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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (14m)
    • 1. Property Goal Setting: Introduction

    • 2. Why you need to set goals

    • 3. How to set goals

    • 4. How to avoid distraction

    • 5. How to execute on your goals

    • 6. Concluding final thoughts

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About This Class

A class designed for budding Property Investors to achieve their property goals.

The class is set up in the following chapters:

  • Introduction
  • Why you need to set goals
  • How to set your goals
  • How to ensure you don't get distracted from your goals
  • How to translate your goals into action

One of the key influencers behind my own property success has been clear, definitive goals that I have not only written down but taken action on daily. This class, once done correctly will give you the answers you require. Yes, you will have to sit down and think for a while, but the questions are all contained in these chapters, for you to simply answer and then execute on.

So once you complete this short goal-setting course you will 100% leave this class with a clear tangible action list to help you navigate your way in the property world.

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The Anxious Investor

I am addicted to creating things!


Hey my names Aren aka The Anxious Investor & I will do my absolute best to help you live life on your own terms. Be sure to connect and let me know how I can help.

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1. Property Goal Setting: Introduction: Hi guys. Thanks for clicking this video. My name is Erin and I am a full time property invest that podcast, that business owner and a very, very small time, YouTube. So for context, I've been a landlord since 2013, so rest assured, you're in safe hands. So moving on to today's cause, which I'm very excited to share with you guys, and it's about setting your property goes. Now whether you want to own every home in your post code or you just want enough income to live life on your terms and do the things that you love by utilizing property. You need to know a few things and you need to set goes. So just like always use the analogy of a sat nav which helps us arrive in a particular destination. The same principles apply to your goals. So chapter mama, look at why you need to set goals. Chapter two, we'll discuss how to actually set your goals. Chapter three, we'll look at how to ensure you don't get distracted from Hugo's chapter four, hydrogens that you're goes interaction, probably the most crucial one. So by the end of this course, you will not only have a concrete plan that will help you achieve your desired goes as a property investor. But you will also have an action plan that you can utilize daily to become successful in property. So let's get started. 2. Why you need to set goals: Chapter one. So what do you need to set goals? So a recent Harvard Business study computed at those who have goals are ten times more likely to succeed and become successful. Now within this actual study, they also shared some very, very interesting statistics. And this was the 83% of the population does not have. And he goes, that's pretty remarkable. And 14% of the population have a plan in mind, but don't write that down. And only 3% actually have goals were in dire. Suggest these stats alone are very, very alarming and even more so if you're interested in getting involved in property investing. Because one thing that is said about poverty, which I hope we can all agree with, is that you will likely become your biggest expense that you willing care. And therefore, I think it goes without saying that ensuring its success should be our primary goal. So that's why I thought to kick things off, we would start with setting goals and explaining the importance of them. Now I've go say the benefits of goal setting is that you can get your goals quicker. You can save time and reduced non-important tasks. You can also reduce overwhelm of not knowing actually what to do. And also most importantly, you have a great chance of succeeding. Now, we know property itself can yield results across many different strategies and areas which would all be covered on future courses for yourselves. But as with many things, I truly believe looms focus our attention and efforts on one goal at a time to really give us the best chances of succeeding. So if you want, for example, 10 thousand pounds back, abandonment of passive income, Fantastic, but don't also try and accumulate 1 million pounds of equity within the same period, you're going to be spreading yourself 40 thin. Now is it possible? Well, of course, we've managed to get men on the moon some shoulder is possible by, is it likely not. I want to come across as a pessimist, but my main goal behind these courses is to make sure that you achieve results regardless of emotion. And that is something I truly believe that will change your life. So let's move on. 3. How to set goals: How to set your actual goals. So now you've brought into the idea of writing down your goals, at least I hope so from those statistics earlier on. And we need to now start to set them. Now there's many ways that you can actually identify and set your goals. We've all heard of smart goals, for example, or the three to five to 10-year goals. And of course, I can go into more detail about those