How to speak / read / write Chinese characters and Cantonese + Hong Kong Style | Peggy Cheung | Skillshare

How to speak / read / write Chinese characters and Cantonese + Hong Kong Style

Peggy Cheung, Learning is one of long life road

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8 Lessons (1h)
    • 1. Introduction of Traditional Chinese

    • 2. What is the Traditional Chinese?

    • 3. Why have to learn Traditional Chinese?

    • 4. How to write Chinese Characters? (1)

    • 5. How to write Chinese Characters? (2)

    • 6. How to Speak Cantonese? (1)

    • 7. How to Speak Cantonese? (2)

    • 8. How to Speak Cantonese? (3)


About This Class

Cantonese is one of important language in chinese society, Especially in Hong Kong , there has over 95% are speaking in Cantonese. Plus there has 1Billion population speak Cantonese in the world which is more people to speak in French. Through the courses, I will teach all this language at the beginning with Hong Kong living style, traditional, plus their slang. Hope you have fun to learn Cantonese.

Starting to teach about Traditional Chinese and Cantonese, just let you know what are these. - I will give you the simple and easy way to understand the background of these language so that you can figure out what is this language.

I will give you the method to understand how to read and write Traditional Chinese, there is nothing panic but more simple that you learn Traditional Chinese.

Finally, I provide how to speak Cantonese, it is not too complicated that you imagine, just follow the simple way to speak it out.

I hope you enjoy this course and hope you have fun and more understand this course.





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Peggy Cheung

Learning is one of long life road

I am HongKonger, I love my city and I studied over 15years of Traditional Chinese and speak Cantonese. I hope I can share what the traditional chinese culture still keep in Hong Kong to all the people in the world.

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