How to select and cut in Photoshop - cutting out an image | Jinnie Guldfeldt | Skillshare

How to select and cut in Photoshop - cutting out an image

Jinnie Guldfeldt, Graphic designer & Illustrator

How to select and cut in Photoshop - cutting out an image

Jinnie Guldfeldt, Graphic designer & Illustrator

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7 Lessons (50m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. The magic wand tools

    • 3. The quick selection tool

    • 4. The lasso tools

    • 5. Pen tool

    • 6. Layer masks

    • 7. Work assignment

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About This Class

One of the most important things to master in Photoshop, is selecting objects or persons, and then cutting them out, so you can replace the background or move them to another image.

I will take you from the most basic tools, like the magic wand and lasso tool, to the more advanced tools like the pen tool and layer masks. You can follow along, by downloading the images used, and try it yourself, before you go on to the next tool.

Link to images:
Plate with limes
Bowl of food

You can find the practice sheet for the pen tool, under "project and resources" tab.

The class is for both the newbies of Photoshop, but also the ones who knows a bit more about Photoshop.

Hope you enjoy this class. Make sure to follow me for more Photoshop tricks :)

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Jinnie Guldfeldt

Graphic designer & Illustrator


Hello. My name is Jinnie and I am a Graphic Designer from Copenhagen Denmark.

In my spear time, I draw illustrations and I´m a mom.

