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How to transform a scene of Game of Trones into comic book pages

Damien Barban

How to transform a scene of Game of Trones into comic book pages

Damien Barban

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10 Lessons (4h 20m)
    • 1. Presentation

    • 2. How to create a storyboard

    • 3. Creating a rough storyboard

    • 4. Creating a dragon

    • 5. Creating Jon Snow

    • 6. Creating the Night King

    • 7. Creation of the first page, part 1

    • 8. Creation of the first page, part 2

    • 9. Creation of the second page

    • 10. Creation of the third age

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About This Class

This course is giving you the tips to transform one of the scene of Game of Thrones to comic book pages. You will find several techniques to analyse the scene, to cut it into a storyboard and then to create the pages step by step. This course is showing you how to create the drawing of the main characters involved in this scene.

So get your graphic tablet ready, and have fun !

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1. Presentation: in this course, we're going to learn how to create few carry book pages and style by one of the episode of Guinness Room season AIDS. We're going to look at several techniques to draw to end and how to use digital colors to do so. Amusing a graphic tablets and the software clips do you paint to show you different steps. I would show you a very short sequence, often episode, and we would transform it into a storyboard, then drawing inking and colors. 2. How to create a storyboard: it's time to speak about the storyboard. The storyboard is when you get the story in. Different frames are, for instance, for the Seema you you think scenario and you kill it into scenes. Action to the storyboard. It's to draw every part of the movie that needs to be represented. An exchange with the team, the professional that will work on the stage to produce the movie like Doom, Camera Man, the producer and all team that need to have a visual off the scene that needs to be shoot in the comic book. The store God will represent the kind off sketch off what will be the page sitting. For instance, when you draw a page, you can start by doing this toy brought Mr Board is going to be something like this, and you will see according to descript, if you start with large frame, then with them the landscape, the castle and that age forest here, river merely and then you fuck use character, probably the hero of the story. Then you focus even more on him because he says something and then you have someone he's talking to with the sea elements of the hero and the guy listening to the hero. Then you can have another frame where there a Marine and talking to each other. This is what we call this tour before to work on this story, but of the script, we have to define different technical things. First we have the shots. What could be called shots will be if you have your guy like this. If is far away here, it will depend off with character. If is off, there are. It is closer to the camera. Even if you are working on the on the frame of comic book, you can imagine that this frame is your camera. You can do the test with your smartphone. You take the camera option and you start to feel things around you. You will see that it would have objects. Are people close to you and others? Far from you. This is the shots, and there are several shots. You have to know you have the foreground. The foreground is when your character is just in front of you, and it's close enough to see at least this Oregon a very strong for ground. Read such shots, and even closer you have background. If you camera trees in the background, he will be over there. And you were You would have probably other elements in front of you. This is this distance that have to be Consider carefully. Because when you drove on landscape the city off things like this, you really have to understand. And to envision your playing ground in free dimension. If I take a free D software, I'm having here different shots closer to the character. And you are far from you. I was trying to add some free models. I leave at a house, for instance, we would stay on the fantasy universe and we add a castle. All right, we have here, Castle, don't lose. And they put me Kissel here. Okay, so now we have different Schultz. We can see that can be closer here can take Screenshots. But Miss Quinn Shit on the creating the during software I can add a frame for instance around it. And I have my castle and I can use this to create me storybook. Now if I want something night this I can't take another screenshot and it would have another vision of us. It could be here to frame It is like it is exactly like if you was taking a camera and flying about your castle and turning around and trying to find a good angle, this is exactly the same. When you are working on the story broke off your comic book, you are produce of trying to find the right angle, the one that will create more emotion off more impression. So when you try to see are to create your own environment, you really have to focus on several traversed. The first point is to it's Show the environment. If you have a page here, the first things you have to show its environment where the action is going to happen. For instance, valley read mountains forests and we have a global vision of the area. Then into you fuck use on the character that go into the scene. You can't have shots, read the character and from the verses, it's like if you were zooming on that place, you have this and then you can fuck you, us the faces and start making them starting to speak. But even if this is the first frame here with a very large and broad view, you can stand at heading some that even if you want another general here doubles off text here, here. And then you go from large view to a closer view. When you use this, you know that it will work. Because if you start a page with very big focus on someone, for instance, this is the first coming book page, and then you keep close faces between us. The reader is not able to know where the action is happening, and it could be the problem. So first show to the reader where the actions then decide if you're coming. Book is in 234 Ah, brains, for instance. You could have can it broke with 1234 lanes