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How to take/move your retail business online FAST using Square Online

teacher avatar Yukiko Sato, StoryVideo Lean Life & Work Designer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

17 Lessons (37m)
    • 1. Intro - How to move your business online (Fast)

    • 2. Story About This Class

    • 3. [1-1] Old vs New Square Online

    • 4. [1-2] Item Library

    • 5. 1-3 [Sq Online] SetUp Square Online Store

    • 6. 1-4 [Sq Online] Sync Items

    • 7. 1-5 [Sq. Online] Set Up A Single Shopping Page

    • 8. 1-6 [Sq. Online] Publish

    • 9. [#StoryVideo] How I moved my Biz online in 21 days!

    • 10. 2-1 Online Class Benefit

    • 11. 2-2 Online Class Basic Equipement

    • 12. 2-3 Step 1: Video Camera SetUp

    • 13. 2-4 Step 2: Microphone

    • 14. 2-5 Step 3: Live Class Platform

    • 15. 2-6 Step 4: EventBrite Marketing

    • 16. 2-7 Step 5: Email Marketing

    • 17. 2-8 Step 6: Post Live Class - Online Course Creation

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About This Class

Part 1: How to move your offline bookstore business online FAST 

Learn how to build or Set Up your eCommerce website without any coding knowledge. 
Building Online Shop using Shopify, Wix, WordPress with Woo Commerce are complicated and takes at least 100 hours. This class is great for freelancers and small business owners are wanting to accept orders online today. 

Here is the Square Online Store Building CheckList

This class if one of three series:

Part 1 BookStore (product business)

Part 2 Yoga Studio (wellness business) just added in May 2021

Part 3 Tour Guide (service business) is coming soon!

: : Square Online Store Examples : : 


: : Square Online Store Examples : :



