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How to set goals that you achieve-The WOOP Way!!!

teacher avatar Nitesh Gurnani, Face Reader , Foodie and a Life Lover

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (35m)
    • 1. Class Introduction

    • 2. History

    • 3. Why we fail at Goal Realizations?

    • 4. The WOOP Strategy

    • 5. Secrets for Successful Goals

    • 6. Congratulations

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About This Class

This course will help you in learning technique that is super effective in goal setting. Generally, 2% of people as per research set goals, and out of those who set goals, very few set effective goals. I also was under the category of setting goals, but not effective ones. I used to get under the trap of poor goals, which I was not able to fulfil often.

After learning the WOOP Technique, the success rate of fulfilling goals increases by at least 50% and it is super fun and interesting to implement.

In this class, I have shared how you can use the Goal Setting techniques to reach and master your goals for an abundant and super successful life.

Who this course is for?

  • Anyone who feels that goals are necessary to give direction to your life

  • Anyone who wants to plan a successful life

  • Anyone who wants to learn how to set goals that you achieve

  • Anyone who wishes to have mastery over setting goals

  • Anyone who wants to gain freedom with money and improve relationships.

What you'll accomplish by the end of the course?

  1. Goal Mastery

  2. Setting Monthly and Yearly Goals

  3. Setting Effective Goals that Convert

  4. Massive Self-Transformation

  5. Reason for why some goals are poor goals

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Nitesh Gurnani

Face Reader , Foodie and a Life Lover



Nitesh Gurnani is the Founder of ChehraSpeaks & Life Lover who has been featured across international Media as an entrepreneurial Face Reader and Physiognomist. Nitesh Gurnani has a mission to impact 1 Billion people to lead a balanced life both personally and professionally. His platform empowers people to tap into their inner potential, conducting compatibility and career readings as well as offering empowerment coaching.


His personal experience extends over 9 years, however, he founded ChehraSpeaks, not until 2017. He is driven by the passion to enable people, personally and professionally to improve their lives by giving them the ingredients to harness their inner power by an elaborate understanding of their own personalities.

