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How to use Google Search Console to brainstorm blog content ideas that Google WANTS to rank you for

teacher avatar Morgan McBride, DIY + Home Decor Lover

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (24m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Google Search Console Orientation

    • 3. Example 1 of finding content ideas

    • 4. Example 2 of finding content ideas

    • 5. How to expand to make a thorough supporting post

    • 6. 6 Conclusion

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About This Class


Are you stuck brainstorming blog content? Or, do you keep creating content that has zero traction with Google? Check out this mini-course on how to use Search Console (a free tool provided by Google) to find content gaps and opportunities for you to write and rank easily! 

You will need to set your site up with Google Search Console (for free!) to do this class. 

Be sure to check out my other course on blogger keyword research: 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Morgan McBride

DIY + Home Decor Lover


Hey y'all! I am Morgan McBride. Together with my husband, Sean, we blog about crafting our home into our dream home. We share DIY and home decor tips and advice. We can teach you anything from how to plan to decorate a room to how to build a coffee table. We are excited to help each and every one of you craft your dream homes! 

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1. Introduction: Hey, guys, I'm Morgan McBride. Aim a D i y and home decor blogger. I blogged it full time, and I love s CEO created a few school share or videos about s yo in your blawg and this is a really fun, easy quick. Take away one about using S CEO and the free information that Google gives you to create content that is instantly going to rank high. So a lot of people have trouble coming up with contact ideas for their blawg and people fall into two categories. Either they want to be really successful. They started their block to be business to make money, and they don't know what to write about to make money or you have been going forever. This is me and you write about what you love and we walk about home decor, and it's like we want to build a bunk bed for a cat. That's what that is. And we want to talk about it, and it doesn't matter that nobody's searching for it, but it does matter nobody searching for it if you're trying to make money, so to find a nice balance between doing what you love and making money, you need to use a good content strategy. I'm gonna show you today how I use Google Search console, which is a free tool provided to you from Google and I go in. I look at things that already exist on my blawg that are doing well. And I use that to come up with ideas for New block Post to create, and you're gonna take those ideas and I like to call them content trees. So you have your main post that's doing well. We're gonna create branches off of that with sort of some topics that are related that Google wants you to write about their telling you. Please write these posts. Then you can repeat this process for each of those branches. Once you get that written and branch those out and off each branch, you might have a main post. You might have a how to you might have a Google or Amazon affiliate link up. That's just things people can buy. You might have a round up of other projects off the web. You can really get very meaty and very branch e with your trees, and that is going to establish extreme expertise were picking things that Google already says. You know what you're doing. Let's say not only do we know what we're doing, we know so much about this topic. We have 20 posts about it, and that's what we're gonna do today. So let me start talking. Let's just do it. 2. Google Search Console Orientation: going to do is to find the posts on your blog's that are already doing well that we're going to use to brainstorm or content ideas. So start by just navigating to guru role search console. You might have this bookmarked. Have you have it? We can just google Google Search Consul. If you have not already set up your site on search console, you're gonna want to go ahead and pause this video. Just Google search for the latest instructions from Google. I don't want to show you in case it gets outdated to set your site up on search console. This is 100% free tool. So when you come in, you see this overview tab and it's automatically showing three months, 90 days of performance data and we're going to go in just to the search results section. And I'm just gonna go over all the different parts of Google Search console and then we'll dive into how to find the best posts to focus on for creating new content. So, up here on the top, we have the search type. Your choices are Web image or video. I primarily use web because my site is written block posts. If you're focusing on images or videos, obviously you check the one that best applies to you in your work. The date is the last three months. Automatically. You can see some different choices in here, or you can set custom. So we're gonna look back at historical data to determine what is currently doing well on our site and use that to determine what to create. Going forward. Three months is a good chunk of data to look at at a time. But what I will warn you is it depends on what time of the year you are looking at and what type of business you have. For example, I have a D. I Y craft website, and we have really different content around Christmas and Thanksgiving time. That does really well compared to the rest of the year. So if I'm looking three months back and that's including November and December, it's gonna kind of skew my dad offer year round. So keep that seasonality in mind, depending on your business. If you have travel in a certain kind of