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How to shoot Professional Photos without a Professional Studio

teacher avatar Ronny Hermosa, My goal is to make YOU a better designer

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (1h 6m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Why you need professional photos

    • 3. Shooting Portraits

    • 4. Shooting Products

    • 5. Editing your photos with Canva

    • 6. Using your photos creatively

    • 7. Class Project

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About This Class

YES, there is a (much!) better alternative to stock photos if you don’t have a professional studio.

NO, you don’t need to be a professional or have the highest-end phone to achieve amazing professional photos.

Do you have a regular phone camera and a Canva account?

Do you like to play?

Then YOU also can achieve outstanding pro-looking photos

In this course, we’ll be replicating a professional advertising poster, based on portrait and product photos we took at home.

Let us show you how!


This class is for everybody: a couple of features are for Canva Pro users only but we’ll give tips on how to use them even if you are a Canva Free user. ;)


A bit about us

Ronny works at Canva as the Head of Communities and has been creating courses about Canva for over 2 years now. He runs 4 Facebook groups for Canva + his own community together with Diana. All of these are, of course, about Canva and how to become a better designer with Canva.

Diana is a professional photographer and a Canva Brand Ambassador (a Canva Certified Creative). She creates online courses about different topics like Instagram marketing, photography, personal branding and Canva.


The objective of this class is to show you why creating personalized visuals is so important for you or your brand to stand out of the crowd, and to give you easy tips to get a beautiful final outcome.


We will be taking photos with 2 different phones (high-end + older one, both Android but also works with iOS) and using Canva from our computers, but you can also follow along with only your phone. 


We’ll be covering the whole process, from the preparation of a home-made photo shoot session until the processing of the material: a playful compilation of essential photography knowledge and all the practical tips you need to get started - and accomplished.

This is going to be fun!

Class Outline

  1. Ronny will start by introducing the contents of this course. 
    A 3-minute tour of the whole class, so you get an overview of everything you’ll learn: don’t miss

  2. Diana will tell you 3 reasons why you should have your own professional photos.
    Plus, she’ll give you key tips so you make the most of your photo sessions.

  3. Ronny and Diana will show you how to take portrait pictures.
    You’ll learn how to adjust basic settings (exposure, focus…) and great tips on poses and inspiration.

  4. Diana will then reveal how to take professional product photos.
    She’ll tell you all the steps to follow and will give you tricks so your product looks fantastic.

  5. Ronny will take over and teach how to edit your photos in Canva.
    He’ll show you everything you need to know to import, organize and process your material so you can take best advantage of it. 

  6. Ronny will show you how to use your photos creatively
    You’ll learn how to turn your photos into a creative piece of visual communication with Canva.

  7. Finally, Ronny will present you the class project.


That’s what we have for you in this class!

Ready to learn and play?

Suit up or put on some comfy beautiful clothes (or even keep your slippers on, like Ronny did!), call on to your flatmate if you wish or grab your favorite product, get your phone and off we go! 

Oh! and if you'd like to take some classes in Spanish, you can check out Diana's Skillshare profile:

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Ronny Hermosa

My goal is to make YOU a better designer


Hi there, 

Thanks for visiting my profile! 

I teach about Canva and everything related to visual marketing. Indeed I believe that people still judge the book by its cover and in our age of content overload, if you want to get noticed, you'd better be on point with your visuals! 

Canva is a powerful option when it comes to creating graphics and visuals because it is free & easy to use. The heart of Canva is its template library (60.000 available to date) that will help even the most inexperienced designers come up with great visuals in no time! 


Originally I'm a video producer, I'm the founder and CEO of a Nonprofit which helps purpose-driven entrepreneurs and organizations communicate better, especially about the impact ... See full profile

