How to start a successful business with little or no money at all!

Niv Kaikov, Life Coach /Motivational speaker/ Business Owner

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8 Lessons (20m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Do something you love / Why?

    • 3. I have an idea for a business now what?

    • 4. Target audience

    • 5. How do I invest my money?

    • 6. Be online!

    • 7. Social media

    • 8. Final words


About This Class

Hi there,

My name is Niv Kaikov, I’m a life coach, entrepreneur and a businesses owner.

In this course I will talk about the basic ideas that I use whenever i’m starting a new business. I will show you how to be clearer about your vision and your why’s?
I will share with you my own experience and give you tips how to create a successful one.

I hope you’ll enjoy it and get the most out of it.

More in depth courses coming soon.

Please, share with me and the community your own success stories.

Here are some free tools I like to use on my websites:

1 - Wix - Build a website free.

2 - Canva - Design beautiful and engaging post on any social media.

3 - Bluehost -  Buy a domain and host a website (If you do not use Wix)

4 - Mailchimp - Create a customer's database via mailing list