How to select the Project Management Tool you need? | Anca Onuta | Skillshare

How to select the Project Management Tool you need?

Anca Onuta, Professional Project Manager

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    • Project Timeline Promotional video v2

    • PM Tool Introduction v1

    • PM Tools Why Do you need a PM tool v1

    • PM Tools WHO will use the tool v1

    • PM Tools What functionalities you need from the PM–tool v1

    • PM Tools What functionalities v1

    • PM Tool Shortlist Solutions v1

    • PM Tool How will you use it v1

    • PM tools Evaluation Methods v1

    • PM Tools Evaluation v1

    • PM Tools Touch and Feel Evaluation v1

    • PM Tools Scoring System Evaluation v1

    • PM Tool Closing Paid


About This Class

Using the right project management tool makes the difference for your projects, business, and team success. But it does NOT do the work for you, so faster you take the right decision more time you have to focus on getting the work done. 

In my career as professional project manager, I helped tens of entrepreneurs and teams to select the perfect project management tools for them. And in this course, I put together for you the process I take my clients to select the right project management tool.

There are 4 simple stages in this process:

1. We define your need and the benefits that you want the project management tool to bring you, to your team or business.

2. Define who will use the tool - you want to select a tool which fits the needs of the ones who most use it.

3. You select the features you need from the project management tool. I put together a full list of the features that the existing project management tools offer so you do not have to lose time in researching online. 

This course contains a FULL assessment of the most used Project Management Tools! You just have to fill in the attached excel file and it will show you the recommended project management tools that fit your needs.

At this stage, you'll have a shortlist of tools which best fit your needs.

4. Evaluate 1-3 tools from your shortlist and select the right project management tool for you.





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Anca Onuta

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