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Yukiko Sato

StoryVideo Lean Life & Work Designer


Love Tech and Fashion since 1977

Wardrobe stylist since 1988

KIMONO stylist since 1994

TESAGE designer since 2000

Online Marketer since 2009

Affiliate Marketer since 2010

iPhone Story Video creator since 2015

- Become a Patreon - SnowSugar -

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1. Intro - How to move your business online (Fast): Thank you for tuning in this introduction video about how to move your business online. In a previous video, I shared my story of how I moved my business online. Don't degrade less gesture. I hope that information helps you to get an idea how to move your business online much more quickly than you think possible. In this coronavirus emergency situation. You may need your face-to-face business online here. Now familiar with their e-commerce world, you may feel overwhelmed and may not know where to start. A mentor who has successfully moved or Business Online can help you to avoid mistakes. Most of the beginner mountain climbers have a guide, a hue, climb a mountain alone. You may get lost easily or even die. Don't worry, your business ones I, because you are watching this video, when you move your in-person business online alone, your business may close for good. Hi, my name is yuki Casado from TSA studying solutions. I got a freelancers or entrepreneurs like you to get things done faster and save money by applying the Zero Waste and lean methodology. In this video training, I can be your mentor. I will keep you three tips on how to move your business online. I will give you three practical business examples and resources you can apply right away. Make sure to take the video lessons carefully and stay with me to the end. This video training also applies to non-profit businesses. You don't need to have a high-tech skills. There are a lot of template tools out there. You need to have a passion to shift your mindset. I'm so happy that some of my students at generating Lebanon there into coronavirus pandemic business shutdown. After they move their business online. I've been helping over 30,700 students with online businesses since 2008. All the students who Buddha my advice into action, move or grow their online business and live an abundant life. Now, it's your turn to move your hands and feet. I will guide you step-by-step through the process of how I helped my students to move their businesses online. One of those businesses are physical bookstores, became a square where Billy website bookstore and set up USPS shipping. A physical yoga studio become our online yoga program with your bare courses. The third and in-person tour guide now offers live and virtual tour online. Please use my 21 days challenge work sheet to make sure you are on that. I imagine you could have an online businesses in three weeks without worrying about the future. Trust me. Let's dive in to see you inside. 2. Story About This Class: Welcome to the class on how to move your business online quickly and easily. I'm so happy to see you inside. I received emails from three of my friends asking me how to move their businesses online quickly and to generate income without breaking the bank. All three of them had a face to face Business. One had a bookstore, the second had a yoga studio, and the third run a tour guard service. They all had information website. There are websites contained information about their business, social media channels and the contact info. The sides were not selling products or services directly. In this lesson, I will share with you how a bookstore, yoga studio, and to a guard service became e-commerce sites to generate income. 247. They all thought the setting up an e-commerce site with intimidating and expensive and hire someone to do it for them. Most of the small businesses use the square payment processing to accept credit cards at the stores or workshops or events already. All your products or services information is stored there. Square over as an e-commerce website called the Square wherever the online store. Since the two companies merged in 2080. I will say if you set up your e-commerce site using Shopify or weeks or water press. Setup takes at least a 100 hours. But a setting up a square where Billy online store takes just a few hours or less, depending on how many products or services you have. 3. [1-1] Old vs New Square Online: Here had to set up the square online store before that, he used to call square marketplace. That is no longer available. Although you still can search my previous business square online store using the feature in Google search. I was not able to access the store edit page last year. Good news is after square updates. Now you can edit the oldest square Marketplace page are the new Square wherever the online store edit page. Square online store became a square. Wherever the online store, I will demonstrate how you set up your e-commerce website using the Square wherever the online store to sell your services or products. Within an hour. 4. [1-2] Item Library: First things first known a1 square account. Make sure you created all your items on square account. If not, please find a link in the description and follow the instructions. Go to Adams to make sure you have all your items have basic information such as images, item is descriptions and prices. Here are some of the book listings that are contain images, description, and price. 5. 1-3 [Sq Online] SetUp Square Online Store: Now start to set up a square wherever the online store. Go to the one of the sections called the online store icon. On the left side menu. Or you can scroll down on the menu to find online store. And click on the Get Started button, which takes you to the page with the first question. It's asking you, tell us whether you are selling online. There are six different products and services. I am demonstrating to set up an online store. I will select physical items, then click on continue. Now the page is asking, how do you plan to fulfill orders? I'm going to select ship items to buy only because the physical bookstore has been closed. Then click on Continue. The next question is, choose a page type that it fits your needs. Because you want to set up the online store, run and take your customers order quickly. You want to pick a single Ordering page. Then click on Continue. 