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How to travel around the world for free, forever - Travel Hacking & Credit Card Churning 101

teacher avatar Joshua Walter, Travel and adventure, usually for free

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

18 Lessons (1h 31m)
    • 1. Travel Hacking explained in (approximately) 5 minutes

    • 2. Who isn't this course for?

    • 3. How much are all these points worth?

    • 4. The single greatest class project on Skillshare.

    • 5. What cards would I get first if I was just starting out?

    • 6. A solo trip around the world for free

    • 7. Credit card offers to take a free trip around the world

    • 8. How to think about hotel points

    • 9. How to keep track of all your points

    • 10. Let's talk about credit scores

    • 11. How do I actually spend these points? 101

    • 12. A family trip to Europe for 4 for FREE

    • 13. The end.

    • 14. June 2021 - Best Credit Card Offers

    • 15. July 2021 - Best Credit Card Offers

    • 16. September 2021 - Best Credit Card Offers

    • 17. October 2021 - Best Credit Card Offers

    • 18. November 2021 - Best Credit Card Offers

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About This Class

Ok, I'm going to be as brief as I can here. I respect your time and attention too much to waste any of it.

Here's what you get out of this course:

The resources, tools, experience, and information to safely leverage credit card sign up offers. Doing so will help you get hundreds of thousands, probably even millions of frequent flier miles and other points. This will allow you to travel around the world for free, for as long as you want.

That's it :) Come on in, the waters fine.

Looking for the credit card links? They're in the class project section.

