How to run more effective meetings

Elizabeth Wilmot, Facilitator | Coach | Author

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9 Videos (16m)
    • Is this normal?

    • Why have meetings

    • Elements of effective meetings

    • Space matters

    • The agenda

    • Managing the meeting

    • Using a moderator

    • Close

    • After the meeting


About This Class

This the first in a series for The Reluctant Manager - a set of skills development classes for new and experienced managers.

Moving in to management and leadership roles can prove a challenge and requires skills and expertise not normally covered in college or university.

This class covers;

  • purpose of meetings
  • how to make meetings work for you
  • agenda structure
  • managing the meeting
  • post meeting actions

Future classes will include;

  • time management
  • understanding your management/leadership style
  • basic accounting and finance
  • presentation skills for subject matter experts





Elizabeth Wilmot

Facilitator | Coach | Author

I've enjoyed working in a number of organisations across a range of industries - gathering great experiences, memories and friends along the way.  However, common themes emerged across the intervening years - managing staff day-to-day and leading them towards the organisational strategic goals is not always a natural skill for those placed in managerial positions.  Also, technical experts don't necessarily understand finance or management, and staff don't always have the best interest of the company at heart - amazing!

My passion is facilitation for improved organisational outcomes, changes in behaviour and improving the work experience.

My qualifications include

Bachelor of Arts

Graduate Diploma in Education

Graduate Certificate in Management

I look forward to you joining my classes