 1.26. And as comments to like issue 0.7 at issue, these numbers are a little bit. Clothes are lower than the element I have given for you. So there's something that you should take into consideration while considering why deciding if you want to work with this influential or not. But let's, uh, complete. But let's continue with our exercise and check the other crises is off this profile. So let's check of the post description are well written and our, ah, I read, written and our goods. I'm going for this post here. We can notice that the influential put ah huge effort, and, um, and I think the description off her post, for example, if you scroll down in here we cannot, is that she has used too many Hashtags in the first comment. And that's something I told you that you should do as she put all the hashtags in here. In her first comment, um, she put on a huge effort writing the description. Let's check and other posts, for example, this one also the same thing. She always put effort on writing her posts. Let's go to another one for example, this one. So here also, we have a very good description so and also we have Ah, let's check if you have the tax in the first comments also and we have the tax in the first comments. So this everyone should put a huge effort on picking beautiful photos for her profile for his for her instagram profile. And this is something that we could not as easily you can check. All the photos are very good on very beautiful and our high quality photos. She also puts ah, a huge effort on writing description off her posts and something that shows after shows us that this influential is very serious about her work. Now let's check what kind of people like and follow. This is Bagram profile. I'm going to this post, for example. Now let's see the people who commented on this post. The comments look very wet and think there's no nice and cool and very good. There are long comments very, very well written comments. See, here we have Ah, we have tags. We have ah, discussion. And this is very good. This shows us that the comments are authentic, that the comments are good. Let's check another post. Also, for example, this one okay, he and we cannot solve so that the influential replies to her comment. And this is very good because it shows us that that influential is serious about her four overs and that the relation between this intervention and her and her followers is a good and strong relation. So in here we can we're going to check the comments. Also, all the comments look authentic. There are long comments, well written comments, comments related to the Post, and this is very important. So now let's see what kind of people comments on this influential post and make sure that they are authentic forwards. Let's check this post, for example, in here, we're going to pick random commenters like this, and we're going to check their profile ice. So the steppers profile it, so it looks like a very authentic clarifies. The number off pullovers is larger than the number off following. We have ah, personal profile picture in here. So this is show. So, Zack that this profile is authentic. Now let's go to this proof I It's the same in here. We have a person for five picture. We have the number, okay? And he is the number of foot over the door that the number off following we casket this provide if you want if you go in here or so we have a person profile picture the number of followers is that in the number are following. So this provides look like authentic profile. If we go in here also, we have the same thing If you go in here. Uh, no, it's not the same thing. Let's check. This one is also I would provide them with too many post person provide. Pictured spoke pile look authentic. Same in here. So this shows us that the people who commented and like on this has ventured posts are authentic interested people, and this is very important. Now let's see if this intervention has any history off marketing. If we scroll down in here, we can notice that many off the posts are papers like, for example, this one in this post. The whole group is advertising for this crash A hooks from this store. So this esta graham influences use her profile to market for some brands. So in here, we cannot is disposed in step with the pay post where she Ah, she market for these hooks. Let's check if there are another opposed another papers. If you kick in here, for example, and we check the tags, we cannot is that she tag many brands. Many are brands in here. This is also a paid post where she's advertising for these brands. Let's check for another post. Also in his, for example, she's advertising for We Are letters. She has put too many tax for the monitors. She has put attacking here also, and she's using her. Preferred to market for the splint. Let's check also in here. If you have something Eggs first on here, we have too many tags It she's advertising for all these yards I arms. Also, I have been following this influential for a very long time, and I know she said that she advertised for many brands using her stories also. Now we're going to check if you can. Now we're going to see if we can check her all stories also, and he had also you should have too many tags. See, So this is a gram if you want. Has a history of marketing and she's been marketing for the same brand over and same brands over and over. And this is a very good sign because this name that she's a very good uh and crush a intervention. You can also check the Instagram story off the influential and see if he or she is marketing for any brand. If we click in here, for example, to check the story off this influential, um, sources marketing for anything in here? Yeah, in here, for example. She's tagging some kind off yon, and she's marketing for it. 8. 