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How to start Journaling and never stop

Iara Baer, Paper Crafting is my way of life

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    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. The benefits of journaling

    • 3. Choosing your journal

    • 4. How to start journaling

    • 5. How to never stop journaling

    • 6. How to keep inspired

    • 7. Walkthrough my Journal

    • 8. Class Project

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About This Class


“Writing in a journal each day allows you to direct your focus to what you accomplished, what you’re grateful for and what you’re committed to doing better tomorrow. Thus, you more deeply enjoy your journey each day, feel good about any forward progress you made, and use a heightened level of clarity to accelerate your results.”
                                                                        -Hal Elrod

Do you want to keep a journal of your life but does not know where to start? Or did you already started but can't manage to make journaling a daily habit? If so, this class is for you. I believe that once you get used to grab your pen and put your thoughts, to-do lists, discoveries, songs and quotes down to paper, you will never stop again. 

In this class we will talk about how to start journaling, from picking the right notebook and pen to what you can do to keep journaling forever. I will also show you my current journal and talk about what I do to keep inspired. So click enroll and see you in the classroom.


1. Introduction: Hello and welcome to the class. How to started nailing. It's never stopped Iannetta from there, Scott into signs and from paper beer. And I love to journal. I started jailing as a teenager, but stop it sometime in my early twenties and started journaling again in some 15 years ago , I might confess that I regret the time that I did not keep a journal my life. Waas pretty busy back then, but I wish I knew that only few minutes turn ailing at the woods, too. The result in journals would not only be something wonderful to look back, but would have helped me back then to evaluate my life and my experience. Also, get use it to grab your pain. Input your faults. To do least, it's just ovaries, songs and everything in between. Down to paper, you never stop again. In this class, we talk about how to stature, nailing from picking the right notebook and pain. So what you can do to keep journaling forever? I will also show you my courage journal and talk about what I do to keep inspired so quickly. Row and see you in the guest room 2. The benefits of journaling: Let's talk about the benefits of to nailing generally helps you understand yourself better . Daily writing is so much more than just putting words onto paper or a creative outlet. When you journal about your everyday life, you're goes and dreams. You understand yourself better as well. Identify what is important to you generally minds you off the good things in your life. When you keep a journal, you can back on your life to read about how you felt at a given time. You may be able to Liam from the past experiences. Moreover, it's nice to have a haircut off. Our bests generally helps you to solve your problems generally brings clarity when you're facing a problem. The simple act off putting words on paper show you how your mind is working to our to the solution. It makes her problems more manageable. Generally increases your productivity generally about two occurrence projects. We'll make you become more aware off the details you would otherwise miss Wants to get writing about something. You notice that new ideas and new insights will appear generally is the best way to bring storm and develop ideas. You're more likely to achieve what you write, general improves your concentration skills. Writing on paper with the Pam helps you focus. While technology has simply find and changed our lives, we have to be the prized in the form off many distractions that can leave it. Whether with our cell phones, tablets or laptops, there is always something beyond the writing that's calling our age generally help us to clear our minds. Writing in a journal is a great way to put things into perspective. I realize it's that every time that I am worried about something adjusted to write about it and a few much Kalma afterwards generally helps you grew. Whether it's about ACC even goes becoming better in something, no matter what respect off your life, you eventually see yourself growing as a pair. So for the lanes off your journal, Gianelli sh happens. Your lemon skills, as the religious tint teacher did, release explains the practice. Off writing can enhance the brings intake processing, retaining into retrieving off information. Gianelli boosts long term memory, illuminate patterns and gives the brain time for reflection. And lately Jamelli improves your writing skills and your handwriting you're writing and Hindu writing. Maybe he needs off improvements and generally is just the right a way to give it. Now we know about all the benefits. After nailing, we were in the next video talk about how will actually statue Nalin. 3. Choosing your journal: there are hundreds off different journals to choose from. It's important to consider the type of CO over the binding and the paperweight, especially because the paperweights plays a role in the type off pains or my because you will be able to use in your journal. Notebooks are available for paper styles. Blank line. It's greed adopted the most popular notebooks for generally, and those with line it or dotted page, even using a notebook as a journal for the past five years before Iwas using a Billy Billy . Now, right now, my Jonah is elastic term 1917 with daughter pages. I just his notebook for several reasons. It has elastic closer band, so delicious sheets of paper that I usually keep it inside A to do not far out. It opens flat. The paper is smooth, really nice to write on it and holds a large. It holds ink blue stamping without bleeding. It has a big pockets, great to store feigns, and so it deceives, for example, and it hasn't index and number of pages. When I want to find some things to see. If in my journal I refer to the index and the number of pages. Notebooks literally do come in all shapes and sizes. While there are some common size, many notebook creators have their own special size. Nevertheless, a heavily Hickam and you to start