circuits of interest. And you want to learn multiple ways depending on maybe your values, your workflow, or your methods and personality. And please do let me know. But for now what I will do is discuss how I'll set my goals that help me achieve my goals in poverty investment. Now I would urge you all to do this exercise yourself. Really spend as much time as you possibly can, because I promise you, it's going to save you so much as a baseline plan, but at least the next 12 months as a very minimum. So get yourself a pen and paper ready. Now, number one, you need to write down your resources. Now this includes some of the following within this list. Now this isn't a full comprehensively, so feel free to add anything else that you want. The first is cash. Yes, money. How much liquid money do you actually have right now to invest in property? The next question you need to ask is, how much activity having your current properties you could potentially utilize or released. Next dot we have how much access to parlance do you have maybe a cross your friends, family compares, how much money can you save a month? Can you maybe reducible those bills or maybe even increased some of the streams of income. All important questions we need to answer. Now the next part is time. How much time do you have available to spend on your property journey? So ask yourself, can you spend more time maybe investing in property, maybe a little less time on Netflix, and just a little bit more time on research. Now remember, people often say they won't work for free. But if we ask ourselves once we finish our nine to five, for example, we actually being paid for watching Netflix or playing computer games. If the answer is no, then I always ask people why not learn something that could one day potentially pay you? Think about it. Moving on. The final one is skill set. So along with time and money, skill set is so important. How much do you know about the property industry? For example, what skill sets do you have? Can you plus there, can you do electrics? Can you do conveyance in accounts, perhaps, write these data, and also what skills do you need for your power team? Now, power team usually includes people that can help you make your property deals a success. These include brokers, solicitors, builders, engineers, architects, and PhD. Pause the video if you need to, because I want you to answer the following based on the answers that you've just written down. Number one, what would you like to achieve in 12-months now, ideally, right as much as you possibly can, please let your imagination go wild. Number two, why is your desired income from property in the next 12 months? Number three, what would you like to achieve in the next three is, again, right as much as you possibly can. And finally, number four, why is your desired income from property? In the next three is, now, if you do wish to become a property trader, IE flip properties, I have a cosine and you choose that route because you're not really interested in owning them or controller, then write down your desired yearly profit from trading properties and then just divide that by 12 for the questions above. Now we've identified these and SAS awesome goes, hopefully based on the resources we have, and now we have to fill those gaps and work on executing to achieve our goals. But first, let's move on to an important aspect that is often forgotten. How to not get distracted. Sorry. So key does notes because you're going to need them shortly. 4. How to avoid distraction: Because when we went on to how to not get distracted from your goals, now sadly, as humans, we easily get distracted. But there was a great quote that really resonated with me a few years ago, which says you caught the big things if you're distracted by small things and hopefully in the property set that you want to be doing big things. So one thing we wanna do is avoid is much distraction as possible and really focus in on those goals. Now I can only speak about my personal experience here, but I find myself getting less distracted, at least when I become more aware of my daily actions and also what my goals are so big that they inspire me on a daily basis. So a few points on that. Firstly, why you doing every single day, every single hour? It might just be worthwhile doing this little exercise and writing down every single thing that you do on a daily basis, every single hour, at least for a week. And the reason I say that is because you might surprise yourself that you have a lot of dead time, I-I time that isn't really saving you towards getting your goals, which you could easily replace with potential income producing outcomes. And the next one are the goals that you wrote down earlier, excited enough to get you to jump out of bed in the morning. They not only change your life, but maybe half the people that you love around you t. If not, then it might just be worth revisiting them. And then coming back to this part of the course and don't be afraid to think big. Remember if somebody else has done it, then it can definitely be done by yourself. Now of course, if you wanted those people who really do struggle with getting distracted and this is a book, the Abaci listen to inelastic muscle has really helped me in terms of understanding Westley why get extracted for secondly, is giving me some tangible takeaways that I can take away and utilize. And since I've taken in, my actual productivity has gone up so, so much. So what I'll do is I'll link down in the description down below. 