6. 1-4 [Sq Online] Sync Items : Now square VBD is building up an online store by sinking the items on your square account. Find items under the overview on the left side menu. Click on item library. Now we need to sync the items from square dashboard to wherever the online store. Click on the Select Items button. It takes you to your items library. Select the items you want to sync to your online store by clicking this square box. Next to the items. You want to select all. Click on the Select All button. Go ahead to click down all the atoms as sinc t over the online store. We will go ahead to pull one of the items, make sure the name of the product description are correct. Let's approach images by dragging or clicking. Next section is visibility. Select the visible fulfillment. I checked sipping on the shipping. Wait. Please don't forget to add a book. Wait. This is very important to calculate the collect shipping rate. Sales tax. If your business is a non-profit organization, you can check this box for this item is tax-exempt. Additional information. I strongly recommend using the inventory feature on square app. You added the item quantity on the square dashboard. The items stocks will show up the total quantity over here. You can add the item ID or SQ code. Variations. If your book has variations, like a hardcover, paperback, or audio CD, you can add in variation section, modifier. Accept any custom order. You can modify the item in this section. Now you sync all your items to the square. 7. 1-5 [Sq. Online] Set Up A Single Shopping Page: Let's overview to polish Ordering page. Online stores. Check on cell items to ship, offer pickup truck on sale items for pickup as well. This side is not accepting pickup. So I will uncheck on sale items for pickup. Under the main image, I can add my books on the homepage as a feature product. I will check the feature to list my books, read after the main photo and tech the collect email addresses feature this time. It's a very simple one, Ordering page as an e-commerce website, I like it. Customers can focus on buying. Nothing is distracted. Next door name. If you have a store name logo, you can drug or upload your logo by a blue button. Says next. There are five different fonts that you can choose from. There are 15 different colors that you can also choose from. I will pick a font and color data match my brand theme. I want to change my image to represent a bookstore. Click on main section. It will be blue outlined. And the banner image section pops up. Click on, Add Image. Free photos, and pick one I like. I can just overlay by move to circle button to right or left. By readability. I can change the button size, style, and color. That is very easy and nice looking. And that a custom section. I can change 17 different layouts of the main image. Along with thickest button. I can change the size of the image by clicking excess S M, L under the section style. Minimize the size of the main image by selecting x s. Now I'm going to this, my books in the featured products. Click on the featured products section. It will be outlined. And items section pops up. Click on the choose items button, and select items I want to decide on the page. I will select all three bucks I added. Now all my books. This tip. I want to add a buy button under the book images. So I click on buttons under the content category. Move the so-called button to the right, to the animal to show the buy button. This way by its can click on the buy button to shop as soon as they land on this shopping page. Let's preview my shopping page in a browser. Looks very professional. Now I'm ready to publish the page. Before I publish the piece, I want to tweak a book image to the actual size not showing in. Go to the Item images section and the content category by clicking on the featured products section. Click on Image ratio to switch to the actual image ratio. It's nice and easy. It seems not to change the image ratio on the product page. I hope they will update the image ratio on a product page soon. I'm sure they are whacking on it. Since the sample store has not being accepting a payment. I will show you the published a page with a shopping cart. When a buyer or as a book to a shopping cart, it will show up like this. After biofuels out the buyers shipping information. The online store we will calculated shipping b, n will be this data here. 8. 1-6 [Sq. Online] Publish: Let's publish this page. Click on the blue button that is located in the upper-right corner. The setup your domain window will pop up. Select to use a square sub domain for free to open an ordering page. That's it. Now your e-commerce site is officially opened. Link to your website or share their sub-domain name of square where Bd online store URL to your customers. Super easy, right? Even cavemen can do it. Let's open your square everybody online store today. 