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1. Introduction: it's what is up, everybody, This is running from Canada and welcome to this new class about how to take and shoot professional photos without a professional studio. So first of all, let me welcome you to our living room. This is where the and and I live here in Sydney and ah, we welcome you here. This is where we shoot our courses and this is where the action is going to take place. So in this course, what are we going to learn? We are going to learn why photos are so important nowadays to build a personal brand, to create content for social media, to create content, even for your website or any touch point that you will have with your audience photos are super important. So we start with this remembering and reminding you how and why photos are so important. Then Deanna is going to take over and show you how to take one good portrait. It's with your smartphone or with whatever camera that you might have at home and second, how to take product photos so we won't be using our studio. We would do everything, just like if we didn't have a studio because that's the goal of this course to show you how to take professional photos without a professional studio or even a professional camera with your smartphone. All right, So once we'd have all this material, all these photos, I'm going to take you back to Canada and show you how you can edit these photos, how you can remove the background of these photos so you can later use all this material creatively within can va to create content toe. Did you website whatever you want. All right, so that's what's on the program for today. Uh, Deana has a bigger experience than I have in photography. She has taken tens off thousands off professional photos with our non profit and along her life. So she is there photographer to teach you about this. Me? I'm the camera guy. So combination is powerful, and that's it. If you are ready, I invite you to go to lecture one 2. Why you need professional photos: we didn't lesson. I'm going to give you three different reasons why your business needs professional photos. If you need to create visual content for your business, you need to pay attention to what I'm going to say in this lesson. Recent number one. A set of professional photos helps you stand out from the crowd. You may be asking yourself, Why do I need my pictures taken? Eve? There are already an infinite number of photos on stuck libraries that I can use Well, uh, using stock images. My sound like the best thing to do as they already looked professional. But personally, I think that it won't be the best solution for your business, as they will make your brand look generic. And in order for you to start selling, you need to stand out from the crowd and the last thing you want for your business. Ease off course to look generic or to have the same look as your competitors. Recent number two. Using your own photos helps you be remembered. One of your main goals when building a personal brand is for you to be remembered, and the easiest way to do this is by showing your face and, of course, also showing your personality in your forests. And the same thing applies for products, even if you're least all the amazing benefits off your products in a beautiful and shiny website. If you don't show the forces of your product, it will be almost impossible for people to remember your amazing product. And Leslie. The third reason is that it helps you sell. If you want to attract attention to your brand, you need to have a new, inspiring first impression through great photography. High quality photos allows your clients to have a better look at your product or services, and also it can convince your potential. Killian's that you take your work and brand really seriously. If you are bootstrapping your business, most probably you already allocated a lot of time to your logo and Web site creation, so I think it is, uh, just just important to set aside some time for your photography as well. And before finishing this lesson, I want to give you a few tips to help you get the best Ari off your for decision before the for a shoot, try researching or getting some inspiration for the kind of photos you want and maybe trying to find some process, maybe faces and locations that you like. You can save these photos on your phone so you can show later. The person that is going to take your forest also bring a different set of clothes. So all your force is, um, look the same and you have, ah, variety of photos afterwards and bring some accessories like less is a computer or off course, the product that you sell or whatever that is. Part off your Brent. Make a list of what you need. These visuals. It could be your website preferred pictures or content for your social media. Having this list will help you choose the right framing and orientation for your forests, and that's it for this lesson. Now we can move on to the next one where we are going to take our portray. It's in our living room 3. Shooting Portraits: Hello, guys. And welcome to this. Listen, In this video, we are going to learn how to take portraits in our house without the studio. So we are in our living room, and this is the space we are going to use for the shooting. So ah, for this lesson or this photo shoot, I'm going to use my phone, which is a something s then and then running. He was suggesting to also use another phone. Yeah, this is an older phone. I guess something s 10 is like, high standard form. How do you call this? The Samsung s 10 is a high end phone eyes a flagship phone from last year, but still, while this one not at all. A flagship phone. This is the Samsung s nine. What? Something gaining Pearl, The Samsung A nine pro, but for about $400. When? In 2016. So this phone today is worth close to nothing like maybe $50 if you're lucky. Uh, yeah. So we want to show you how we shoot with different phones so that it's not only the high end Samsung phone or the iPhone. Now we want ah, to be relevant to most of our students. Some of you guys may have a very nice phone. Others might have a lower and phone. So we're going to take photos with both of these phones to kind of show you the different quality, but also show you that we can achieve professional or close to professional looking photos with all kinds of different phones. So back to you. Okay, so for this lesson, we are going to take around five different poses each. So I'm going to take Ronnie's photos and running. He's going to take my photos and then, ah, these photos Ah, running. He's going to edit them and work with them in combat. So I guess we should start now. So before we get started, Deanna, I have a question like how ah, are students supposed to shoot these photos? So we talked about the smartphones, but is there a particular resolution particular format that you prefer for shooting these photos? Okay, so here I have your phone and ah, what I want you guys to check is here in the section, um, the settings section. So in this phone, it will be on the lower Ah, part on the left hand side. So it's thes settings I could ending here we see rear camera, picture size or front camera picture size. In this case because I'm going to take your photo. I'm going to be using the rear camera, right? So I'm going to open picture size, and I guess in every phone it will look different. Like this, huh? Setting menu. But for these exercise, we are going to use four by three. Ah, the top one you see here. And then I'm going to use the 16 