How to set up Facebook Lead Ads for Local Business I All you need to know about Lead Generation Ads | Nikola Lugonja | Skillshare

How to set up Facebook Lead Ads for Local Business I All you need to know about Lead Generation Ads

Nikola Lugonja, Online Marketing Instructor

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6 Lessons (42m)
    • 1. What are the lead ads and how do they work

    • 2. How to set up a lead ad for a local business (ad set level) part 1

    • 3. How to set up a lead ad for a local business (ad level) part 2

    • 4. How to set up the lead ads for a local business (form creation) part 3

    • 5. Where can you find the collected data

    • 6. Facebook Lead Ads vs Facebook Conversion Ads


About This Class

In this course, you will learn how to make and set up lead ads on Facebook. We will take a look at the example of the local cleaning service company and it can reach more potential client with lead forms. Later we will see where can you export the data collected and what are the differences between making the lead forms on the Facebook platform or your own website. After this course, you will be able to set up your own successful and efficient lead ads campaign.

Facebook Lead Ads (lectures):

  1. What are the lead ads and how do they work

  2. How to set up the lead ads for a local business (ad set level) part 1

  3. How to set up the lead ads for a local business (ad level) part 2

  4. How to set up the lead ads for a local business (form creation) part 3

  5. Where can you find the collected data

  6. Facebook Lead Ads vs Facebook Conversion Ads

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1. What are the lead ads and how do they work: Hello, everyone, and welcome to this section and course in general. Here, here, we're going to take a look at the Facebook lead. That's and it's a relatively new future when they say relatively, I mean, it's been around for a couple of years now, but still it's It's something new that so the big boom with with the rice and development off mobile marketing. So it's a power healthy, powerful feature, and I'm sure that it will be useful for you. So without further ado, let's start. And first we're going to define what the lead ads are. So leaders allow advertisers to collect information from users directly instead off sending traffic to a landing page on your website or somewhere else where people will manually fill out a form and press submit. Here they click on the ad. Their information is pre populated or pre feel for them automatically, and they hit the submit button. This all happens within the Facebook platform, and that is really what is the biggest advantage and the hero. I will show you some examples of how that looks like you can see here. It's at first. It looks like a normal ad and you have a call to action button. When you press there, you will have a new pop up window with usually with some more description. And there you can read more about the offer. If you're interested, you can tap on the next Mexico direction bottom, and then you will have the blank fields where you're going to fill out your data. Some of the data will be filled automatically by the platform because Facebook already possessed, I mean for about you. So they will make the process easier and faster, so you don't have to put to those data manually on when you're done. You just press the button and you will be You will see the thank you page. Here is another example how it looks like. So you have an ad you can sign up. You press the sign of other you have some more info on. Uh, if you are still interested to sign up your price to sign a bottom, then you fill out your email or full name. Usually Facebook will do this automatically on. If you want to read about privacy policy, you can do that. Here, you submit your ADA and you get the thank you page, you can visit the website or any other place that the advertiser has set up. It gave it. Gave it is given as an option for you to visit, so that's really powerful feature. And here I just want to show you some of the some of the things where you can use lead at, as you can see here, you're gonna collect data from users who are interested in your service. That's a really broad. In general terms, you can gain data for sign ups for reality programs for discounts. Preorder products. If people If you want to promote your free e book, people can subscribe together. Link to download, you consign. You can ask people to sign up for your newsletter block on the Also here you can see for WEBINAR promotions. Different contest special deals, not just discounts and coupons. Any other option e book promotion. Separately, Not just three books, blobs, block subscriptions, quote enquiries on even jump rope opening promotion. So it's really as I said, it's a really, really powerful feature, and basically what Facebook did here is it's Facebook. Revel in that revolutionized the way you can gain data from your users on this always possible within just a few steps. And that's really something that is that is really, really significant here. So you can do that here on Everything that happens happens on Facebook, so you don't need a special website special tracking come special pixel or anything. You can do everything on Facebook, which is also useful for Facebook. They don't want to try traffic off their website or app. They want to keep people on Facebook. So that's why you can do that here with these pop up windows and