How to start drawing? Graphic illustration | Adobe Photoshop | Siena Summers | Skillshare

How to start drawing? Graphic illustration | Adobe Photoshop

Siena Summers, Nina Grace

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7 Lessons (1h 27m)
    • 1. Welcome

    • 2. Tools & Interface

    • 3. Document & Brush settings

    • 4. Hatching & Drawing

    • 5. lips & Nose

    • 6. Hair

    • 7. Speed Drawing (Hair)


About This Class

Everyone can draw! You just need a little help and a bit of practice.


You will learn how to create a Digital graphic illustration in step-by-step course. We will study all the necessary tools and techniques used to create illustration. The course is suitable for both beginners and advanced artists who are interested in graphic style and want to transform it in Digital format.

Digital art is a lot of opportunities:

  • You will learn how to draw, even if you have never done this.
  • You can create a graphic illustration of the highest quality. 
  • Companies from around the world use digital images for advertising and production every day.
  • You can duplicate and print your image in any format.
  • You can send your illustration anywhere in the world in one click.

You just need a tablet and a program Adobe Photoshop. Welcome!






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Siena Summers

Nina Grace

Siena is an illustrator who uses the language of humans and nature and the mixture of organic lines and expressive strokes to form her images. She studies the emotions, faces, expressions, gestures, character, and lifestyle of her subjects. She's spent the last 6 years working as an art director and teacher in her own small digital art school, creating pictures for interior design, web design, and portraits of people surrounding her. She loves to experiment with different styles and technique...

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