journaling with a notebook in the size are five. If I was a very common size for notebooks, it's the half off before which the most common paper size that it's used it for photocopies , for example, for the A sizes each sizes the health off the smaller number, So a four is the health off a tree and a five. Health off a four and six. Health off a five, As you can see, Indies Dia Gram. Another option to consider is Provence notebook sized, the easily lay fledge and can be folded to reveal on Lee. A single page and an AB tentative to the notebook is a planet system with rings, they're insisting allows you to move page surround If it's important for you to group everything that is similar in one spot, this is probably the perfect the system for you. You'll be able to create sections with new a planner, for example, for a person ultra mailing to do least this vacation planning. Quote Facebook Saray. It's a anse alone. Now let's talk about bands because Japan is as important. S a journal. The right pan can completely transform your chin. Ailing experience some pains a perfect for creating precise lines or writing in small spaces or this ideal for aiding color food. It feels to your pages, if you like to add a bit of calligraphy for your journal page, sustain brush players are essential for your everyday Joe. Nailing you only need one pain you like and comfortable with. I use a fine liner with black ink for Jenelle in. I have the same pain, many callers. But I stick to the black who I am. Foremost off the time there is no rocket science for choosing a pain. You probably already have your favorite paying region for you at your arms lands. Well, now that you have to zero Jonah ain't your pain. We'll talk about how to start journaling in the next video 4. How to start journaling: there is no magic formula to start to generally Abit. But just as any other abbots that I waste to secede and ways to fail in this visual talk about simple steps that we lied to you in the right direction to statue unveiling. First of all, let's talk about to the right environment for John Ailing. There are different kinds off writing environment for jailing, as there are different kinds of journal entries. If richer, mailing about you when your thoughts, then you should minimize distractions. This doesn't mean that you need to go to a caving in the woods every time you want to journal, but you should go to a quiet part off the room that is away from other people. You should also separate yourself from technology but you for writing it to do list for the next day, for example, you can do it's everywhere. Do not tell yourself that you need a tides desk, quiet time, or that the kids might be sleeping so you can start your daily. Do not create obstacles. When there isn't any. Any place is cooled. Any time is good be you. The first step for you to use your journal is to make sure it reflects your personal style . Be authentic. If your notebook feels like someone else's, you probably know not enjoy writing on it. As you sure do, 22 reflects your personality in your aesthetic preferences. If you are our about color in the creating, set up a little box or a draw our with everything you need and he use it. If you like it clean in minimalists, grab your black fine liner and go for it. There is no right or wrong about how your journal looks like. My journal, for instance, includes little collage is a bit of stamping and some stickers. It might not be always instagram worth, but it's my style. And just because I like it this way, I kept doing it. The next step is just stat. You pick it Trajano in the pain you love. Your journal is so beautiful, and you don't want to mess it up. Don't worry. You want we'll do this together. Look for the quote. For the first patient to write it, you can create a beat if you're feeling fans, that's pretty easy. And so you such a journal without destroying it. The idea behind it is that the right in something, anything we'll get her creative mind going and before you know you started writing. So now you have that great first page. That's what can come next. Let me show you how I set up my new journals. And if you follow me, you have your first pages feel it's in the next 20 minutes, and this will make you feel really great broadness where over the next patients will also show to be very useful. So let's do it with that with the future log right after that first page with a quote. Ari, Make my future log for the next 12 months, I learned about to the future. Log from the Bullets Journal matters. It's basically a place the way you can write future appointments that fall outside the month you were in, for example. It's July now, but you have an appointment for September so you can write each down in the future. Log in the place for September. I like to have the future log first thing in my journal for easy access. I always start with the man fame in, So if I'm starting a new journal now in July, the first month in the future log will be July in the last June. To set up a future log, you need to divide a page two or three or four US actions and write the months names on the top of each section, and that's it. The next page, right after the future log is the month of Log. That's another feature that I land from the Bullets Journal Metals. And it's a great way to start each month because it provides an overview from everything that's straddling like a traditional collender. I usually start in humor, for if a title page featuring a little Kalash and to the Months name and then the monthly log on the right sides off a two page It's Bridge. Here you see some off the pages from my current journal. Now let's talk about something really important. You have to start small. You're Jonah. Might not be well thought in your entries might not belong. You can just make at least right on some sentences each day by keeping each day's entry short and simple. Um, Macon is to commit. Do not hold on a fix it formats s your days are old difference from each order Your journal interest do not have to follow a pattern if you decide from the open that you have to write straight lines off Jon Ayling or five things to detain any given the or three things to a grateful for the probability that you will not keep doing it is much bigger. My maps, doodles, traditional germ ailing. About what's going on in your life to do leads this reflections on oh great firms off getting words on paper And lest something really important is that