you can set up different cold actions bottles, which we're going to see later all. Moreover, it's not just a Facebook and mobile. You can do days on Instagram, too, I think, given some partner websites on not just a mobile but also best up. So that will bid for this introduction. Thank you for watching on CNN next video 2. How to set up a lead ad for a local business (ad set level) part 1: welcome back, and now we're taking a look at how to set up a lead. That's and what you should do is come to Facebook ads manager Go to create, add create new campaign and you will be here. You will see this window. You should choose from the second column consideration used to choose this'll objectively generation and below. You will have the option to name your campaign. I just put it Leave generation lead at or cleaning service. Let's let's say that I want to promote my local business. I have a cleaning service company and in certain down, and I want to promote my my service there. People who to sign up or apply for my service with this Facebook lead for will get 30% off . That would be my offer. And now let's see how we're going to set up that. So I will just rename this to be, uh, lead lead ads or cleaning service. Okay, and the first thing you should do, I have already accepted in the Facebook leads at ATS terms here, but if you're making there at first, you should first you the terms and then accept them so that is the mandatory step to do so . You can skip it. It it won't allow you to go any further until you accept the terms and conditions. And next, the process is basically the same as with other, with most other objectives. So you should first choose your audience. And since I said that it would be a local business. But just say that let's say that I live in Berlin in Germany and my business is there. And to be even more precise, let's just say that this actually let's say that I will just use a random street. But let's say that my business is located here. I can. This is, let's say this is the street of my business. I can actually drop the been here, okay? And from there, So I have literally choose the right street. I could choose now in miles, the area that I want to cover since older Berlin is a big city. Um, but there's a lot of competition, I suppose, in this area. Let's say that I want to actually not 15 miles. Let's just put it to two. Yeah, let's just put it to mate miles to around my area. I found that to be to be pretty OK, OK, so I want to What? I did this. Choose my business location. You can literally and put it here for this. For the sake of this example. I used to run the one and I made the radius off. Actually, here it's as 15 miles, but I wanted to make Ni. I don't know why is that k nine miles? And it's basically going to give this offer to people in this area, and what I want to do is here. I don't want to put everyone in this location. I want to put only people who live in this location. So I'm not so interested in people who are traveling here or just visiting because they don't have their. Usually they don't have their home. They're they're just visiting, working. I want people who live there because my company's cleaning service company okay, and the a strange let's say that I want to put it from 26 years old. Since students maybe are not so interested in young people in cleaning services to, let's say, 60 because people older than 60 let's say they're retired and they have enough time to clean for themselves. I want to target both genders. Okay? And now I came to to the interests. So let's say I want to. First of all, I will. Since we said that we are planning service company. I will start with us cleaning, maintain service on, see what else we have. And then we can. Okay, cleaning, even carpet cleaning seems fine. Carpet cleaning? Yeah. Okay. And now I can just take the suggestions and sees a floor cleaning. Yeah, I can see. Also house keep being, um what else? Vacuum cleaner. Why not? So people interested in those topics so cleaner would be okay, Cleaning agent? Why not? So I can I can target many as many as many interests I want. And the thing I also want to do is go here to demographics and maybe see some. Let's say that I want to see people with different income, So Okay, I will leave this blank because it only applies to the US And since I'm targeting Goldman in Berlin, I'm not so interested there. But I want to see here life events. So I would like to find maybe there Yeah, this get Avery. So recently moved. I want to target also people who recently moved their to their new place. Or they may be still didn't have enough time to clean, etcetera. Andi. Yeah, that will be for for demographics. Okay, you can see that my potential reaches pretty big and my audience is still pretty. It's not broad, but it's it's perfect size and you can see here some estimated daily results based on the budget, and I still haven't set up set up. So this is the default one replacements. I would leave good now to automatic, since I'm pretty targeted here with the location and everything. So I would like to have a broad reach there. And let's say I want to put the lifetime budget to be. That's a 100 euros. And I don't wanna run for one month. Maybe I can run only for a few days. Okay. Life, something like this. Okay. On here, I can put it to before being Okay. So I've used a bit more money for this for this example, but this is basically how it would look like, so, yeah, I can choose my some of the other