9. [#StoryVideo] How I moved my Biz online in 21 days!: I'm so happy to see many people are watching the covert 19, the leaf cash flow budgeting video cause there are many people, including self employee who applied for unemployment benefits US. I press it it before you got the government's stimulus check and employment insurance. I hope that those of you who applied received funds, the carbon financial boredom was EDF. Now, your concern is how to run your business profitability for the rest of 2020. Beyond. Some questions I hear from friends on social media are, how could I move my business online? That's eight, makes sense to convert my business online. How am I gonna do with How can I do a quickly? There are many tutorial videos and too much information online that can confuse you. Can you guess what I suggest? If you watched my previous videos, you already know the answer. Right? Watch a story video. Hear hear someone's story of how she moves her business online. You can think how you're gonna do it in your way. Hearing story helps you to understand and feel the emotions of others. When you watch a story video, you can put yourself in a scene in your mind. So let me share my story of how I moved my business online. In this video, I will go over how I moved from a piece GL office through a virtual office. And I started to work from home. How I set up a remote or working environment in a cost effective way. How I communicate with coworkers. Partially. In 2007 to saga business sales ratio was 31.1% from online and 60, 8-9 percent from offline graph shows and designers market. That year, I was notified by two good craft shows that are going to be canceled due to the city construction plan. That meant we lose 21% of our revenue. We hadn't been thinking that outdoor graph shows who are risky because they were affected by the weather. But reward obesity and did not find another strategy to replace the crowds show cells. Our online sales were good in a winter month, but, uh, we counted on craft shows in the other seasons. People do not change unless they suffer extremely threats such as serious illness or death. I'm not the exception. We will our waking Beida Lehman Brothers economy crisis be harder to act. Quickly, hour to saga business sales decreased by 45%. In order to grow our online sales to cover the forty-five percent loss. Anymore, we needed to come up with a gray marketing plan. It was more like a survivor plan for the Sergey business. As I shared some tips in a covert 19 cashflow budgeting video course, we reduced our expenses as low as possible, that the soccer team has a weekly meetings to discuss other possibilities to grow our cells within our shoestring budget. Market a wise, we thought of social media marketing, affiliate marketing, job ship sailing, crowdfunding, video marketing. Pedestrian is marketing. Out of the box ideas who are sewing lessons at our studio. Upload handbag or garment repair service. A personnel styling service, DIY to saga sewing kit with the PDF patterns, custom to saga parses and online marketing class. Believe it or not, we implemented all the marketing ideas besides crowdfunding within 2008. And I won the 2009 business plan competition with a $1000 cash prize. However, our ideas is not changed. 2009 cells as we expected. Our 2009 cells were almost the same as the 2008 cells. Although our profits improved, we were not able to stop the money that we had to cut costs, especially for our office studio rent. We kept trying other marketing tactics where we decided to move to a new studio. Two of my long-time workers were leaving because they planned to marry and move away. I assumed that they were afraid that disaggregate business may not survive from discreet decision. I didn't blame them. I had only two interns working with me. As I tried to save my business. We started accustomed to saga per service using SSL make our platform. We started applause now studying online, offering drop ship and affiliate online courses on Udemy, online marketing web and Andrew Etsy sellers. We did IndieGoGo, GoFundMe, and keepers IP crowdfunding to raise the fine forward as a soggy produce business. But all the new marketing efforts were not strong enough. I would so exhausted patching all the holes in the money bucket. When our studio rent was late, might land road told me his business story. As a B sat together in his office. His business was also struggling. He also needed to reduce his business expenses. His plan was to rent his large office upstairs. Any movie he'd stuff into my small office space. That was kind of lucky for us because he could wave an alley these termination penalty. And it didn't need to wait another three months for our lease to expire. But the hardest part was there, he asked us to move out within two weeks just when I thought it couldn't get any worse. I learned that I had to move from my apartment in four weeks. I we're thinking of finding a smaller office studio space for TCGA porous business before my apartment in situation came up at reflect on my past marketing effort from Tuskegee and realize that a business would still accumulating snowball that instead of making profit, I thought that it was time to move everything online to become a profitable business. I posted at and on Craigslist to find someone who can help us list items to sell or donate within two weeks in exchange for my teaching them online marketing. I got three motivated helpers and daily sales, all the searchable items, both on eBay and co-exist. We sold the items from sewing machines to office furniture and donated to sag a material to the material for the arsine queens, unsold items, wordless data as a giveaways to the neighbors, and a free shipping to give back by UPS. I asked my friend with a van to move 30 boxes to my stories and my apartment. Thank goodness. Because we sold or gave away 90% over items. We had the funds covered, the moving expenses. Now we officially a virtual company. I move the statistic. I gave files to Google Drive to share them with my two interns. And I link to my company domain emails too, gmail. We had started a 100% remote or work from home or the co-working space. We connected every day saying Good morning at 09:45 AM and saying good night around 07:00 PM via Google Hangouts. We had a weekly Skype or Google Hangout meetings to communicate on top of everything. We missed our lunchtime together with a small talk. So we decided to set up a weekly evening Skype to chat with each other. We converted from physical to saga process to digital marketing product. Because we closed the saga physical production service, it it would have made sense to close all our e-commerce stores, Amazon and others, where we have a good following. I thought of marketing our new story video products on Amazon and Etsy. But those platforms did not have a strong market for our new products. 