8 Instagram pricing for influencer posts: what? Hi there. And welcome to the structure In this lecture, we are going to discuss the pricing list off the influential posts. The pricing list for Instagram influential posts depends on many factors. The 1st 1 for example, is the number off followers. The 2nd 1 is the engagement rate. Third, the price will differ depending on the kind off offers you are going to make with the influential. If you are asking for a post, for example, the press will be different from if you are asking for a post plus a Lincoln the Bio plus us a story on to the fair. Also, if you are asking only for a post plus a link in the bayou, the fourth point is the prostration. The fifth point is the number off boats you are negotiating on. Searching the Internet will find infinite pricing lists, and there are widely different. My recommendation for you is to never check them, but to build your own pricing guideline list to bend your own price guideline list, you have only one solution, and it is to contact influencers, check their price, says try and analysis. With time, you will have a good idea about how much a post coast and if it's really worth it or not. A small advice, when influential, offer his own herd pricing list for the first time. Don't negotiate from the start. First, compare the prices the influential Dave to your guideline prices. Try one post with the influential. Check what kind off results you get. They'll go and negotiate. Negotiating from the start with seem rude and unprofessional. And it's not really easy because you don't have any genetics about what this influential is going to really give you. Now let's see together. How to measure the success off on Instagram page Boast. It is very important to build your own pricing lists, and it's very important to know if you are going to work with the same influential another time. And it's very important also to help you improve your ads and your photos and all these stuffs so toe be able tow. Follow up with the with your pay post. You have to do an Excel sheet where you compare the following stops. First, the number of visitors started Steve second, the number off new customers and purchases. You can also check the number off clicks and visits, and it can do that using the Google analytics. Also, you should have the engagement rates for your posts, the number off new followers on your INSTAGRAM profile. You have to calculate the profit from the whole process and to calculate the profit you just have to do. The following profit is equal to the earnings after instagram shout outs minus the pro that prices the product prices is equal. The original to the original Ali Express price, multiplied by the number off items salt minus Shopify thes minus other virus. Various fees minus instagram Face. In this way, you will have an idea about the prophet This big post bro through. When you do this Excel sheet, you can compare between different paid post, and you can decide if working with certain influential is really worth the price you have paid or not. 9. 7 How to contact an influencer: hi there, and welcome to the structure in the structure. We're going to see how to contact an influential if you have a story and some products and you are planning to use instagram to market for your products. So your main goal is to drive more traffic to stores and in result to get more stays on your store. Sure, extending or even building your Instagram portable base is also another good. Working with intentions is the safest, most effective way to reach both off goes together with influentials marketing. You can be sure that the visitors your store is receiving and the followers your instagram profile is gathering are interested authentic followers and visitors. They are people who are very interested in your knees and they are more likely going to be your new customers, especially if your story is unease. Dedicated store where visitors can find seven related items. But so now you have chosen the influential you want to contact, you have a list of them and you are ready to start contacting them. The next start to do is to prepare a template in May to send all of them. So what would this inmate include first a small introduction about who you are and about two then second information about your product and some positive feedback off wide and dimensions should be positive about marketing for you. Third Ah, high quality image of your father force your website general and the personal contact information. Your message should be short and direct. Below is an example off how a message for an influential should look like. But you can always at your on virgin and use your own versions. You might be better than you. That's why I feel free. Just put. I have just put this template to help you start. You wouldn't find this Sam Plate in the reference off this lecture one, the influential replies. You and you both agreed to work together. There are a few things that you should not forget. One. The first photo Instagram audience are visual people. I have said that many times through this course, so when you consider advertising on instagram, you should be very our off designing high attracted photo. Your photo quality and resolution should be very good. I know if you are drop shipping from Ali Express, for example, sometimes it's hard to find good product images. That's why you have two options. Either you order the product yourself and in this way will be able to get a great photo for it. Or maybe even a video. All you work with available product images and you turn them to get a good photo for you. The post content or description. The more authentic your description look like the more say's you will get your descriptions will not look commercial. A good idea would be to check the influential post and get inspired by his or her previous post. You can also ask the influential for advice he or she is very hour off their followers. Taste. They might help you with optimizing the content. Don't forget to include your call to action clearly within your post like by now Shop. Now go to Instagram Profile or to the store link in the boy. Agree with the influential to include a link in his value to the product page to product page. Make sure your product page is well optimized and load stressed so that traffic will be directed to stores smoothly. If you are not going to pay for a link in the bio. You can ask them to ensure to thank you, and you replicate the same post or your instagram account while keeping selling off the product you are selling on your bio. All you can do both, you can ask them. One should include swelling in his bio and to tell you in the photo and you duplicate the photo in your instagram profile. Keeping the A link off the product. The product you are advertising port on your bio section for selling. Don't forget. Use the Google your and shorten a link to make the link look matters prostration. Influentials use really offer several pricing. Depending on the post duration. I recommend you to go with post from one hour to four hours. Maximum adulation exceeding the four hours is unuseful. Usually most engagement comes in the first hours. Of course. Don't accept to pay a commission off, Say's for influences. Just go with fixed price for force. We will be discussing the cost off in a separate lecture, so stay too they based on time off a show out. That's something you have to decide depending on experience, and this is something you better discuss with the influential. You can also browse the influential post and do a small analysts about the times and dates with the highest engagement rates. Payment methods you stay tell for payment. This is the most secure payment method. 