megapixels. So we have the higher resolution for this force. So you always use the highest resolution, right? Yes. I always like to use the highest resolution because when later, when I'm going to work with these photos, I can stretch them out without losing quality. And the image will look butter rather than lower solution. Okay, Perfect. Um, any other tips you want to say about taking the photos with the phone camera? Maybe Like, how do you focus? How do you make sure you are focused on the face or a particular point of the photo? Okay. Yes. Oh, let's go back here to the camera. settings and I will try yes to find here there is a new option called grid lines. So I'm going to click here and I'm going to select three by tree. So these will help me later when I'm going to take the photo. You see here that I have agreed you can kind of see the greed there, and that will help you position your subject to work with the alignment. And ah, I always use this great ending. Also, I'm going to be focusing on the subject by like, for example, let's say that this little flower is Ronnie's eyes. Yes. So I always later when I'm going to be doing this shooting, I will be touching your face in order to make sure that your face is in focus. OK, I see here when you tapped on the screen a little bird? Yes. What does that do? So when I'm clicking on the screen Kier below you guys, I don't know if you can see. Yes, you see this little bulb and a slider? So this is just in case you want to change the lighting in the photos where you just touch the screen and then you can illuminate or, like, boost exposure off the photo by moving this'll little buff to the right hand side. Or if you see that the photo is to expose, then you can move it to the left hand side and make it darker. Okay. Sounds good. So are you ready? Yes, I guess so. Let's do it. Are you guys ready? Are you guys ready for this? For those of you, your supermodel running supermarche. So let's go assured the photos. The first thing that we do is to be in a place where we have a good source off light. So in this case, we were positioned next to a big, big window in our living room. So that's why behind my back there is a lot of light. And then as you see running, he was removing the frames in the world and he removed a big lump that we have there in order to have a nem PKI world. This is exactly what we wanted or we need it for our forests. Then in the second step, we already start taking the forest. So already running, he had some poses in his head. He already knew how to pose. And then I started shooting. So I'm touching the screen on his face and then you see the little as later down below. I start moving it. Ah, from right to left to see how it looks better just to adjust the lighting for the photo to look better while shooting. It's also important for you to bring accessories like, for example, here, run. He brought his blue glasses and he's wearing them in these for shoot. It is also very important during the shooting that you keep communicating with the photographer all the time, or your friend the person that is taking your forest. In this case, I don't know if you saw but running. He waas kind of like a styling my hair. Maybe it was looking very crazy, and he tried to make it look a little bit better in this father should. We were also trying to recreate the six human expressions that we already mentioned in a previous course. The thumb there, of course. And that's why you can see me doing the angry phase and happy phase and some other expressions here also because I didn't have all the posters in my head. I had to go back to my phone and check the photos that I took us inspiration. I had a couple of photos saved on my phone. So I was coming back to my phone, checking out the posters and then going back again to the wall for Ronnie to take my picture. So that was interesting. Yes, I think actually, it was really First. He took electric five minutes, I would say. And, uh, what do you think about the outcome? I haven't seen my photos. So what do you think? Well, I've looked at a couple of photos while I was taking them. They looked okay. But then I'm curious. Like, how are we going to be able to get rid of the background? Is gonna be easy. Is can va going to remove the entire background? Let's see. Okay, So next we are going to do the product photography, and I think it's going to be very interesting because it's gonna be a different set up and let's see how it goes. Let's see. I just realized I forgot to take out my slippers, but it's all right. Let's jump into the next lecture where we will take product photography this time 4. Shooting Products: welcome to this lesson in this video. I'm going to show you all the steps you need to take in order to take professional photos without a studio. We're going to be here in our living room and I'm going to share all the steps and the tricks and tips that I used to take my photos. So let's start now. The first thing that I do is to find inspiration for my photos. So I went to Pinteresque and Instagram for these. I was checking out all the photos that we found, and I was also trying to imagine which kind of photos I was able to recreate Here, here in my living room. I was just taking screenshots off the photos diapers very interested in recreating and save them in my phone. The second step is to grow your products for this exercise Runny, actually. Help me clean my shoes. He's an expert in that because he really loves shoes. I don't know why and my job waas to take care off thes bottle off soap. So I was cleaning it very well because I knew I was going to take four days off the details off the bottle. So I was making sure that this product was looking its best and that it was looking shiny and beautiful. And then the third step is to actually start shooting. As you can see here, I was positioned in a place in my living room where I was receiving alert of natural light . I used discussions of background because I was thinking off a simple background that come back will easily remove. And as you can see here, I was going back and forward from my camera to the photo. I was using us inspiration, and also I was using different angles by moving my shoes, moving my product or moving my phone like this. I'm sure that I have different options to choose from later on. Then I try different settings like thes chair, because I wanted to try also different backgrounds and different corners in my background. Then I put on my shoes because I wanted to have some lifestyle photos, a picture off the photo where you can see the product in action. So, in this case, somebody using the shoes and for this lesson, I made sure not to kid runs help just to show you guys that you can do it all by yourself. And then when I finished shooting the issues, I started doing the same process again for thes bottle of soap. So I went to pay interest and I was browsing through many different photos. But actually, I realized that all these images, they were very, very produced and I wanted something more simple. So I already had something in my head and I went straight to my living room to start shooting. So I used the's chair as background. I think it was, ah, good contrast with the product so I can remove the background easily afterwards in combat. After having a lot of fun with these shooting and getting all different angles from thes bottle of soap. I actually try to recreate or do something similar as the photos that I saw on Pinterest. So I went to my kitchen and try to play around with these leaves off the plant that we have looked through the living room and try to get something more aesthetic and, you know, like something similar to the pictures that I saw on Pinterest and actually I really like the outcome. What do you think about this? And now that we have our beautiful product for this, let's go to the next lesson where Ronnie is going to teach us how to edit this. Four does in cover. 