2015 was a little too early to market our new video products. I would like you to imagine yourself in the same situation and how you would peep it, your business product or service online. Let me summarize what I did. I move you from a physical office to a virtual office and work from home. I set up remodel working environment in cost effective way. I communicated with coworkers, bacilli. I hope you get an idea of how you can implement your business online. If you have questions, great ideas, or your own stories, please leave them in the comment box below to share with us. 10. 2-1 Online Class Benefit: Next method of how to move your business online is to convert to online live classes from face-to-face offline classes. I will show you the cost effective way to give a live class to your existing students. Have you ever thought about giving a wellness class online before? Do you feel that it is not valuable to give an online class? Because you believe face-to-face offline classes are the most valuable to provide glasses. When it is about whether heavy rain, snow, your students may want to stay home. What if you can allow them to learn from home and classmates over the Internet? When I dreamed about giving an online kimono styling class in 1998, the only thing I could do, What's a group telephone call? Not a video class. Not everyone had a chemical order and knew how to connect their computer. Internet connection with slow on dial-up Internet. Whenever we're thinking about giving the online class, it was not easy for either the teacher or the students. Technology improved so much. Let's use a growth mindset to open up this new world of opportunity. If you hover over 90 students per year, weekly classroom capacity is 45 people. The first group of students need to wait 18 weeks to get second class. Also, you need to give the same class 18 times. Online classes have great benefits for the students. They can take a class anywhere at a convenient time. They can save their commuting time. They can focus on learning the subject. They can review recorded classes. The instructor benefits to. You can enroll many students at one time. You do not need a classroom space. The class can take place no matter whether are you motivated to give a live class now? Great. 11. 2-2 Online Class Basic Equipement : Let me start with how to set up for live yoga class. Here is basic equipment. You need. Smart phone or a laptop with a camera here, but with Mike came with the phone. Binder clips or a stack of books or mini tripod. 12. 2-3 Step 1: Video Camera SetUp: Step 1, cameras set up. Find a good spot to capture a full view of your body to clearly demonstrate the movements. And you see this yoga instructor is giving her class from her room. In order to capture all hub movement. She needs to sell her camera at the far end of the room. If the room is too small to capture the instructors body. C can buy a wide lens to attach your phone or laptop. 13. 2-4 Step 2: Microphone: Step two, microphone. Giving the wellness class. You need to talk and demonstrate body postures. So you are at the distance from a device or do you broadcast? You use bluetooth ear buds. They should walk like a wireless microphone. On only wired ear, but you may use an internal microphone on your computer or phone. Be sure to test the equipment you already have before buying anything new. You should try to avoid spending money before you are earning a profit. A wireless microphones such as road go wireless, may be a good option, but it's pricey and he might want to buy it after you began making money. Here are two little tricks. I discovered using wired He about one extension cord to connect your device, to plug into a different device, such form or another Wi-Fi capable, a handheld device, and log into your class as a student. Turn off your camera and enable the microphone. The device can be secure onto your wrist with an AND, and OR to your waist with a belt. 14. 2-5 Step 3: Live Class Platform: Step 3, three live class platform. It, it's good to start with a free web conference platform to test out your live class. I have used to Skype and Team Viewer before. They're user-friendly and make it easy to recall, the faster. I use paid platforms, such as Google Meet and big markets. I don't use Zoom as others do, because I do not find Zoom is user friendly. 15. 2-6 Step 4: EventBrite Marketing: Step four, set up appointments calendar. Now you can schedule your class time and fed up your calendar using to enroll your students. Even BRI is known as an event tickets selling raffle. Since the pandemic, they updated for virtual event tickets. They tuned into a good platform to sell live classes. 16. 2-7 Step 5: Email Marketing: Step 5, email your students about your live class, e-mail the dates, times, and clasping. You also might want to think about how to get more people interested. Please don't forget to pause your students class projects, including your live glass information. People who see class projects in the mail and a passive online might be interested in taking your class. 17. 2-8 Step 6: Post Live Class - Online Course Creation: Step six, posts live class. Create an online course. After you have recorded similar live glass lessons, you can edit and create an online video coasts that it generates extra income. These two online course marketplace are great starting points to publish your online video course, Udemy and Skillshare. After you successfully sell your online course, you can take my other classes to learn more about how to sell your skills online and set up your online community. Enjoy having live classes.