in Europe have many book like this in US ing and coming up usually who have free frames. It used to be something there you damage. You don't have much framed pages that you know more in an injection. So decide if you drove with such frames with very beautiful and being landscapes and characters. If you want to draw with smaller frames and more detail characters, if you add, for instance, to three to free and salon, but your four lines you'll be able to tell many more things, but you have to consider the final size of your pre printed comics in the end, because if you have U. S former for you coming book. Forlan's with liver small If you have been European from four lines well enough and three could be to lunch for the European from it. So this is also something have to consider and for the store bought himself. You have to. I understand that the size and the position in the form of the frame is directly part off your story. Your story training will depend off your frame. If you are on Lee frames that looks like this, it would be very boring. Trains you minutes. Your frames occurred ing to the action. If you have a very calm scene, you can do a plane framing this with the landscape here. But if you have but that boy are viewing arriving and you wanted to create something, Liza love power around him very strong, and me or something like this. You can create such a frame where the enemy is taking most of the place on frame and the heroes, while they're impressed, could be in smaller frames. You can see that this character is more important than this frame this one off. This one is how you put the importance on one character. This is the same. When you have a huge battle scene, you can have this action developed on two pages. For instance, you open your coming book with page 27 28 you will have your senior battle scene like this , These characters fighting one against the other but on the two pages is in the total war and took that action. So you have many tricks too. To understand how to get familiar with this is to take one of your current book, your favorite coming book, and try to understand how the frame where created in this page draw by Jimmy with the master in drawing comic books. We can see that this frame is very important because this is a confrontation between Bettman and one guy. Here we can see that the position of Batman was hired than this one featuring the importance and how this one is afraid of him. There are also these lines which could re prisons the rain that also the powerful intention of death Man. Then we have a very dark closer from this on Batman. Of this character with the read are things here that make the camp very strong and dark. Then we have Roger Flame that still shows some even evens in the background. We could be off interest for the understanding of the story. Then something's happening to the skeleton Is suffering is getting hurt by something. And yes, he's shot here and this is created by these rains that show in dense in density of the action. That man is fully draw here and what she's creating the movement is the re close shot here . The reliance shot here and again the crucial the difference between shot is creating the movements and the dynamic off the committee page. This is what we're looking for when you draw a page something very dynamic, very natural and life something close, Something large, close, close, large, close, large and so and don't fall in the trap off drawing unnecessary shot. For instance, This frame with the closer on definite and this guy cannot be down on the full page. It will be uses. So when you study old pages off the master of the comic book Jim Green and some, you will learn how to create very efficient coming book. And the efficiency is also has also to be found in the page city as there is a really ah, picketing has a really role to play in the storytelling. 3. Creating a rough storyboard: I'm now referring to the movie and to create me storyboard. I'm starting at the 50 to 53 minutes of the exhorts the long night to create very shots, parts in storyboard and then transformed this horrible into coming pitches. So I'm taking the minute where the dragon of the do you Night King is falling in the ground and dinner is easily too. Use a dragon to try to kill him with fire for the first step is to reproduce this fight in the sky so way have and take your a for firm it And first produce fight between Jones snow and and night came on the dragons So we can start with very road view with two dragons fighting against each other and fuck use Head off Jon Snow like this and we can hear draw The head of the night came then frame. We can super differently this to increase motion and we can even change this and create even more damage View this the snow, the wind Then we can play a little bit. We don't understand much things. It's pretty dark. We know that they're fighting. We can try to drill dragon Maybe the words jumps new here conduce something. We have to too many, many shots to ensure that the scene is not going too fast in the comic book. Then I recorded this page. I can create new storyboard page and see what could be the next action in the movie and dragons on a pretty full in and give the dragon is fallen. We can draw something like this. And here End of Jon Snow screaming some things like this. The head of the Ninth King there is to fight for nuts. We are nuts. Men's to draw every single action. But apparently it was not the dragon feeling. It was the nine King that was falling. So we have to change this. We can change the action way have to make drinking, pushing the one night king and then in 19 he's full vengeance, not looking his shoulder like this. It would be a single page. Then there is just no still having trouble with the dragon and I think can go further. And yes, this is exactly what I want to find. I want to get this shot where he's also looking at the Night King full in end of the night King here, standing at Dragon for generous here and dignitaries having that idea using the flames to kill him. It will be the third page. It will be enough. We have three pages. We will use this to create them. Tree page off stood coming like 4. Creating a dragon: here is the change Chile needs to draw. These dragon has This is probably one of the more important character in this story. Off game thrown, we have to draw it and make sure let's