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How to search Google to find images to use legally

teacher avatar Wolf Matejek, Entrepreneur, Business Coach, Author & Trainer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

2 Lessons (13m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Using images from Google search legally

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About This Class

Many website owners and hobby bloggers use Google to source images to use on their own websites.

This is a potential legal issue since using other people's images without their permission is considered an illegal action. Proceeding in doing so can attract huge fines if you get found out.

In this class I share with you how to use Google to search for images which are free to be re-used on your own sites or in publications you distribute.

Important Update to NOTE:

Even though I am sharing with you the way to search Google for images classed as 'Free to use, etc.', it is still always advised to check with the original owner to see that he/she gives you written permission to use their image with attribution.

For anyone wanting to know how Google determines their 'Free to use' images tagging, this is in part based on the image tags set up by the respective owners through the Creative Commons licensing, more about it at

Always better be safe than sorry...

Meet Your Teacher

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Wolf Matejek

Entrepreneur, Business Coach, Author & Trainer


Wolf has for more than a decade been helping passionate people like yourself, in building their own successful and profitable service businesses.

He states his reasons for wanting to help people to be the best they can, as: "You are the person that inspires me to use my business coaching, mentoring and training skills in making your business a success."

As a trainer Wolf has travelled across the world, delivering programmes on a diversity of subjects including soft-skills, motivational programmes as well as bespoke IT applications.

