How to setup a Business Gmail (G Suite) Account | Mark Johnson | Skillshare

How to setup a Business Gmail (G Suite) Account

Mark Johnson, Life’s better when we’re learning

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10 Lessons (27m)
    • 1. Gmail for Business Class Intro

    • 2. Why use the Google Domains service?

    • 3. How to find and purchase a domain name using Google Domains

    • 4. What is a Google Account?

    • 5. How to set up your Gmail (G Suite) Trial

    • 6. How to login to your new Gmail (G Suite) account

    • 7. G Suite Admin Console Walkthrough Part 1 first login and Company profile setup

    • 8. G Suite Admin Console Walkthrough Part 2 Setting up Users and Groups

    • 9. G Suite Admin Console Part 3 Remaining Admin settings

    • 10. Outro


About This Class

The class will show you how to setup a Google G Suite (Gmail) account that has your own business domain name! I've also included some information below explaining the differences and perks of using Google Domains.

Resources needed

  1. Google Account (Free)
  2. $12 to purchase a Google Domain and $5 a month for G Suite Basic (30 Day free Trial included)

Additional Info about Google Domains

What's different about purchasing G Suite with Google Domains?

You get the same G Suite features, services and 24/7 support whether you purchase G Suite through Google Domains or through the G Suite website.

Here are few differences in account management if you purchase G Suite through Google Domains:


  • Automatic setup of Gmail, and email protection features like DKIM and SPF, for your domain.
  • Some administrative tasks, such as adding or delete users, are managed through your Google Domains control panel (rather than the G Suite Admin console).

Billing and Upgrades

  • Billing is monthly. No annual option is available.
  • Payment is managed through your Google Payments account.

Upgrading to G Suite Business is not available at this time.