it looks like drinking. This is why I'm taking this picture from the movie. And I will use it to create this character I'm doing, like in the other videos, taking the picture and putting the capacity to 40 creating a layer Velits. And we will try to transform this drinking too. The creature we have black float planes. I'm always starting by the eyes. My first drawing, the, um plains. And you can already put some blank zones here. We have to do something simple. Simplify this design. Wait can take my selection tool and start feeling with black powder. And what seem very hard to do is to draw all these stuff here that see, with this technique, it could be simple. Just do the main once. Then when you are done with the creation of this black part, you we're all the details around this part wizard. A thin brush and you can work on the different parts here. We can say that the dragon is composed off skills can drill them. - You can see that we can simplify parts of the drinking there. Ken, get some parts here. Dissension tool. We're going to like this and again filled with color. Then I can soon. I think this it's a night to feel and you will see that the use of these black parts and the details starts on the other side. Really? Give to the dragon and interesting aspect, kid. You just sing for these parts. - Then you make sure you leave some space here between with form in that and picture, we have something that's it's not too bad you have to complete. But we're here. It's in the pictures that clear what we really have. So you have to use your imagination to death parts something when you work from a picture, some parts of not very clear. So you have to imagine yourself. And when you have any doubt, you just create something that looks like what he could be can just work head. So we have something that really looks like a dragon. We're not going to drop all the rest of the building, and it will take much more time with only with this example. You know now how you can do and how to use the black into feel your drawings. And sometimes you have to stay with some white color and something with, uh, you have to feel with some that really Christian off feeling and more you are drawing or you know where black and warrants. Then that's trying to put some color again and taking a new layer and put the products option and just close like this just from the selection tool mate. Really Decision. Fuel that color from there. Click option. Look transparent pixels and I can work from separates parts like this. - You can do some scare effects using this technique now working more free size things Soon the funeral's tiff. Here it's and breathe teeth. Maybe also here, then can someone some colorful doing fire? Of course, we can draw the fire here with you nuts. Do it right now. Well used smooth coat gets in the color here and heading someone to show the reflection in this game from the teeth, too. And hearing its canceled. All right, so now you have the dragon. If you want to draw the entire dragon. It would be the same technique bits You see that we started from one picture and we did there in King and then 5. Creating Jon Snow: the first step will be to create the design for the main characters. Then we have a role in this comic book off course as well. During the one moment off the loan night, this woman is going to be involving Jon Snow and this will. It would be the first character we're trying to design. So when you are drawing a character that is from the movie off course, you can take as an inspiration. The picture of the actor, especially the picture from the episode want to transform into a coming book. So I have two pictures. The 1st 1 here is perfect because it gives on the face of the actor, and we're going to use this to creeds are character. Then I'm using this as a layer. I'm getting the layers transparent and then in Crete, another earlier to create man lines. I can direct visual with my black ink and use this as a model. Of course, you are not trying to do something that these reality can you foe to. We're going to transform this character as a character of comic book. Get out of this picture and see if it's good enough. Are If you have to do some changes right now, it's not bad. You can continue to work with such technique. Then you re adjust some details according to the chemical style you play with the black and whites created, graphic elements continue to work on the arm, one of the character, often snow. Then you have to change to continue to create the character without matter, because just Enron Sure good enough, union and that to me and and the dream it or any other taking you can draw directly with and see that for instance, the end is to far from very then, if this part is missing, we can know trying to create and now the time for every layer him to work on the rest of the body according to do to a sketch of To do No, there is is too small to you know, you know we have to take this into shrink. - We can do something like this. I see. I think, I think, to end ours here. Yes, it's better if he's working. I was trained to find a post for this capital cities good enough and no weird, then to continue to work from this. Did that design? I don't remember exactly how it is dress that I can do something that looks like a warrior . And more important, also is to finish line and to have something that is very clean, especially in the old planes. Don't leave with unfinished during this'll . Something interesting. Yeah. Okay, that's good. Now, if the promotions good, we can think about drain more details, especially stuff like that, and also truly raised unnecessary details here. All right, No more part here from the neck. Could definitely use some. Like here. James then builds. And this sports. Not sure if this is exactly what has, but we can arrange little bits, finish the arm, and when it's again, it's not. More important. Part can use, um, black just to fear some materials. And this same on this foot's. All right, then, Sward. - That's all right. Okay, So we have John smell. We can have many ways how to get image in many ways to drove this character. This is on Lee. One of them I did hear. And when we are going to when we will draw the pages, he could change a little bit because when you work on the same character frame after frame , sometimes a reason in evolution from the current. Now I'm creaking the