How to turn a Part of an Image into a seamless 4K PBR Material! | Frederic Hoffmann | Skillshare

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How to turn a Part of an Image into a seamless 4K PBR Material!

teacher avatar Frederic Hoffmann, Professional 3D Artist

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (18m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Software you need

    • 3. Prepare and Upscale the Texture Part

    • 4. Make the new Texture seamless

    • 5. Create a PBR Material from the Texture in Materialize

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About This Class

In this Class you will learn how to turn a Part of a Texture into a seamless 4k PBR Material for games or Film!

You can downloadMaterialize for free here:

Here you can buy gigapixel with 15% OFF:

Or go for a 30 day trial:

Meet Your Teacher

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Frederic Hoffmann

Professional 3D Artist


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1. Introduction: Hello guys in this video ever. So we were hotel turn part off this photo into a full PBR material. It's seamless. It's perfectly for games, so stay tuned. 2. Software you need: So the first thing you need a ski epics. I don't have the software. You can download it here. I were opposed. Link in the description. You don't have to software you can Don't try for 30 days is completely free for reptile, and after that you can buy it for 99 bucks on time license. Also for commercial work. It's pretty cheap, I think so. Give it a shot, and also we needs materialize. It's, uh, texture to PBR material, so you can just convert your picture in tow your image into a PBR Tech stuff for free. It's open source. Just download it and install it, and you also need a photo app like Photoshopped or from years affinity photo year or give just the tool of your choice. 3. Prepare and Upscale the Texture Part: The first thing we need to do is truth, an area where we what we want is a protection. So first of all, a select crop tour and drink out s square and select an area where I think it's a good there. We have one texture, so I just I would just select this area, for example, in double Click, um, and just exported us and PNG and safer for wherever you want. I will just save it on my desktop, and the resolution is pretty low. But that's no problem, because we were upscale it in Giga Pixel. So launch key topics and just opens the texture in it. So I would just drop it and I will upscale it eight times. So you can upscale IDs six or more. But first year up skated six times and then two times because I want to four k texture. So I will launch it up. And after the processing stun, I will be right for you. 4. Make the new Texture seamless: become big guys. So processing is done. And the only thing we need to do now is to precise dark humans. Um, to make it actually a title before Kate. Text. You just need to click on this lock here and type in 4096 X phone on 4096 to make it three Arctic char and actually usable for game engines and stuff like that. So it's a common resolution, um, and nor we can make a title. But so press control J. And it's the same photo shopped to copy our layer makes the they don't be so not visible. And we will work with this layer year. Um, Tres Control J again, um, we were applying filters to its letters chords in affinity. If I you can find it under food for us to start a fine in photo shop, it's called push Modify, I think offset. But I think it's push modifier. Um, you can find it also under futures as us and it's a filter. What's the end off list? So basically the last fritter, But anyway, click on it on the fine, and you were seen on spokes and the only thing you need to do is type and 50% for both the x and Y offset. In photo soft, you will need to type in high off the resolution off your texture instead off the 50%. So in this case, for thousands, 48 for both off this year and the play it on SS, you can see it seems perfectly in the middle and not on the outside anymore. And the only thing we need to do is get before get rid off it. Um, for this view of several tweets, for example, the clone toe this is not the two of you will actually use, but I will show it anyway so you can press on old and click on and every are is this image , for example here, and you can change the opacity and flow and partners. You can make it softer or harder. Um, and you can actually copies every here, for example, and get it off the seams. But as you can see, the resort is pretty not that course. It's pretty reasonable, actually. Um, if you selected every of it, it's not Zet off your obvious. It's and you re a problem toe make. Is this very soul just under it? A couple of times? And the truth? Another two instead. Um, and that is the pech toe. It's the same toe, uh, s and photo shop. And you can, for example, select area Lexus one and select, um, every of its you think we're off to be briefing of matchups. This image, for example, is this. And as you can see, it's not reasonable on a distance. So that's a pretty nice job, because it feathers and Pelosi etches. But we can also refine this area a bit more So it's even more or not reasonably affords the viewer for this purpose. Weaken select in painting, brush tour in Photoshopped It's basically the pets feeling toe, and what it does is pretty simple. You can select an area like this one, and, um, the ever took relates some picks its into it based on the surrounding fix it. So it basically try to repair. Is this every off the picture