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1. Intro: Hi, everyone. My name is Jenny, and I'm a graphic designer located in Copenhagen in Denmark, I work part time as a graphic designer at a bureau where I do post material like displace warblers, numbers, posters, all kinds of things you see in the store. I also do Lugo's help people with their designed for brochures and so on. In my spare time, I love to do illustrations like my little fucks in the background they used at the Black Pins watercolors. I do dig. It's a little situations in my job. I do you use for the shiv a lot. I do a lot of three D mug gobs of these places. People can see that the signs and therefore I want to teach you some of the skills I have learned. And one of the most important things to learn and for the show is selecting an object on Cut it up. I want to teach you a lot of the different kinds, a way to cut things out. You have the last two. You have to depend, too Magic wand and so on. And all these tools I want to cover for us and you can find the best way to cut out your image. And in the end, I will have you Megan assignment I want you to go into That's what page Where you find your own image, cut out whatever you want to cut out. Perhaps you want to make a whole clash of things you have cut out and put together. And I would love you for two uploaded don't below the video. And then I would comment on it. And if you need any tips, I would let me give it to you. I am looking very much forward to teaching your centric Siem and I'm looking forward to see what you will be making. And I hope you will enjoy this class. Thank you. See you later. 2. The magic wand tools: Hi. Welcome to my first class cutting things out and foolish up. And this is the first video where I will teach you how to use the magic wand, which is one of the quick selection tools you have in for a ship. So the first thing I want you to do is open an image have found on pixels dot com It iss the one with the very delicious limes here on the plate. Just say, OK, it doesn't really matter right now. And then this is the image you want to cut out today. So the first thing you want to do is just double click on your layer. If you don't see this panel, go to the window and you have all the kinds of panels you haven't photo shop, so double click on your layer. It's luck right now, so just okay, and it could be always be a good idea to duplicate that layer. So you have one layer you call original, and you just turn off the I because you don't really need to see the original is just If you save the images, the PST file, you will always have the original image So now you have this layer. This is the one you want to work on. The thing is, with the magic tool, which is the want over here, the magic want. You can also see it's this magic wand W It's the shortcut. You're gonna just push W and you have selected the magic Want I won't go so much into sharp cuts in this videos. I just want to show you everything is instead so the thing about magic wand is that it selects colors similar to each other. So in this case, on the plate you have a lot of different colors. You have the why you have the green, liberal, yellow and so on. So the magic to won't be very effective on this plate. So another way of thinking use. Maybe I can select something else but still get the plate a clean cut and you have the background, which is almost a similar color. So what I would do in this case it is to select the background. And if you just have the tolerance at 10 you can see that it select some of the background . It doesn't so leg it all go said the tolerance at 100. This way it will select more similar colors. And if you just click on the background now, you have a clear selection of the whole background. It's not the break around. You want to select its the plate. But what you do now issue right, click on your selection and say select in verse. So now it will select everything else. And in this case, it is the plate. So now that you have a selection, you can see your selection is the part where you have all the stippling line here and now you want to coat it out from the background. One way of doing this is right. Click within the selection Mega layer, Be a cut. Now turn off the background and you have plate with no background, which is what we want it. You can delete the background and you still have the original. Another way of doing this and this is kind of the way I really wanted to do it. So you have your selection and you just go down to this at Les a mask and you have cut out to plate. And what you see here issue have this mosque or everything that is black, it won't be shown. Everything is white will be shown in the image, and you still have the original. So then, actually, you won't need this one. It's only if you prefer to cut things out. Ah, make a new layer. I would always prefer that you have the original. But the thing about magic wand is it can only be used on images where you have similar colors, like if you have a white background or you have simple colors, you want to cut out the Metro. One could be perfect for that. So now you can take in an take a background image. Let's say you wanted to be put this kind of image, and you can move it around if you have selected. So there it is another background, but it still needs some kind of adjustment cuss. It doesn't really look like it's standing on the table. Every object has a shadow, so you will need to put a shadow on all the objects. And the quickest way to do this is just used to drop shadow, and you can just it justice. It's as you want here and when you are heavy with the results. Just like Okay, so that's it for the first lesson. The next lesson. I will teach you about the quick selection tool. So you laid up by 3. The quick selection tool: Welcome to my steak and video. This is going to be about the quick selection tool we're going to stop off with opening the image we're going to cut out. And this is an image from pixels dot com, which is free image bank. You can download whatever you miss you want, and it doesn't cost anything. And they will start off by opening the image we're going to cut out. And we're going to use this tulip. And again, we're going to start with just double