color so pretty nuclear and for the color to use this very cold because Eastern is happening in the North Kingdom. So we have to try to select some colors that are very close to this. So is this tool I can select a color thinking that can set aside here some colors to use give you the game it of the cutters that will be used in this administration. Okay. From there you start working on this. Consider this one. Of course, we're going to change few things in this color, but give you first overview of the use of this color the headers, color gray color and during a seduction, this already adding some changes in the color just to create this the feeling that there is some cloud this and putting some colors in sign that part's and I would do the same here is okay here. - I'm not going to have to much detains. It would be enough, especially if you have many frame of comic book to do. Don't spend too much stain in many doing many could be enough from this example. Sward. - It's not necessary rear equipments of the real colors, but just trained to transform this morning to some commingle pages when a green transform old because to be really big work to do just for this course winning to change a few pages older than the actor. But I prefer to two drove a character that, since older than just being a young guy. And because when you draw young like Yoon Gae and if he looks like a teenager, it could be weird. Could be a night he doesn't. He could give you the feeling that he doesn't really looks like a hero, so we confirmed assume going to much more experience character. Then you can zoom in change few things, especially the color and then shoes. I can keep some white he Andrews for the night, Maybe another cutter and all right, we're done with Dungeons. No, and we're going to work on another character 6. Creating the Night King: going to draw the night King First, we're going to create main position this cage from this character so we can create a hand and really do something for this. You know what we see in the picture to be and this he's summoning his evil power. So he's just having his hand like this. Okay, we started with a very simple sketch, and it gives the post. Then we're going to work on the detail off the face. You can just take a copy of the with the church and it's unnecessary hearts. We shrink. This would put the hands in the right place, and we created there. King. It's a transfer Mandy's character into, um, coming book Carrot. You can see that we have some dark Doug things here that you're doing this you can, and on Earth, which looks like something like this, - if you are not sure you can. You hide the picture and see if it fits our notes because tree of to be sure that your character scaring could be scared, scaring and not funny at any moment. Just being really serious being the feeling of the story now to to being the face when you're done with the it's kitsch, you can train out to ink way have increased this hero site. - Let's see what the picture looks like, and we'll take the picture to help me and old small details. Very important is to kid this de that this is a minister, not human. Her very small details you have to. Too bad, not too much because of the ways would be hard to regimes, but there we can use some like technique. - It's not easy because we have to put some days like this to show this is a monster that you don't have to put too much. Otherwise, it will be fools around and could give the roof badder states of the character. - That scene. Okay, it's not because you don't have to could be every details. For instance, I didn't create inside the eyes. Otherwise, cook gives some human aspect, and don't from that just stay with empty eyes. They take light color, too. Do some additional things in this, okay, No, let's go back into the hunter creation. What is their interesting? And during such exercises, that's when you then sometime in train to I understand every details of such character. It's giving you the opportunity to really analyze every details of the costume of the character and to finally have really interesting again. Look at this character once you're done drawing existing character like this one. In the end, you know every detail of this armor and the when you see it in a movie later, exactly what's the character? Looks like your refund earlier This hand beat Good way, foot you something. The armor here this'll very specific aspect of the arm so we can simplify because there's tumorous things like three details to do. And can it just create this very simple for this? For the arm, there is a proposal. Funny thing you can do to compete in test. The one just did into Rivers to revert. It's You don't have to draw it again. And you know what exactly insane are. There's something conduce with the software. That's it. It could be longer king, and there is something weird here. Then there's the bills. In other fronts. It's suit. Okay. The outline of the character can be were first links can do something eventual simply. Okay, so it's not about now to add black and side of the character you have to, especially for the villain of the story. You have to have some and sure things. - Using the selection tool to this there can really use the hatching. Take me to some some arm restrict and just not having something that is white in the empty of anything. - Then I'm using the white color, too, and some weight lines. Does the black ones give the feeling of the armor's bits? Damage? - Consider . We have a now character that is going to be dangerous. Can dangerousness king. And then we have here no sport using all solicitation toe technique, then the hatching in the same here. You don't have to do a lot like details here. You just put some and then the mind. People who is looking into restriction would understand that is everywhere. It's unsanitary, some right line, just to give some some interest. And we are can hide. No, let's create the color and creating new layer. It makes to inking earlier to select the outside of the character. Then they reverts. Selection good, like Michael earlier, and I feel to a full probably this to just one. Okay, then activating. Look, it's in French with continue in English. It's look the transparent. It means that if I tried to draw on the the character, I can only draw on the surface that is feel with pixels colors. And here's what we're going to