&... See full profile

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1. Class Introduction : Hi folks is intention. And in this class I'm going to tell you about an amazing goal-setting technique, which is voc. I don't know if you would have heard it, but by the end of this course, I'm telling you the technique which I'm going to make you understand will not only help you saying goes, but the most important part, which is to achieve them. So I'm just going to walk you through the course content which you are seeing on your screen right now. So first of all, what I am going to tell you is about the history of this oop technique which has been discovered by Dr. Gabriel in New York University. The resource, the research outcomes, what she intended when she was designing this technique and where it can really apply. Right? Then I'm going to discuss ACO via the fill and go realizations in what setting a goal we have done. We have said so many goals in our life. Like I have said personally, a lot of goods in my life, but I always absorbed that. I haven't accomplished a 100 percent of what I have said. And that's where I realized that there is some some part in, well, I lacked when it comes to selling goods that I am not able to realize. And I'm sure that you are going to resonate with me that when you set goals, they have to be effective goals rather than poor goals rate. And to set effective goals, there is a technique behind it and it's, whoops, strategy is going to reveal it for sure. Then I'm going to make you understand what really is the strategy. So here, whoops, strategy stands for w signs all wish. O stands for outcome than the other rows times 4 obstacle. Then P stands for plan. There is a whole strategy behind how this all your votes, and it really works. Let me tell you this. So in this, I'm going to tell you each and every step about this four letters. And I'm going to give you a Voc garbage. You can plan for yourself and you are devising your egoist. And once you're set with it, I'm telling you you're going to manifest the results within four weeks, right? So this, I'm promising you that after this course, you're going to set your goals and achieve them. Then I'm going to reveal you what are the secrets for successful wound setting, which are two and which are a must to know. Then I'm going to of course congratulate you for completing the causes is a mini class. Wearing your gain the mastery in setting goals. So what is holding you back? And just to, just to give a brief introduction of me, I'm a tech consulting by profession, face reader, my hobby, and then a passionate life level who loves to explore Lane, who lost to seek how we can improve in our lane. And I have many causes device on life improvements and life transformation. And this is a step towards extending that platform. So yes, this Let's, let's, let's not discuss any other thing apart from selling are good and completing this course. So I'm reading to see you at the other side. 2. History : So guys, In this video we are going to deep dive into what's the history behind this MOOC technique. And I'm going to move into the history section. So the history behind this loop technique is it can be used both for your personal as well as business goals. And Dr. Gabriel was the one who has designed this course. She's the author of Rethinking Positive Thinking and created Wu strategy after 20 plus years of scientific research. So this is a study bag by a lot of researches. And I'm going to show you the research outcomes here. And what Dr. Gabriel said was, she was against only positive thinking and torts become things movement. So what is actually that? So she has actually conducted a research and she has divided two women groups where one we're visualizing only on the positive side of it that they're going to lose weight. And they're imagining themselves that they have lost weight, may be von mine down the lane. And the other set of women group was voice, the one where they had imagined obstacles along the way. So obstacles could be the fried food, obstacles could be whatever they are bingeing on rate. So those were the obstacles. So what she has observed, the stark difference was that women who were only positive thinking and women who were keeping impediments in their mind along with the path of positivity, they have lost 25 pounds more. And what she said was, positive visualizations don't work. And they make us falsely believe we have already achieved bright future. So this means that they keep you in a comfort zone. So when you visualize positively without having a plan, you can just feel good for that at that particular moment. And in this strategy, we are moving a V forward there. We are also visualizing what could be the obstacles in our body. And this is what she has discovered in our research, that there was a significant increase in an effort. Attendance and even GPA of students increased when they have kept impediments or obstacles along with the mark of positivity in their mind. So she has also observed that it has reduced insecurity B's behaviors and increased commitment in romantic relationships. Okay, So now let me do it. Let me tell you what you'll achieve when you'll learn this technique. So first, it'll be increased focus. Have an elongated attention span. Because you'll be guided by this technique, right? And once you are guided with this technique, there will be an enormous level of self-discipline in you. And when self-discipline occurs, you make actions, you'd pick actions. And that is what is very, very important if you are setting the goals and achieving them, right? So let me finish this lecture here only. And in the next lecture, I'm going to tell you about via IV fail at goal realizations and what are the obstacles behind setting a goal and achieving a goal. And then we'll be down into hoop strategy. 