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Joshua Walter

Travel and adventure, usually for free


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15. July 2021 - Best Credit Card Offers: Florence, Italy. It is time once again to go over the best credit card offers for this month. This is July 2021. Let's get started. The number one spot this month is the American Express Platinum. Now there are a couple of different offers for this. I've seen some online for a 100 thousand and that appears to be the default one is just available on the internet that anyone can get. Then some people by going through a website called card ratings can put in their information. And sometimes we match for a hundred and twenty-five thousand and a hundred and fifty thousand point offer, which is just nuts for this American Express card, they just up the annual fee to $695 per year, but that's more than offset by all the various credits you get, as well as just the value of these a 100 to a 150 thousand points. This is a great flexible travel card. Number two, once again, the Chase Sapphire preferred makes the top five. It's still got its best ever point offer at a 100 thousand points after spending $4 thousand in the first three months, the annual fee is just $95. And as everyone knows, the Chase Sapphire preferred points are incredibly valuable and super flexible. Just an overall great card and one of the best cars to just kinda keep around forever and just use whenever you're not turning another credit card. Number 3, the city premier card have their best ever offer right now for 80000 points after spending just $4 thousand in the first three months. City Thank you. Points are also quite flexible. They have saved some of the best Transfer Partners out of any of the credit cards. Really great car to turn through, get all the points, move them to some other airline or hotel, and then cancel this card. There's not really a good reason to keep this card around for very long. The initial bonus offers just great number for a spot. The Chase Sapphire reserve, the total net you 60000 chase points after spending $4 thousand in the first three months, unfortunately, has a very high annual fee of $550, but that's more than offset with a $300 annual travel credit plus the great lounge axis plus a whole host of other benefits. This like the Chase Sapphire preferred is just another great car to just kinda keep around forever. This isn't the one that you should sign up for and then cancel right away the benefits that it provides, as well as the great travel credits that offset the annual fee means that there's not really a good reason to cancel this card. And because of how flexible chase points are, you should probably at least always have a few. And finally, in the number 5 spot, the Chase United quest card, I think this is the best United co-branded card that's ever been put up. Right now you can get 80 thousand United Miles after just spending $5 thousand within the first three months. That's a lot of United miles and miles typically go a really long way and usually don't have a lot of fees for booking like some of the other American Airlines and British Airways miles United points are super valuable, especially when you go into Southeast Asia. And with the annual fee being only $250 plus the additional benefit of getting 10 thousand miles back whenever you book an award flight that makes his card incredibly valuable with a pretty low annual fee. In fact, it's the card I'm spending on right now. Links for all of these credit cards are going to be down below in the class project section. So just click around, you'll find it. Okay, that's it for this month. See you in August. 16. September 2021 - Best Credit Card Offers: Hello from San Miguel Island in the Azores. I know. Listen, I know I hear you. We missed August. I missed August. I blew it a blue. I'm sorry. I hope you can forgive me. But we're back here again with the September credit card updates, the best five credit cards available this month. Right now, as always, the links are gonna be down in the class project section. So just look down there. It's one of the tabs down below. But without further ado, let's get started coming in at the number one spot again is the American Express Platinum. The deal for this card right now is insane to a 125 thousand points, which is worth a lot for spending just $6 thousand within the first six months, $1000 per month 3 able to get this amount of value. Now it does come with an incredibly high annual fee of $695, but that's offset by this insanely long list of perks that you get into all the other credits that you'll get back that you're seeing right here. Not only is this the best credit card deal right now, but this is the best credit card deal that American Express has ever had. And for that reason and that reason alone, I think that this one is definitely worth that high annual fee because the points are just so valuable and you could transfer them to so many different places. Moving on, Chase Sapphire preferred still has its a 100 thousand offer. And if you haven't cottoned on this by now, you should really do this right away. A 100 thousand points after $4 thousand and spend within the first three months makes this approximately in insane deal. This is one of the best overall cards and honestly one of the very few cards that I keep all the time, no matter what, I basically always have this card or my Chase Sapphire reserve cart army, everywhere that I go. It's got a low annual fee. It's got great benefits, just an overall great card. It's one of those keeper cards and these are few and far between number 3, the Chase United quest card, I just finished up my minimum spend requirement on this exact card. And the United Miles are just so valuable because when you spend them, they don't come with any of those crazy Feizi you can sometimes see through American Airlines or British Airways or lots of the other carriers. When do you use your miles? Two $150 annual fee, but half of that disappears by just spending any money with United throughout the year. And overall just a really great card stuff. The newcomer, the city IHG, premier garden and gives you a 150 thousand bonus points plus a very tiny $50 statement credit. But hey, it's something for spending 3000 dollars within the first three months, the best ever offer for this card and a 150 thousand points can get you a really long way with this card, you stay almost two weeks at some of their lower end properties for free just with this. And that alone makes it worth it because a $0 annual fee for this card. So there's really no downside at all going on a trip anytime soon and you need to stay in hotels where you're on there. There's an IgG property pretty much everywhere. So pick this Carta, it's a good one. S1 is a bit of a surprise to me because I honestly never ever thought that I would say pick up a Windham rewards cards. These cards have been mostly valueless for as long as they've existed. And this covered came out of nowhere to blow those expectations away, make it 60 thousand women and points after spending just 1 $1000 in the first three months with such a low minimum spend requirements, such a high point bonus. This one's definitely worth it. It's importantly, this is the perfect car for traveling to Europe right now. Bear Windham properties all over the place in all of them are incredibly cheap, very low points and can stay for a really long time and get a lot of value to this card right away. I know, I know to hotel cards in one video, honestly, these hotel card deals are just not all that common. And the two that have come in the past couple months have been just just great. So that's it for this video again, sorry for missing August won't happen again. I promise. The links are done in the class project section. Check them out if you want to use them. Otherwise, just Google search and you'll be able to find it. Thanks so much for watching and I'll see you next month. 