5. Editing your photos with Canva: All right, guys, welcome back to canvass. Welcome back to the class in this lecture. I'm going to show you how to organize and how to process all this material. All these photos we took with Deanna in our living room. We want to prepare them so that we are able to design with them in the next lecture. Okay, so this lecture will focus on importing all this material into Canada. Then we are going to be processing this material. That means color correcting, adjusting the brightness of the photos, maybe renaming them and, most importantly, getting rid of that background with one click. You will see it super easy, but there's a catch to it. And the catch is that, uh, this feature that I'm going to use in Canada, which is called background remover, is a kind of a pro feature. So that means if you have the free version of Canada, you won't have access to this feature. So for those of you who are already can pro users, that's perfect. You have this feature. It's in your can vied cold background remover. But if you don't have a can of a pro, if you're can be free user, you have two options. The first option is to use a 30 day trial for Canada Pro. It's a free trials and the second option would be to use a website called removed DOT BG. So remove the BG is a background remover which we actually integrated into Canada pro so that the cat, the feature that is ah, here, available on this website is integrated into canvass pro. But the only difference is that if you remove your background with this website, which is going to be free but there is a catch as well is that you won't be able to download your photo in high resolution. If you want to download the photo in full resolution, you will have to pay per photo and we are going to start importing our material from yesterday. Right? So how do we do this? Well, a couple of options you can start from a document, OK, so you could create a presentation and then from here, simply drag your photos via the export. So if you go toe uploads, you can just do upload image or video. And me, I have all this stuff here on my desktop. So let me show you. I have a photo products and I have photos portrait. So you can just do this and start importing your photos like this. So that's one way. The result of this is that all your photos are going to be uploading here, and you will have everything here. Now, the other way of doing this. Let me go back to the home page. If you do have can va pro, you have the opportunity to create folders like a multitude off different folders. So if you click on folders right here, you can create a new folder because I have kind of a pro. I want to show you like the best you can get. So I'm going to be using this feature. Create a new folder. I'm going to name this, uh, portrait. It's runny because these are my portrait. So Okay. Portrait's runny create folder. Okay. It created a new folder. Can change the name if I want, and then I can upload. So I'm going to just simply select the photos my portrait right here and open. And now the photos are going to start uploading into Canada. You see, so the photos of the NFL toes of runny. And I also renamed these photos based on the phone I was using to take them. So, you see, some of them are called a nine pro. Some of them are called s 10. So depending on which phone we use because I want to show you the different quality in terms of phone and in terms of yes, how it turned out, All right, So all my photos are now on. My portrait's are now uploaded so you can see all of them here. I have to fi 467 I have 21 photos here in my portrait. So there's a couple of things you can do. You see these three little dot menu you can click here, can move to another folder, download the original removed from folder or trash. Okay, So what I could already do is to select, like, make a first selection of what I want to keep. What I don't want to keep. I think that's a good way to work. For example, this one you see those to a pretty similar. So I'm going to trash this one. These two also are pretty similar. I'm going to keep this one. Get rid of this one. These are pretty good. I want to keep this. This is also good. This is good. This or so good. This one maybe. Not so much. So. I'm gonna trash this one. This one is good. This one is good. This one also, all this is good. This is not so great. I'm gonna get rid of that. I will keep it for now. So all of this is pretty good. So I'm just going to trash. Okay. These three, the leads. Okay, this is pretty good. Okay? I can rename them as well, if I want by clicking here. In my case, Not really necessary. All right. So I'm going to do the same for the product photos that we took yesterday. So for this, I'm going to go back to my folders. Okay. Now you can see my my photo folder should be somewhere. Here. Let me find it. Portrait Runny. 18 items. So this one right here, I'm going to create a new folder and called this, um, product photos. Okay, create folder. And similarly, I'm going toe upload my photos. Little trick right here. if you like. Don't want to upload that many photos because can, but does have a limit in terms off storage. Of course, the limit is bigger if you have can a pro. I'm not exactly sure of the numbers, so I don't want to say anything stupid. But what I do know is that the free users have lesser you storage, then Canada pro users. So what you can do instead of uploading all of your photos, is to do the selection beforehand. And then you only upload the selected photos. But in my case, I have plenty of storage. So I'm happy to just have everything into Canada. Okay. I believe all my photos of the products have been uploaded. Okay, so I have more than the portrait's right here on. I have two different products. I have the shoes and I have the soap. Okay, So what I'm going to do is to try to delete the similar photos that I don't think I'm gonna be using all of them. But here I can see already. This one I will keep. I will get rid of these. This one is well, this one is pretty good. Maybe this one to not so sure. So we'll keep in case, uh, we'll get rid of this one. Just trying to get rid of the similar ones. And if you're not sure, just keep them right. These two are very good. Actually, these three are very good. What about the soap? This is good. Okay, so I'm going to delete these, Kate. All right, So I have a good selection for both my product photos and my portrait There are organizing two folders. So let me go back to my folders and show you both of them. I have the portrait, and the products should be here to 25 products. 