10. 9 The Advice you should never miss: hi there. This is an advice that you should never miss, and it's very critical for your store improvement, although in this course who are only discussing marketing so instagram we should never forget to install Facebook pixel on our drop shipping store. It's very important because it helps to to follow the activity on the Shopify store, and it enables you to target your instagram audience once again on Facebook or target a lookalike audience similar to the new customers you gain after you shoot outs. It's very important because it helps you to follow the activity on your shop if I store, and that also enables you to target your instagram audience once again on Facebook or tow target a lookalike origin similar to the new customers you gain after your shout outs, I will show you now have to implement your Facebook pics in on your shop. If I store 11. 10 Seven free things you should be doing to benefit most of Instagram: Hi there, and welcome to this lecture. In this lecture, we are going to talk about the 73 things you should be doing toe benefit most off Instagram . We have discussed all of the seven points before, but I want to do a small summary off them to make sure that you didn't get all of them. First. Create an interesting profile. As we said before, Take your time working on your bio. And don't forget to add your contact information to profile. Second, adding hash stocks to post the amendment to do us more research and see what hashtags are. The trendier in your niche Hess tax will help you reach a wider audience and get new customers using them. You can make more people aware off your business. You can also use hashtag for your special offers on your store products categories, and this way you will make it easier for your viewers to navigate your different categories and offers on your instagram profile. Has tax also will help you build your own brand. Don't forget. Use a reasonable number off hashtag X through many hashtag X within a post mike look like span. If you need to include several Hashtags. You can add some of them on the first comment off your post. Three. Both frequently take it off your instagram pose, prepared them in advance and keep a posting plan. People like to interact, so replied to their comments and to the quays. Four Post videos and photo galleries. Proft from instagram features to make your post more attractive and alive. Instagram users like visual interaction, so videos and galleries are very important. Five. Use Instagram stories. Instagram stories are different from instagram posts, where in post we use really use beautiful photos, well chosen photos, photos you's and stories are not. The life span off a story is only 24 hours. That's why people don't put huge effort on picking their stories. There they choose spontaneous, funny and authentic photos. The photo you use to put as your profile picture on Instagram or in Facebook is totally different from the one you used on your stories. You can you the stories to create ah, more personal and the human relation with your followers. Six. Not a market images with your link as I 20 before instagram doesn't allow you to add links so edgy rulings as watermarks. Your images on Don't forget while designing your photos, that is, the Graham only take squarish photos, so make your design fit within a square. In this way, you will not get on Awkward Crop seven at Capo Code. Your photos and run contest, as I told you before, is the ground. Followers love to get announcement and Sainz and exclusive offers. That's why adding coupon codes and running contacts is very important. Johnny Contest is very funny. You can just ask your followers to tag three off their friends on a post, and you promised them that one off the comments will win some kind off product. It's very easy to run contest. Instagram and Facebook are always always always crowded with contests. People like them. People like to win things. That's why keep this in your mind. 12. 11 Insta Paid app: Hi there. And welcome to this video on this You know, we're going to see together how to do a paid ad on Instagram. To do so, you have to access your Facebook manager adds dashboards. So let's start in here. Either you choose to do ah, quick creation for your campaign or you simply do the long way. We are going to do the wrong way. So we are going toe create a new come campaign for our instagram ads. I always recommend you to separate your instagram ads from your Facebook s instagram Gorgeous is different from Facebook audience and it's very important to be able to track instagram numbers separately. That's why I always keep your instagram campaign alone separated from your Facebook campaign. So in here you just click on conversion. You choose your eyes campaign name. I'm going to call it instead ground and I'm going to click on Continue. So in here you put their ads name I'm going toe put also Instagram Mr Graham, I'm coming to court to court instagram yoga at Let's see, I have a store that sells yoga yoga fitness wears okay In here you have to choose what kind off off your target from this campaign. I'm going to choose Purchase. Andi, I'm going to school here. Here, you choose your allegiance. Here you choose the location off your audience, the age off, your audience, the sex off your audience. You can also choose the language off your audience. If you have already saved your audience, you can also pick that audiences this'll orders from the audience you have created before. But let's say you are new to this. I'm going to pick for