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How to solve Rubik’s Cube without a hammer

teacher avatar Iván Artiles, Proud Geek

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (30m)
    • 1. Intro to the course

    • 2. Intro to the Rubik Cube

    • 3. Building the White Cross

    • 4. Inserting the White Corners

    • 5. Edges 2nd Layer

    • 6. Building Yellow Cross

    • 7. Inserting Yellow Corners

    • 8. Example Solves

    • 9. Ending

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About This Class


From the 80s to the present the Rubik’s Cube represent a big headache to anyone that try to put all the colours in the correct order without knowing a method or a certain way to do it. This course is design to be a pill agaisnt the headache, and a brief introduction to the speedcubing world (Speed-what?). Yes... there is a full dedicated community around this little devil puzzle.
With these videos you will learn how to solve a 3x3x3 cube using a very intuitive and easy method 
cracking it layer by layer. There are not requiments more than the desire to learn! Having a cube is a great plus but –in the case you do not have one-- you still can use an app that simulate a cube and allow you to turn it (God bless smartphones!)... it will be tricky but you can look at this like an extra challenge!

More than the skill to impress girls/boys with your new mental superpower, you will also:

  • Stress a lot by turning a cube (cruel joke).
  • Understand basic operation of a three dimensional puzzle.
  • Improve your capacity for logical reasoning.
  • Improve your spatial intelligence.
  • Feel better and confident in your own brain skills by solving cubes!

Finally, as class project, I challenge you to put one of the face of the cube in an order that the colours look like the flag of some countries! (“This teacher think it’s not enough suffering by putting the colours in the right place, ah?”)

Now, leave the hammer in the toolbox and let’s put your brain to work!

Happy cubing! =D


"Magic Cube", Mobile app available on iOS & Android.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Iván Artiles

Proud Geek


Hello, I'm Iván R.: Maker/Programmer, Jedi Master (teacher), Speedcuber, Chronic puzzle-seeker. Lvl25.

Define myself is pretty complicated, I love doing a lot of things and in consecuense I have many hobbies. As a teacher I like working with kids and teenagers because I get a glimpse of the future through them. I have a logical mind with a practical approach to problem solving. I love building and programming electronics. I am a Speedcuber and puzzle-seeker that love new puzzle challenges. 
These last months I am working on websites projects, here some links of my recent works (my portafolio):