options here. But for now, we'll just leave it like this on. Uh, the great thing here is you can see I have set up to be for three days on. Actually, I can make it for a bit more. So just three. Okay. Andi? Yeah. This is this is great, because I will have the lifetime budget off. 100 euros on it will show up. This this lead for will show up only in the area that is relevant to me. So I don't want people from other cities looking at this sad. So I don't people from I don't know from him from Leipzig or Hanover or Bremen Door Moon Hamburg so or any other city that is not relevant. So I only need people from Berlin because my cleaning service companies there so I wouldn't drive a few 100 kilometers just for one cleaning, cleaning succession where I give of this count. So, yeah, this would be my demographics and interests. And I found this to be to be enough, so I'm not sure why, but sometimes you have the option to set up the the amount the maximum amount that you're willing to give for for a certain lead for each lead. Now, I don't see that option. I'm not sure why not. I only see this. This this notification which is not relevant right now. But anyway, usually would have it here. I'm not sure. Why isn't it here right now? Anyway, if you do have that option, you will have having additional possibility to put the amount that you want to spend for for each lead. And that is very useful. If you know, let's say that I'm earning 15 euros from from each of these sessions. And if I'm collecting Lee that it's important for me that I don't pay more than certain certain threshold for this for the sleep. So let's say that in those 15 year olds I have some sense, um, costs and from those 15 year olds that we learned then. So I don't want to spend more than than 10 euros on this leader. So the perfect combination for me would be like if I charge 15 euros for the service on I gave five year olds on some costs, like taxes and other expenditures. I'm I want to give, let's say, maximum three euros for this lead for this marketing services on, then out off usual. Then I would only earn seven in this situation because I gave three euros for this lead at . But I want to be sure they only give those three year olds when somebody somebody applies and actually books with books with my company and my services. So that will be it for this electro. We took a look at the D at SAT level, how to set up the league format, and in the next video, we're going to take a look for how to set up the lead. As for the ad level, so thank you for watching and seeing the next video. 3. How to set up a lead ad for a local business (ad level) part 2: welcome back, and we're continuing with the setting up off our leaders leaders coolly that offer. So what I'm doing now I'm on the ad level and I want to set up my creative on later on. Make a make a for for the users and future applies. So what I do here is I need to give on at the name of the ad. And if you have multiple pages, you can choose from which one you want to to publish. This said. Anyway, when you scroll down, you can choose which format you wish whether you want Caruso or you want single image or video and then whether you want to be your slideshow. So in my case, I will just use a single image, which is this option. And here I will upload an image. As you can see here you have an image recommendation, which is the square one, but you can also use the other ones. But it's just a recommendation for for the purpose of this video, I use the square one I made so you can see here. It's a special offer, 30% off book now cancel any time on, so I can even crop him the image if I want and the customer customize different creatives or different placements. I don't want to lose time right now here. So I don't mind using these this image for multiple placements. So I will leave it just like this, and you can see here how it would look like. And now I can write some text. So let's say I want to actually hear first headline. I want to write limited offer. Okay, on, uh, actually limited offer 30 percent off. And what I want to write here is make your own better make your home better clean, clean now, Or maybe make your home better. Book your session now. Okay. Something like that. So you can play with this with these things. You can put a display link if you wish. You see here it's optional. But right now, I don't want to because I want people to fill out the form here. I can put some text here, but currently I'm I have no ideas. I don't need it. And I can choose my call to action butter. So now I would choose book now because it's it's it's better so if I use some other, it doesn't sound so good. So I would say book now so you can see here how it would look like not just a mobile, but that stuff also. And, uh, okay, I'm not able to see the full. No, but maybe hearing stubbed articles okay. Also limited off her blah, blah, blah on those on instagram feed. So okay, here it says it's not supported right now. Okay, Anyway, here you can see how it looks like. So you have an image. It's a special offer. 