example, United States at my as my location. So I have picked United States as my location. I'm going toe pick everyone from it. The age off, 18 to the edge off. Let's say 50 okay? And this is it in here in the details targeting here, you have to put the information that you want to use to target exactly the audience. You want to talk it? Let's say I'm going toe sell yoga. Out, out, out wears on Instagram. So it's very important toe book to pick audiences who are interested on yoga. So what? How to do that? It's very simple. You search on insta ground for instagram influentials in the team off yoga and finish off yoga. And you simply put their names in here. When you put their names in here, you are targeting that your audience, your instagram audience to the people who like who or who follow this influential. So, for example, I'm going to pick. I'm going toe on instagram account. You can search influential in many ways. But for example, I have already I know that this this is a very famous You're got influential on its background. I'm going to copy her name from here and I'm going in here. I'm going to face it like this. Okay, Based something else. Let's take, you know, I know the name Kino Yoga. So this is it. Okay, so my audience is now 170 million people is a very huge audience, but this audience is common between Facebook and Instagram. Now we are going to see how we are going toe minimize this audience and a little bit. So if you if you don't know what kind off If you eventually are going to put in here as I told you before, you can search Google for influences, for example, you can simply go to Google and you can simply type top. Then your go influencers on instagram. Okay, so you go to the banks you have in here, you access the different influentials that they are here. You simply for example, I'm going toe pick one off them. Let's say I'm going to pick this one. So I'm going to copy her name like this. And you can also add it in here. You can also add it in here. So this is her. Okay. So in this way, I have added my modest 170 million people. And this is awesome. So I have enlarged my audience by adding and new instagram everyone shares. You can also narrow your this down in here by adding another and other things like you can end some submissions, some sub keywords and this where you can and you can and minimize your audience. Okay, I'm not going toe change anything in here? In here. In the placement, I'm going toe click on edit placement and in here I'm going to choose Onley Mobile devices because Instagram is only working is only powerful on mobile devices. I'm going to remove the Facebook from here because I'm going to go Me, I'm going to remove the Facebook from here because I'm only going to do the edge on Instagram to see the audience is now nowhere, and I'm going to remove these ones also, and these ones so you can see that Instagram objects is different from Facebook audience. That's why it's very important to do that your ads separately. So in this way we have narrowed our target toe 100 million people. It's a very large, very big number off people, and when you use different keywords in here, you can narrow it down. Okay, always try to narrow it audience down. You don't want to reach to many people because in this way you will be paying too much. It's very important to always narrow your your allegiance because in this way you make him make sure that your ads results will be better. You can also remove this one if they from here. If you want to narrow down your audience, See, I have when I have removed this one. My audience was narrow down toe only 59,000 people, so I always remove this one too. Narrow my audience down toe are a reasonable number and make sure that my ads were reached People who are 100% interested. If for any reason you have put all your keywords and all your, uh, your your information and in here and you detail targeting in here and you get a very small number you can click the expand interest cheque books in here and in this way your potential reach will go higher. But for now, I'm going to keep, like, this way because and this way I have I'm getting a number off orders that's reasonable and that I like to work with. So I'm going in here. I have picked Instagram, so don't Don't forget toe only pick Instagram and I have chose only mobile devices here You can put your budgets up. You I'm going to click on Continue. So he you should start first By adding your instagram account, I always recommend you to use your instagram account, not your facebook page. So you can simply click in here and add your instagram account and the format. And here you can choose any one of these. I'm going to choose the single image. For example, in here you upload your image. I'm going to upload any image. For example, this one in the random image you have tow applaud the product image, the image of the product you are going to advertise toe. But for now I'm picking any any photo just to show you how so. It's now. It's no uploading. So in the links section you have to choose between website or Facebook event. We are advertising on Instagram. So we are going to keep the website in here because we are going to advertise for our store and the text section in here. You you have to add the text you want to show on the instagram. EDS. So it's very simple. You can simply write, visit our store and you put your store name or your restore tag to get 50% save on this yoga outfit about it. Offer is limited. This is an example about the text you want to show on your Instagram at. So this is the Texan here showing in here. Here you add your story R l And here you change your call to action. Let's say I want tohave a call to action. This is your call to action. I want to change the call to action. I want tohave to make it for example Get offer. So you just have to fill that your l in here and click on continue uncle Firm And this way you would be doing your first instagram at 13. Check out my facebook ads course Skillshare: Hi there. Building a highly converting Shopify store and the picking suitable winner products are not enough to succeed. If you fade at putting your products in front off people who are interested in buying them , it would be extremely difficult to succeed. And the best and the most effective way to advertise to products and to make them reach the right people and