18 portrait. Very good. So now we are organized. We can start designing guys. So for this, I'm going to go back to the Canada home page, and I'm going to be using a presentation document. Okay. So I can go back to my document here. My presentation. It's a blank document. So what I'm going to do is that I'm going to go into my four other tab right here. So that is if I have a can of a pro account. If you don't just go to your uploads, okay? And all your photo that you have uploaded, we'd show here. So that's the only difference. But then me because I organized all these into folders. I'm gonna go to my folders tab and find my photos. Okay, so I will start with the portrait, So I'm going to click on Portrait's and all my photos will be here. Right? So same options I still have. I can move them to a folder down or the original removed from Ford or trash them. Okay, so I'm going to start with Deanna's photos. Okay, so I'm going to import the 1st 1 Gonna make this slightly bigger, Alright. And just to show you how this we work, I'm going to click under four to go to my effect button and use the background remover again. This is a pro feature. If you don't have a can of a pro two options to you, you can use a 30 day free trial or you can use the website called removed BG. So those are the two options. If you do have the pro, then you should have this option. If you click on the photo click and effect and use the background remover. So let's do this and see what happens. Alright, guys. So you see that background remover did its magic. And look at this beauty. I'm going to change the background here of my documents to a nice photo to a nice color. Sorry. Let's, uh let's use something softer, slightly softer. I like the pink. But I wanted to be light or something like this and you can see that it really got rid of my background in a nice way. And I can scale that photo a little bit more. So now we have a high quality photo without the background, which is super cool and what I can do. I can start working on this photo. I can start adjusting its limit luminosity. I can start tweaking the colors. If I want to do this, just click on it. Go to your and just button and you can adjust the luminosity. The brightness of it can play with the contrast you can use saturation. You see, you can de saturate do like a grayscale photo if you go all the way to the left. Like to the zeros to the minus. Actually, zero is in the middle or you can saturate, but I wouldn't recommend doing this. Um, you can play with the tent Seymour to towards like the Perper or the yellows It's up to. You can blur the photo off. You can blur or super sharp in the photo can make Jenna look older. Are you getting better? Okay, and then you can add a vignettes. But I wouldn't do that, given that you have removed the background. So that's how you process your photos and when you are happy about them, can just go to the next page. All right, so here I'm going to get rid of the background, go back to my white background, but that is basically how to process your photos. So let's work with another photo. Okay, back to my portrait, another one of Deanna's. Let's see this one. Let's compare them first. So I have this one, and I have this one. Which one is looking the best? Maybe I can zoom in a little bit to see that you have to go and see on your photos. What is best like the pointing, she looking at the camera. Is she completely focused? You both look pretty good, actually. So just going to choose one. Going to choose this one and delete this one. Okay, So same process, guys. Select your photo. Click on effect removed background background remover. All right, guys, second photo. And look at this. So can I can stretch because the quality off this photo waas or already very good, because it was taken in the highest resolution with the phone. Um, and you can see that it's really sharp. Like I can zoom in on this photo and you will see that the photo remains sharp. The background remover is perfect. Let me add once again the background, the color background so you can see it to use. Oh, no. I got rid of the pink. Uh, it's all right. I can, I can add can create another pink. Just note for myself. No to myself. I need to keep the pink. All right. So let me do what I wanted to do first. Like zoom in and you will see the contour off the fingers, the hand, and everything is perfect. Even the hair look at the hair and the precision in the hair. It's really nice for a one click background remover so really worth it. Gonna click back on fit. Okay, so I have my second photo. You see how this is starting to look? Very good. All right, so let me insert another face like, for example, the angry face again with the photos selected Effect button background remover. All right, it's done. I can stretch a little bit, and I can do different things also with this photo. Like, let me show you a bit more options. Okay, so we have this one. And if you remember correctly, we have done some slight adjustment. Like you see, a little bit more brightness, more of contrast. So basically these two things, and then I can have a filter code like a camera generates a filter code for me so I can copy that code, and I can apply the code to my other photos right here. See, for example, here what I can do. I can also I click on Janice photo, for example, the 1st 1 I'm going to use the copy style button and copy that style to the other photo again. I copy that style right here, applied to this photo and you see how the properties, the adjustment that I've seen that I've been making on the first picture now apply to the second picture. So let's continue our journey here off creating the photos of Deanna have Let's do one more . Let's do this one. Like the surprise face. Okay, Same thing. Select my photo background remover. Perfect. Now I'm going to go get this photo, copy the style and applied here. Done. Perfect. And I can resize that as I wish. And we have another photo that looks pretty good, are right. Can put it here and save that for later. Okay, so we have Dennis photos. Let's do one or two of mine going to change that for a brew background. Okay, so let's go for boys and girls. Color is okay. Let me. All right. This looks good. Let's see what I have. Like I kind of like this one that we see. Yeah, this is okay. Let me see if I have something more interesting. I like this one. Yeah, this one is a definitely a keeper, this one also. So let's do both of them, so I will apply the background remover. OK? It worked perfectly you see no problem whatsoever. So I'm going to do the same with this one. Perfect as well. So now let me show you a couple of more things you can do with your photos. But first, I need to kind of color. Correct these photos as well. I'm not going to apply the same effects, same corrections as on Dennis photos. Because maybe the light was likely different or, you know, like it could be something different in the settings of the camera or delight at this very moment. So I'm going to go one by one. But I can assume that over these photos will have the same color corrections. Okay, Nurse, today is one thing we didn't pay attention to, but it's the phone. So this one has been taken with the S 10. This one, it's been taken with a nine. So perfect. So we have s 10 and a nine. I'm going to create two text boxes to kind of show you the difference. So this is S 10 s 10 and this one will be the A nine. And I'm pro, actually. So a nine pro. I want to see the difference in the resolution of these photos. You see, S So if I zoom in to 300 let's try to look at the detail. Yes, this one is less less sharp. I would say You see my eyes, you see my face and you see here the quality Let's look at the hands. So that's the A S. 10 the Samsung s 10 Quite sharp. And here is less shop. You see my name? Not as sharp eso, Definitely The quality of your phone will influence the final outcome. But this there's no surprise about this. I mean, that's pretty normal. All right, so now we are going to try to actually edit this photo a little bit because this