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How to share your passion: creating & working with blog, Facebook and Instagram

teacher avatar Lucia Gasparovicova, fashion photographer & traveler

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (10m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Website / Blog

    • 3. Facebook

    • 4. Instagram

    • 5. Final Tips

    • 6. Bonus : Posting Times

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About This Class

In this class I will show you the essentials needed to share your passion with the world via personal website, Facebook and Instagram. I will touch on how to simply make it, gain followers & get yourself out there.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Lucia Gasparovicova

fashion photographer & traveler


A fashion photographer, a traveler, a person always wanting to learn something new and share that with the world!

I have been in fashion photography for 3 years and mastered my skills in photography, lights, retouch and posing. That is what I will be sharing with you from this field. // fb @LuciaGasparovicovaPhotography @LGweddingandfamily

I also always wanted to travel, but I didnt have the courage. I overcome that "fear" and in past few years, I visited a lot of places in Europe, mostly with a small budget (as a student) and with a great passion for planning. That is what I will be sharing with you from this field. // fb @lucyonthewayyy

Also, as a permanent learner I am trying to do everything by myself and I am a bit into Online Marketing and other stuff that I w... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hello and welcome to the class. How to share your oppression, creating and working with block, Facebook and Instagram. In this class, I will show you how to start their own free block, how to start a Facebook page and gain followers and how to start a new INSTAGRAM account in gain followers using great Hey steaks and images scriptures. It is a fast and simple guide without getting overwhelmed with a lot of information from the Internet. So click the enroll button and let's get started. 2. Website / Blog: first we'll talk about block and website. The question is why to have a website when Now there are many people getting followed with just instagram or other social media. So the importance off the website is to have kind off home brace for your other social media, where people can go when they're seeking more informations about what you do. You can use it to show your portfolio where there are just pictures or illustrations and some basic information about you and what you do. Or you can use it as a platform for giving information. For example, traveler sharing their experience or the why many currents showing step by step, how they made something and it's a draw. Now let's talk about how to make the website. There are many ways how to make a website, but now I'm going to speak just about how to make a free and simple website. There are many through websites that allows you to make your own websites such as we believe that come blogger dot com or present come or tumbler that come for my website and use Weebly. It is really simple. You just sign up through the theme and playing around with it. Ah, you are text and picture just by dragging and dropping. And that's really cool now, is he? Oh, I'm not an expert, but basically is a O is how your website will rank in Google. That means you have to do some things on your website to make it more visible. Here are some key things you should do on every page you at. Put down key words and descriptions on weebly. Click pages click on the page and then advanced there. You can change title description and keywords off this field should have keywords incorporated. For example. Keyword should be Travel Blogger Europe Description Travel Blogger Traveling across the Euro, visiting most popular sites and blogging about them. Title. Lucia, the European Travel Blogger. 3. Facebook: creating Facebook page is really easy. Go to news feet and on the life there are categories favorites, Bages, groups, friends Ah, in the pages. The last one is Ah, blasts create page. Go there and Facebook will navigate you through the whole protests A little deep, like your page First, if you don't do it, other people will think that even you don't like your page getting followers for your Facebook page. First, share your Facebook page on your personal profile, then invite friends to like it and ask your friends to share it to next. Add yourself to the Facebook groups in your field and post a picture with opposed and linked to your page for others to visit. Posting on the Facebook page, Facebook decides what people see in their news feeds and what they don't to run higher. And for more people to see your post, you need to do some things so images and videos rung higher. So the main thing you have to add his picture or video with that you have to write some call to action and paste. A link to your page call to action is something that calls to the actions. So something like, Ah, go like my page o r. I posted something interesting for you or something like that. Every Facebook page has its statistics, and you can find the best times to pose there. But at the beginning, I think it is empty. So you have to try to find your time. So for the first few weeks, you shoot opposed in different times a day, and then the statistics will show you but off in the beginning, I think about four or five PM should be the best time to post and you will see yourself if it does work or doesn't. 4. Instagram: on the Instagram. You can use your profile or create a new one. I think the new one is better because you should both just pictures in the field of your patient and not random pictures off. I don't know your dog or something you ate or something because people who like your field I don't have to like what you like in other staff. Like maybe they are not a dog person and they don't enjoy the post about animals and so on . You should put a link to your personal website in your personal description with some call to action. When you create a new account, you should add at least six pictures of for new followers to look at, because if you don't they won't know nothing about you. Just the description. And it's not enough for people to follow other people. Let's get to posting on Instagram first. You have to choose your image carefully because bluish hues get more likes. And don't overdo your images with filters. Don't use filters on their strongest, uh, sided. Be down to make it more natural, and you should write a cheerful caption. No negativity and used to shoot at, ah, call to action. It's always and use hashtags relevant for your oppression. For example, if your travel blogger ah use ah hey, stick travel instead travel or something in that category for based recognition. 5. Final Tips: So we are nearly done. And here are some final tips these tapes are for oh, media. I talked about eso. Let's start. Try to be as positive as you can, because negativity doesn't ah, bring that much Followers on DA People want to feel happy when they're scoring through the Instagram or Facebook, and they don't want to be said. Try to always add visuals because adding pictures and videos to the post will make it rank higher. And it is more captive to people because there is an image they can look at, and if they like it, they will read the caption. And that is what you want. Last thing, consistency. It is important because if you are consistent, people will be waiting for the posts and will be more active. So I hope you enjoyed my first class. You can tell that I was really nervous doing it, but I really enjoyed it, and I hope to not be that nervous in my next class. Please post screenshots of your pages and links to them for me and others to see in the project section. And I'm looking forward, seeing your patient coming through 6. Bonus : Posting Times: it can be really challenging, being consistent at the beginning because often we don't know which content will work when it is the best time to posed. And many other things I found it based opposed at least four times a day for the first week , and then after that I analyze it, and then, uh, I know which content work. For example, I tried 8 a.m. two PM five PM, eight PM and 10 PM and found out that for the for my Instagram works five PM every day and 10 PM on Mondays and Tuesdays for my Facebook, on the other hand, works time between three and 6 p.m. Uh, Every day during the weekdays. Posting on the website works a little differently. For example, if you posed on book and not tell anybody about it on social media, you won't get that much traffic. But when you post about it on Facebook and instagram, the traffic girl start to move and you will get far more following. That means when you posed on your website on Monday and no tell about it to anybody until Tuesday on social media and on Tuesday, make opposed on Instagram and Facebook. Everybody will see eat on Tuesday, northern Monday,