How to test your business ideas, fast, reducing costs and with a professional image. Part 1

José Medina

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18 Videos (29m)
    • Course Presentation

    • Introduction, Division & Materials

    • F.A.Q

    • Why listen to me? About.

    • Ideas - Presentation

    • Ideas - Great Ideas and First Technique

    • Ideas - Chindogu & Half-baked

    • Ideas - Final Poins

    • Business Model - Introduction

    • Business Model - Startup Vs Others

    • Business Model - Canvas & Lean

    • Business Model - Examples

    • Team - Introduction

    • Team - Values

    • Team - Contributions - Mistake

    • Team - Member Contributions

    • Team - Contributions & Legals

    • Team - Where to Find a Co-founder?


About This Class

In "Test your business idea, fast, in a professional way and reducing costs", we’ll see from scratch all the critical areas you need have in order, so you can test your business idea in the market as soon as possible. You don't need any kind of specific or technical knowledge to take this course.

This is a three part course series, where will see the how to come up with Idea, key points to have in mind when forming a team, how to use and combine business models, recommendations when registering your domain and using a professional email account, how your online presence should be, the stages of developing an MVP(Minimum Viable Product) and recommendations to do it,  how to set up a communication plan for your social networks, how to create your pitch deck for investors, how to validate your idea with real users and some sales techniques to help you along the way.

Feel free to ask any question you want here, I will be answering all of them.

This course is for beginners, if you already have experience you may be able to take a couple of ideas that you haven't consider before.

The other classes will be uploaded in these dates:

Part 2 - Execution: 18/03/17

Part 3 - Commercial: 25/03/17 

If you don't want to wait for the other classes or want specific advise for your business, write me, my email is in the video: Why to listen to me?

This is my first online course, I will be constantly improving! Any feedback or recommendations would be great. Hope you enjoy the course!!