do, Reese Elites face. Or I can select like this. I think you can use the Grandin's 17 one face. I can continue right, very specific things here. Of course, the white eyes and the duck aspect of his skin it were from the rest of the army can take a blue. That sister noon to gray and they're sick. Team this museum, the brush ever to create his many things in the areas of brilliance. It's You can stop at this tape because we have enough information. We have the character created from the hand it to them feats we have, and it's black parts and suddenly very dark colors, very close to something like this. But in the coming book style, we're looking for 7. Creation of the first page, part 1: Let's start for the first page. I take the story born here, create a new layer and I will first work on the frames. I'm going to work frames here. Creative planes black. Maybe something more. It's 15. We're trying to do something like 30. Okay, create Cygan frame like this, but I will separate. Then rush this. What could be useful would feel so too are ethic efficient Will be to get the instead of having some space here, in white toe in black between create more deep atmosphere. But first we have to create step by step every parts of this book. So going back on the frame layer the sketch And this time we work on the dragon. When you have some on a very small elements like this, you can do things that are more likes Ah, or like silence. But even this through its needs to be done. Probably so. You create your dragon with very simple forms, and you can imagine how it could be that moving. You can imagine things like lizard, and it's easier to have the hold near fooling the body and this and the same team. You have something that looks like users. It will be to learn here, trying to do something with black. - The main lines really means. And then we'll feel everything with like and we'll see what we look. I find this complete these this parts and okay, kind of dragon Sternest elements. More important ones. Create some the some problems, too. Wings. I think he's a ring already beaten because due to feint, I try to do the civic. Sure. Here. Been here right It worse And can see that black like have a permanent We would not see any more of the head. You can do very small out white sampling cain particles. This just creates on the movements. Then we have to draw the Cygan Dralion. He's here and the sketch do something and we can do wind in straight in the screen. The considers screening seconds. This cream with TV in a city frame, it doesn't matter. Thinking the same way to think I could go back on thinking parts. - To have the wing being very close to the reader is something that will give some very good dynamic feeling. Trying to insurrection doesn't work. Something that doesn't work here. I think all right. And we have a dragon fight. Maybe we can gets Syria. Parents of the fringe will give something even more powerful. And then we can have some additional stuff like this because the dragon is not no there, really smooth from the hand. He doesn't have a smooth skin. So expletive skills. And he was also beaten. Well, here or there we can and stuff like that again, some additional very girls should fight. And we have something that he's pretty. Dinner inventive. Usual function rains. And soon, two guys. One here, one there. Forget the drivers with drug drivers, you can say. Okay, so is done for this one. Now I'm going to draw the face off Jones new here thing. Make the starboard. Appearing with them. Still working. The trying to give the feeling that she's really having a pain is really painful because it seems to be hard to drive this dragon. This, uh, sneu snooze term. - So you have to express the movement of the wind in the hair smoothing all around. - Maybe it was just a bit too much tragedies like this cake. I feel this in black. Then I can continue to add some additional like hares. Then I can use days and dear crimes. This do is keeps you paint. She's very good on reigns. For instance, a ruling on this. And when you use the brush stunning in special Runner further and then it can do all the line you will drop well full. The rule put in Europe in age. All right, you can hide this layer millions if I hide this the year we have some snow in the snow and to Suri's and snow real at some white particles. Didn't we have did Now the frame here with night kid, Let's do the last frame. There's something that is not good. This is this black point. Here was amounts and we have the night king here, so I have to to take I don't remember exactly. Unfortunately, we have done already. Some sketch their names, so I will just take this and put aside here to have his design winning dream here. So good bank. Go back on on this kitsch layer and I will start over again. This character doesn't have a lot of emotions, but there is still something we can do. It's too used in the eyes to create some kind of emotions like you can see here. I'm just playing with the with this part and the eyes and maybe the size of the nose. This we have to be careful with Joe. Know too much thin. Our big and head. There's something wrong here you have to respect The X annex is here. I can already see where we can put the shadows around the head just to keep this very dark. Griffiss. Okay, we have something like this and we have some reigns here. Now let's do the ink. Maybe it will do some other corrections from the eyes to keep Really this something very evil. The evil side of this character is very important because this is the death itself. Can I add emotions? Human emotions? But we have to to do something anyway, - I can already do the black selection playing in this I just came. That is not soft, but very mark some stuffing. We have such details here showing that he's a monster Green here have to be careful to do no for too much lines everywhere. All the right It would be too much over over overwhelmed by such lines. And it would give the rivers effected off what we want to create right then hiding this and hiding the sketch. Have something like this. Then I can select this free and try to put a ruler. Thank this used black lines here in the wine it some whites running to and then you raised ruler and we have 1/3 frame. You can see that when you have habits, too, to draw the characters and you know how to place Place them. And he'd become very easy to create