travel is popular certain time of year. Just keep that in mind. You can set your last three months. Six months. If you want to come in here and you wanted to focus on, I'm gonna go ahead and create some Christmas content and go ahead and set this to October 1st through December 31st. So you're looking at that season. Just keep the seasonality in mind and pull about 90 days worth of data down here. There's a few more things you can pull in, and we'll look at these in a minute. Query is the search that people are typing into. Google Page is your page of your blog's. So this would be the block post countries. Obviously, the country where people are located who were doing the searching device is going to tell you something is mobile or tablet or desktop searches. And this could make a difference if you are focusing on one or the other for advertising. For example, a lot of bloggers make more money on desktop traffic, So if you were interested in getting more desktop traffic, maybe you want to see what desktop users are landing on your site. Justin Idea and then search appearance includes how to rich results if used how to schema rich results, reviews, videos or Web light results. So if any of these apply to you, you can filter to them. I use a lot of how to scheme us, so I look at that sometimes. But for the purpose of this, I'm just going to leave it at Rich results. I'll just continue your orientation of the search results page on Google. Search console automatically has selected this. Total clicks and total impressions. Clicks are people who are clicking from the Google search to your site. Total impressions is the number of times that your site is shown in a search result does not mean that it was clicked. Click through rate is some math between the two of those dividing your clicks per impression. And then your average position is where a post falls on Google so you can see average Position 22 would be all in the top of page 31 thing I will say is that this is very skewed on a post by post basis. So don't really take this average position for your whole site as a whole too far to heart . I mean, you want it to obviously be improving, but 22 doesn't really mean a lot now, compared to when we get down to a page by page level, the queries tab once again is showing these all correspond appear to remember the options we had under new. But query is what people are typing in on Google that ends up with them. Seeing your site pages are the pages of your site. Said these would be different blawg posts if you're a blogger. Countries you can see ranked where people are searching from devices you have mobile desktop or tablet. You can see who's landing on your site. Search appearance once again shows all those different scheme on types and see how people are ending up in your sight. See how to really drives traffic to my site and then dates. This is a day by day, this tab not really useful to me in what I'm doing, but it is there for you. All right, so that is a general orientation of your Google search console. Once again, this is a free tool with Google. You just have to set it up once there is an export button here too, so you can export this to a spreadsheet. I like to use Google sheets if you like. I suggest you kind of drill it down a little bit before you export it, but we will do that now. 3. Example 1 of finding content ideas: All right, Now we're going to see how to use this data on Google Search Consul to pick a topic to write more block posts about. So I haven't changed anything. I'm still in here. My only filters the last three months. This is a reminder. Set those 90 days to be 90 days on a calendar that you want to kind of replicate the seasonality of Have all four of these options toggled and selected at the top. You don't really need the click through rate if you don't want it. But I will have all four of them checked. Just for the purpose of this, we're gonna scroll down and we're going to go to pages. And this will be showing you in your designated time range. What has got? What pages have gotten the most clicks from Google. So we're going to look at clicks and we're going to look at impressions and we are going to figure out how people are getting to your site. So how to make a squirrel picnic table is opposed? There's been doing well for us during this quarantine time, so I'm going to click on there and automatically switches you over to the pages tab and you can also see that up here at the top page became a filter. So now we're just looking at this one page, so you can see for each of these tabs that page filter is going to stay at the top. And I can see, you know, people are in the United States. People are on mobile. People are finding my rig. Web light results. Maybe they're not. Um, you can see it by date. If you like this tab, I'll never look at this. We could see kind of this has been just sort of viral push. This is a post that we published about you could see however, many days ago, 10 days ago on that's how well did. Instantly. So now we're gonna go back to queries, and this is where we're really going. To focus queries is what people are typing into Google to find this block post their 693 queries that this block post has appeared as a potential result for someone on Google in the last three months. In the last two weeks, really, it's a new post for us. I'm going to extend this to 500. That's the most you can get per page. And now I'm going to look and see what we are wrecking for, um, 500. It's actually scrolling kind of slow on. My not should have done that, but that's OK. We'll be OK. Um, art so you can see it is sorted by clicks currently. So squirrel picnic table plans. We rank 1.5. So we go back and forth between another blogger for position number one in position number two, and you can see how many impressions that has. So obviously, I'm not going to