How to solve 2x2x2 Rubik’s Cube without a hammer | Iván Artiles | Skillshare

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How to solve 2x2x2 Rubik’s Cube without a hammer

teacher avatar Iván Artiles, Proud Geek

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (11m)
    • 1. Presentation

    • 2. Understanding the cube

    • 3. First layer

    • 4. Second layer

    • 5. Example Solves

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About This Class

From the 80s to the present the Rubik’s Cube represent a big headache to anyone that try to put all the colours in the correct order without knowing a method or a certain way to do it. This course is design to be a pill agaisnt the headache.
With these videos you will learn how to solve a 2x2x2 cube using a very intuitive and easy method 
cracking it layer by layer. There are not requiments more than the desire to learn! Having a cube is a great plus but –in the case you do not have one-- you still can use an app that simulate a cube and allow you to turn it (God bless smartphones!)... it will be tricky but you can look at this like an extra challenge!

More than the skill to impress girls/boys with your new mental superpower, you will also:

  • Stress a lot by turning a cube (cruel joke).
  • Understand basic operation of a three dimensional puzzle.
  • Improve your capacity for logical reasoning.
  • Improve your spatial intelligence.
  • Feel better and confident in your own brain skills by solving cubes!

Finally, as class project, I challenge you to solve the cube in less than 3 minutes! (“This teacher think it’s not enough suffering by putting the colours in the right place, ah?”)

Now, leave the hammer in the toolbox and let’s put your brain to work!

Happy cubing! =D


"Magic Cube", Mobile app available on iOS & Android.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Iván Artiles

Proud Geek


Hello, I'm Iván R.: Maker/Programmer, Jedi Master (teacher), Speedcuber, Chronic puzzle-seeker. Lvl25.

Define myself is pretty complicated, I love doing a lot of things and in consecuense I have many hobbies. As a teacher I like working with kids and teenagers because I get a glimpse of the future through them. I have a logical mind with a practical approach to problem solving. I love building and programming electronics. I am a Speedcuber and puzzle-seeker that love new puzzle challenges. 
These last months I am working on websites projects, here some links of my recent works (my portafolio):

Finally, I love learning about new cultures... I lik... See full profile

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1. Presentation: everyone. Welcome to this court, where we will learn photo so far toe by toe by two of its killed. My name is Yvonne in uniform Earth, Cuba, or from so many can't Republic. I have participated in working competition scenes. 2017 for the course I reduced the classic matter from the Cube made it more simple and easy to learn and execute. In case you don't have to buy a two by two Rubik's Cube don't body in the appstore or play store. You can find different apps that allow you to simulate our kids. I recommend you don't load and try a few off them. I hope you will have a lot of farm learning how to solve the killed you in the next videos . 2. Understanding the cube: Hi. Everyone will come back in this video. We will talk about the cube structure and about all guardians to solve our robots killed. In order for the Cube, we will start thinking about it to lay your parcel where the first layer is this one the one that have wide in the down part if it's the first and the 2nd 1 is the one with the yellow color in the top. During the course, we will represent every move with our letter. If it call notation and will help off toe like you apply in different algorithms. The notation is the next one are are in birth l held in bird you u M bird de the in birth, Uh, and as a member, before going to the next video, it's important to project a notation off killed because during the course, we will apply in different algorithms that required notation 3. First layer: Hi everyone. Welcome back. In this video we will learn hoe to solve the first later off a two by two by to prove it's killed. Let's learn photo. Do it. The first step is to find a pic with white color and put it in the down part. Now we will find another piece with by Koller and Orange and we will put in the right side in the second layer when we have peace in the right side of the second layer we applied annex are you are in bird looking bird. Now we have the call of Martian corporately. We will move to the next one quite with look in later and when we find it, we put it in the right type off the second layer and we apply the algorithm. We repeat the same process with the last one. Sometimes we will find this case where they were looking for is in the corner position but in a ground orientation. In this case, we will apply the algorithm a few times until the peace go toe the corporate orientation. Here we have another special case where we have only two pieces. Much corporately pull the other one are attending between them. In this case, we need to take one off pieces in the second layer, and then we will put it in the corner position. We apply the al goings as many times as necessary, and now the other one is in the second layer and we can put it in the corner position. Remember, practice makes perfect. So keep practicing the allegory and special cases and then turned out more to the next baby together. 4. Second layer: Hi, everyone Welcome back in the expedient we will learn how to solve the second layer off toe by toe by toe Crovitz killed. Let's learn ho toe the weight. The first step will be orientated All the yellow color in the top off killed We will start with the pace in front. Off off In the right side apply in the next hour Voting are in Bird D are the Imbert. We will repeat the album until the yellow color is in the top. When the Yellow Cola is in the top, we will turn the second layer, toe the left and then we will apply The are going with the next piece until the yellow is again in the top and we will continue doing this. Let's see this example when we have two pieces audience Tate and we need to orientate the other two So we put the 1st 1 in the fried tight way Apply the all going now we put the 2nd 1 in the right side in front, off both, and we apply the allegory Megan onto the yellow is in the top. After oriented the top off the cube, we were searching the side for two callers mashing Carter, Click. We will put them in the left side and we will apply the next are going All right. You are Imbert. You Imbert, our member are to you, Imbert. Art in birds. You in bird are you are in birth, F. Imbert, In the case you don't find two colors much in currently in the sides. You will apply the algorithm in any position. Then you will have to call us marching. You will put them in the left side and will repeat the already. After learning the algorithms we saw in the experience will be ready to fall our toe by toe to toe with skill by yourself. Congratulations. 5. Example Solves: Hi, everyone. Welcome back. In this last video, we will see some examples off photo source. Thank you. Remember that the first step is to find out why and see the other colors in the cases or so we will find the other with quite in order. Well, put in the side Now we will go within a bright blue and we will apply. The are going for the last one is white bread. So we will search for the peace right now and then we apply the are green in the corner profession. Now we will audience take a second later. We put the people want to order intake in the left side and apply the Calgary. Then we turn the second layer toe left the process until all the pieces are covered oriented After audience day, the second layer, we will serve for two colors marching. If we don't find anyone, we apply the algorithm in any position and then we find to be putting in the left tied up bythe