impact with the room clean Brooke Beach City. 8. Creation of the first page, part 2: No, it's taught the last frame. We draw one character here in the front and another drug in here very clear. It's in distant just for me. If you understand for yourself, that's enough because you're usually alone. Weapons. This page Onda tips is if you work with someone, the artist doing the sketch and the thinking. Is that someone else species that to do a really in precise kitsch. So me and we have just one character in front and another drink in here. I am picked at the picture off a dragon from the nets, and we just used this to create dragon entrance from the head. But then we just take the general form here. Not everything that the most importance forms, for instance, it would not think this and I would do something big difference for the wings to be the same. I would not do exactly what we see here. I tried to do something else, - and again, I played with the wrecking Rights Night King. - I can just take the main Oefelein's former dragon not seeing the one on the the picture tonight. Cancel his picture. I can try to sort it. The station tool. There is a problem. That's again. Try to complete outline to make sure there's no home. No chance here. Okay. Okay. Phil. In the blank. Using the white color to complete some. So you are working with the white on the back. New soon. Things like this into work, please. Patching things this. You hear things free. Okay, so we if we hide, can't she give something like this? All right, Now we will foot and creates in the front, please. Of the frame, Jim. Snow tree canopy for notes. Whatever we can do. One, we have just here the head of the dragons with the drinking. He has some scale the twos frame . Now we can add some additional things. Nike. Some particles Remember if he has, since it deserved. There's some father around. And a church. Fokker. Yeah, it's fucked from the fire. And in some announce, it's quite a confusion. So you can have such things with and brushes. And you have something very terrible. And just these The aspect of the dragon out of the Claros are out of the fire. Something in these could really give something interesting. All right, so we're done with the thinking of the first page. No, we're going to told about color and creating your ear. I fly the frantic world and and going to on first main color, it would be a kind of flu gray just to have the main Amiens. And then I'm going to so like the first frame into use and the brush to create this atmosphere, creating this thing, this dark color around the action and in the middle of the action, I'm using more right colors just to fuck use on what is happening here. Then they can use a chain. It's girls cloud. It could be another. If you are using finish, it could be another brush soon. Don't be shy. I'm using such things because the effects are very efficient. You can get the density down a little bit to create some graduations, Really, In the on the top foreign angle King goes of your frame hooking. It could be enough from the first frame here, Then a single morning. You have to respect the color game. It's of this and use a plane. Roles are skin color. For, like this, we not working is going to be. You can create something weird if you use such things on the face off Jon Snow. So we're going to first work on from Bagram and to some changes into the ground. Some clear and dunk Cruz and then can work with a very soft color, like watching colder. He's 1/3 not something too strong. You can see that if you use, they're going to be mixed up with blue one. You're sometimes a darker color to create some gradient. - You can use them some white, particular just to show some snow and to finish some details with the precise tool we can see that we stay with the same color range. Then we can work on the details beer, beer, things that couldn't be it from pain and then night King, more blue color first front runner and you played in the shadows and you mix the colors together. You something. You can see that if you work with the ambiance off mercenary. Sometimes you don't have to spend too much time in car enough colors and details in the right places. You just need to what is necessary enough, more right wing just to fear the rain. This here this here, too, is points. You know something. And if you want to have a general shadowy concerning wolf this frame and used the hand brush with not too much capacity but the large brushing this in you give one things like this is too handsome, dark aspect to year page. Then that's one. Were again very dark sin century. So amusing the dark brown for the for the classes off Jon Snow frowned colors and then from using can flu this time with what color building? Just to keep this blue atmosphere. Can I just keep with pure brown color? You have to mix it up the general color failure and the dragon. We can just keep ground, not brown. But blue probably was some rights from the skeins. Then we can We can keep the dragon like this. I can trying to add just a very small, very soft blew off great colors and it's and to make the dragon very dark. I think this and the brush blue night. Okay, we're done with the first page off. We have still two pitches to do and work on them in the next mediums 9. Creation of the second page: Let's start the work on the second page, Create layer where I'm going to draw on Lee. The frames that has were in the sequence with the action on going to draw the frames like this. This ending. It's going to be very rough, drove for the for the frames because Children very straight line and pure and beautiful straight line doing too, and to decrease the feeling of action. So now I'm just doing the very broads lines and we'll see you could work then. I'm working on the action here from the first frame when one of the dragon is shots and the Night King is also where he's been seated A little dragon here. So I'm going to work the power of the train and we have here the other dragon that these shots can drool here, one of the wings and another wings. This technique is just too. In the fight of the dragons, we can put some elements in the corners of the frame just to express some activities and fight with with, um confusion as the two dragons are very large and big. To draw them fully in the frame will mean that they will be too small in the frame so you can play with such lines