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How to search for solution finding keywords for free

Partha Gupta, Set your goal and work hard for it

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7 Videos (17m)
    • Why do you need Keywords related to people searches

    • Get your solutions finding keyword from Forums

    • Search for keywords in google related search

    • Find Keywords generated from Related Questions in Q&A site

    • Use Amazon as your free keyword research tool

    • Overview of what you have learned so far

    • Test your Keyword ranking


About This Class


First of all welcome to my class. In this class I will show you how to find problem solving keywords which would help you to give more result oriented solution. When we think of any seed or primary keyword we go to google keyword planner to find different variations of our primary/seed keyword.

Now this attracts two problems.

1. Google gives you very close variations your primary/seed keyword.

2. If you are an internet marketer your competitors too are also targeting those same keyword variations.

As a result it is very difficult if not impossible  for you to rank for those keywords. I have showed you how to use Forums, Google related search, Quora ( Q&A site) and Amazon (Book section) to find exact search terms what people are using to get answers to their problems and thereby solving them. All the search terms are related to your primary/seed keyword.

In all my classes I had stressed the need for finding 'no of searches' per month using Google keyword tool or any tool of your choice. In my last class I have introduced you to three tools to find the keyword difficulty which you are targeting.  

I would also request you to submit a project - post three variations of your primary keyword by using any of the four methods I had shown in my class.

Thank you.

Best wishes.






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Partha Gupta

Set your goal and work hard for it

I am Internet Marketer who tries to use new techniques for his marketing. I love producing videos both for my personal use as well as for my clients. I also try to rank my video's doing some basic SEO.

I am very passionate about teaching and like to share my knowledge with the like minded community

Best wishes.


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