His website can be found at

His books are published via Amazon at

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1. Introduction: Hello, everyone. In this short clause, I'm going to show you how you confined images on Google, which you can use legally. I want to discourage you from breaking the law by just going out into Google, searching for some images and used them then on your own website. This is actually illegal, and it could get you into serious trouble from the picture owners, the copyright owners, off those images. So in this short classes, I said, I will show you how you can still use images that you find on Google legally. 2. Using images from Google search legally: So here we are. And thank you for joining me on this short session off. How you can use images you find on Google legally. So why would you want to know that? Well, using images illegally by copying them from Google into your own website can potentially land. You're in some serious trouble. One of my friends who runs a small block has John just that. She went on to Google. She found some images that suited her look down to the ground and she thought, Oh, I can copy those images onto my hard drive. I can then import them into my website and have them showing on my block. All was well, it lasted about a year and she called me up and she said, Can you guess what I've just received? And I said, obviously, no. And she proceeded to tell me that she's received a lawyers letter from a lawyer's company in the U. S. And they were threatening with legal action. If she doesn't remove the illegally used images immediately, she would face a fine off 2.5 $1000 and she absolutely, shockingly when I think I'm going to ignore that and I said to her, that would be a very unwise move and I suggest you immediately take those images down before this gets you into a legal issue. She took my advice and she took the images off. She informed the lawyer's office that she has done so, and they confirmed by letter that she has removed them and warned her that if she ever does it again, the fine will go up double the amount to $5000. And that per image entry had about six off the so you can work out how quickly and how expensive it can get if you proceed to continue using images illegally. But I don't want to scare you off. I want to show you how you can find those images and used illegally. What you will need to do is go to your favorite browser. In my instance, I'm using Firefox, but you're free to use Google chrome or safari or opera or any other browser that you're comfortable with once you have opened your browser. What you want to do is go to your Google home page. In my instance, I could type google dot com in the address search, but up here or since I've already set it up to have it as my home page under my little hole icon here, I can just click on the home icon and open the Google home page. The Google Home page has loaded with the search bar, and I'm ready to proceed to search for the image that I want to find for this example. I'm going to use feud puppies and you can see I've typed in queues. It already gives me a suggestion off what I want to find and proceeds to give me the search results. The first results that it brings back is always under the tab off. All so not early doesn't return the images at this stage, but it also shows me any websites potentially that are linked to my search toe. Plus, it also gives me links to any YouTube videos related to my search term. Why does it return all this stuff? Well, it's set up to do that, and since school earns YouTube, they are very keen to obviously promote anything. They have their fingers in the pie, so what we want to focus, all know, is to find those images. So the next tab along from the all is the images tab. We click on images and we get I'm Teen returns off images, so if I scroll down the page, you can see the little, very cute little animals, the cute little dogs. You just want to take them home and adopt them. So here we are, hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds off cute little puppies. The top one gives you an overview off a second description to those cute little puppy such as cute sleeping puppies, cube, husky puppies, cute fluffy puppies and so on and so forth. But all the pictures that we currently see here are all jumbled up. If I go to any off these images and I hold the males over it, it will tell May the size off the original image and the website that it potentially vests upon that is the website and currently displays that image. So it appears in like Google search, and that's with everyone off those images, no matter which one I choose, it tells me the size, and it tells me where on the web it is residing. So this particular view makes it very hard to see which pictures you potentially can use, so you need to do another step here. You need to click on the last one in the list of here, and it's called search tools by clicking on Search Tool. It has a drop down menu that now allows you some filter actions. The 1st 1 allows you to change the size that you want to look at. It allows you to give a color indication off the background color for the image. It allows you to check what type off image you might want. It could be a clip art, or it could be a photo. Or it could be animated and so on and so forth. And it allows you to filter on a particular timeframe, such as Was it taken or uploaded in the last 24 hours past week, or even in a particular custom range? Well, that's all great for filtering. It still doesn't give you an indication which off those pictures you can use legally, this is the next one along the line, and it's cooled usage rights by clicking on use, it writes. You can see that it relates to certain licensing by default. As I said, all the pictures I'm looking at at the moment are not filtered by a particular license, but looking down the list, I have the option to go for labeled for re years with mortification or labeled for reuse, or label for non commercial reuse with modification or label for non commercial reuse. So all those lift different terminologies indicate to me that I can use those images if I do something in relation to the license. So let's look at these individually label for reuse with modification. If I choose the picture that is now returned by clicking on that phrasing, and you can see how it's changed, it now allows me to use any off those images. It's returned as long as I do some modification to that image. That would mean I can change the color, dropped the background, or put a little hat on a face off one of those cute little puppies or whatever, so I can use it as long as I modify that image in some shape or form. The 2nd 1 on the options that I have is labeled for reuse. It's basically saying, yes, you can really use that, and I don't have a problem with that and we will not give you a hard time. In many cases, you will find that these four return more or less very similar images. So if I choose the label for rears option, you can see that cute puppy in the coffee cup is still there, and so are quite a few off the others. The 3rd 1 down is labeled for non commercial reuse with modification. Sometimes you get that on some other images more than one, a cute puppy that you can use it as long as you do not use it for any commercial gains or any commercial websites, such a shopping website or where you're trying to sell goods or services. If it is labeled for non commercial reuse with modification, you cannot use it on a website, which makes you money. Even if it's an affiliate website or any other sort of financial gains arrangement, you cannot use it on a commercial website. If you choose the labor for non commercial reuse images or with modification, so you can't use those last two on a money making website. Let's try a different one and we're going to say up here, we're going to say real young and we're going to have a look at those images and you can see these are labeled for reuse, so you should not have an issue with using real young image. What you do notice, though, is that all these images down here now have nothing to do with Will Young. That's probably because somebody just used some keywords to bump up their website exposure . But we can see that is a couple of here that are free to use and you can see they are coming for Wikimedia on the common publication, so you could use those on your website. If I now go and say for non commercial reuse, it may give me less where it may give me more, so it really depends on what type of image you're looking for. In any case, whenever you use images for your own website following these instructions here, you want to always make sure that in your website you do mention where you got the image from. So in this instance, if I were to go and open that image and I want to use it save it to my computer, but then put it on to my own website. I would always advice that you give the attribution to where you got the image. From this way, they, if anybody would come back to you, can always follow back off. How you got. Hold off that image and you can thereby strengthen your case. Should you ever be approached by any agents off these stars to come suddenly send you a huge bill? So hopefully I think that will help you to protect yourself from any illegal actions. And if you found this off value to help your building your own website and making it nice and shiny, then do give me your feedback and give me the thumbs up. And for your class, I would say for your class project, go out there, find some cute images or some funny images and post them into your class project and share them with the rest of us. In the meantime, stay safe and stay within the law. Have a great day and see you in another class. Thank you very much. Bye. For now