write a new block post called Squirrel Picnic Table plans because I'm already crushing that one. What I might do, however, is come over here to position and see how that arrow appears. I'm going to click position, and now it has everything listed in reverse order. So now we're seeing the things that I rank for, but I rank really higher, low. How are here to see if the number is very big? No. One ranking number 101 is ranking on page 10 at least with all the different videos and feature snippets, probably more like page 15. So this means that when people search for plans for squirrel feeder, they're never gonna find me. But Google showed me one time to somebody. So I'm gonna write this down and these air all gonna be potential ideas for blood posts. So we have plans for a squirrel feeder plans for a would picnic table. Build a picnic table, picnic table, bench plans, free plywood picnic table plans, building plans for a picnic table so you can go through here and see already like we made a squirrel picnic table. But now Google thinks we should also make a picnic table plan so keeps growing down. Um, so we have our squirrel feeder and we have picnic table are two things and picnic bench looks like it's a popular one. I mean, lots of different picnic tables, easy to build. Pinion table, home made picnic table. How to make a picnic bench free picnic table, how to build picnic tables. So what I would pull out of this post is I would say that we need to build some squirrel feeders and we need to build a picnic table and create a long post tutorial. How to off of each of those. I also would probably create some roundups for some of these more generic posts. So maybe I will create an Amazon affiliate post that is just the best cheap picnic tables under. I don't even know how much picnic table costs, but let's say under $200 it would just all be affiliate links. And then I would also create one that was the best squirrel feeders under $40 make that a whole post. So I have ideas for how to posts, and I have some ideas for round up posts. Now let's do this one more time and see one more example. 4. Example 2 of finding content ideas: of this example. I'm just gonna put the X next to Paige, and I should lose that page filter. Here we go. Um, so now I'm going to scroll down enquiries and I'm gonna find my next most popular posts. So I tapped over to the pages tab, and our next most popular post is patching drywall. When you remove a phone, Jack Random. Okay, so you can see that page became a filter up at the top automatically. So I contol go back to queries and see the queries that we rank for. So this time I'm gonna leave it at 10 rows per page because making it 500 was slow. You do what you need to dio. You can see where ranking number one for how to remove a phone, Jack from the wall. It's not a super high traffic post for us, but it is a nice, steady flow. So instead, what I'm gonna do is I am going to toggle the position so I'm seeing what we rank really poorly for, and I'm gonna pull the impressions. So I hit the impressions first, and then the position, and you can just kind of scroll down And if you see something that has a big number for position but higher impressions, that's going to be even better. So what impression? You know, that might not be a highly searched term, but this one's three. When I'm ready for 101 I'm already getting three impressions. Three isn't a lot, but it's the highest on this page. I might take note of this. How to install a telephone jack. So if Google thinks we're experts on how to remove a telephone jack how to install a telephone jackets, probably a pretty good idea for us to do, too. C l keep talking, Going through old time wall phone. OK, that could be an idea. Old time Wall phones. Maybe some people are feeling nostalgic. Maybe I could create an Amazon affiliate round up post of old timey wall phones. Here's a bunch more landline phone wires. How to hook up a phone line That kind of goes with the other one. Jack every box closing. I don't think I have anything to say about Jack in the box. Okay, here we go. 15 old wall phones, old wall phones. I wonder what that could be about. So That would be something that I would go off in Google and see when you search old wall phones, what is popping up? Number 12 and three. Could I write a comparable article? And here's another really good one. This is half of that post is removing the phone jack and covering the hole in the wall. So maybe we should write a whole post just about covering the hole in the wall. We could write a post. We could create a video. How two to link on YouTube. Maybe we could could use these like patch kits to patch holes in drywall. Maybe I should be doing a Amazon round up block post about different patch options in the pros and cons of each or post is called the Best Wall Patch kit for your home. See, I've come in with a bunch of ideas, and I Onley looked at, like, 15 options here so you could just keep going through and write down anything that comes to you. And then however you organize your workload, I use trail. Oh, I have lots of lists. Just throw your block posts ideas on your to do list and as you have time. Let's get these written. All right. Now, let me show you just how I would once I was going to create one of these posts how I would make it a really good, thorough post. 5. How to expand to make a thorough supporting post: back, and I am going to use this homemade picnic table as a trial, post the research and see what we could put in a homemade picnic table post. So you can remember. I found this one. This was the worst position. So I think this is page two. This is one of the worst positions that have three impressions, but home a picnic table. Some people are searching for that. It's related to our school picnic table. I'm gonna go to Google and just to search homemade picnic