one shot with my and I am pro that all the phone is not as sharp. So can we sharpen this? I'm going to go to my effects with the photos selected. Not effects, actually, to adjust and use the blur function right here, I'm going to slightly move towards negative like minus 15. Maybe I want to zoom in to kind of show you. So you see, I can really go like that way too much. Of course. So if I'm not zero, like the normal photo would be like this. But I feel if I go, maybe, let's say minus five. You already see an improvement. Let me do it. Doesn't do that again. So thats zero and that's minus five. If I go minus 10 even Sharper's I could live with minus 10 out of meat. Zoom back. This already improved the quality of the photo. It sharpens the photos, So that's a little trick I wanted to show you. Another trick is to play with your brightness. Slightly contrast always makes the photo better. All right, so I'm going to do the same here. And just the brightness at just the contrast. Yep. This looks good. Okay, so I have these two photos now. They look very good. They look on point on, I can do a couple of more things. For example, if I click on this one, I can flip. The photo can flip it horizontally, you see? So that's always good. So I'm gonna keep it like this. I'm going to do a couple more photos of myself, and then we'll move to the products. All right. You see, the three photos have been processed perfectly. What I can do now is just copy the style off these corrections and simply applied to my other photos That might be a little bit too bright. So I can still adjust the brightness slightly down. Something like that. So we have some control over these photos is pretty nice one. The last thing I want to show you with the portrait's before we move on to the products is special effects. So once we have gotten rid of the background, we can apply mawr effects. So if you go to effects one of the effects I like to use the duo tone. Okay, So I can use do atones here of or sorts off color. So I like to play around with this. You see, you can use that you can adjust it. You can change the colors from this blue To this Perper. You can really do a bunch of different things here, and these effects are really fun to play around with. So just select your photo, go to effects and try different things. Like we have so many effects here. Maybe you'll have to don't know the effects first. It is the first time you use it, but it's It's always super cool to play around with this. For example, I have this one, and then I can try another effect here. Like another color effects. Let's see what we have. We have the liquefy effects. I like the slice effects. So see this one? It's not yet in stores, so I can just simply click on it. And I have a slice effect can go with this one. I could go with this one. You see different styles, different effects that you can apply to your photos. So this is pretty cool. All right. I think we did a good job with the portrait. I'm going to save this document, and I'm going to open a new one. Okay, create a new presentation. I'm going to save this one and say this is our portrait. Okay, So poor treads work. And then now we have a new document here. Still with the folders. I'm going to open my product photos here now, and I'm going to do the same. So I'm going to speed up a good part of the process because I think you've seen now by now , like how to do this going to import a couple of photos that I want to retouch that I want to work with. Then I would applied to remove background. All right, so you see that Canada did a pretty good job detouring all of these images, so that's pretty good. I can start working on my adjustments. So adding a little bit of brightness contrast, Maybe not too much of contrast saturation. Maybe I can make these pink pop a little bit more, actually, not too much. Maybe every 55 would be nice. And then a little bit of here, You see, the shadow of the first shoe on the laces here makes them a little bit dark. But, I mean, for working without any light. This was only natural light. I can see that the result is pretty good. So I'm going to copy the style of this one based it on this one. Yep. Not bad. Okay, so we have some lifestyle shot here. We have this that I feel like we could use like this. And we have the shot where Jenna has her feet like this. So let's see if we can detour these as well. Get rid of the background. Yep. This pretty amazing job, I would say so. Let's try the last one. All right. Perfect. So I can see here. Both of my pictures have been correctly processed by canvas. So for me, this whole thing is a big success. I can apply my color corrections easily like this. So now I really have on I could do the same with soap, but I think you got the point. We have, like, we have our our images. All right, so I can hear I can use something different. For example, I can let me show you could use a photo, a za background. So I'm going to find Skatepark Skates Park. Or we could use something else like Mt. ST. Like this, for example. And I would push this to the back. Let me duplicate this and bring this one here. All right. This is probably not the best background, but let's see, like, a shoe store. Why not shoe store it? This one. Let's see if I can fit this. It's not really relevant here, but I just want to show you other possibilities, right? Yeah. Anyways, I'm gonna get rid of this. This is not like the best photo. But you see, you understand my point. You can now really work with these and find the composition. That would be the next lecture. So that's it for me. I will see you in the next lecture, and we are going to create with these visuals. It's 6. Using your photos creatively: the guys running here. Welcome back to the class. So in this lecture, we are going to use some of the photos we've taken earlier in this class and turned that into a creative piece off communication visual communication in canvas. So I had the dilemma. Should I work with the product? Should I work with the portrait? And because we have had other courses about, you know, like using facial expressions and some of your photo to create some natives, For example, in the previous course, I decided to work with the product this time. So I'm going to be working with the Nike, A product that we shot earlier in this course, and I'm going to turn that into a poster to promote these new shoes. All right, so I'm going to show you the final results. This is what we are going to recreate in this lesson. And this is inspired by a Nike poster that I found. So look at this. I found this on Google, so I was just searching for some Nike posters. I found this one and I wanted to try reproducing this Nike poster with this shoe that we shot earlier. So that's what we are going to do. This is what's on the menu for this lecture. So if you're ready, let's go. I'm going to start from scratch. So I'm going to go back to the camp a home page and start with a poster. Okay, so there is a document type, which is called poster he for me. It's the 1st 1 here because I have done the exercise of creating that poster before, but for you it might not be here. So if you don't see it, just type in poster and you start with a blank poster. There we go. So the first thing we need is to add, They say, Let's just add whatever color background for now. So let's just use a plane pink background and I'm going to go back to my photos. So if you remember correctly, I uploaded my photos in a folder right here, and I have my product photos. So I'm going to select