5. How to execute on your goals: Moving on, how to translate your goals into action. Now this is probably the most important one. So now you've assessed your resources and what resources you currently lack as well, which is very, very important. You now need to work on achieving the goals and making sure that you acquire the right resources to be successful, that you are likely going to need to increase your access to knowledge on the following money, skillset and time management. Now if you break these down ever so slightly bit by bit, we can work on giving ourselves a daily plan of attack that you can use for the next 12 months to really help your Janie thought, let's stop it in money. How much money do you need to become successful and achieve those goals you wrote, How can you potentially get around potential investors? You have access to many networking perhaps, or maybe just speaking to friends and family and telling them exactly what you do. Or perhaps you could build a personal profile online, across social media to attract investors to wait with how much money can you save a month if you reduce your expenditures on, let's be honest, they're not important stuff. How much money can you release from properties, of course, but as a broker will be required. Also, take a look around what are the things that you can solve in your home to help fund your property business. Now hopefully you're answering all these on that piece of paper that you got yourselves, alea. And finally, what are the streams of income can you work on to put towards your property career? Now a daily action on this is to take one of the above, at least brainstorm on and then execute on it. For example, if you know about a particular business networking group in your local area, sine of 2A and attend. Or if you have a current property that you may have a lot of equity in, IE, very small mortgage that speed to a broker about the potential options of releasing some of that money. Then next one was skill set. So these are the questions you need to ask. What do you need to learn? How do you actually calculate those? Do you know this? If not, can you decide can you find the information? How much do you understand of the current rental and sales market are you aware of refurbishing properties? How much knowledge do you truly have had to build your poverty and work with like-minded people to achieve your goals. You were this, again, a daily action point here is can you start conversations with prospective team members, perhaps the people that you want in your power to move you forward. Or maybe you can watch lobby less Netflix and reasonable articles of watch YouTube videos from non sassy people to just learn the fundamentals are property and can you reach out to investors and maybe be a little bit nosy and check their projects and ask questions. Educating yourself was loading relationships. And finally, time. Now, having hopefully done the exercises above. And yes, I know I'm getting you to watch a lot less Netflix. How much time do you now have to play around with? How much time can you truly poor property investing? Can you view more properties maybe in this time? Can you perhaps be tomorrow stay agents or have more coffees with investors? Can you contact more vendors directly? Can you maybe research more properties and satellites on Poverty websites, for example. Now our daily action for this is used at time that you have now realized and allocate. Who was this part of your business to educate yourself on property and live more about it on a daily basis. 6. Concluding final thoughts: So finally, some closing thoughts. Now one thing I would strongly urge you all to do is to be truly 100% accountable. If you struggle with accountability to yourself and often see yourself maybe just making excuses hair in there. Then do me a favor. Please get someone you truly care about or find someone to these goals may impact and become accountable to them. You see We are more likely to let ourselves down than those we actually care about. So maybe having this accountability through either a loved one or somebody that you care about. So, so much and dominant let down. It'll keep you accountable. Promise yourself that every day you will spend a minimum of 30 minutes on each of the factors above time, money, and skill set to move your journey forward. But one thing I will say from experience as being a property investor is that the more hours you can spend doing these things, the better awards you will read from it. There is a reason I always say that property investors spend a year working or six months working in the property industry and then suddenly choose to become coaches or mentors because it's a lot easier to tell people what to do. They draft you'd do yourself because it can become Monday and it is a numbers game and it does take sweat equity. There's a lot of rejections, a lot of tedious task. There's also lie at the end of the tunnel. So if you remain consistent, I promise you, it can be very successful in achieving your property goes. So with that, I hope you found this useful. And remember, we have weekly videos on a YouTube channel, which I'll put in the link and description below. And many more courses coming out over the next few months to help you lead without pain. Extortionate fees. Have a great day.