clicking on this layer. I'm not gonna do original layer this time like I did on my first cause. I'm going to use masks. Okay, so let's start with a quick selection tool. You have it over here, the quick selection tool and what you can do with this is paint over whatever you want to select. So let's sit the size for, like, 20 pixels and you're just start holding down the mouse button. You just drag over all of the tool it that you want to get cut out. Just drag it up like a pier on and off with leaf here. Then you see almost got other tulip cut out to check If you have cut out everything you want to cut out, press the Cuban and you would get like a mask showing you what you have selected all that. This red will be deleted if you press a queue again. You can see you have missed something down here. A quick way to solve this is actually taking the magic want from my for Islam. And make sure you have that little minus on it. It's the I can up here and you could just adjusted. Okay, maybe it took a little bit too much prosecute. And that is much better, but still is not perfect. So I would assume in and see what the problem is. Now take your quick selection to and perhaps you want to set the brush a little lower now because now you into the details that this bitter I assume out I still have a problem over here. Stick to mine us. If you hold down the shift key, you can actually change between between the miners and the plus. So you don't have to go up there all the time, but it's good to know where they are. Plus it plus it will that way. So let's chick assume out you have a problem over here. Well, you haven't selected everything. Take a quick selection tool and perhaps make the brush a little smaller. That way you can go in and select more. Chill up and you can adjust it as fine as you wanted. Here's too much dying to look much better now. Now pressed a que you see how you get a much better selection. You still have a problem down here, so let's zoom in there, see what problem ISS you need to go with the plus year. Hold on a shift on this little bit of the leave here and it to be adjusted. Us. Well, nothing that's all managed about it now. Sumo, starting to look like a good selection. Always pressed acute a better view off how the selection would look and it seems fine with me. Now push the you know, this little button said it lay a mosque and you have a great till up so you can put in whatever background you would like, And that's kind of it. For the selection to the thing about the quick selection to list that it works best on images that has a clear edge. You see, we had a bit of a problem here because the background was purple. So if you want to use the quick selection tool, find images that have clear itches. So and thank you for today. And my next lesson will be about the lasso tool. See you later by. 4. The lasso tools: Hi and welcome to my third video. This is about the lesser tools. There are three lesser tools and I'm going to cover them for you in this video. So first of all, let's open an image and this one from pixel stuck up. And it's going to be this building just a publicly late, your late or so It's not locked anymore. Now the lesser tool is, well, each of them Italy. All three gives you a different way off drawing a selection. So here you will find the lesser tools. If you hold down the mouse button, you will see all three miles less turtles. You can also post the letter L for the shortcut. Now let's focus on the 1st 1 and you see you have a little less so as an icon, and what we'll do here is hold down where you want to start, hold down the mouse button, keep holding it down, and then just start dragging. And this is where you really would love to have a steady hand. Not like me. Spit more shaking and you just start, and this is not gonna going to be perfect right now, but I'm going to show you how it can be Better. Just try to drag around all of the building and then go to the end and release. Now you have selection and it's not very good. You can post the letters set. And Suman, you see here is a lot of problems, Elke to assume out. No, make sure you don't push the button out here, cause then your selection will be gone. And that is the problem where lasso tools is. If you push down anywhere outside of the selection, it will be gone. Of course, you can use control sit command set and get it back. But just be aware. Now you want to add some more to this election, so what you can do is just just hold down the shift button and you get a little plus and then just start dragging, holding down the mouse button on all the parts you didn't get. If you hold down the space bar, you will get a little hand. I come if you hold the space about down. You can stop dragging around so you can see where else there is a problem and then hold down shift and you just start adding some more there. We had a little too much. Then you take their all key and you can do that all around. All around the edges. Shefki two plus all key to minus. And you just keep on doing on. So you have selection that you're satisfied with. Okay, so now we've got a pretty okay selection. Now, press the letter said I assume out, Hold it all key in to get a minus and you see their selection ISS. Quite OK. Use the mosque. Then you can put in another background and or you can just the mask. If you don't really feel that the injustice, it's clear enough. But I want to show you the other tools as well. But I want to show you some of the other lesser tools as well. You have the polygonal lasso tool. Select that one suman on the image once you go a little bit closer this time selected with the letter l now click. We want to start and don't hold in the mouse button. You don't need that now. Just it's going to do straight lines. Click over here. Maybe you need to click a bit more time here cause you have a bit of a curve. Just click wherever you want the line to to snap to the itch. See, here you have some great straight line. And this is where the polar Goalie O Toole is perfect. So you just keep on going until you have selected all of the building. Now, let's say if you make a mistake like you somehow got a point up here, all you can do is just push the delete button. Oh, the backspace on Mac. And you delete