table. Let's see what we see. So the top thes air, all things for sale, not homemade. The biggest really first clip here is a video. So that tells me that Google is really prioritizing videos for this. So if I'm gonna make a post about a home, a picnic table, I better make a video. You can see I have keywords everywhere over here. I'm not loading any metrics, but you can see just some simple keywords that are already trending. So maybe I want to make a two by four payment table. A picnic table with detached benches, a six foot picnic table, octagon picnic table. You know, if we really want to build a bunch of picnic tables, these air, some really good ideas, and we could become like the picnic table block I scrolled on here. So after the video, look at how much real estate this is. This is all sponsored. Then there's a giant video, and then it's just images. So I need to have really good images, and I need to make sure that I'm filling in all those descriptive words with keywords like Home a picnic table. And here, Google's is feeding me some more ideas would steal fold easy outdoor, rustic, heavy duty. These are all words that I should be writing down and I should be, including not Onley in my post title within the post. Within the image descriptions, all of those places you want to use these words? Then I scrolled down. Then I see one post. This is from the spruce, so I honestly probably wouldn't target this specific keyword. I would find something a little bit more narrow down because this Bruce is like Wikipedia for D. I Y projects. But then I get to people. Also ask, I would make each one of these questions probably an H three header at the end of my post. How do you make a homemade picnic table? How do you make a picnic table out of wood? How much does it cost to build a picnic table? What kind of wood should I use for payment table? These two of the end could honestly be their own post. I could write a whole post about the different types of wood that you could use to make a picnic table and look, Hunker already did that. But that's definitely something I could write a post on. As you click, you get more and more. I would incorporate all of these as either headers on my post or as their own post that I would link so you can see how we are starting to create the branches of that content tree. So we started with my scroll picnic table, now sort of side stepping Teoh how to build a cup picnic table. But Google trusts me about picnic tables already, so this is on brand. When I write how to build a picnic table, I'm going to go back to my squirrel picnic table post and say, Want to build a picnic table for yourself. Make sure to click over and check out our post about link. How to build. Ah, homemade picnic table from the home, My opinion table. I might link out and say, wondering what kind of wood you should buy. Go and check out my post about link what kind of wood I should use for a picnic table. These the kind of things that you're gonna do to create branches and branches and branches all branching off of this content that you didn't just randomly pull out of your. But it's something that Google is telling you that they trust you on that you are an authority on, and they want to show people your content about. This is how you find things that are going to instantly Rick. You can keep drilling through. People always ask also ask. Here you finally get to the post so you can see like people had to kind of dig to get down to the posts so you definitely videos. And then here's more searches related to the home, a picnic table, these air topics that you might want to focus on or like, I don't want to build a picnic tables. We don't have space for that. We don't have time for that. We have a one year old. We can build one picnic table, but that's about as far as it's gonna get. But I could do a roundup post, and I could do a round up of square picnic table plans or Octagon picnic table plans and find some of my friends get their permission to include there content and go ahead and say , You know the 10 best free square picnic table plans for you to build today and make that its own block post. Link it back to my picnic table. Link that back to the squirrel picnic table and we're starting to really, really build up a nice, healthy, sturdy, juicy, trustworthy expert treaty for Google. Cool, you'll hype. I'm hype. I got to go make a pick me a table. I guess 6. 6 Conclusion: All right, guys, I hope that that was a helpful quick little tutorial for you. I challenge you, Teoh. Hop on over to Google Search Consul, pull up your top 23 posts and make big lists of other topics you could write about. Don't forget how twos, Amazon affiliate or what other affiliate program you use. Anything you want to just doesn't have to be Amazon. Amazon Just easy for beginners. A Philly around up roundup of projects on the Web. Don't forget to include your own projects in your own posts. Recipes, whatever you write about, include those in any roundups you create that's very important and create those branches. Lots of different topics. Lots of different types of posts. Buildup that authority with Google. Go ahead and schedules say, I'm gonna be the picnic table guy and I'm gonna put out two posts a month for the rest of year. They have to do with picnic tables right now. Scheduled them out. Forget about it. Move on to the next topic, right. Those schedule them out. Forget about it. Before you know, you were just gonna be raking and the Google content clicks and Google clicks make some of the most money on our PM's Google X. You don't worry about Pinterest cutting you off for wanting you to promote things. Google clicks are my favorite kind of click. So I hope this was helpful. You can email me message me, reach out less. Chet, tell me what else you want to make a video about. I am all yours. Have a good one by