one of the photos that I like. Yep, let's use this one. So I have this one and I have this one. Both are pretty good. So it's just a question of which one do you want doesn't really matter. In this case, I'm going to use this one. Okay, so I have my photo. I'm going to remove the background by having the photo selected. Click on effects removed. Background remover. Okay. So background remover did its thing. What I'm going to do is to reduce this, you see, is kind of like I'm cropping the image, but there's nothing in it. So I'm just going to make this a little bit smaller, so it's easier for me to manipulate this image. I'm happy with this. Going to make this bigger about this size, and I'm going to flip this image horizontally like this Pretty good. Now I'm going to slightly rotate this like this. All right, So I'm gonna keep this centered The middle of my document and what I can do is to play a little bit with the adjustments. Okay? I'm gonna add more brightness, slightly more brightness, a little bit of contrasts in a little touch of saturation. Not too much. All right. The next thing I'm going to do is to bring my poster, my original Nike Post to my inspiration. Okay, so for this, I'm going to import it right now, the images on my desktop so just simply a proven image from my desktop, and this is my image. Okay, So I wanted here, and I want to be able to see this because this is my inspiration guy. So I'm not pretending I created the design. What? I am creating the design with Canada, but I'm taking this inspiration from this actual advertisement for no, I keep So, um, this is the inspiration. I just want to have that so that I can reproduce and analyze what's in there. So first thing I see is a big fat Nike fund here. Do I have a found like this in Canada? Well, not sure. So I'm going to start by creating a text books by hitting my tee key on my keyboard. All right, so this, uh and I'm going to be using something similar. This one says mawr Air. But this this particular model of the Nike Air Max is kind of fresh, You know, this pink color, it's fresh, so I want to use the words fresh air. Okay, so I'm going to type in fresh on. What I need is to find a fund that resembles the Nike fund right here. So because I don't know what front that is, I can simply type in here Nike, funt and see what comes up. Okay, so what fund is used for the Nike logo? Nike funds. Okay, so here there's a Funt says the closest Nike fund seems to be Futura Bold condensed public . Okay, so this font, it's probably not a free fund because Nike wouldn't use a free font. But the closest one, according to this source, is future. A bold contents. So do I have this future of font in Can valets find out? So let's see if we have this future of fund in here, I'm going to type in future Futuro out on, see what comes up. I do have a future lt Bold. Let's try this and see if it's close enough. I'm gonna make this really big, like 120 even more so let's compare this to the original font here on my model on my inspiration for tourists. Make it white. And to really compare them, I'm going to bring that here. Okay, so we can see that this one is not as stretched out. Okay, so something is missing is not exactly the right fond. I think I can do better than this, but unfortunately, it's not in Canada. So if you guys are using the pro version of Canada, what you can do is upload funds. You can approach up to 100 different fonts, like custom funds. So that's what I'm going to do right now. I would like to download this can va font. Okay, so that's the fun that I found. This fund looks much closer to what I am trying to reproduce. So there is a button here to download this front right here. So I'm going to go ahead and do this. Okay, so I've done noted my fund. It's now on my desktop. So what I can do is to go back to Canada. And if I go to the home page of Canada, Okay, so here you can use the brand kit. The brand kit is where you can upload your color palettes and your brand fonts. Okay. And your logos as well. So here you can see already have a series of fonts uploaded, and I can upload a new fund by clicking on this button right here. So you see this future? A condoms Bold font is here on my desktop, so I'm going toe open that select this piece confirmed the following by uploading my own custom fund. I acknowledged that I own the fund. Deborah Block. Yes. So the front is uploading into my brand kids and it should be appearing here, you see? Is here for your accountants. Extra bolt. Perfect. Now I can go back to Canada going to save this and refresh to make sure the new font has been added to my fund collection. So let's see. Click on the fund case right here. Fund bucks. And I'm going to surge my appropriate funds to see if it's here. Future accountants. Extra bold. Yes, it's here, so I can use this. Oh, and look at this. Now we have something that is more stretched out, and I can bring this here to see Yes, it looks much closer. The only thing that I see that this font has less basing between the letters. So I'm gonna go ahead and try to reproduce this spacing. You see, my letter spacing is at zero. Maybe if I do minus 50 I have something much more close. I would say to the original Nike fund here, So I'm really happy with this. I'm gonna be using this in my design in terms of size. Yeah, it's about right, given that this is not four scream. So what I can do is to do to make this poster kind of full screen to see. Okay, let's let's say that is for screen to see the size off my front if I'm about right. Yeah, I guess I can stretch this a little bit more to this size. Okay, Now I have this. I can position this where I wanted on my poster and make sure it is centered so up it is centered. Perfect. So I have my first part of my text here, and the 2nd 1 is air off course or fresh air. So I'm going to duplicate this very simply by holding my, um, my option. But, er no, my I guess on a PC is out. Button here on the Mac is option. Okay, so about this and this word is air groups, but needs to be poor caps. Okay, fresh air. All right, Now, because I have this shoe right here. That is, without a background. I can position this forward. So it's in front of the word air. So fresh air. Kind of like this. Like the way this looks. No. Let's see what else is missing. I need to have this shadow on my shoe right here. So how do we create a shadow? OK, so I'm going to show you a technique. I'm going to duplicate this, okay, by clicking the duplicate button, duplicated the shoe. Not going to change anything else right now. Just duplicating the shoe. Then I'm gonna go with the shoe selected, use my effects, and I'm gonna look for the duo tone effect. OK, do a tone right here. Can select any of these. Doesn't really matter. What's important is then I click on you see these little setting icon? I click on that and I'm gonna make all this black. Both of them need to be black. So now I have kind of like the same shoe, but all black, click on apply. Right. So now I have this. The next thing I'm going to do is to select this and go to adjust and add some blurriness to this ad Sembler, but like this and reduce the transparency to something decent that I like. Okay, now I have this, and I will treat the transparency after that. But what I'm going to do is to play around with this shadow and push it back behind the shoot. Kind of like this. All right, So you see, now I have this shadow. It's it's looking pretty good, actually. So it's here for now, can reduce its size a little bit. And I can really