the last one you made and you can actually keep on deleting. And then you could just start over. If you want to assume in right now, you can use to let us set because you have a tool selected, you will have to hold down control and use plus plus or command plus plus on Mac. I couldn't hold down control minus minus, and you could always use to space by Hold down the space bar and you get a little hand, and then you could move your image around. If you're soon in a lot, that would be great shot cut to know. And then you could just keep on going even closer than before, so just keep on going. So now you may desolation with the public Orioles less it'll It works perfect with trade lives, and it's actually one of the lesser tool I use of most. So now I could just push this little icon Leah Mosque, and the background is gone now for the last less 02 going to go back. If you want to de select it, just click anywhere on the image. So the last lesser tool is the magnetic lesson toe, and it only works on images where there is a contrast between the background and the edge, and we do have a lot of contrast year, so it shouldn't be a problem again. I want you to Suman just you said. And you can use assuming you can also hold down the mouse button. Assume in and out like that, and that's probably a bit too much used to space by to move around. So now you have the magnetic tool selected click I wanted to start, and then you just move up close to the itch and photo show will make those little ah squares. Whether it's point. Yeah, You just keep on going and you can always put your own point just by pushing the boss boom and see this is not so good. Just press delete a big space to go down the space bar. I hope so. Now you did something. You just This will have a lot with the magnetic. You will kind of go around with the are shaking hands. My hands is always going everywhere. And so just start over by deleting all the points that you don't want and keep on going Space bar moving around. And there you have it. Your selection with the magnetic lasso tool, you can see it's a pretty good selection for the ship had made their. So that was the three letter tools. It works in the three different ways. And then you could put in one ever background. You were like So you are put in a pink sky and perhaps you want the building to be another color. More like a pincus. Well, because the reflection from the background color would be shown in the object you have cut out. So you can just a image adjustment. Your situation. Make sure you have the layer selected with the with the building. And you just pulled issue to whatever color you want and just set the situation as whatever you like. And there you have it. You just made a pink building, but the pigs guy instead. So that's it for this class. The lesser tools. And I hope to see you on my in my next last, which is about the pencil, which is one of the most important selection tools you have in photo shop. See you later. Bye. 5. Pen tool: Hi, everyone. And welcome to this video, which is about the pencil. It's one of the most important tools you have for selecting in photo shop, and we're going to start off by opening an image. And I made this image with different kinds of shapes, and we're gonna practice with the pencil on those first cost. A pencil is a bit tricky, but it just needs a little bit of practice. So let's start with the square, the number one shape here and the pencil. It's over here. If you hold down the mouse button, just make sure you have the 1st 1 selected and the shark. Otis P. Also something that's very important before you start, is to make sure that it's not set for shape. If you have a shape, it will make a shape with the color you have here and your foreground color. But we don't want to make a shape. We want to make a path. The different is that with a path it won't get colored. It's just a path. It's just the line, and that is what we want. When we want to select something we want to be able to see that line. So I'm just gonna delete those. And you see, I have a path up here. I'm gonna need to delete that on the past. So let's start here. You have your pen selected. You have passed selected up here. And what you'll do isjust stand on a corner, click one time, move to the next corner, Click one time moved to the next corner kick one time until you get to the last point and you see a little circle on the icon. That means that you're going to close the path. So now you actually made a square. And this note, you can see it anywhere. It is just a path and you see, is in here work path. Okay, so a little bit of trickier is if you want straight lines, just go up here, hold down the shift key. And if you hold down the shift key and click out here, it will still be a straight line. You can only make straight lines now, um, the debts just hold on a shift click and ended. Now you have a totally perfect square. And in your path you have the work path just coated path one. That's fine. The next one click on each corner, you can hold down the shift key. Now, if you do, it won't be right there, so you'll just have to, and you can always see control Set of commands it. If you make a point that isn't perfect, sit down. Here. You can hold down the shift key, cause a straight line that up there to now you have two shapes in your path onto the next one is a bit more tricky. It's the star again. Just click on all the corners and you get thes small squares with this cold, an anchor point, and I'm gonna show you later how to just those anchor points. But first would just want to focus on making straight lines with the pen. So now you have selected those three shapes, which all have straight lines. The next one is going to be a remote trigger because they have curves. So let's start here. Have your pencil crispy. Now you have a straight line. Let's start with that so you start down here and hold down the shift key and then you go somewhere in the middle and you hold down the mouse button and you start dragging down what's So you get these handles and we just want to just it's so if fits the shape, then you release and you get over to the end here and you see it's not totally perfect. It doesn't fit the shape. Totally. So what you can do is go down the