and you just suggests to dragons. And it could be enough to be efficient in the telling of the story. But sometime you have to go back on the very large view but into previews as we have C seen in the previous page. We have the first frame what the dragons are in a fools you and it's sometimes enough to just understand what's happening. And to suggest the dragons like this is adding can off. Ah, mystery into this creatures, - even at some power out of the mouth of this is Dragon And he has tonight, King Schultz conceded. Here you have to add the movements, the dragon here and the in fight point kitsch and we have all right. Can we have Night came shut on this stage. We don't really know. Route between John Snore, 19 was shot, but it's like in the in the in the movie. You don't know sometimes who he's beaten, which one of the dragons is beaten by the other one who he's having some trouble or not. So this confusion is deliberate and we can express the kind of sin confusion frames. So we would start with all the frame here and this time as he's fun, we have to work from his attitude and he's filling between way have to work in such a way that, yes, he must not be ridiculous and form We're even is foreign is still looking on camera with these with very dark and cold site without any expressions. We're going to work something like this, and the mistake is to her this kid's directly black frame in what I can do. It's too work on this cold site playing the dirt. I suspect night. Just playing with that. Well, do something in the eyes. It's It's verticals. It's the same when you see that going nowhere, you start over again and we start from there painting kitsch and trying to do rotate. Working space shouldn't think here. Then we try to to do the Rene's. Firstly, try something like this something. They're hard to find the right things to do and think of fun. It's do something like this and because we want to find a way to draw very Fritton site like you is character really imprison the evilness a year or so, we have to do something that he's not friendly, trying to the same here in to reproduce that's he was giving. - He has a large donors complain. In this, we have kind of scares full round face. So we play with white color to creates such details. But again change to find the moment when we you have to to stop drawing them to make sure you don't. It's for your illustration. Was too much things like this? I see. Okay, so we have could be even more evil. But right now, just keep this and no working with wrist of his body armor, piece, shoulder, - knee and boot. And there is is things suit. Everything will be junk. Here's weaken. Salute that part right? Didn't complete that. Sure, it's again thesis chits. Great. Okay, And then I I teach brother brush and working the boots to make some neat days akin to denounce Drew. It's using the seduction, then with Dwight. Some things like this and the same here all right, is a distinction tool for Hugh to, and you think of Roche. It's just completing really tins and why it's lines. And here is such material that looks like this But they can if you only black here. They're small things Chain me. He has exactly change Only if we work as Twizzlers Nineteens fooling Now we can add some additional stuff This frame she's the feeling effect off the characters fall in We can add a ruler special ruler and it will be using a tool with the rules of this Kim all the line for accusing on the same points in the middle The frame like right? Okay, Just kidding. Just kind of this layer. All right, so right full in. And now he's fighting again in si on frame dessert offering. They only see his Syria Can we have the for the folks from him and then John Snow here hits can't It's never forget Dark things have zones because is to happening during the night And we have to add enough black areas in the characters and faces. It would be too much. - I mean, from the face to increase this stress situations tracing situation could be came. He should Okay , now we're done with in part. We can start with the cold parts cretin you layer in the product month, and I'm going to up and produce page to make sure that the colors used on the same blue things of blue here and feeling the same blue and then playing with the brush use pregnancy to create his phone. A space dragon nine King that he's having these blue power out of his mouth. And they can create another clear where this blue this black lines could be changing to blue lines. Super killing this in density. You right? I think this bad control this not sure it will make it okay. And then I can try to smooth color. All right, then, changing the color off dragon here. Evidence Nothing. Same there. Change may layer nines . - All right, then this frame every select using hatching a year, I think. And the character I can use the same color everywhere and just playing with some dark hair here the Clovis and some shadows. Not much because you understand what's happening here. So have to do every details and you have to stay in the same main game of color. And we just add some whites the level of the eyes to give smart feeling evenness. It's too dark. He could miss some You could miss on woman, so you can add a few white line just to balance. You have some something more with more deliveries. It's too much when you see that detail, track your your site and you look. It's very specific detail and you think it's too much. Then correct it immediately because the reader they're coming book will probably be attracted by two. So now this frame is very easy. I'm taking the hatching and just feeling in this because the character is full in into the fog and is disappearing. Just this and maybe on this other layer at some from two and here to show some have dark clouds here, here, Just some difference. All right, you could be enough then the last frame, some clouds here, arounds and the character on anything to use a very color like this. I can feel it eyes not going to be very right, because going to be shocking that you take a great feel, the eyes and then can cilic the skin and just fleeing is the the shadows here, and the light side face could be that and used and more strong brush and complete with some additional stuff like that. - Many things could be added to this. But now you see, we can work on this is coming page and there is only one page remaining. So