3. Why we fail at Goal Realizations?: So folks, In this lecture, I'm going to tell you via do we feel at Google realizations, you know what it is? It's the most easiest thing to actually design. And thank goodness, you would have set for yourself as well. And I have saved myself as well, but I have realized that out of the goods, which I have said, say for example, I had I had a habit of setting month legal, it's okay. And I used to say four goals, generally full goals among and more often than not, I couldn't cross. So more than or accomplish more than two goods in a month. So why do we actually feel at goal realizations is one of the important questions which we need to understand, right? So here I have written the obstacles which comes along a path for Google realization. And after this, we are going to learn the boot strategy so that we can really set goals and most important, achieved them without having any obstacle, right? So these are the obstacles which comes into our way. And before that, let me tell you, what are the poor goes and what are the effective goods. So the pool balls are the one which you did. Okay? So, so I was giving my example. So I used to generally have a goal where I need to create one or two courses per month, right? And I usually tend to accomplish that goal. But the other goal which are used to has was a half to expand my Facebook group or I have to expand on YouTube. But I never couldn't expand on that front because the goal was not very specific rate like YouTube expansion, but I do not have the strategy. I don't have how I could expand in that or if I have to expand my Facebook group, how can I do that? I couldn't because I didn't have the strategy. So all those goals which you, which you think that you're going to accomplish and you don't have a measurable or attainable or feasible solution for that. You are, you're setting that goal, which is a poor girl, right? And whereas the effective goals are the ones where you actually are achieving it, they're measurable, they're attainable and they're feasible, right? So setting a goal for designing a course someone is something which I have been doing from a very long time and which I definitely continue to do and it is measurable. So that is an effective goal for me, right? So Paul, who has other ones, are where you did yourself set a goal. Like I have to reduce the 10 to 20 KG. So this month then, then actually my body won't be adapting to that. And that will come under the category of poor goals, right? Whereas if I set a goal, for example, say I have to reduce 3 to 4 KG per month. That is actually feasible and attainable, right? So they come under the category of effective goals, right? So this is one of the obstacles which comes into our path. If we are setting poor Gu has for us, then we're definitely not going to fulfill it, right? And one of the other things which acts as an impediment is failing to get started, right? We often think that will do this tomorrow or we often think that will read this many books and self-help books. So in this month. But we never usually tend to start, right? And even when we start it, it happens with us that we get derailed on the way. We get deviated from our part and then we realize that this is not what we are meant for. So that in itself begins when we have said poor goals for us. We're not being determined enough to accomplish, right? And, and maybe we haven't blind that way. Let the impediments which are coming along the way. We're focusing on that and that is derailing us from what we want to achieve. So at the first place, just see whether you have said the poor goals or effective within once you have classified it is, it comes under the category of effective goals. Then you can move forward with realizing your goals with better era of success. The hand when you said the poor, who is right? So this is one of the slaves which I have designed just To, just to make you understand that, why do we feel like Google realizations? And in the next lecture I'm going to classify in-depth what is the strategy, right? So meet you in the next lecture. 4. The WOOP Strategy: So folks now comes the most important part of this strategy where they are going to learn the in-depth of what strategy is all about. All right, let me click on this icon and we are going in depth of what is whoops strategy. So kid, which you're seeing is actually when you set a goal. But because they don't tend to achieve it, achievement becomes a bidder. Better thing when it comes to achieving goals, right? So this bigger rocket is the Rocket of your achievement, right? So let me, I was just kidding. So let me just go inside the womb Saturday and the first W stands for provision. So what is it something that you really wish for, say four weeks down the line, right? So think of that. What ask a question from yourself. What do I wish would happen? But I know it will take some work. Okay, So that is the most important thing. Like what is that wish? You know, that, you know, if it happens, that will be just supremely awesome for you. But you also know that it is going to take some work. It is not going to just happen by imagining it. It is going to take a bit of an effort of yours. So when you're making a wish, make it. Or when you're planning a Google planet, challenging goal, plan and exciting goal, right? So for example, for me, creating to productivity courses per month is what I wish for. And this is my goal for this four weeks, right? So think about the next four weeks. What what what what is something that you desire? What is your most DRS fish? Right? And the best part of a vicious or I would say the worst part with wishes it, there are so many wishes and I am mine that one day we see that we want to get thinner, right? Or one day we'll say that like for example, I want to have this to productivity causes per month. Like I want to design to productivity