okey and go down to the bottom of the handle here, and you just drag it up a bit and adjusted. And that's that selection. No, for this one, have your pencil stop with the straight lines. Hold down the shift key, Go somewhere in the middle here, drag to the side and in the shape, and that's totally perfect for the shape here. Now, this is even more tricky because this has curves all around. So I would start up here and go down here and just drag go down the space bar that you assumed it a bit too much. Just purse it and the okay to get out of it. Space button around. Those two people pencil again if she would get a bit of a problem here because we wanted to go in what's not outwards so we have to do something else. We have to, uh, just this handle down here. OKed. Hold on the bulky and pull it upwards like this. So it goes to the each year, then go down here and drink of woods. Try to keep the line straight here. Can always hold down the shift key to keep it straight. And then we need to just this one again. We need to go appear somewhere. And then you drag it out there until you something like that. Hold down the Ole Key on this one because now we want to prove to go this way. And there you have that selection as well. Well, right now, it's not a selection, it's a path. But I'm going to show you right now how to make a selection you hear in your layers. These are all the shapes I made. You could make another big ground color. Read this a Just want a white background. So now we can better see how the past looks like. And to select those pass, go into the panel path Control, click command. Click on this image here and you have selected all your path and then you can go back here and you can fill it out with any color you like. You could also coloration only some of them. So it just keep on practicing. Try this a few times. So you know how the pen works and then come back Because I would highly recommend you to practice this a few times. So you get the feeling on how to use the pencil and how it works, and then we're going to cut out an image. We're going to open an image from pixel dot com and we're going to cut out this leapt up and her hands because we want another background for their. Okay, So the first thing you want to do is Suman, and I'm going to start down here, press the p for Penn. Make sure you have passed selected, and then start clicking down here and you have a bit of a curve year. So you want to dragon, make sure that the first handle stays on the edge, and then you just, uh, two dragon around here, and here is the hand. And also make sure that your inside the image you don't want to make a selection just on the itch, because then you would have some of the colors from the background as well. We just want to be like one millimeter or less inside your image here and that way you won't have to just so much in the end, and here you have more like straight lines a bit more easy. Then we'll get to a curve. I always try to start with the anchor point in the middle, and if you do and appointed isn't good, just controlled, City Command said. And you could do it over and you just keep on going. I know this is a bit tricky, but it's really, really a good selection you will get from this pencil. It's also very perfect to use a pencil where the contrast is very low because you have a lot of control on where the points will be. Whether anchor point will be if you make like a selection too far away, you can always hold down the control of the command key and take it down space bar to move the image around space Bar again here and there's a coupe. Let's say I don't really like that curve there hold down the control of the command key, and you can adjust the coop. So it's better. You can also do this at a later time when you're done with your selection, you can go in and find out just all the proofs. So just keep on going, selecting, and I will speak this up a bit. Okay, so now we have, ah, path around the object we want to cut out. I'm going to assume out. So you better concede it. So under the panel path, you have your way path here and now you want to make a selection cut. Right now, you just make the path and it's not a selection yet. So the quicks way to do that is to control. Click on this square command, Click on Mac and you have a selection. Go back to your layers used us at Liam. Ask and you have a great selection here. Now I'm going to put in the background. You're going to see how it looks. Okay, so I found a background I want to use. But the thing is that the background is bigger and I want the image to be another size. So what you can do. I'm just gonna quickly show you. You have this crap just you know, you're so you get all of their background presenter and then you want to move your leapt tarp so it's more like this and then you want a shadow course. Right now, it's just like it's floating. So the quickest ways always to go down to the if X here beneath your layer and you have to drop chatter and just adjusted the distance won't be that far. You don't want it to spread that much a little bit like this. Maybe the angle is not right. You want to look all the other objects to figure out how it would be best. And when you're ready, just say OK, and there you just made a new image, another size, and you have adjusted the drop shadow. So that's Ah, the basic about the pencil. It takes a lot of practice, but it's very important to know this tool because if you have an image with straight lines but also curves and perhaps the contrast is very low, the pencil is always to tell. You have to go to so keep on practicing and I'm sure you're gonna be a master soon. And I'll see you in my next video, which is about Leia mosques. So see you later. 