How to start your career in Stock footage Videography | Greg Hung | Skillshare

How to start your career in Stock footage Videography

Greg Hung, Travel Videographer

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27 Lessons (1h 38m)
    • 1. Course Introduction

    • 2. Why is stock footage awesome

    • 3. What is stock footage?

    • 4. Types of shots

    • 5. What to shoot

    • 6. Camera's you can use for stock footage

    • 7. Lenses 101

    • 8. Changing the lens

    • 9. Shooting footage in the field

    • 10. Planning and choosing what to shoot

    • 11. Renaming files using namechanger

    • 12. Stabilizing your footage

    • 13. Create project

    • 14. Curating clips into the events folder

    • 15. Creating libraries and events

    • 16. Developing an efficient workflow

    • 17. Managing media

    • 18. Pond 5 uploading your clips

    • 19. Creating your csv file for pond 5

    • 20. Creating the csv part 2

    • 21. Applying your csv file to Pond 5

    • 22. Upload shutterstock

    • 23. Upload shutterstock 2

    • 24. Getting paid

    • 25. Using Shutterstock app to monitor earnings

    • 26. Adobe Stock quick start

    • 27. Make money summary 2


About This Class

Video Production Academy to access free courses premium contact on aerial photography, stock footage 2.0 bundle,video production, gopros, and the business of video

I struggled for years to figure out how to make money with my passion for travel and making videos. After many travel videos on Youtube that earned me very little, a stock footage agency in Singapore contacted me to organize my video collection and sell it over the Internet. I organized my collection and figured out how to get my collection on-line making money for me. Finally I figured it out. Nothing more exciting than seeing sales on the video clips.

If you have a passion for Travel, video, or even photography I want to share how you can make money with your passions and save you the struggle. This is a practical hands-on course that will teach you everything to need to start creating travel videos and making money with them on stock footage agencies.

  1. An Introduction to stock footage
  2. Getting started - First I provide insight into what videos will sell. We cover camera gear, lenses, and accessories you will need.
  3. Filming video - We do a live video shoot and teach you how to film video. We take it a step further and cover special techniques like time-lapse photography, action camera's, dolly shots, and aerial video.
  4. Manage media - We teach you how to manage your footage and even some video editing in Final Cut Pro X to produce your stock footage clips.
  5. Uploading Media - We provide a complete walk-thru uploading your videos onto the 2 main stock agencies. We take it a step further by showing you how to create CSV files for large uploads.
  6. Getting paid - We give you an overview of the payment processe5effe2a





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Greg Hung

Travel Videographer

Hi I'm Greg. I'm a South African Canadian Travel Videographer currently based in Asia. I first got into video filming with a sharp camcorder in high school. After I graduated with SFU in Vancouver I went on to have a successful IT career working 13 years as an IT manager. I went onto pursue my MBA at SFU and found Entrepreneurial inspiration to start my own business and travel and film in 2011 during the DSLR video revolution.By the time I had completed my MBA in 2011 I had found my passion t...

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Entrepreneurship Film Production Creative
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