How to speak / read / write Chinese characters and Cantonese + Hong Kong Style

Peggy Cheung, Learning is one of long life road

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8 Lessons (1h)
    • 1. Introduction of Traditional Chinese

    • 2. What is the Traditional Chinese?

    • 3. Why have to learn Traditional Chinese?

    • 4. How to write Chinese Characters? (1)

    • 5. How to write Chinese Characters? (2)

    • 6. How to Speak Cantonese? (1)

    • 7. How to Speak Cantonese? (2)

    • 8. How to Speak Cantonese? (3)


Project Description

What is Cantonese? What is Traditional Chinese Characters?

What is Cantonese? Discuss it from the geography in Asia, population in Hong Kong, and the history of China and Hong Kong to talk about it.

I will not only focus how to speak, but also focus how to write and read Traditional Chinese for the students to understand more culture of Chinese.

As this language which is totally different language system from another languages in the world. The students have to be patience to learn this. There is no short-cut to learn it quick.

The first updated I want to show how to write the words , as the video I showed, which has top to bottom, left to right, outside to inside and top right to bottom left. 

How to right these words? 


This is common words for blessing the family have forture money.How to read this?

We first to know how to write these words, 

1/ First step is : classify the words, I circule 4 parts as there has 4 words combined together. The sequence to write is by color of circule : Purple , Red, Greed Yellow. 



2/ First is Purpule "寶", from Top to bottom to read; step 1, write the toppest one; step 2, write from left to right; step 3: Top to bottom again to end up this word


3/ Second is "招"; read as left to right; 1/ is the first character has to write; 2/ & 3 /the rest part need to write from top to bottom


4/ Green circle "財" :left to right; write the left side, and then write the right one from top to bottom 


5/ Yellow circule "進":read the word from right top to left bottom; 1/ left to right ; 2/ write the rest one 


That is! The words are written : "招財進寶" , hope you find these words in the picture. You can put your words you find which are interesting in here. I hope you have fun to learn these Chinese words!

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