6. Layer masks: Hi again. This is the video about Leia masking, which is also very important to know in photo shop. So what is the lay? A mosque Liam asked is a way to control what you see in an image without losing or deleting anything from that image. And you use only white or black. So what can you do? A lamb ask? Well, that is what I'm going to show you in this video. And what you see right now is the image we did before where we cut out this leapt up with the female hands and we use this little button down here said at Victor Mask. So the layer mask looks like this just black and white holding down the okey and just pushed the mouse button on this one you can select or de selected. So everything that is black won't be shown in the image and everything that it's white will be show. So let me show you what will happen if we take a brush over here, said it a bit higher. And with your start deleting some of the things that are shown, then the emits would look like this. So what? You have done is you have told Photoshopped that wherever there is black, you don't want the in Mr Be shown. Of course, that doesn't look very good. So just control, set of command said. And you have your holy monsieur. If you do wide instead, let's say you're just draw something here and you will get that other background because nothing is deleted. When you use mask, you're still have the whole image without the mosque. If you delete the mask, you just pull it down to the been there, say the lead and you have your image. Nothing has been deleted, and that is why layer mask is very important to know. Now let's say that you want a bowl or something else up here because it's a bit empty. You just open your image. This is from pixies dot com. You drag it onto a bridge, and it's way too big. Press control. T. This is what transformed, and you can see the handful custom images so big, so press control zero, and then you will see your handles. Now just pull in any handle. Drag it down, pull and handle until you are satisfied with the size about that on enter and then Suman there you can always move it around. It doesn't really matter. So now I'm going to show you how to use a layer mask to cut out. Only the bold could make a new mosque up here you have the rectangular McKee, the electrical McKee and so on. And the political McKee could actually be a very good selection thing here. Just stand somewhere in the middle. Hold down the bulky until you have something that this almost coming the bowl. And what you do now is just fill love with blank. So you see, the problem here is that everything that's black won't be shown. So right now the plate is gone and the owner CS background. But of course, you wanted to be the other way around, so you have to invert the mosque, so make sure you have their selected go to image adjustment and then click the in vote. And there you have it. The colors would change and everything is black is gone, everything is wide will be seen. And then, of course, you can go in and make sure your stand on the mosque layer. Use your brush and again, if you want something to be gone, you're used to black one. Get a smaller brush. Yeah, Then you could just go in and adjust. And if you used the white things with machines So let's see if I get too much here. Just take the white and you paint over again a mask. It's very easy to use. And the most important thing about mask is that you keep all the information on your image . You don't delete anything, although it looks like you're deleting, but you aren't. You are just making things transparent. So let's zoom out and you use drugs and then you can see sometimes when you use a drop shadow, you will see that there is the problem here, where the contrast have been almost similar. So you couldn't really see that was a problem before he got the drop shadow. So you have to go in again and you're you sure black because you want to believe something or make it transparent. Have the brust brush, you just go in again. Would you brush So instead of the brush, you can also use your less oh, tools. For instance, perhaps you want to produce this one. This won't make it totally round cause it's a straight line. You make your butt again. You confide in it just as much as you like afterwards, so just click out here and close it. Now take your paint bucket and just click a few times. So, in a way, a mask. You can use whatever selection tour you like. You can use the elliptic tools you can use the polygonal lasso tool stricken used quick selection tools. You can use the Penta leaving. Use whatever tool you like, so that's the very basic about layer masking. It's always important to try to keep a smart information you have in your image so you don't delete anything in case you need the image again. I would always recommend you're using layer marks, and you could do a ton of things. Will am asks. One final thing I can show you is let's say you want a color on top and you wanted to be 100% up here and sir percent down here. So you give Grady int and you can actually quite easy. Do that by adding a layer. Here lay a mosque now under your pain pocket, you have a grading until make sure it iss black. And of here it iss White said that 400 capacity with white So now everything that it's black won't be shown on everything that this white will be shown. So let's do a radiant. And if you didn't want it that way, you could always go from bottom to top. And there you see your radiant goes from black to gray to white, and that's why you get this transparent look over your image, and then you can always go and play with. If you're said to multiply, it would drag some of the colors from the image below. So thank you for watching this video, and I'm looking forward to see you in my next one, which is about the assignment I want you to do, and I'm looking very much forward to see what you would be doing. So see you in the next video by 7. Work assignment: thank you so much for following in this class. I hope you have learned some tricks, especially some short cars and, of course, a lot of different kinds of selection tools. Now I want you to make something. You can go into pictures dot com. You also have unspool ehsh dot com thes of free image banks, where you can download whatever image you want and try to make something I would really like to see your results so you can upload in the community down below. And if you want any tips or something, just let me know. I would be happy to answer. I will make a collage as well. So that's what I'm going to do now. So thank you very much for watching. I will be back with more Photoshopped videos later, and I feel free to follow me cost and you would get a little known notification each time I make a new class. So hopefully a see you later. Have a nice day