play around with its orientation distance from the shoe, but this looks pretty cool to me. So what I can do is to group these two things. Okay, so the shoe and the shadow, you can turn it around, give my shoe kind of the orientation I like, but the shadow should be pretty much straight on the ground. All right, so this is looking pretty good, guys. All I need to do now is to have the name of the mother of the shoe. The Nike logo are right. So let's do this. This shoe is cold. Lets me see. I'm not sure exactly how it's called, so I'm going to research it. Air Max one pink. Yep. That's what it is. Air Max. One pink. So that's not the official name. That's just a description. So it is this you right here? And these are cold. Nike Air Max one. Okay, I need the name, please. They're Max one sidekick Pink. That's the name off the shoe. All right, so I'm gonna copy this. I'm gonna copy this name. Um, copy in back to Canada. All right, so I'm back toe into Canada here. I'm going to add a text books. Okay, So this is Futura. It doesn't matter from now. I'm going to paste my text, so Ah, these are the Nike Air Max. One side psychic pig pink. And, of course, I need to adjust this Funt No one this front. I want the Nike fund, and I want all of this to be, uh, upper case. Okay, this is looking good. Say 50 and I'm going to send to that on my design. So this looks good going to place it about here. And of course, I'm going to give this a white color direct fresh air. I have the Nike mother name here. Nike Air max, one side psychic, pink Andi. I think the last thing is the logo here, and then we will have to work on that background. You see, this has, like, a Grady into great radio background, so I'm going to try to reproduce something similar. But first, let's find our Nike logo. Okay, so I'm going to search for a Nike air logo. Okay, so this is what I want. I want it in PNG. So going to search for this in PNG? Transparent? Yes. This is about right. So I'm going to download this and imported into Canada. All right, so let me do this quickly. I So I uploaded my Nike air logo here into Canada. I couldn't find it in white, so it's black. So now, but I'm going to show you a trick so that you can change the color off this local. But first, let's work on placement in size. Okay. About this size, I'm going to send to that. Let's see, actually, there's more space on the original photo. So how do you make this local white? I cannot change the color. You see, I selected There's no color option coming. Well, we're going to use the same trick I'm going to click on that, give it an effect, go to my Dua tones and do the same thing. I'm going to use any, do a tone, okay, and play with the settings. But this time gonna make this white. Both of them need to be white, all right? And I'm going to apply this effect. And there we go. We have his white Nike air logo. All right, this is taking shape, guys. The last thing I need is to add a more interesting background to this poster because this is a plane. Think it's OK, but I want this to be a little bit more sophisticated, so I'm going to add another background. Okay. So, for the first thing I need to do is to use my elements here, and I'm adding a grid. Okay, I'm adding this great so I can drop my background inside of it and then play around with it , have more control over it. Next, I'm going to go to my photos and I'm going to search for a pinks Grady int not a pink radio Grady int. Let's see if Canada has something to give me here toe work with so we have a couple of ingredients. I think the first when I saw this one could work. You see, there's some kind of a girl radio Grady in from here, so let's see. I'm going to take this and drop it in my grade right here. So this looks pretty good already, but I have a couple of options to work with, so I'm going to reduce the size to its minimum 10. Double click here and see if I can really use this Grady in here that I'm seeing. Yeah, it's here, you see. So by making it bigger, I can actually may be used his Grady INTs in a different way. Let me go back to for screen. So that's not bad that I'm kind of losing a little bit of the intensity of the Grady in, so I'm going to go back and reverse that. So I'm just double clicking on that radiant because I liked to have the color. Let me see. Now I have to go back and forth between the zoom. Okay, this looks pretty good. I like the way this looks. So we have reproduced something pretty similar. It's rather professional. I would say I'm pretty happy with this. Maybe what I can do is to play around slightly more with the colors of the shoot by giving it a little bit more pop. And I can do this with the Yes, I can do this with, really, like boosting the brightness and contrast. So it pops mawr on my design. All right, so I don't know what you think, guys, but I'm pretty up happy about this Nike shoe right here. Poster. It looks very close to an original Nike posters, so that's what I wanted to show you today. What's important here is that we have been working 100% with stuff from Camba. I've showed you different techniques that getting rid of the background of your own photo taken with a smartphone. There's no product photography here. Going on is just Deanna taking a photo of her own shoes that I cleaned before. So I am partly responsible for the beauty of this poster because I clean that shoot, Um, so you make sure you have a clean product. Take a good photo with the best lighting you can do if you have lights. By all means use the lights. But if you don't, it's OK because, you see, you can still achieve a professional result. And she has been wearing these shoes for a couple of weeks already, so they're not brand new. So, uh, use your photos, get rid of the background with the background remover, and then just compose based on a source of inspiration. In my case, it was this poster and yep, that's it. I hope you enjoy this lecture. I hope you will be able to reproduce whatever you're trying to sell, create some beautiful visuals like this one, and that's it for me. I will see you in the next lecture for the final project off this class. Thank you for watching. 7. Class Project: Congratulations, guys. You made it to the last lecture of this class in this last lecture. I'm going to present the class project as usual. So for this class, the project is off course. We would like you to apply everything we've learned. So we would like you to take your set of photos. Either product a portrait. Take your Siris of photos, process them with Canada, and then use them to create something with canvas. So the project is that we would like you to create a post. Could be any kind of format doc type, but created pose with Canada and use the photos you have taken right, so create that could be an advertisement. Could be thumbnail for one of your videos. Could be a social media post. You're free to do whatever you like. Whatever is useful for you. But upload that in the project section of this class, and that's it then and I will be reviewing them. Eso please do the project. I think it's the best way to connect with us, but also connect with the community and really put your knowledge and the theory that you have processed by watching this course into practice. And so you crystallize that knowledge and you never forget about it. So we encourage you to do the class project. Or so if you have time, leave us a review for this class. We would appreciate it. And that's it for us. I think we've said it all. We would see you in the next class. Look.