your journal without expectations, it's that before you feel ready, we are all bound to fuel and prepare. It shows that something new social Media keeps telling us that our affords are not enough. There will always be someone doing better. But let me tell you something. What you have right now is enough to start. You can plan Dele tragical cheese, all the things. But trust me, everything you need is a jonno, a pain in your words you and your new journal. I started this journey in your own way together. You give your journal your words. You spend time with it and your journal will keep growing. And you see in a couple off weeks, a couple of months, you will be really please it with all the developed man's with all that you achieve with your joy. No. So let's summarize that the secret to stature nailing in summary there is no right environment Mint journal Every time in every place we'll do, you don't need a big we're lead plane to stature, nailing and you only have to be you to start a journal you love. So just start and start small. And please do not put yourself on the pressure. Now that we talked about what we need to statue Nellie, let's talk about the secrets to never stop to nearly in the next video. 5. How to never stop journaling: as there is no magic formula to restart a journaling Abbott. There is also no magic formula to keep journaling forever. You need to weren't it and to commit to it. But I will not let you alone here. There are some steps you can flow to stick with your new generally Abbott. First of all, keep it simple and keep it your style. You only need a notebook in the pain to start with. No one needs the fans to see stem Lots of stamps. Hundreds off stickers wash taping every color off the rainbow. You know you Onley needs she start with your notebook and with your pain, do not put pressure on yourself. Letter Jonah style grew. If you just keep writing every day and pay attention to the page that you especially pleased with, ask yourself the way you like it. Do you like it because we started Georgia nailing in the middle of the page, leaving some white space? Do you like it because you use it acute Bendis Samp Or wash it. The then recreates the layout another day and let your style develop and buy new supplies only when you know you will use them this way. You feel less pressure and enjoy your nearly much more. If you want to make Gianelli at daily Abbott, you have to commit to never needs two days in a room, no matter how small your interests air. No matter water. Originally about to do least Corbyn. Since some lyrics project you were working on, you have to pick up your journal into write something. A great way to his stature is by creating the abbot off writing every day, at least off tasks off things you have to do includes everything, even mundane tasks like going out with the dog or that you need to call someone during the course of the day. You should grab your Jonah a couple of times, and it new tasks and Mac completed tasks within X right and out through the lists make easier to keep track and accomplish more. After only a few days, you see that this ever to gives you more control off your time and increases your productivity, and it also helps you to keep your nearly well. Consistency becomes much easier to achieve. If your journal is there a place for everything, what leads us to the next topic. Forget about Post it notes on the refrigerator store, scattering papers on your desk, taking notes on your cell phone. Your journal is the one please for everything. It simplifies your life and helps you to stick with your journal, knowing that you can find every information us searching for within its boundaries with sure, make your journal your new best friends. Tracking a new Abbott Where do you want to drink more water or make your bed every day? Average trekker will help you to stick to your new average. It's a full feeling to check the box and and have a dance, since proof that you were working towards your goals. Plane in education, right? All your plans in your journal flights in for whatever options counter information, but it reading an avid some book, Write down your favorite possessions. Goats Insights on the Journal. You can also write on quotes from your favorite old books or song lyrics or, in other words, that have significance for you. Just have your journal always close to you and right on each, every time you feel like doing it Heaven or Red Bean Similar Rendall went suddenly a greater gee across at your mind. So now you have a job. I know you can just shut it down, and you can go deeper writing about it later on. That said, it's best to have only one notebook for both business and personal use. It might take a little time to get used to, but it's for sure, less distracting to have just one notebook them. Putting out your phone during a meeting, for example, and less in really important is to not over think it When you start to First Journal. It's easy to feel like you need to take structural and the static decisions that have to last forever. But that's not true. I changed the way, right my entries every week, sometimes even within a week. Give yourself permission to change the way you journal every time you feel like changing and to stick with everything to find beautiful and useful. Remember that you are as well allowed to jump from one team to another within your journal . It's perfectly okay to write a to do list on the left side and lyrics from a song you can't get out off your head on the right side of his bridge. Your journal does not have to sound good self consciousness. Is the enemy off writing? It doesn't need to make a good reading for you or for anyone else. The point is to get your thoughts on paper, not to greet a masterpiece. The point is to just right. You are someone who gives a Johnno. You can just do that in summary. If you want to keep a journal and commit to eat, you sure developed is Abit is that with its simple journal, Keep it simple and keep its Your style never means two days in the room. Make a journal the place for everything from to do lease Just you. So certain Joe nailing for appointments in everyday ramblings. Do not over think your entries. Just get your foot some paper. Now that we talked about what it takes to keep her nailing, let's give a look on some inspiration on the next video 6. How to keep inspired: Now that you started to your journal, you could be asking yourself what you can do to keep inspire