we'll do the all these tapes. These three pages are really giving you the the way how you could work. And there are many of the things you can do. And details to ads are nuts that this is ready to give you another reel off the creation of three pages from zero to a completed work. 10. Creation of the third age: It's a page. Is Jon Snow here looking? Looking at the nine King will be here the 19. We look at the drinking virgin snow and we will focus on site off Jon Snow. This is a sequence without any doubts. So every emotion and everything has to be communicated. Vienna Page sitting It's page. So I'm going to create you layer and stop drawing of this kitsch. I have a very I have taken the storyboard page and now I'm adding some details. You can have the hand of Jon Snow grabbing one of this case of the dragon here, the arm codes his can of court. The head of virgin snow looking down to the night King will fail from his dragon as there was a lot of wind. You have to make the hairs going in many directions. Maybe too much. - Okay , we have something like this. It could have one of the fertile dragon here and we had a lot of black color because it's still even feeds in this guy. Arabism, black and fall. So it should be as dark as the previous pages. And then we have Night king here and there will be dark color back color here drinking. And then we have the saints looking down. This is important to keep in minds, that you are creating a story page by page. It means that the graphic style and the colors should be the same from one page to another . This is why here I will keep the same technique to king some black and then doing the outlines of my frames and then starting to draw this characters. The sketch decreased capacity and there can draw from right there black clear. And then you can make sure that old section done on the stairs. Okay, select team nuts. All right. - I think they can work on the hairs like this. Just leaving 1/4 of the night, continue to feel some black dissection tool and for the camp created cable trinkets just to feel the color here. So it's neither easy to work like this king, and then can I continue to? It's a to create some details and his can . Then this for two dragon. - Let's see with kitsch and okay, we'll keep this way. Can't traditional stiff here? Fine. Just then add some additional. Here's let's do Cygan frame and we're mainly play with shadows and rights in this frame, we can sworn here from the back, - almost only see sewers. I can do this selection all right and feeling you will see that we can play with the lights to create this character. Please. White, Just on some Rhines could be enough just to show that the character the Night king's to life. No dragon. I was instantly here and on the ground. We have for reason for some signs of devastation. If you remember, you have scenes, observed some fire and garbage is and so get bridges. Um, some destroyed still, so you can just suggest this with very random lines not necessary, bringing too much detail. It's important to explain there's things to make similar black and white lines to secrete this, and the rest will be done with the car and that's frame. - Make sure to eyes insane axes and play the night and the shadows hairs front face. It's, - And when you have any doubts, you hide the sketch and see if you want on any other beatings. Here, we're going to play a different size lines almost done in part kings. I think this and we have The thinking is done. And now with this, I create a new layer and use the product mode, and I go back into one of the facial rich Done. I pick up the color, go back here to full selection and feel with this color from there. Can you The same tools, The same brushes previously to create atmosphere catching and goes around all rights. He's a bit behind this kind. Can't answer colors like this and duck alert Run here The regime do this same brush. Yeah, And then for this character, you can see picket this colorful skin selection filling can't do closes. See, have really colors. Use pros Day for this on characters so we can much more teak, something dark like this. Then I can pick it this color again. Amusing the brush, some brush. Give some. I still think that finishing since things in this king and then selecting this playing with the graduations can create self Gretchen's. And then I can smooth color, finishing some details and through a nuts in the selection tool, heading something like this. Okay, now finishing dragon bit hard color. Even if it's not, it's a very cold half read that it's still more because if everything is blue, it could be too much blue and it will be too flat. So even is the dragon is not red. Doesn't matter. You can use somewhere. Do frame the color that is different, the red hot color instead of all the rest that is quite cooled. The ground here with selection tool and using kind of fenced sanction this and then you come back much more strong. Fifth Inning and this and we have some for you. Use dense, dense here, and then you can continue white color and mixing Favorite scene. He's a smooth all right. From then, I feel the meaning lines here in blue line that some very shiny Okay, endedness frame funder Excite. The doctor should be here completely. The grains smoke very three South Croydon because it's still the night convince. We use some blue here, not too strong, so you can really makes the car of the skin. And the color of this carry even fits. You could say it's not really, really letting work pretty well for, ah coming coming book pages, and you can finish by adding some particles because you have some wins and it was carefully , which kind of we can use. All right, so of course, you can add many, many other things and details in this pain, but right now I think you understood how you can work. You start with sketched and thinking and color. These tree pages were a very good example of how it can work. You can have your own technique. You can work on many other layers having 10 layers, for instance, one for each character's one. For every colors you can have may need different techniques to after colors and special effects and sore. And this course was on. This was really to show you how you can ah used digital techniques to create something. I hope you learn some tips and I hope to to see your creation. You can also send me any comments are question. If you want