Finally, I love learning about new cultures... I lik... See full profile

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1. Intro to the course: Ola me number is even you're doing fanatical. More little word on Global the aerobic Our mistake. Uber member off us bit solving community in my city, I usedto organize competitions official light by working association and events about cubes in my country. And in this course I will tell you a bit about my patient for the rabbit skill and this bit solve in practice. Welcome to this course where you will learn how to solve our robot skill. After finishing the score, you will have the knowledge to solve a three by three by three cube from any mix of state. Also, you will understand how this part of works and then you will be able to move the queue from any estate to the actual estate duty start in order to create a path for any possible figured you can imagine. For example, in the class project you will be up to create a path one that flew like a country flag. After the video lessons off, you know, ho to solve a cube, I will duct you about the speak solving community. It's big solving or speed cubing. If the practice of solving Robitaille skipped as fast as possible. There are many competition for on the war, and everyone can join them solving cubes. It's not easy. You will need patients and motivation in organ to get it. So put your Hummer apart. Take alum brave and let's do it. 2. Intro to the Rubik Cube: Hi, everyone. Welcome back in this period, we will learn some basic concepts about the robots kill. During this course, we will refer to the cube us A three level objects where takes one if they first lever deform. If the second level and the exc one is that sir level. The cube has three type off paces. Let's learn about them. Different type of pieces are call centers. They are six in total that are all well in the centre off the cube and they have only one color. The centers are ecstatic pieces. This means that no matter how you moved killed, they will be always in the same position. For the three found, the green center will be a what opposite toe the blue one. The yellow center will be opposite toe the white and orders toe the red youth In the centers, we will give name, toe the faces off the cube. So in disorder thief, one will be the but it faith. This one will be the white face. And so I, Rupert skill Hot three type off pieces. We already know the center. The second types are called edit. There are always in the middle off the kill. They have two colors and there are 12 in total. The last type off pieces are called corners. There are eight in total and their adorable in the corner off the cube. There in the first layer and in the third layer there are pieces with three colors. The Rubik's Cube have six different type off move. So grabbing the kill Ping Any position, you will have a face it from off you If you move the face toe the right side. You're doing a front move. If you move toe the left five you're doing off wrong. Embark, Move If you move the right side up, You're doing a right move. If you move down, you're doing are writing birth Move. If you move the left side down you're doing are left. Move. If you move up, you're doing are left. Imbert, move! If you move there, sir. Layer toe the left you are doing on up. Move a few. Move toe there. Right, you're doing up embarked. Move! If you move the first layer toe right. You're doing a Don't move. If you move toe the left. You're doing a Dowling birth. Move The last type is the back move. So if you move toe the left you are doing a back move. If you move to the right, you are doing a back in birth. More. Do it In this course, we will be using algorithms unloading Issa set off. Move buffalo off toe. Take pieces. Specific pieces from one place to another one on a lorry. Them can look like this. So in the salary and every letter represent our move off the kill. So this will be my ideas. Ride up. Writing burned up. Right up, up cried Imbert. In the next videos, we will learn how to solve our Roberts killed a step by step. 3. Building the White Cross: Hi, everyone. Welcome back in this video, we will build the White Cross. Let's learn how to do it. First, we need to put the yellow center in the top and put the wide editors around it. We can find the edits in the first layer in the second layer or in the surveyor in the first layer. You can find quite edit in the down part or in front off you. If there chief in the down part, you need to find an empty flop in the top and then the O. R W After more toe, put the piece in the place. If the ed if in front off you you need to align it, we don't empty slot, and then you can do a front move to put in the second layer and now allying with the empty slot and then moved to the top. If you find the ed in the second later duking aligned with an empty slot and then you can move to the top, it is the same if you find the it in the other side, so only you need to move the other side in the soil layer. You can find the piece in Imbert position, so we will need to flip the piece toe. Do these, we will do our front move up Imbert ending are right more. Let's do one example off position. They wide Editors in the yellow faith, I will start looking for edges in the first. Later I find one looking in the down position, so I will find an empty slot and then I will do a W front off. No, I have one in the first layer and other industry later, I will do a from move toe put being in the second layer. Now I can alighting wit and two slot m position there. They last won it seen from off me in the first layer, so I will align with the empty slot and then I will do are from off. Now I will align with the empty slope and will move to the top, having the edges in the yellow face we need to inserting in the white face. To do this, we will day this eye color off the white ed of, and we will march with the center off the same color when the side call or much with the center. We will do a W front move toe inserting in the correct position after finishing therefore Ed, if we will have the White Grove completely, don't now let's do an example off building the white craft. 4. Inserting the White Corners: Hi, everyone. Welcome back. In this video we will insert the white corn Earth in their position. Let's learn how to do it. The Reuben skill has eight corners. You will find four often in the Sierra later and the other fourth in the first layer. First, I will start to look for cornered with the white collar. We need to put the corner between the centres with the orders to colores off the corner. For example, this coordinate its wide, green and red, So I will put between the red centre and the green center to insert the corner in the position. I will use some coloring off four steps. Ride up, right, Imbert up, Imbert. And as you can see, the corner is in the correct position. Let's throw the thing with another corner. Sometimes you would need toe. Repeat the Al Goring more than one time to insert the piece in the court way. Now let's see an example off inserting therefore quite corners 5. Edges 2nd Layer: Hi, everyone. Welcome back In this video we will insert the edges off the second later. Let's learn how to do it. Once we do the first later, we can find the edges off