of wanted so as you can see it, But that's a pretty good job. Um, just don't over use it. Use it only on the areas where you I think it needs a refinement, like a year. And they are And that the area you think it's a problem, But I think it looks pretty good. Maybe you're it looks a bit shiny. I don't know. Uh huh. But anyway, just go a bit over its and see what it does. And I think it's me up pretty good. And, you know, one actually, see you there. This was a seem, I think so. Most off the viewers just going that overt. It's much time if you put more time into it, you can make it look more believable. So just take your time and work a bit, wondered and, um, and other strategy. I often use this, Um, just delete the middle area. That's the reason why I I copied this layer again because we can select Eclipse, were here and select its entire middle area and just press delete. And as you conceive, you push. That seems to the outside. So this every other every of it. It's the area that most off officer viewers will see. So we just, um, get rid off this middle area entirely by trusted eating it that we can know select the shift off this layers press the white most button and select Oh, is it much? And we know half a new they are, and we can no repair. This seems. And sometimes for me, for example, it's easier. Venza Museum so selects a patch toe. Another tip is don't like too much with the pitch to it, because I think it works better of smaller selections. Been larger. So just select an area like this one is probably very good. Soul flickered on de selected, and as you can see from a distance, it's reality visible. Um, but for close ups, you can just go into, uh, inventing tool here or the repair toe. Just maybe, if you call it is this fails other and just go over the blood seems and repaired, for example, you, uh, and you play around with it until you have you, and I ever just Yeah, fix the other seems here until it's done. And after that, I will show you a whole to turn, um, seamless texture into a period maturity, soul 5. Create a PBR Material from the Texture in Materialize: So I come back. I got it off the scenes. I hope you also I finished it. Um, The last tip I give on this topic is zoom in here and really look for any areas. What, you think it's obvious that, uh, you manipulated So for except missing seems or patterns that look off? Yes, just such for them, and we cared. But for me, this resort is okay, so exported and loaded up here in materialize to do it. Just press on the over here for the few hours and select texture you exported out off your photo and make sure its title select both off this lighters and slighted, or it was the right and zoom in here. And as you can see where no Seems so it's seamless. Um, if you're take a closer look, you could see some detail. It's obviously tied all over the place. But if you put a bit more time into it than he ah, barely anyone will notice the difference. So just put a bit more time into it, and they're sorting for your problem. Um, anyway, we were no creates the texture to do so quickly. Create hell meant click on the create button, fianc? Height. And, um, for me, I select one off this presets. Here, default is pretty good, but for good details, I select details preset. And, um, you, of course, can select anything you want. You can also manipulates the slightest year, but the details, um, creases. It's best for me because viva creates a more normal amount of Shiite look. So if you want to detail normal, detailed, heightened in this case or selected details, if you want and select, set a site map and click on Z create, but on the normal map area here. And yeah, you could select one of those presets for some. For De Ford's move, it's or from years Chris, because I want releases. Delicious reads detail the materia. So I will go with that wristwatch option and select Sit this moment, Um, and no, we creates smoothness. A K is roughly snapped for me because you will get a default resource if you don't, um, manipulators letter here is this, for example, of it is the swiftness map. It's basically a roughness map inverted, Yeah, so if you want a roughness map or don't want to invite it in photo shop. Just select the slider year and push it out with the white or, um, in one off this we are here and select Set a smooth and the last thing we can create. Rick went to create a CEO map. So click on create and I don't change anything off the slider. So just processes limit. And now click on show for material and we know can see you what the final result is Boom. Oh, man. So click on this few year end. As you can see, the resort is, in my opinion, pretty also, Um, but one thing is off. So if you zoom in, especially in this area, you see, it's a detailed tighten up is a bit to detail. For example, it looks distorted. And this for, uh, look off with a game engine and any red. So the last thing we need to do is go again in the height, nip options and just select default on this place. I think before it is okay for their so selective default. Preset and slicks is a site map and click on. So for material ends in, it looks much, much better and off the or you can see the resorts very crisp and shiny in George's are it's off the text Appoint me and the last thing you need to do is just press on yes, on everyone on everything here to save it up or say the Dodge. Um, and that's pretty much it. So I hope you like it's toe whatever you want with it. It looks pretty good under engine or unity. I hope you learned something and see you in the next tutorial.