3% off book. Now cancel any dye, which is important. So they know that it's not come. It's not something obligatory. They even fill it out. Cleaning service. It's pretty clear with picture on when they click on this book now, but they will have a pop up window where they can fill out four on, continue on with process. And in the next video, we're going to take a look at how you can fill out that. That how actually, you can make that form here on, then preview with and publish it. So this would be it from the ad level. We only need to make the four instant for, and we're going to do that in the following video. So thank you for watching and seeing the next one. 4. How to set up the lead ads for a local business (form creation) part 3: welcome back and we're taking a look now with how to create the four. So this is actually the most important part. I mean, you want to create the for which users and future clients will be able to fill out so you can collect their data. And when you scroll down so here, below the creative part you come to the instant form part on, you will see the previous boards that you have. This was something I was experimenting with for the previous client. Anyway, you click a new four on what you can do here is named for first. So you can say just cleaning service, cleaning service, uh, lied for okay. And first of all, you can choose the most important bodies to choose the form type so you can choose the form type. You have two options. So we've you want to use this form that's quick to fill out and submit on a mobile device. So if you want to get more volume or you want to be to add more steps, more questions, eso. You are sure that people who are feeling it have the higher intent to, as dessert here do to be part of the the offer that you're giving so you can see those options here. For the sake of this off this promotion, I don't think many. I don't need so much data. I just need, like, their e mails full. I mean, I just need you there for May in phone number, address, and maybe some other things, so I will leave it to more volume. Here. You have the settings here to choose whether you want your ad for to be restricted their open. So, as you can see here, circuit mean that only people who who are delivered your ad directly considering this poor on the open one would be that your ad can be shared. Anyone can submit this form. That means that let's say that you have a friend that saw this this ad only that friends would be able to fill out this form. Okay. And if I put it to be open, then that friend could share to another friend this for And that friend can also allow this form. So that depends on what you're aiming for. And so on. Maybe sometimes when you're making strict offers, you just want to keep it here to restrict it on. Of course, you can choose different languages and so on. You see here some additional features that are best anywhere. When you go to the intro, you will have the option to design this part of it. So you can see here that you can put a headline text you will have. This image was taken from your yard. Creative. So basically, this is the window that the person is going to. The user is going to see when he or she clicks on that book now, but that we set up previously on the headline would be, uh, book your session now. Okay. On what I can do here, you can see here. It says the image that you can use image from your ad, which is this one, or I can upload the other one. And I would like to upload, let's say, this one that I prepare because I wanted to make a bit different. So here, we're going to see that image. You're going to see your page from which you're publishing. I'm using this one just as an example. And here layout you can write some text. You can do it is a paragraph or is the bullet the bullet boys? Andi, Sometimes it's good to put some terms and conditions here that are important or to give some additional info for people so they know. What are they doing? Maybe you can put the prize that since I mean, it's 30% all, but maybe still not sure. How much? How much does it call us? So maybe you can put a the normal prices. I don't know. $30.30 euros for the cleaning off the I don't know the whole apartment, but with this offer, you will get 30% off and so on so you can pay by credit card militants on those things I could just put here. So maybe I can put um, look now, cancel anytime. So they're sure to taken. Cancel. We will call in fact, you before we come in order to call for. You're for king. Okay. And, uh, and you can pay a car for cash directly with your this with your 30% off included percent off included. OK, on now I'm off to the questions. So now choosing which questions I'm going to ask So enter your info below Allowed folowing fields. Okay. And the Actually, I don't need their email. So I can just believe this this option by the fall, I need their full name, and I need their phone number because I want to contact them. I also you see here I can choose. Okay, I need a street address, definitely on the old on targeting only my city. And I'm not sure whether the ad might be seen by somebody else. So just in case I will put here city because maybe there there's the same street in Berlin and some other city, and I don't want to get confused. So because I will be paying for each of this sign up. So and let me just take a look at there is something else. So you see here there are a lot of things that you can ask from child I those raffle number work, email, other demographic options on user information. So I will Maybe just at you can see, even shortens from multiple choice. I can add disappointment scheduling so people can you can see here I can ask shoes which they fits you best. Okay on now they can choose the airport taken right here the day they prefer on I can. Right here. So I like this one. Someone will come on back. You to call for? Uh huh. Our