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How to shoot overhead physical demo by cellphone


How to shoot overhead physical demo by cellphone


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5 Lessons (11m)
    • 1. How to shoot overhead physical demo

    • 2. How to set up camera

    • 3. Script

    • 4. Tips

    • 5. Process sample

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About This Class

This class I will show you what I did physical demo.
I used cellphone mount for shooting.

1. How to set up camera
2. How to preparing script
3. Tips
4. Process sample of script

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1. How to shoot overhead physical demo: in discuss, I would show you how to shoot open. I would you introduce how I prepared script? How do you take that camera on something? You think you see skills to create your own feet? Cardinal, my name is stomach. I used to woke up in the gutting. Discuss if I am a student with a do over his feet first size but don't know how, I would assure you sort of amount and stand fit to do it. 2. How to set up camera: I'm going to use his old surgical mountain. I put the desk near the window. I have to type of state of one month. Understand why it's mounting guide and the other ages stand. You can adjust the height. Could it be that touch to the end? You can't dance that uncle said. That screen basing up. If you use a heavy bone, just standard will fall. So pleased with something heavy. It's down on the phone, but its that common article put object under the phone. Please keep pressing that green. You really say Doc sign Rightness can be changed by moving that Europa. Let's stick that H read what to my finger. You need that. You get Marquis a masking tape that's the screen again to unlock the focus. If you do not look it, that camera will try to focus, so I recommend you locate. I'm going to show you Zachary. Let's go back to the home screen. It's press setting icon Pretty to find the camera. I come Jake, You would disagree, but he's a righty. It's go back to the camera. Let's switch. Do that video game. You received that I in the Gatica on the horizon, that direction you can mopping doesn't that you can use great or months up to you 3. Script: This is what I say from Did I think about Mahdi Dio? If you can't think I look among the youth right once and recorded, you might identify some steps and the change The order here is my steps The paper on the desk for the paper dollar have rising for the paper Tello half critic up show folded to a bottle Grab a peaceful, stable tele Clear Sacha grass from bottle wipe the grass but that they bought our back on the braid. David parade rectangle grass from bottom. Grab a piece of paper on board it, huh? Wiped up front. Show the side of grass. Wipes aside, David, Parade Security A grass from bottle grab a piece of paper dollars wiped up front. He moves that they thought our from screen grab another piece of paper teller wiped aside Showy David Operate. Let's see the demo. I'm going to prepare some tape at the well I already have. And huh? No, you can like the grass. You can use it like this too. Wait, Get 30. You can use the new one. Yeah, it's a completely data script. You can write only sentences worth and picture only. Picture 4. Tips: you can press object first, start to shooting or you can start from bottom. I tried the gig. Same height. If you move it a pendant, it's hard to see. You can come to want to do it in movie. You can do it diagnosed away, too. 5. Process sample: Yeah, he's in my process sample.