cost is per month. And for others, it could be like, I want to become the best basketball shooter or the improved basketballs shooter by the end of next four weeks. So pick up the most arrest wish. And this is something which creates the maximum impact for you in your leg, like the one which you care of the most and the one which you want the most, pick out, jot it down. And that is only going to be the one which, on which we are going to work with this group strategy, right? So for example, for me, it is creating to productivity causes per month. And that is my wish. And I'm going to tell you more examples in the book guide. So don't worry if you're not able to get your wish right now, but just think and put it down the most impactful ways, the most purest Michelle, right? So this part deals with o wish. And now what you have to do is picture yourself having the outcome, right? Picture yourself that you have God, the God that wish, or you have like free radio thought where you imagine that you have accomplished what you have dreamed off, right? I think that how would you feel when you will be achieving that wish which you have set for yourself. So for example, if I, if I have saved that, I have to design to productivity quasi as I would be just feeling out of the moon. I wouldn't be just feeling awesome. I will be just feeling that have contributed and impacted for so many people that they also can accomplish the ICU. And so this is an effort on my, on my path and I'm following my purpose of life, right. So how would you feel when you, when you have become an improved basketball shooters? How would you feel when you have become an improved marathon runner? How would you feel when you maybe have decided that you're going to solve a complex mathematical problem. And by the end of four weeks you have solved it. So what is something which you feel is the part of the second step, which is the outcome. So imagine as vividly as you can, imagine the positive benefits of what you're going to achieve four weeks down the line. Maybe think on the lines of financial rewards you're getting. Maybe think on the lines of if you're imagining that you have to reduce our bodies, I think how much fitter you can get. Think or dream of the clause you have always aspired to wear. And imagine that that's in your body and it's very comforting and energetic feeling in you, right? So the second part deals with how you're visualizing your outcome, right? So the third part here is this o. This o is times 4 obstacle, right? So the third part beans with obstacles, and it comes with. Effect of mental contrasting, where it says that you have to visualize your outcome along with your obstacles. And that is the effect of contrasting your right. And there should be an implementation intention, right? How you are going to overcome that obstacle is there needs to be an intention inside your mind, right? So these are the obstacles which you have to counter. So when you have designed your goal, right, when you have written down your, when you have visualized the outcome, then ask yourself, what are the obstacles? The first question which you are seeing here, What's in it for you that stands in your way for fulfilling your wish to control. It should be your inner and a post-anal obstacle. It doesn't need to come from in, from any external force. And that is the very important point in this obstacle section that nobody outside is going to trouble you in accomplishing your goals. So imagine yourself, what are the behaviors or emotions that hinders you from fulfilling that fish? What, what's your name? What's your one mean? Inner obstacles. What actions or attitudes seems to stop me when I tried, you know, spend time imagining your personal obstacles. So for example, in my case, if I have to design to personal transformation causes or Lexi productivity courses, what are my obstacles? I, I tend to procrastinate a lot. I tend to be lazy and I tend to go in my comfort zone. So those are my obstacles. You know, you have to highlight your obstacles which impedes your way in terms of what you want to achieve. So once you are clear with your obstacles, the best part is you can then plan as to how you're going to get pass your obstacles. Note down these five questions are no doubt these five pointers and ask from yourself, what is something which is stopping you? Your inner, inner thing? That is your inner inner thing that ends your inner emotions or behavior could be your negativity towards. So in the end, could be, could be a mindset that you don't believe in yourself, right? So just noted down that what are the obstacles which are stopping you from accomplishing what you really wanted, right? So here mental contrasting, nice visualization along with obstacles. Now comes the fourth, which is the plan. So you have to create an if then plan rate. So create an if here. After this, it is a blank, which means you have to put an obstacle here, then plan, then here in the blank, you have to write what you're going to do when you're faced with that obstacle. So for example, if I procrastinate, then I will open my laptop and start writing for the process which I have to decide. If a, so I have like this, this is an example like I used to be very superstitious earlier and I want to grade that superstitions thing in me. So what I usually tend to do is I feel that if a cat crosses apart, then that will be a negative momentum, right? So what I did was I intentionally Crow, was that just to, just to get over a strong mindset, right? So whatever impedes you, you have to create an if then plan, right? So if I, if I become lazy when I'm designing my class, then maybe I have to punish myself that I won't be eating on that day or I wouldn't be eating a favorite meal of mine when I'll be actually not designing my class. So this could be any plan which you can form for yourself