okay. The hour. Yeah, that seems fine. So someone will contact them to confirm the hour of that day, and yet I will be it from the data that I would like to have. So you can see here they would have this option. How it I'm just showing you now how it would look like you will have the headline and text here. And it would say, fill out the Fuling field. So full name, phone number, street address, street address, City on the they which they would like. So some of these fields might be filled automatically. Facebook already has the data. That user, anyway, I can I can see here different data that I will get from the clients and the dad. I need to provide my privacy policy. This is very important. This part. So as you can see here, it's required. And what do you can do Is so just right here our policy and I need to provide a link to my privacy policy. Usually, if you have a website, it would look something like this. So I just found around the website and they have some privacy policy, and I would copy that link. Of course, I would do that for my business and put it here so people can click on here on our policy and they can see how their data is going to be handled and so on. But even if you don't have your website, you don't have a special page with your privacy policy. Don't worry, you can. There are some generators where you can like. These websites are going to include links in the description so you can visit these websites. And here you can put the name of your company so on and you will get some random Seems off like a so something by default, some privacy policy and so on. But you should be careful, which are writing there on, uh, if you have any disclaimer because you can you can take care of that here anyway. That will be it from from the privacy policy. That's the most important part because you can go further without doing that, and Now you have a thank you screen where you can where it is written. Here. You can see. Thank you. You're all set. Urine has been sent to our cleaning service company. And, uh, I can right here if you want to change your working or can so contact us below. Okay, on what I can do here is instead of this bottom being review website, I can choose to be cold business on that. I can write. So calm back us. And from okay, so you can put like this for Germany, and yeah, I just need to put the random number here. Okay? So, actually, I will put, of course, my number. But currently, this is just for the sake of this example, so yeah, that that will be it on if you still don't, maybe you want to end something so you can save it here. And you can see here if you want to come back and make more changes later on. Only said this is a tragically here. If you're done with saving, you want to use it, then you go to finish on. Actually, I had some problems here with phone. It has recognized that it's not the real one. Okay? Syria would just have to, um maybe something like this. Okay, now it works on, Uh yeah, that will be it. So this would be my You can see how it would look like so people would feel their name full numbers to address city date, which they prefer, and then they would click submit on. Then they would be brought this Thank you, page. So And I would be all set to see their their date afterwards. So that will bed. Now. You just need to click confirm, and you're at this set ago. So that will be regarding the setting up that part in the following video. We're going to see some additional things regarding the Facebook Lee. That So I think we're watching so far on. I hope to see you next year. 5. Where can you find the collected data: So we're continue with course, and now we're taking a look at how you can access the data from that you have collected with leaders. And basically there are three ways. So 1st 1 would be with customer relations management provider or Sierra Sierra provider on . You can see here that integration allows for real time access the data Facebook has partnership with several Sierra vendors like Salesforce build jamespark room, constant contact and so on. So that could be one option. And I think this is the one that phase MK usually recommence. 2nd 1 It's a bit more advanced technical savvy, that option where you need a bit of technical knowledge or developer. A zit is recommended, so you should have. You should do this process with developer or if you're a developer on the 3rd 1 and the manual, like one, is, Aziz said. Manual access. So they will be available in CVS file immediately after submitted. It was a bit for up to 90 days on, can only be accessed by Page admits. So what you can do there in order to access this follows you go to your page for the purpose of this video used this page. And here in this heather you choose. You go to the more option and you choose publishing doors. When you get there, you scroll down to lead. That's for your press. Former forest library. And here you will have all the ads that you're on. And since I haven't run, he said I have just use it. You show you how to set it up. You can see here it says cleaning service lead for I can preview. What if I wish on I can see the status and everything. And here, if I had any leads you I would see the number here. Then I could download it here. So that's on. Then you would have it is a CVS violet as it was written there. So that will be it. Thank you for watching. I hope that you now understand in which way you can access data and how you can see it on again. Thank you for watching and