How to stretch watercolor paper, prepare it to paint on and remove your work when finished

Gabriella Buckingham, Artist - Illustrator

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4 Lessons (15m)
    • 1. Hello

    • 2. Stretching paper and painting gesso on it

    • 3. A quick alternative method for small pieces

    • 4. Goodbye and Thank you!


About This Class

This is a really simple class for beginners - people who have never stretched their own watercolour paper before.

Once you have a lovely piece of flat watercolor paper you can paint on it using as much water as you like safe in the knowledge that it will dry flat again.

I show you how to stretch watercolour paper in the traditional way and also another way to stretch a small piece of paper with one of my actual illustrations.

Using this illustration I show you how to remove your work from the board too.

I mention the paper that I love most in the class - Arches watercolour paper - specifically I love the Not surface - it's not too smooth and not too rough. It is expensive but worth it for special projects.

Here's a link to it on a UK site  - as you will see it's available in gummed pad form or as sheets:

 Arches Watercolor Paper selection

Please get in touch with me below or on instagram @GabriellaBuckingham if you have any questions at all!