so that you get on to the journey of your goods, right? And I clear this, create an then plan in the folder segment where you're going to see the Voc card, right? So as now you're aware of a bit of wooh. So here W stands for what you're wishing for. O stands for what outcome you are visualizing. This o stands for the obstacles and the hurdles which comes in your path. This piece times for the plan which you're going to make to counter those obstacles, right? And this is a whoop card which I have given, which I'll definitely attach, which you have to fulfill for yourself. And this, this needs not been very big. It could be just six to seven votes. Here you have to write your wish, then your, you have to write your outcome. This is definitely a part of visualization. Then you're, you have to write, what are the obstacles with stops you. It stops you from getting that to wish come true. And what is your plan? And if this is the box where you put in your obstacle, then this is the box where you have to mention an action plan, what you have to do, right? So I have also taken in the example from myself only, right? So let say, I wish I had. So I wish I reduce my weight by 4 KG in four weeks. So this goal is something which is challenging and which is feasible, which I can definitely do in the next four weeks, right? And outcome will be, I'll feel more energetic, I'll feel more fit, LP, feel more healthy, right? So this is the outcome. And what are the obstacles? Because I, because I'm a foodie. So fried and tasty food and untimely consumption. So I usually consume a lot of food at night also. So these, this is what are my obstacles when I'm having a goal of reducing my weight, right? So my plan is I'll have three meals, which are locality, which is a low-calorie diet, right? So what is the if then plan for me? So if I see high-calorie delicious, sweet, or food, then I'll consciously control my urge you not to have that, right. So I'll consciously convinced my mind that I won't be having that suite, or a delicious, or a tasty or a fried food which I love. Because it is going to impede. It is, it is an obstacle in what I want to achieve, right? So this is my whoop got similarly design your Bukhara and how you are going to achieve your wish, right? I've designed the other whoop guard, for example as well in case you are planning for some academic or financial goal, then this is my angle, right? Which I have discussed earlier as well. So I wish I create to productivity causes per month, right? What is the outcome? I'll help more people. Along with that. I'll also get financial benefits, which of course is true, right? And the third here is, what are the obstacles? As I have highlighted, the procrastination and staying in my comfort zone, not working, being lazy. They these are my obstacles, right? And what is my plan to counter those obstacles? I'll spend two hours each day on research and development of whatever projects I'm going to take, right? So what my if then plan is, if I procrastinate or be lazy, then I consciously remind my mind of my purpose, right? And that purpose is to serve. That purpose is to serve and contribute for the development for the personnel sales for four, following my passion late. So I have to consciously remind my mind of my purpose if I tend to procrastinate or be lazy, right? When I'm going to design my courses. So I think this is, this is a clear picture which has presented vote in a very easy form to you. I would urge you to design your Voc plan and maybe share with me in the project section. Then we can discuss as to whether we can improve your hoop card. And you can take help of my woke from this video itself, right? So as we are now clear with the whoop, let, let us march into the secrets for successful goal-setting in the next lecture. 5. Secrets for Successful Goals: Folks, welcome to this video, and I know that by now you will have learned the strategy by heart and you would have downloaded the whoop guide. And maybe you are thinking of what is your most DRS wish. What are the visualise outcomes which you can imagine? What are the obstacles and what are the plans that you're going to make. But before that, you should understand and know what are the secrets for successful go and say, and these are the only two that you have to set your own goods. You don't have to take help of others in setting your goal, or you don't have to ask others to set goals for you that has one of the disaster which you can do for yourself because Yoga is, are your passion or your dream or something which is closest to your purpose of heart. And, you know, it's late. It's like you are responsible for your life and for your goods, right? And once you think that those are setting goal for you, you'd think that someone or somebody else is controlling your labor rate. So set your own goals and keep your voice secret. And why I am telling that is because once you once you make your bolls open to everyone, you get into a state where you feel happy, jolly that you have already realized your goals. And maybe people had appreciating and pressing U for the goods you have said. And doing that, you have actually got into a comfort zone. So keep goals to yourself, keep it secret and maybe tailored to the one who is very close to you, but don't tell it to everyone, you know, keeping secret and really setting them in your mind again and again is something which embodies you. But once you tell it to the to your friends or to anyone around you, and once they are exposed, then you get into this comfort zone and that actually truly happened and you know it, right? So these are the two secrets for having a successful goal is set your own goals. We keep your Google's secret. And in this video, this much is what I wanted to tell you. And then in the next video, I'm going to congratulate you because you have learned a great technique for setting and achieving coats. 