seeing the next course 6. Facebook Lead Ads vs Facebook Conversion Ads: hi, everyone. And in this lecture, I would like to discuss a topic that is very often broad on. Uh, it's actually interesting question on that issue. What is the difference between Facebook Lead generation adds that we saw during this course and Facebook conversion that. So basically the right question to ask here is whether it's better to use Facebook Lee generation as that we saw in the previous videos where you have that pop up window on Facebook platform where people fill out there later insanitary you or is it better to have that therefore set up on your own website? So you drive people all facebook, they can fill out that form on your website and then they have thank you Page and so on. So here I actually this is the These are the nose I took from the word stream website. I think they were really good, so I didn't want to change much on. I just checked whether everything is okay and relevant to our topic. And it is so I put it here and say, we can go over. We could go through it and see why one option is maybe better than the other one and which situation and so on. So first of all, for Facebook Lee that you fill out the four through a pop up window, as we saw for the leads that you gather with conversions. When your own website you will have to need the landing page on webpage where people will go in order to fill out that form. So that means that the process would be a bit longer since you need to set up. If you don't have you need to set up your own website, then you need to sell out that form, and so on. The 2nd 1 no website address or you are Alice needed for this option because everything is not on Facebook. The 2nd 1 Here, you need the website and direct link to get there, then formed A. That goes into publishing two sections that we saw on the from your Facebook page. You can download it or you can integrate it with serum system here for later goes into your email system automatically. You can rhetoric redirect some to a website after they submit their for me to recall the thank you page in the Facebook leaders you have the bottom to send someone to your website or goal, or both the cold collection brother or something like that. So you're not 100% excluded room driving people off off Facebook. But still, it's a bit harder when you use Facebook Lee that on the other head here, you must have redirect someone toe another page on your website to register the conversion after they submit their for. So you need to have that landing page. And, of course, the thank you page for the Facebook Catley That's you don't need Facebook pixel for the conversion, as you have you, your it's mandatory to have it so you cannot set conversion as without Facebook pics. Oh, so it requires a bit more work. Facebook, next for Facebook, calculates the cost per lead based on when people submit their later in your form. This is for Facebook, Lee. That's and here Facebook calculates a cost for lead based on if they reach the standard event or custom conversion that you said about specified interes set up. So it's a bit different, but still hear it counts the things that the cost per lead and here it counts the conversion that you have set up to that you want clients to do the next one. Facebook pre populates the four with the data that you ask if it's available to Facebook, so that the things we talked about so Facebook has your name, email, date of birth phone number. It will automatically fill out those those fields. On the other hand, if you go to a website, then person must manually type those things if it hasn't used the cookies or something on that website. So if there are any day the safe and lastly for Facebook Lee, that's you manually have to download the data together into our email system or pay for that service. Or use that Sierra more Facebook, FBI systems and someone on the other half. The date for conversion is automatically added to your email system from your website often form so you can see there dis event. There are pros and calls for both sides, both sides, and I would say that it depends. I'm not saying that Facebook Lee, that's are always better neither. I'm saying that conversion says they're always better, but it depends, you know, if people are are used to going to our website filling out force. Maybe it's better to leave to leave the leader traffic there if you have any other offers and things you want them to do on the website, maybe if your e commerce shop that you definitely want them to visit your website, you just don't want them just to be on Facebook and fill out the platform there. So it depends from the experience I had and from the other people experiences that I read. Usually it turned out that with conversion adds, people were able to reach lower cost per lead, so they were paying less. But users were also converting less. So that means that although Facebook lisa this Facebook police are more expensive in terms of the unit and actually that you gain, people are more reluctant. People are. Usually they convert more. They fill out more off the forms on Facebook because, as we saw, it's much faster and easier. And sometimes Facebook automatically fills out that data on the Web site. It's a bit longer process, and you need to fill out manually. So three only the advice I could give you hear the only correct advice would be to test and to see what it's your best. So thank you for watching and seeing the pulling videos.