Difficult. Later in the second later or in the sir layer the position off the edge. It's will depend off their color. So the it with the color red and the color green will be between the centre with the colors . I will start to look for adducts with no Jell O Kohler in this er layer. For example, this one If thread with green, I will align the coal or in front off me Indeed. Yet with the center off the same color now, depending on the top, coal or the it will be in the left or in the right, and we will do our not good independent the case in this case, we will insert in the left side. So they are going into the next one up in birth, left in birth, up left, uh, frowned up in bird from Imbert. Now let's see, they all got him to insert in the right side up right up in bird, right in birth helping bird wrong in bird. Um, from solving the agents off the second Leijer, you can find this case where the piece is in the correct place. Put in the incorporated way. So what we need to do if toe take out a piece and insert again in the correct position? Now let's see an example off solving the for a tip off the second nature. 6. Building Yellow Cross: Hi, everyone. Welcome back In this video we will learn how to build a yellow cross. Let's learn how to do it now We only have yellow pieces in the surveyor. And the ages in the Surveyor can be in three different cases. We will apply one all going toe take from those cases Toe the Yellow Cross The although team is front. Right? Uh, right in bird are being bird throng in bird. The first case is when we don't have yellow color in the ages in the top. So we applaud the are going one timing any position. In the second case, we can find toe other thing Jello A death in the top. So we will put one in the back and the other one in the left. Then we will apply the algorithm. The last case is having to jello edges in the top about in opposite positions. In this case, we will put one in the left and the other one in their right. So we will apply the algorithm after days that cross will be done. We will all wealth apply the thing l going We only need to remember the corporate position in every case. So when we don't have any it we applied the outgoing Any position. Now, when we have two other things, we put one in the left and the other one in the back. And then we applaud the Albany. Now we have toe opposite ones. We put one in the left, other one in the right, and after days the cross will be done like in the White Cross. We need us the psychology off our yellow Cross march with the correspond center, we will align one off the center and then we will verify the position off the other three ages if there are no matching. So we will apply the next Albert ride up writing bird up, right up, up, writing birth. If, after applying the algorithm, the edges are no matching with the centers, we will apply the already making. Remember, you should apply the Al going with one ed marching with the centre and the other three no mashing with the center. You could find the case where toe opposite edges are munching with the centers in dealer toe. No. So you need to apply the outgoing one time. Now you will have to adjust in corporate, you will need toe. Take the encouraged one in our lying one off thing with the center. Then the other tweets will be no ah line and you can do the algorithm. Now let's see an example off building the Yellow Cross. 7. Inserting Yellow Corners: Hi. Everyone will come back in the Xperia. We will insert the yellow corners and will audience did. And currently toe finished killed literally hold toe. Do it first step. It's recognized the corner and putting in the recorded position to recognize the position off the corners. We will look what's cool or half the centers are on it. For example, in this case, we have bring orange and yellow, and the corners around there are yellow. Blue ing. Orange doesn't mean that this corner, if not in it's called red proficient. We need to find a corner that is already in its corporate position. First, we have fretting green, but the center thorough meat are blue and red. That's me in the corner is no in the scoring position. Here we have frightened blue but fretting ring. In this case, we have blowing orange boat greening orange and here we have green and orange. But blue and orange touch me There no corporate ones in this case. So we will apply the all getting in any position off, ride up in bird left in birth, uh, right in birth, up in birth and left after applying the algorithm from the case, you will find one off the corners in its current position. When we find accorded one, we will put it in front, off, off, in the right side. And then we will apply the algorithm. They weren't we hot in the correct position will continue being in the correct position. Then we will verify if the other trees are in the correct position. If not, we need to apply the altering one more time. Once we have the corners in their correct position, we need toe oriented and guardedly we will apply. And I'll get him to do this writing bird dung Imbert. Right. And, uh, we will repeat this altering until the pieces oriented currently. Now we will move on Lee the Sir layer to contain me doing the same for now, it doesn't matter the state off. The 1st 2 layers are defined and they will get back toe their current position after applying the soldering in all the necessary corners, the robots kill will be completely. Don't likely. Young example off in 30 in the yellow corners 8. Example Solves: I everyone will come back in the Expedia. We will do one example. So for solving the robots kill you think the matter off. We learned we'll start by putting the white end of in the yellow layer in the top off the cube thing. We'll insert every ed in their current position in the white face Now will insert every white corner in their position. In the next day, it will insert the ages in the second layer. Remember, we have to all guardian, depending in what side we are inserting yet now we will do the Yellow Cross. We identify the case and execute the album. In the last step, we identified the position off the corners and we pulled in in their correct position and audience Aidan guardedly. 9. Ending : Hi, everyone. Welcome back. In this last video, I will do an example off the class project creating the Dominican Republic. Flak, They image many conf. Lack is a white cross with red color in the corners and fruit in this one. So what I would do is insert Fred Kohler here. You in the offering to insert the white corner one year ago. Today will be one. I would do that. Okay, now here, I need a red one. So I need the corner with threat like this, and I do the ongoing okay. And finally here our world will be way. We have done the Dominican in the cloth project discretion. I put an image with differing example off flux. So try to use the different Al Green that you learned in the course toe Craig your own pluck and take a picture and show off. Congratulations for finishing the course. I hope you have fun while they improve its killed. Please feel free or living me your rib. You about the course. Also, if you will are a new course with a bouncer Met off a proto full for three by three cube Or if you will are new course about another kind of profit. I will be glad toe your baby