6. Congratulations: So folks, many, many congratulations that you have valid so far and you have completed and learn the verb strategy. So are you ready to set your goods? You can check out other causes which I have put. And the links are in the PDFs. And I would love if you can set the goals for yourself and share with me in the project section, what do you feel about the strategy and how you have laid the strategy and that strategy working for you or not, right? And for my other courses, I would just give a brief highlight these other premium voices. And there's the one which is 20 superpowers to transform your life in it. I have discussed in detail each of these bars, the bar of purpose, The Power of Habit, how you can break bad habits, what the consistency can do in your life. What the borrower staying present in the moment can do over the power of patients, the part of delaying instant gratification, the power of discipline in it. I have discussed the zigzag Lewis concepts, the bottom voyage which you use regularly, write the part of not expecting the power of love, which you have, I think never, ever heard of this. I have learned from my son group, the part of your subconscious, the bar to stay happy 24, 7. Let me remove my face so and put it here so that you can see the other eat superpowers for transformation. So this is the bar of focus I have mentioned in depth for like seven to eight minutes in each, in each of this video, for 20 grid bars. And the power of belief, the power of self-control. How you can embed self-control in your life. What's the part of giving can do for you? The part of compliments we restrain from giving compliments, the bar of surrendering, the part of humility bar of surrendering you would have, you would see it. At the face of it, you will feel that What is this, The bar. But once you learn it, you will feel that this was the Barnabas craving for an, I should have known this before. And the power of humility, the power of goal, the part of it that you have learned in this video, right, in this class, I think. So this, this, let me put my face your, in fact Soyuz. So this is the bar in 20 superpowers to transform your life. Then you can also have my complete sees reading masterclass and the link of both of these courses I am going to attach in the PDF so you can have a look at it. And in this masterclass, I'm going to tell you about the five elements on the face. What, what is the angular eyebrows you're seeing on this female face means actually have a meaning. So what is the, what is the division which you are seeing here? This is actually, there's actually how you actually gauge or decision-making of a person. So everything there is late, more than 19 facial traits on the face. The meaning of being either meaning of anger, liabilities, the meaning of a large noise. The meaning of this filter mature seeing the meaning of long JOS, the meaning of these lines which you are seeing, these are actually the happiness language you are seeing. And, and it is filled with the elements on the face. So for example, each one of us has either water element would eliminate fire element. These are the elements of nature, right? The ODE element and the metal element. So I'll help you gain those elements on the face and each personality of anyone just from seeing the phase. So that's the beauty of fees reading and I have been reading professionally faces from 2017. I have started from 2012 and I had a crush on a girl and I wanted to impress her. So I just told a lot of things about how a bot it came through and then I learned a lot of technical stuff interface reading. Then I started professionally. My face reading of Germany from 2017 got featured across various networks. But I'm not boasting for myself, but those are all the things which you can learn in the masterclass. In that I've also put up guided face reading session of us, Selena Gomez, Cristiano Ronaldo, then Angelina Jolie is also there. Michael Jackson is also there were article is also there. So there are a lot of guidance, solubility readings. You can check it out in the links which I will be putting in the PDFs, right? So these are the 22 major courses which you can definitely have a look on. And I'm just going to finish my scientific go and saving technique. And I hope that it helps you said. And more than that, achieve goals in your leg. Share with me, what do you feel about it? I would love to have your feedback and let me put my face here so that you can have a complete loss of the strategy here. So how we started with is we have learned about the history of the hoop technique. Then we have learned the research findings, then we have low and what you'll achieve, an increased focus L discipline, increased actions, right? And then you have learned about the obstacles. Then the whoop strategy, then pull strategy, wish outcome. We have learned how you have to visualize and the obstacles. Right here, you have to go with the mental contrasting the plan, right? Then the VUCA which you are downloading and putting your Google. Then they then have discussed the whoop example here. Than we are marching forward to this wonderful presentation rate. Crazy offers great presentation. So the secret for successful goal is set your own goals. Keep your booth very secret to yourself. And then we have congratulating you. And then you can, if you want, you can look at the other classes, right? So that's pretty much all I'm going to come with. Another productivity coerce very soon because that's my goal. And I wish that I fulfill my promise and come with a new York costs which can actually help you, right? So tell me how you feel about it in your reviews and share this course with anyone whom you'll feel it would help. So thank you so much guys for taking the course. And I wish to see you in the next class. Thank you.