How to set up an ARM microcontroller development environment from scratch! - Eclipse and open source

Akshay Gill, Embedded systems engineer

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9 Videos (50m)
    • Installing the virtual machine

    • Installing Ubuntu OS inside the virtual machine

    • Installing the Eclipse IDE

    • Installing the GNU ARM toolchain

    • Creating your first blinky project

    • Installing the open source debugger

    • Instaling the open source debugger (Part 2)

    • Running blinky project

    • FAQ and troubleshooting


About This Class

In this course you will learn how to set up a development environment from scratch that running on a virtual machine using Linux operating system. So, no matter if you have a windows, mac or linux computer, you will be able to follow along in this course. 

You will learn to set up a - 
1. Virtual machine on your computer
2. Install Ubuntu OS on it
3. Install Eclipse IDE
4. Install the GNU ARM plugin and configure the Eclipse IDE
5. Install an open source debugger solution
6. Creating a blinky project
7. Running the blinky project on a STM32 development board!
8. Bonus FAQ section

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Thansks a lot
Krish Rao

What makes you special?

It's really hard to find a good tutorial about how to install all the different component needed to develop on a STM board. Usually they're not clear or outdated this one is neither, it's great :)