it. There are lots of people sharing their journal pages on instagram and being dressed. I shouId Fela. Lots of journal accounts and five points have very impressive with all the talents to be found out there. I knew you apart, probably thinking about sharing your journal pages on social media, but I recommend you to not do it when you just started. Show nearly the pressure off. Making something instagram Worf can steal away the pure joy I want you to develop when you spend time with the journal. Old inspiration on the Net can be somehow scary for those who are beginning. Please do not make the mistake of comparing yourself with someone who is jailing for a long time. It has developed its the excuse to perfection. Doing that will only make you feel bad. Another problem with sharing your general entries on social media is that you sure not write down everything that comes into your mind. If you know that it's going to be available for public reading, writing what's in your mind is watching Ellie is about. So if you don't do that, you miss everything. Another great source off, Jon Ayling. Inspiration is we start with a quote. I love quotes. I especially like this quote by my Lennie de trees. I had coats almost every day to ensure I know if there is a name to space after a daily angry, I will likely feel it with a coat. Afro. I love quotes. This is another reason why I am saying that they're great source off inspiration M goods usually related to something that's happening in your life and for this reason, the greater journaling starters. You can also quote song lyrics or phrases from book you were reading. Another way to stature. Nailing is by decorating it. Time Spain to decorating a journal. It's time well spent. You can draw glue paint stamp. It's so fun to adds little bits and pieces from your everyday life and just hit the journal growing. I really like to add little collages to my pages. I usually start with a piece of vintage book page, and I layer some, but any paper is Tekere stamps and washing tape. You could house of drought or paint on your journal. It's amazing how generally ideas come into my mind when I'm gluing things sound from a journal. It will sure works for you too. So now we've talked about journals and how to stature, nailing in how to keep trailing and how to stay spire IDs. And they really hope that too right now. Can't wait for disc less to finish to grab your journal and pan and stature nailing. But before we go, I will show you my current to join Oh, in the next video. 7. Walkthrough my Journal: thing is my current journal. It's a lost itto 1917 in black, and the sizes are five. It has an elastic band for a closer, and he in the back who find a pocket. It's where you can store little things. I have some stickers here, for example. It also comes with ease telephone book, which you do not use. But it's here. So let me show you how I came using the's notebook. First of all, here at the very beginning, there's a content page where you can write where to find things on your notebook. For example, a road here from page age to Page 55 is January 2000 19 so you can jump for the contract years searching. If you feel these, just contact page. I think it's is a very useful thing. I always is that my notebooks with a future log future lock as I read Tokyo, it's something that comes from the Bullets Journal community, and it's about writing your future appointments. The most important appointments dead's are coming up in the next mouth, so I have here future log for the 12 months off, just as a 19 and then I start straight red with January with such an introduction page and a mouthful log. Among flog is the overview distorted keeled over veal for the month with all important appointments. And then it started. Gianelli. Um, at the very beginning of this year, I waas generally one page per day. I thought they will make every day a new page. We should go back to this format because it's really cute. Here, have a list off the books that I that I read this here. I also keep it, keep track with good reads, but I like to have here and let's go back to January in here on the found page with collage and with quotes. I love Kalash in a love quotes. So you find a lot off season by another court in my notebook. Is this another college? As I said, And so it goes. This is a page. This is not journal so dearly, Jonah. It's about untold stories. What I wanted here it waas to make a list of things off teams that I want to cover in. If you Tremaine your books or scrapbooks or that I just want to journal about I thought I would make a least off that. So I every time that I waas such for an idea to for a project, I could go to this page. And so it goes, Let's go straight to February, as you see again kindof decorative page here to start the mouth and the monthly overview. And so it goes and then match same thing here a through. And in April, I wanted to show you something. I went over occasion and I took with me my journal and a pan. You don't need anything else to the committee or education. Lo que Waske import to go AM Justices stitcher nearly take five minutes in the even into right about what you did in the day. And you have this documentation that you can also use too great a photo album. Travel elbow. I have a curse here in Escutia talking about how to make a travel album given. Look, dear, if you're interested, I make lots of travel albums for each travel that I go and he would jump to May and he may . I started to track sports and appeal, and also when I waas doing a something Woking and blamed a piano Just see here in June. I did it too. And so it is. And this is also a pretty good finger. Also talked to you in in the workshop already. But I wanted to show you this is today in a list today that it did not have ah much to write about. So I decided to make at least so he if I think I did today. Five things I felt today find things and grateful for today. Five people I in directed with today five random things about today and five things I need to do tomorrow. And it's it's that's I work through my Corrente journo. 8. Class Project: Thank you so much for joining me in this class. And your class project is to share a page off your new journal. It can be a page that it's only decorated. It can be a page with John Ellen in eats. If you don't mind share or appease with the least or bullets to. I know I really would love to see it so bye bye and hope to see your projects in the gallery.