customers is to use place with heads. Facebook ads allow you to target exactly your potential customers. If you are selling drugs accessories, for example, you can tune your ads. Target dog owners If you are selling hiking tools, you can soon your ads to target hikers. If you are selling a high ticket item that only amazed between 25 37 years old and I live in Georgia might be interested in you Can Jr ads to target exactly them. In addition, using Facebook ads, you can retarget people who visited your store or both from you or performs any action on your story. So if someone visited your store and edit a certain product this card and left without buying, you can retarget him with an actual ing the same product and you can offer him at this count called in order to push him and to buying or if someone both a certain product from your store, you can retarget him. Advertising for a related products, for example, And not only that basis, adds, allow you to target people who are similar to the people who both from you. Facebook collects that about everyone. Facebook knows your age, your sex, your hobbies, the things you love. Celebrities. You follow that TV series you watch. So when you asked Facebook to search for people who are similar to customers Facebook search on his database for people who are similar to your clients and show your ad in front of them. People who are similar to customers, either people who will most probably buy from you. Master Facebook ads will help you boost your business and your revenue. And only people who mastered Facebook ads succeed in e commerce. If you want to match Facebook ads, I highly recommend you to check my Facebook at scores available here in my skin share channel. This course sums up everything related to Facebook. It's starting from the basics up to the most advanced techniques each day. The competition is getting higher and higher, and succeeding in e commerce is becoming harder and harder. So if you want to succeed, your only way is to really master Facebook ads. My course is your way to do so. The quantity of information and the quality of the lectures you will find in this course will astonish You don't waste any time now. Finish the scores and go directly to my face with ex course. Watch it carefully and launch Miss any minute. See you that. 14. How to Drive Free Traffic to your store: Hello there and welcome to this lecture. No matter at which stage of business is driving more traffic to your store, is always one of your most important goals. While yeah, surely you should never bring any traffic. You should always bring people who are interested in your niche and who might end up becoming your loyal customers. So how do you bring traffic to your store? Well, apart from doing Facebook ads or any other type of paid ads and from using social media influencers. Working on your SEO is one of the best marketing strategies that you can adopt. Let me explain this further. Seo stands for search engines optimizations. In other words, it's about optimizing your restored. So it shows when people search on Google for related keywords, Let's say you have a store that sells travel mugs. And let's say that when someone types this keyword on Google, you'll store shows at their first results. This keyword is search around 40,800 times per month in the USA. And I'm not talking about the worldwide search volume here, only in the USA. So now imagine that 10% of people who typed travel mugs clicked on new link in Google page results and visited due to store. This means 1400, 80 visits per month for free. Now, imagine that your conversion rate is 2%, which is not a very awesome conversion rate. It's a very average conversion rate. So with a conversion rate of 2%, this would mean 30 new purchases per month. The higher your conversion rate is, and the higher your customer ID card value is, the more money you will make. And guess what? All of this, just because your store rank for one keyword. Now imagine rating for multiple keywords and do the math. Many people think that getting free traffic from Google is a fantasy and that it is impossible to make it. Others think that SEO is a super simple procedure that only requires including some relevant keywords here and there. Well, optimizing your store for SEO is not a job. You do a likely or without the prior knowledge, because unless you know exactly what you are doing, there is a greater probability that you will be losing your time and energy without getting results. But at the same time, this doesn't mean that it is a fantasy. Seo is a long-term procedure that needs time and effort, but it is totally worth it because it has the highest return on investment compared to any other e-commerce marketing strategies. And because when you optimized for SEO, you wouldn't need months before starting to see the results of your work. Many people think that it's not effective, but this is not true. Optimizing Bootstrap for SEO will not only drive more traffic to restore, it will also help you to enforce through brand. Everything we do to optimize your store for SEO helps you to increase your brand awareness to make your store more professional, and to provide a better user experience among fans and tons of other things. As much as i value Facebook ads and find them essentially to scale your business and says, I value SEO and the importance of optimizing good facade to rank higher on booger. Especially if you are on a tight budget and, or you look at your business as a long term business. To help you mastered SEO and to show you how to optimize your store and what the strategies to adopt in order to get higher ranks on Google. I have prepared for you and SEO full master class for e-commerce Shopify stores. This master class gives you step-by-step guides to follow and shows you exactly what you should do. Everything if explained in details and examples. In this course, you will learn everything related to SEO for e-commerce stores. Starting from the basic strategies up to the most advanced ones. To get access to this course, you just have to click on that link. You will find in that description of this course, or you have to go to my profile and check out this course. So click on the link, sack MySQL master class Android, and let's start to optimize your stored for SEO together. Thank you and see you in the next lecture.