17. October 2021 - Best Credit Card Offers: Hello from Morocco. It is time, once again for the best credit card details for this month. We're talking October. We're talking the top five credit card deals. Let's get started coming in at the number one spot. Is the Chase Sapphire preferred? And for those of you in the game, you're saying right now what this deal for a 100 thousand points for $4 thousand in the first three months just expired, but it is still possible to get it through referral link in the class notes down below. But for this month, by far, if you can get the a 100 thousand points deal or honestly just the regular old 60 thousand points steel. This is a steal of a deal. Points are so valuable. This is one of the best cards. I talk about this one pretty much every single month because it is probably the best overall travel credit card. Next up in the number two spot is the American Express Platinum. This one's still the best Amex off forever by a long shot, you get a 125 thousand points for just spending $6 thousand within the first six months. Let's just want $1000 per month. It's got an extremely steep $695 annual feed. But just look at all of these various perks that you get. If you only redeem a handful these perks, you're still going to get a large amount of value back. Almost certainly are going to be getting more valuable than just the annual fee cost of 695 in the number 3 spot. This is a new comer, the US bank altitude reserve. Now I was not a big believer in US banks ability to be a decent credit card. And this credit card offer comes in at a kinda weird point balance of 50000 points for spending $4,500 within the first three months and a ton of points. But this card is all about the perks. By far the cheapest way to get lounge access through priority pass. Also getting TSA pre-check and Gogo in-flight Wi-Fi. And I think most importantly, this is not a Chase cards. So Chase has been pretty heavy on their anti turning rules, especially when it comes to business cards recently. So getting something outside of the chase ecosystem is tough to find good value in, but this one definitely fits the bill. You're also getting $750 in value from points on top of all the various perks. So this is great for those of you who've already gone way over 524. And you're looking for something else from someone else that hasn't chased. This is your perfect card. In the number four spot is the city premier card. Now this is city's biggest baddest card kinda their answer to the Chase Sapphire prefer to reserve, get 80 thousand bonus points for spending $4 thousand within the first three months. And these points can be transferred to all sorts of places. But most importantly, these can be transferred to American Airlines, which is one of the more valuable if the single most valuable United States based airline. When it comes to redeeming your ward miles. They've got a bunch of other great Transfer Partners and this was going to really low annual fee of just $95 overall, super solid card and the last one for the second month in a row, it's definitely worth mentioning the Chase United quest card. I just got done getting my point bonus for this absolutely amazing cart. And I gotta say These united Miles are coming in Super handy. Especially when it comes for go into Southeast Asia, which is just starting to reopen starting next month, just the month after that, it's got a pretty low $250 annual fee that is directly one-to-one taken off because of the a $125 in United credits plus the 25 thousand credits that you get whenever you redeem for an award. The overall, this is just an absolute grade card. It's gotta kinda deep buy-in and is 5000 dollars in the first three months to get 80 thousand points. But man, these points are super valuable. You don't end up spending a lot of them and almost never are you paying lots of fees like you do when you're looking through British Airways or sometimes through Delta. United Miles are great, super flexible, super useful. And this card is by far the best way to get them. So that's it for this month. Thanks so much for watching. We'll check you next month. 18. November 2021 - Best Credit Card Offers: We're back. Happy November. It's time for the top five credit cards of this month. Now this month saw the end of one of the greatest all-time point offers, the Chase Sapphire preferred 100 thousand offer. This one was legendary myths, something that most people thought would never, ever, ever happened. But over the past six months, this myth had turned into reality. It was an actual point offer and it was pretty great. Well, it lasted, but now it's gone. The incredible probably once in a lifetime bonuses. No more, there's no more Chase Sapphire preferred. So for the first time since I've been made this course, that card is not going to be on the top five. With that being said, let's get started with the new top five with the reigning champion now, not a contender anymore. And number one, and you've seen this one for the past couple of months. It's this American Express Platinum, a 125 thousand points for spending $6 thousand in the first six months. They'll points are really valuable and American Express points are super flexible and you can transfer them all over the place and also the great lounge access the property past combo with the American Express lounge combo means that you're going to be going to a lounge basically every time you go to an airport, this is a high spend requirement, but it is the best card. Right now. It's got a giant $695 annual fee, but like we talked about last month, a lot of that is going to be offset by all of the various benefits, bonuses, and money off that you get from other things. Number two, the city premier card, we talked about this one last month and this one just keeps getting better and better. And a low annual fee of just $95, which makes it a great starter card. You'll get 80 thousand bonus points if you spent $4 thousand within the first three months, which isn't so bad, but it's also not amazing. It's kind of a high spin card, but what you get is incredible flexibility and most importantly, the ability to transfer these points to places like American Airlines as well as a whole bunch of other Transfer Partners. There's not a lot of side benefits with this card. Just fine because it's got that low annual fee. So just as long as you get the points and then move those points, some are useful. You're going to get at least $1000 worth of value out of this. Number 3, the chase IHG, premier card, hotel cards is normally don't make the top five because hotel cards it just usually not that valuable. But this one gives you a 150 thousand bonus points. You spend 3000 dollars in the first three months. Not only that, but the annual fees way for the first year plus every year after this, you're gonna get a free night stay. So it's one of those cards. It's really good to just hold onto for a long time anywhere with the points. There are especially valuable in Southeast Asia and somewhat valuable in Europe. Usually spending them in the United States is not going to be a great idea. So if you're not doing any international travel, maybe try one of the other cards before the Chase United quest card. This has been one of my favorite cards and it's one of the ones that I didn't think that I was going to keep around after I got the point bonus, but honestly, the benefits of it as well as the way that it offsets It's kind of high annual fee if we put it into that very shortlist of cards that I plan to keep around for awhile, but $250 annual fee but a $125 and that is back directly in cash if you spend any money with United, once you get that additional 10 thousand miles back whenever you book some award flight with them. So you're definitely gonna get more than the $250 annual fee back every year. 80 thousand points if you spend $5 thousand within the first three months. So the minimum spend just like kinda of what has been happening throughout the industry is the minimum spends keep going up and up and up. And this is especially true on business credit cards. Some of those are ten or $15 thousand just to get the point bonus, but you can do it if you can manage it, these United points never expire, so you're going to have them around forever. They're so valuable because you don't have any of those big fees that you'll have everywhere else when you book with British Airways or American Airlines, when you book award flights with some of those other aliens, you're going to pay a couple of $100, sometimes up to a $1000 just to book an award flight depending on where you're going with United. Never a problem. And number 5 is the US bank altitude reserve. This is kind of a newcomer to the game and these points are relatively valuable. But really the reason that I put this on here, because it's not a choice, it's not an American Express, It's not any of those other big institutions that most people sign up and eventually run out of cars that they can apply for. So for those of you who do interning for a while and maybe you're starting to get declined for more and more credit cards. This is a great option for you. You're getting 50 thousand points, have to spend $4,500 in the first three months. But this one is absolutely all about the perks that you get. Now it does have a 400 dollar annual fee that's pretty high, but with the $325 each year and perks that you get talking the priority pass, I'm talking to TSA pre-check of tucking the go-go in-flight Wi-Fi. And not only that, but the value of the actual points, which is worth about $750, means that this is going to be a great ROI positive card, fleshly perfect for that group I was talking about before who've kinda run through most of the cards and maybe they need something out of a different company. All right. That is it for this video. That's it for November. Thank you so much for watching. We'll see you in a bit.