How to shoot photos using simple props and get that professional look. | Sarah Hipwell | Skillshare

How to shoot photos using simple props and get that professional look.

Sarah Hipwell, Photographer + Digital Media

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3 Lessons (13m)
    • 1. Video01 Introduction

    • 2. Video02 Shoot set up

    • 3. Video3 Photoshop Lens Blur tutorial


About This Class

Hi, my name is Sarah Hipwell and welcome to my course on getting that high end look to your photos without the high costs. In the first two videos I explain the concept and the shoot set up. The final video is an Adobe Photoshop tutorial explaining the post editing techniques I used to create this high-end look to the image.

By using simple inexpensive props, and using just one flash light. I will demonstrate how I was able to get a professional high end quality shot. I will show you how the photo below was taken not in a casino but in my living room! 






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Sarah Hipwell

Photographer + Digital Media

Sarah Hipwell is an independent professional photographer based in Dublin. She specialises in high-quality corporate, stock and portraiture photography. Her background is in Design. She received her BA in Hons Design from the University of Ulster, Belfast. She has many years commercial design experience working as a designer and as a trainer for large multimedia companies. See more of her work at

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